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					                                                         Leon County Schools
                                                     Teacher Performance Feedback                                                   LCS-9810-1040
                                                            Summary Form                                                              Appr 8/2005

Teacher’s Name __________________________________                                                                 ________
School _________________________________
Grade/Department ________________________________________
Period Covered __________________________
Administrator’s Name _______________________________________
Date(s) of Conference(s) __________________

                                    Performance Area                                                      Documented                        Documented
                                                                                                         Accomplished     Professional

1. Completion of Individual Professional Development Plan

2. Implementation of Appropriate Curriculum

3. Demonstration of Research-based Effective Instructional Strategies

4. Utilization of Technology for Instruction and Student Learning

5. On-going Monitoring Of Student Progress on Core Benchmarks

6. Meeting the Responsibilities of the Teacher Handbook, Teacher Contract,
       Code of Ethics, and Principles of Professional Conduct

                                                               OVERALL RATING
     ___ Accomplished                       ___ Professional                       __ Needs Improvement                      ___ Unsatisfactory
Marked only when the IPDP             Based on a completed IPDP with            Marked only when at least two           Marked when there are serious
shows significant student growth      no other documentation by teacher         areas have been documented and          problems identified using the
and the teacher provided              or administrator needed.                  marked Needs Improvement or if          Improvement Notice Process,
documentation of outstanding                                                    the misconduct or ineffective           evidence of failure to improve over
performance in at least one other                                               practice is documented to be of a       time, despite administrative
area and no area is marked                                                      significantly serious nature.           support and professional
“Needs Improvement”                                                                                                     development, or a documented
                                                                                                                        serious incident or policy violation
                                                                                                                        has occurred.

Comments: ________________________________________________________________________________________________
Administrator’s Signature _______________________________________ Date ______________________________
Teacher’s Signature           _______________________________________ Date _______________________________
(Acknowledges receipt, not necessarily agreement)

Participants in the Professional Education Competence Program must document all areas through the required program portfolio which
includes observations. Teachers with Improvement Notice must document target areas.
                                               Distribution: White – Personnel; Canary- School; Pink- Employee

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