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									                                        SENATE SCENE
Volume 40 Issue 5                                                                   November 2011

       I am preparing this article on the eve of departing for World Congress in Brussels, Belgium. I
cannot begin to express how proud and honored I am to represent you and our Senate (the largest in
the World) in the eyes of the other Senate organizations. I will be (or rather have been) in Brussels from
October 28th through November 6th, 2011.

         October was a busy month with travels to the Florida Bash in New Port Richey, Florida; the
Region 6 Fall Meeting in Fargo, North Dakota; and the Region 1 Fall Frolic in New London, Connecticut.
The hospitality was suburb and the friendship rekindled was magnificent! Thanks to President Doug,
Larry, Jay, and the Florida Senate; NVP John D., President Jim, Angie, Michelle, and the North Dakota
Senate; and NVP John M., Jack, Mary Anne, Charlie, and the Connecticut Senate.

        Visitations in the next few weeks beside World Congress include the Florida Jaycees in Cocoa
Beach, Florida; Virginia Jaycees/Senate in Sterling, Virginia (?); Colorado Jaycees/Senate in Denver,
Colorado; and the Arizona Senate in Phoenix, Arizona.

         We have a tendency to slow our efforts and programs down as we approach Winter and the
Holiday Season to devote more time to our local friends and families. I would encourage you not to
slow down your efforts because the Senate is your extended family. Be the best you can be and then
better, and I am sure The Stars and Stripes and the Eagle will Fly gloriously and proudly over your towns,
states, and our Nation!

       Please continue to remember your Veterans, Jaycees, your Senators, and their families, as well
as non-member senators and the Robinson family in their time of sorrow, but Patty’s Celebration of Life.

Steve Sutherland, #27073
40th President
US JCI Senate 2011-2012

United States JCI Senate –
Administrative Vice President      Secretary
Bruce Geddes #35527                Larry Bohn #37024         

When this is published I will be   A couple quick reminders: 1)
at World Congress with my wife     hard copies of the Senate
Jean helping President Steve       Directory can still be purchased
represent our organization. We     at cost of $5. Electronic copies    Treasurer
just returned from the Toronto     of the Directory can be emailed     Randy Young #46420
JCI Senate annual dinner and       to you at no charge upon  
enjoyed seeing many old            request. 2) Please email
friends. On our way back to the    corrections of Directory            The dues kits have been emailed
US, we made a sad but very         information to me for inclusion     and are due back to Larry
important stop in Coshocton,       in the Senate Scene and E-          Ferguson and the checks to me
Ohio to help lay our long- time    News. 3) There will not be a        by December 1st in order to be
friend, fellow Senator and all     December issue of the Senate        considered on time. They can be
around wonderful person, Patty     Scene. Articles for the January     sent in sooner! I hope you are
Robinson #63889 to rest. Many      Scene will be due to me by          doing everything you can to
Senators and friends from all      midnight DECEMBER 31.               grow our organization. If
across the country were in                                             someone is not renewing, ask
attendance. Patty will be surely   October was a travel month for      why and don’t forget to ask
missed; however I am sure she      me starting with the Maryland       those Senators that are not
would want us all to keep going    Senate’s Winefest on the Beach      members to rejoin our
forward.                           in Ocean City, followed by a trip   organization to continue
                                   to Fargo, North Dakota for the      supporting our Jaycees.
Now back to work, in just 8-10     Region 6 meeting and a week
weeks we will meet in Norcross,    later a trip to New London,         The Presidential Sweepstakes
GA, so come prepared and if        Connecticut for the Region 1        ticket sales have slowed so
you are an officer, program or     meeting. My thanks to Jim Van       continue to promote the tickets
committee chair plan to have       Eckhout and the North Dakota        and keep doing the $5.00
your reports into the webmaster    Senate and RVP6 John Dahl for       drawings at all your meetings.
two weeks prior for posting on     their hospitality and to Jack &     This is an important fundraiser
the website. As to the weekend     Sue Pasquale, the Connecticut       for our organization and requires
agenda for the Norcross Board      Senate and RVP1 John                everyone’s help to make it
of Directors meeting it is being   McAuliffe for their hospitality.    successful.
