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                                 Kentucky Level 3
                             Requirements & Guidelines

The tournament director will be required to sign off agreeing to meet or exceed all of the
    Tournament director MAY NOT be the tournament referee.
              a. Contact Aaron Browning for approval/acquisition of officials
    Full feed-in consolation through the quarters shall be used for the back draws with
       a ¾ playoff.
    Online registration is the ONLY method of entry offered
    Deadline must be at 11:59 PM and no less than 8 days before the tournament start date.
    A medical release form must be completed before play begins
    A super-tiebreak in lieu of the 3rd set shall be used in consolation rounds and may
       be used in the main draw

      TDM must be used to post seedings, draws, results, and other important information
      Official draws must be posted at least 2 days before the tournament begins
      Daily results must be posted each night of the tournament
      Completed Draws and Head Tax must be received by the USTA KY office 10 days
       after the tournament ends

      USTA Certified Official is required at no less than one per six courts. This person
       may not be the tournament director or working the tournament desk.
      All courts, including lighting, must be in compliance with USTA regulations.
      All courts must be clean and free of debris.
      A restroom must be available at all sites
      Singles sticks are recommended at all sites.
      Water must be available to all players.
      Score keeping devices must be provided on all courts.
      Tournament must have a stringer on site or contact information for a nearby stringer
      In the event of inclement weather, the match format can not be changed until
       approved by the Sectional office (if STA Level 3) or the USTA Kentucky office.
      Court surface: play may be on multiple surfaces, but it should be announced prior
       to the tournament which divisions will be on what surface. The surface should not
       change for a division unless the referee deems it necessary due to extreme
       weather conditions.

      Awards must be provided for winners, finalists, third and fourth, as well as the
       finalists of the feed-in.
      At least two weeks prior to the tournament, the Tournament Director and Referee
       must attend a conference call with the Competitive Player Coordinator to review
      Kentucky Level 3 tournaments will be sanctioned for either Friday-Sunday or
       Saturday-Monday unless otherwise approved by USTA Kentucky.

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