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									                          Code of Ethics
                   Southern Methodist University
                      Panhellenic Association

We, the members of the Southern Methodist University Panhellenic
Association, agree to promote honesty, respect, and sisterhood through
respectful adherence to the UNANIMOUS AGREEMENTS and all
amendments established by the National Panhellenic Conference. We
believe that sorority is a way of life exemplifying the highest ideals of
sisterhood. We wish to be womanly always, to be democratic rather than
exclusive, and to promote harmony, trust, and cooperation between
sororities and fraternities.

We agree to uphold and demonstrate the Panhellenic Spirit in thought,
word, and action through our chapters as well as individual members.
We also maintain and encourage friendly relations with all collegiate
women, Greek and non-Greek, realizing the importance of building and
strengthening friendships. During the recruitment process, we will treat
each prospective member equally, acknowledging and respecting her
individuality. A successful recruitment demands that we respect other
groups at all times, exhibiting positive attitudes and actions in all of our
recruitment efforts. We as sorority members shall work for positive
Panhellenic relations by not taking an unfair advantage of a situation to
promote our own individual sorority. We believe that all SMU
Recruitment Rules and Procedures shall be adhered to, without

We desire the well-being of the Greek environment and realize that the
responsibility for creating this is not just for our own chapter, but rather
all the chapters. If we work together, then and only then will the Greek
system live to the potential that it rightfully has. It is in accordance with
the dignity and good manners of fraternity women to avoid disparaging
remarks about any fraternity or individual member and to avoid publicity
on Panhellenic matters which are not properly the concern of non-

We accept the duties of being members of a Greek organization and will
try honestly and diligently to uphold the National Panhellenic standards
in thought, word, and deed. We agree in a promise of fellowship, trust,
cooperation, and goodwill between all sororities at the University.

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