worked on and will be              Two great Region meetings in a
distributed as soon as possible.   row!                                When writing a check to the US
The Friday meeting schedule                                            JCI Senate for dues, tickets,
will be the same as in Ft. Worth   My final trip in October was a      products, Mentors, etc., please
with the exception of an           sad one, a trip to Ohio for Patty   put the reason for the check in
additional half hour for dinner.   Robinson’s funeral. What a          the memo section. I have
                                   special lady she was! The fact      received some checks with no
Region Vice Presidents, keep up    that so many Senators from          documentation or note and I
the good work you have been        around the country came out to      need this information for our
doing. Please continue to copy     bid Patty farewell is a testament   accounting. Also if you are
me as you have been doing. As      to the impact Patty had on the      using a credit card for
you plan your spring region        lives of so many and on the         purchases, please include your
meetings please let me know        organization she loved. She will    email and you will be notified
your plans for meetings that are   be missed!                          when the charge has been
bid for the following year. This                                       approved.
will allow me to work as a         As there will be no December
clearing house for the dates to    Scene, this is my opportunity on    Debbie and I wish all of you a
try and avoid any conflicts.       behalf of Ronnie and me to wish     very Happy Thanksgiving.
                                   you a safe, happy Holiday
                                   Season and a healthy prosperous
COME TO GEORGIA                    2012. See you in Norcross!
                                     such thoughts to the “back-          memories of fellowship in
Chairman of the Board                burner”.                             action to recall as time passes
Mike O’Connell #40225                                                     and life moves on one day at a                    From my Family to Yours, have        time.
                                     a joyous and safe holiday
As we move into the holiday          season.                              Today, of course, is a
season please remember to take                                            Tomorrow. Each Region I JCI
the time to give thanks for all of                                        State organization is seeking out
your blessings, especially the                                            and planning what more they
family and friends who support                                            can do during what may appear
our endeavors. On November                                                to be the annual Winter slow
11, Veterans’ Day, please make                                            down of fellowship activities.
a special effort to remember the                                          December and January
men and women who are/were                                                gatherings are being discussed
willing to put their lives on the                                         and planned. The long ago
line for our country.                                                     announced and planned
                                                                          Massachusetts Holiday
November travels will include                                             gathering remains as a high
the Michigan JCI Senate/Jaycee                                            point on many Senators'
meeting at Shanty Creek                                                   schedules:
(Bellaire, MI). Kathy and I will                                             December 2-4, 2011 Sea
also be attending WV/PA                                                   Mist Resort Mashpee, MA
Border Bash XX, in Wheeling,                                              Mass JCI Senate contacts
WV.                                                                       include Senator Paul Carney -
October was a bittersweet
month. On the same weekend as        National VP Region I                 Looking Back: Region I also is
the IN-MI-OH JCI Senate              John McAuliffe #28656                grateful that Mother Nature did
Border Bash we said good-by to            not interfere with the successful
Senator Patty Robinson #63889,                                            October fellowship gathering at
USJCI Senate Foundation              "...Deja Vu all over again...."      the Region I Fall Frolic in New
Secretary and friend. This was a     plus, " can't get there from   London CT. We were blessed
weekend full of reminders why        here...." are appropriate            to welcome seven guests from
the USJCI Senate is regularly        perceptions at this time as we       Canada, including Ambassador
described as “family”. First, at     enter into November, 2011.           to the USA, Vik Farrugia 59813
Border Bash we again get the                                              and President Lloyd Stockdale
chance to visit with friends         I (just one of millions) marveled    20377. US JCI Senate Officers
while participating in a             at the intense focused               also attending, included
challenge(?) resulting in            preparation and fellowship in        President Steve Sutherland
contributions to the USJCI           action related to Hurricane          27023, his wife Dawne 68900;
Senate Foundation. We then left      Irene. Now, fortunately, the         Admin VP Bruce Geddes 35527
for Patty’s memorial service,        (relative) lack of casualties is     and his wife, Jean, 68886; Sec.
where we were joined by              with us again; despite the           Larry Bohn 37024, and his wife,
Senators from around the             pronouncement that this end of       Ronnie, 66024; Treasurer Randy
country, easily the largest single   October Winter Storm caused          Young 46420; COB Mike
contingent in attendance, to say     5X the damage and power              O'Connell 40225, and his wife
farewell to one of our own,          losses! The report is that           Kathy, FR840; Region III VP
including a “peppermint              819,000 customers of CL&P            Ariel Jones 65423; Return The
schnapps” toast Sunday evening.      (utility) are without power.         Favor Chairman John Robinson
                                     (millions of people)                 55768; Region III Foundation
Chairman Herbie Spears #51306                                             Representative Gary Williams
and committee are preparing a        The prior practice surely helped     62265; as well as, from Region I
Rockin’ & Rollin’ Mid-Year           us; as, shelters again were set up   "16" prior Region I Vice
Board of Directors meeting in        and communities knew what to         Presidents, which included, of
Atlanta, GA, January 20-22.          do and where people should           course, Past National President,
Take advantage of the                go. Region I JCI Senators, as        Jack Pasquale 32806, and his
December 20 early registration       community activists, or, just,       wife Sue FR17.
deadline before the Christmas        neighbors, were/are again
and New Year festivities push        responding to the challenges.        Special thanks to Jack and his
                                     There will be many stories and       committee; which included
tremendous efforts and               me…..once a Jaycee always a          right up to him and said,
achievements of Senators Bill        Jaycee……it’s not what we do,         “Governor, would you mind
Potuchek and his wife, Elaine;       it’s what we are. I find this to     taking a photo with us?” He
Senators Kathy and Paul              be so very true as I travel into     gladly obliged, and his aide
Doherty, Senators Jeff and Fran      my States for meetings and           politely took at least 3 photos
Kass; and NH Senators Charlie        socials.                             for us. We had quite the
11719 and Colette 69420                                                   weekend!
Welch.                               The New York Senate has a
                                     general meeting 3 times a year       Of course, the day we left, the
I sincerely hope that all those      to coincide with the Jaycees,        weather was awesome! Thank
who shared the Fall Frolic           with the NY Senate Board             you President David and all the
Fellowship shall return, in          meeting more often throughout        other New York Senators who
2012. Perhaps, through their         the year. I had the opportunity      treated us like royalty during our
sharing experiences with fellow      to speak to the Senate and the       visit, and I hope to visit you
Senators within their States, we     Jaycees at this conference, and I    again….when the snow is gone!
shall be blessed by an even          am happy to report that Melissa
greater turnout and fellowship       George, #70535, of the Batavia       In closing I want to wish all my
experience in 2012.                  Jaycees received her Senatorship     Region 2 States and everyone
                                     at the banquet on Saturday. The      else a Happy Thanksgiving. I
                                     NY Senate has a very nice            am truly thankful for this
                                     tradition that whenever a new        organization and for the
                                     Senatorship is awarded, all the      opportunity to have been a
                                     Senators in the room line up and     Jaycee. That being said, I have
                                     give the new Senator a dollar        to acknowledge a fellow
                                     toward their membership fee.         Delaware Senator, Norm
                                     Also in attendance was U.S.          Wilkinson, #30361, who took
                                     Junior Chamber President,            years talking me into joining
                                     Joanie Cramer, #65355, who           Jaycees. If anyone asks me if I
                                     had some very inspiring words        have any regrets about joining, I
National VP Region II                                                     always say just one……I’m
                                     for the Jaycees, especially about
Regina Cannelongo-Mahaney                                                 sorry I didn’t join sooner. See
                                     sharing Jaycees with people by
                                     letting them know why you’re         you in Atlanta!!
                                     excited about the organization.
As I sit here and write this         We also had an opportunity to
month’s article a nasty              tour around the Auburn, NY,
Nor’easter is coming through         and the Finger Lakes area (in the
our area with rain and snow.         rain), which had breathtaking
Thankfully, I made my visit to       views. One of our stops was the
the New York Senate a couple         Anyela Winery in nearby
of weeks ago, and told them I        Skaneateles, NY (pronounced
would be back in the Spring.         skinny atlas) where we did some
Parts of NY State are expected       wine tasting. Patrick, Galen and
to get up to a foot of snow, and I   I decided to sit down in the café
am grateful I’m not there!           at the winery where Galen also
                                     decided to have one of his
Patrick, Galen and I arrived on
                                     purchased bottles of wine            National VP Region III
the evening of October 14 a
                                     opened to share with us to go        Ariel Jones #65423
little later than I had hoped
                                     along with our cheese plate.
because it poured rain the entire
trip up, (remember last month I      While sitting there, enjoying the
said this seems to be a pattern                                           Hi everyone,
                                     view, wine and cheese, Patrick
for me). I still managed to only     looked at me and said “ there’s
be 10 minutes late for the NY                                             We’re continuing to be
                                     ex-governor David Patterson of       buzzzzing away in Region III.
Senate meeting. As I sat there       New York at the next table.” So
in amazement at the level to                                              Our website is in a rebuilding
                                     I turned around and there he was     stage and coming along nicely.
which these large states continue    with an aide. But just to be sure,
to function at their Senate                                               The regional newsletter, ‘THE
                                     I asked the girl at the front desk   BUZZ’ will be distributed soon
meetings, even following             if it truly was him, and she said
Roberts Rules of Order, I                                                 where we’ll announce the
                                     yes. So, me being me, I walked       Regional Inspiration winner,
remembered someone once told
membership numbers,                      Pasquale, #32806, Chair, Region
motivational incentives and a       continues to be beezing away as     I Fall Frolic – for an absolutely
snapshot of all the regional        his team is celebrating a           fabulous time. What a great way
Return the Favor activities and     successful Fall Outing at           to wind down, relax and just
much more.                          Colonial Downs in the Virginia      have fun after weeklong
                                    Senate Sky Box held on October      meetings for work. I can’t thank
DC Senate President, Marilyn        8th! With over 25 Senators and      you and the members of Region
Mueller, #51429, and her team       guests in attendance, it was a      I enough for your New England
are still going strong with         resounding success. They are        hospitality.
planning for the January Winter     also gearing up for the Virginia
Board meeting. Look for their       Jaycees Fall Meeting on             The members of our Region
Winter newsletter soon that will    November 11-13th in the             would also like to extend our
highlight their 6 new members,      Northern VA/DC area as they         deepest sympathies to Pat
DC Senate pins, and of course       honor Outstanding Young             Robinson’s family. She touched
enticing you to join NOW as the     Virginians and are poised to        so many of us in so many
$5 membership dues will             induct ‘5’ new Senators. In         positive ways – with her love of
increase in July 2012! The          addition, the G.A.N.G will have     Jaycees and our Foundation. She
Senate also agreed to have those    a busy weekend in hosting the       will be missed, but we also
Senators in the Northern VA and     First Timers’ program,              know that she be smiling down
Maryland area to reach out to       reviewing CPG’s for the VA          on us – always!
the Downtown Jaycees and help       JC’s Foundation and co-hosting
with Return the Favor efforts.      a social with the Life Member       Finally, on behalf of Region III,
As always contact President         Association. Now that’s a good      we wish you a heartfelt
Marilyn at       sting. What can only be better      Thanksgiving Holiday season.
if you want further information     would be the most sought after      We all have so much to be
as this group continues to          party in the Commonwealth –         thankful for – and as my
celebrate freedom in a major        the Senate Holiday party on         grandmother tells me everyday -
way. Great job, DC – GREAT          December 10th. More info to         -- count your blessings and not
JOB!                                come in the December Senate         your sorrows. So to our
                                    Scene.                              extended family – we have just
President Bob and the Maryland                                          one wish for you on
team are gearing up for the         And of course, our honey            Thanksgiving….we have
partnership with the Maryland       delight, West Virginia President,   counted our blessings and we
Jaycees at the ‘Harvest Your        Chris Hufford, #63736, is           are thankful to have you in our
Potential’ State Board meeting      feeling good these days since       lives. Happy Thanksgiving
(November 11-13) in Ocean           her team is getting ready for one   everyone! Looking forward to
City where the Senate will          of the most heavily attended        the next time; as we believe that
actually be running the             events ever – the WV/PA             in order to understand our creed
competitions for the Jaycees.       Border Bash! Saturday –             and know where the stars and
..and there’s more; the             November 26th in Wheeling,          stripes and the eagle fly – you
Hospitality suite will be open on   WV – it’s about fun, frivolity      must be inspired by those that
Friday night with a welcome         and fellowship and something        have helped you and the
beehive for all Jaycees to come     about a POOH-D-EM. The PA           opportunity to ‘BE’ the positive
in and enjoy fellowship with the    JCI Senate says they are ready,     difference for all those with
Senate. If you’re near the area,    but WV has the game plan and        whom you come in contact.
contact Bob at rkountz@qc-          the wanna-be Olympic team for more info.       ready to receive their gold         Buzzin’ around the Turkey!
Finally, if you’re in need of       medals. Ohhhh – this is going to
some spectacular, breathtaking,     be good! The flyer with detailed
feelin’ good inhaling food – then   information is in this November
tell President Bob – you’re         Scene – so be on the lookout for
coming over to the Holiday          it and let President Chris know
Party on December 3rd. He and       ( and
First Lady Michele will have a      she’ll be a honey about it and
Holiday spread worth singing        make sure you enjoy some West
about for months to come –          Virginia hospitality.
happy holidays to YOU!
                                    I do want to take a moment and
The Leader of the G.A.N.G,          thank my fellow NVP John
Tom King, #59642,                   McAuliffe, #28656 and Jack
                                                                          allowed me to have you as my
                                    The month of November will
                                                                          friends. Life is so very precious
                                    host two Region IV state
                                                                          and you never know what
                                    meetings. The Florida Senate
                                                                          tomorrow brings. This I know
                                    will have their 2nd Qtr. Meeting
                                                                          all too well!
                                    in conjunction with the Florida
                                    Jaycees the weekend of                Always Remember:
                                    November 11th , 12th and 13th at
                                                                          “Keep love in your heart. A life
                                    the International Palms Resort &
                                    Conference Center, Cocoa                  without it is like a sunless
                                    Beach, Florida (Contact FL              garden when the flowers are
                                    Senate President Doug White            dead.       The consciousness
                                    #52995 at for          of loving and being loved brings
                                    more information). The South
                                    Carolina Senate will have their        a warmth and richness to life
                                    meeting in conjunction with the         that nothing else can bring.”
                                    SC Jaycees November 18th, 19th                  -Oscar Wilde-
                                    and 20th at the Holiday Inn
                                    Express in Summerville, SC.           May each of you and your
Debra James #48001                  (President Roger, I hope you are      family have a wonderful              feeling much better!)                 Thanksgiving!
“Soar with Region IV”               If anyone is interested, the
                                    Region IV shirts are still for sale     “Soar with Region IV”
Greetings Fellow Senators,          (we are no longer ordering the
                                    Women’s shirts). Send me an e-        National VP Region V
I am sitting here watching the      mail with your size, name, and        Owen Meador #60900
Weather Channel and I can’t         Senate number and I will order
believe that snow has fallen in     one for you. It would be great if
the northeast. It has really been   all Region IV Senators had a          Happy Thanksgiving!
nice Fall weather in the South      Region shirt to wear when we
but pretty cold at night with       meet for the Winter Board             My latest adventures took me to
mostly sunny days.                  Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia in        Coldwater Michigan to
                                    January.                              participate in the
The Region IV Fall Bash was a
                                                                          Michigan/Ohio/Indiana Border
huge success. Friday night we       Post the following Region IV          Bash. The friendly competition
had chili and a Halloween           and National upcoming events          this year involved carving
costume party. Saturday             on your calendars:                    pumpkins. There were some
morning the Alabama Senate
                                    NOV. 11-13                            very creative people who did
had their meeting, we watched
                                       FL Jaycee/ Senate                  some unusual pumpkin carving.
football, lunch was on our own,
                                       Meeting in Cocoa                   They all looked really great.
we watched football, our Region
                                       Beach, FL                          Mine was a pretty basic
IV Meeting was Saturday
                                    NOV. 18-20                            pumpkin type face since it was
afternoo, we watched football
                                       SC Jaycee/Senate                   my first time ever to carve a
and Saturday night we were
                                       Meeting in Summerville,            pumpkin.
treated by Alabama Senator Ron
Stephens #61975 with his               SC
                                    DEC. 10                               Michigan provided a fun activity
delicious BBQ chicken, pork,
                                       Georgia Christmas Party            in which we took a train ride on
and baked beans. Ummmm, it
                                       Perry, GA                          the “Little River Railroad”
was sooooo good. After dinner
                                    JAN 19-22 Winter Board                steam train from Coldwater to
the Alabama Jaycees held a
                                       Meeting, Norcross,                 Quincy Michigan and back
short meeting, the Bama Brigade
                                       GA                                 again. Since it was October, the
held their meeting, then we
                                                                          train even had a “haunted train
partied and YES WE                  This month as we celebrate            car”. There were lots of other
WATCHED FOOTBALL                    Thanksgiving with our families        passengers riding too who were
(Welcome to the SEC!). Four         and friends, may we all slow          in costume.
out of the five Region IV states    down and realize how blessed
were represented and we were        we are. Take time to tell your        Sadly, the Region V Senate lost
honored to have Karen #62305        loved ones how much you love          one of our beloved friends.
(KY) and John #44396 (MI)           them and need them. I know            Patty Robinson #63889 passed
Voshel to visit us from             that God blessed me when He           away on October 19, 2011. We
will all miss her laughter &       John Dahl #42828                    President Susan Allard, #65399,
bright shining smile. Our                and the Colorado Senate have
thoughts & prayers go out to her                                       been busy helping the Arvada
family.                            Greetings, Senators,                Jaycees celebrate their 75th year
                                                                       of community service and their
Upcoming Region V events           Special thanks to all of the ND     86th Annual Arvada Harvest
include:                           Senate for hosting an excellent     Festival, and celebrated the
University of Illinois Football    Region VI board meeting.            awarding of a Senatorship to
Concession Stands: Nov 12th,       Thanks to President Steve           Scott LeBaron, #70909.
Nov 19th                           #27073 and Dawne #68900             Congratulations Scott. Next up
Indiana Jaycee/Senate Meeting:     Sutherland for attending the        for the Colorado Senate is their
November 11th – 13th               meeting . Thanks also goes to       combined Senate/Jaycee
Ohio November All State in         ADVP Bruce Geddes #35527,           Holiday Party on December 3rd.
Columbus: November 18th -          Secretary Larry Bohn #37024         They are looking forward to
20th                               and Treasurer Randy Young           working with the local Jaycees,
                                   46420 for attending.                and US JCI Senate President
For further information please                                         Steve Sutherland, #27073, will
refer to the following websites:   The weekend of November 4th         be in attendance along with Judy
Illinois:                          and 5th, Marsha and I hosted the    and I. For more information,          annual Holiday Party of the SD      contact President Susan Allard
Indiana:       JCI Senate in Sioux Falls. The      at
Michigan:                          evening is in celebration of          Halloween, Thanksgiving,            President Anita Cummings,
Ohio:        Christmas and New Years.            #69380, and the Kansas Senate
Region V: www.usjcisenate-                                             held their annual Camp-out in                     Marsha and I would like to wish     September. There was a little
                                   all of you a Very Happy             rain but it did not dampen the
"We believe in paying it           Thanksgiving. I hope you can        spirits of those who attended.
forward to our future"             all be with family and friends.     The Kansas Senate will also be
                                                                       holding their Annual Christmas
                                   And on a final note, our wish for   Party on December 3rd in
                                   you and your family is a very       Lawrence, Kansas along with
                                   Merry Christmas and Happy           the Lawrence Jaycees. They
                                   New Year. Cherish your family       have a great silent auction which
                                   and your health.                    they also hold every year. The
                                                                       Kansas Senate will also be
                                   “Experience Counts—Spread           hosting the Region VIII meeting
                                   it Around”                          in Topeka Kansas in April 2012.
                                                                       For more information, contact
                                                                       Anita Cummings at
                                   National VP RegionVIII    
                                   Jack Cornutt #50185
                                                                       President James Harmon,
                                                                       #63903, and the Oklahoma
                                                                       Senate had a work session on
                                                                       October 8th to send out their
                                                                       scholarship applications.
                                                                       Oklahoma Senate is counting
                                                                       down to May 2012 when they
                                                                       will be celebrating the 40th
                                                                       anniversary of the Oklahoma
                                                                       Jaycee. For more information,
                                                                       contact James Harmon at
                                   Before too long it will be mid
                                   year and Region VIII has been
                                   very busy.

                                                                       President Logan Giesie, #51120,
                                                                       and the Texas Senate will be
National VP Region VI                                                  meeting with the Texas Jaycees
November 11-13 in                    "EVERYTHING IS FINE                Treasurers are contacting
Bryan/College Station, Texas       IN REGION 9"                         them as well as former members
where the Texas Jaycees will be                                         so we can show growth for the
holding their annual elections.    Fall is a beautiful time of the      second quarter for Region 9.
The Texas Senate will also be      year in the Pacific Northwest.
meeting with the Houston and       Football is in the air, the World    Have a wonderful Holiday
Dallas Jaycees in Austin, Texas    Series is over, leaves are           Season.
to celebrate their Outstanding     changing color and the evenings
Young Texans and conduct           are getting cooler. October has
training and networking in         been a little slower and we have     National VP Region X
December. For more                 had a chance to relax a little bit   Clarence “CJ” Jorif #66892
information, contact Logan         after the great Fall Board           Clarence.jorif@usjayceescitizen
Giesie at     Meeting in Texas.          

Judy and I are looking forward     Both the Oregon and                  With Halloween behind us and
to traveling to Louisiana on       Washington JCI Senates are           the arrival of November, I
November 5th, Bryan/College        starting November off with           officially declare that the
Station, Texas on November         meetings on November 4-6.            holiday season is now upon us.
11th, attending the meeting in     Oregon is holding their Civil        Let's do the numbers:
Austin, Texas on December 16       War Fall Meeting in Cottage          Thanksgiving is 22 days away
and then traveling to Colorado     Grove that will feature a            and there are only 52 shopping
on December 3rd for their          bowling tournament and by-laws       days until Christmas. Time
Holiday Social. We look            changes. Washington will be          really flies when you're having
forward to seeing everyone         meeting in Seattle where they        fun.
along the way.                     will celebrate their 45th
                                   Anniversary. On December 10          Let's talk about having fun in
Remember, TOGETHER WE              the Washington Senators will         Region X!!! I'm really looking
CAN SOAR!                          have their Christmas                 forward to visiting with
                                   Social/Holiday Party in              President Dee, NV JCI Senate,
That Earth’s Great Treasure Lies   Tukwilla at the Sizzler. Idaho       at the Nevada JCI Senate and
in Human Personality.              and Montana are looking              Jaycees “Old Timers” Reunion.
                                   forward to the holiday season        This event is scheduled to occur
                                   with socials to share the joy of     on November 12th from noon to
                                   the season.                          5pm at the Italian American
                                                                        Club located at 2333 East
                                   A lot of time in October has         Sahara Avenue, Las Vegas, NV.
                                   been spent working with a
                                   committee of Senators from           President Lorraine, CA JCI
                                   Alaska to start putting together a   Senate, reminds us all that the
                                   new organization in Alaska. We       next CA JCI Senate meeting will
                                   have a list of prospective           be held November 18 -20 in
                                   members, some who have               Santa Rosa, CA, which is
                                   agreed to be officers, and we are    located in the Napa Valley.
                                   now working on new by-laws           Wine tours and many other
                                   for the organization. We are         group activities are planned. I'm
                                   planning a meeting and social in     looking forward to hearing more
                                   Alaska in the Spring for all         from President Lorraine
                                   members.                             regarding the annual Northern
                                                                        and Southern CA JCI Senate
                                   We are now starting to work on       Christmas parties.
                                   a new Senate organization in
                                   Wyoming. We have a list of           President Bill, HI JCI Senate,
                                   prospective members and will         reminds everyone to mark their
                                   start contacting them to put         calendars to attend the Hawaii
                                   together the Wyoming JCI             JCI Senate’s Oldtimer’s Week
                                   Senate.                              scheduled for January 26 - 29,
                                                                        2012. The main event of the
National VP Region IX              Region 9 has 34 members due          week will be the Hawaii
Pete Reinecker #11777              for renewal of December 1 and        JCI/Oldtimers Recognition                 our State Presidents and             Banquet which is scheduled to
occur on Friday, January 27th in     September dues and it was          in Afghanistan, and will be
the Manoa Ballroom of the            time to start working on the       coming home for a few weeks
Honolulu Japanese Cultural           December dues billings.            on his mid-tour leave. Although
Center. The Pro Bowl Tailgate        Treasurers should have             he will not tell me exactly when
Party is tentatively scheduled for                                      he is coming, I know it will be
                                     received their December list
Saturday afternoon, January                                             sometime in December.
28th, but is contingent on the       of members due, dues
number of tickets requested.         transmittal cover sheet,           Once the Holidays have come
Lodging is available at the          Add/Drop/Change form and a         and gone, it will again be time to
Pagoda Hotel which affords a         complete roster for their          spend some time with our
rate of $85 per night. The           respective state. Presidents,      Senate family. I will be
Hawaii JCI Senate will host a        please check with your state       contacting the registration chair
hospitality room at the Pagoda       treasurer to verify that they      for the Mid-Year Boards in
Terrace throughout the               have indeed received their         Atlanta. I am hoping to have
scheduled events. President Bill                                        several first-timers. I have
                                     dues kit. We have 1,908
advises that he can be contacted                                        something big planned for them.
                                     members due for the                If you know of anyone from
for additional information via
email at or        December quarter.                  your state that is coming to a
via cell at (808) 375-9022, or                                          convention for the first time, or
Senator Mike Fujioka #66106          The cover sheet and                perhaps someone who hasn’t
can be contacted via email at        Add/Drop/Change form is            attended for a long time, please or via cell at     due back to me by December         let me know. When I took on
(808) 737-5117. I wonder             1. The cover sheet along with      this position, it was my intention
whether President Bill can           dues payment is due to             to personally invite each and
arrange for me to meet Lilo and      National Treasurer Randy           every one to the First Timers
Stitch?                                                                 reception. Please encourage
                                     Young by December 1. This
                                                                        those members to attend.
                                     is an in-hand date and not a
President Kris, AZ JCI Senate,
advises that the AZ JCI Senate       postmark date.                     Look for something new, fun
Holiday Party is right around the                                       and exciting with the First
corner and is scheduled for the      I would encourage each state       Timers in Atlanta. I will also be
weekend of December 9 – 11 at        to get their new members           asking many of you to help with
the Best Western in Tempe, AZ.       sent in as early as possible to    this, as I did last time.
President Kris invites one and       get them on the mailing list
all to save the date and make                                           I wish each and every one of
                                     for the next issue of the          you very Happy Holidays and a
plans early to attend this fun-      Mentors. The Mentors
filled event. I have already                                            wonderful and prosperous New
                                     should be going to print late      Year. See you in Atlanta.
saved the date and look forward
                                     November. So if they miss
to enjoying the festivities with
the AZ JCI Senate.                   this issue, the next one will
                                     not be published until prior to
                                                                        Still ROLLLLing (Reach Out,
I hope that you and yours enjoy      the June 2012 national
                                                                        Live, Laugh, Love Life)
a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!         convention. Communication
                                     is a key part of our
"Coming Together"                    organization.

                                     First Timers
                                     Jenny Bruner #64688

                                     Greetings Fellow Senators,
Membership Information
Services                             The Holidays are quickly
Larry Ferguson #45060                approaching which means a              little down time for the Senate,
Is it just me or does time           and some much needed time
really seem to fly by. We            with our families. I know I am
                                     anticipating seeing my son Sgt.
just finished up the
                                     R.J. Christian who is currently
Presidential Sweepstakes              friends and some turkey of          deadline and electronic
Carol “CJ” Jordan #45857              course.                             submissions are encouraged!
                                                                          If you have any questions about
Well the weather has changed,                                             the 2011 – 2012 Return The
the days are getting shorter &                                            Favor Program, please do not
this Senate year is almost half                                           hesitate to contact me. Thanks
way completed. Have you                                                   for all of those who are making
purchased your Sweepstakes                                                an impact by Returning The
tickets yet?                                                              Favor!

The committee would like to                                               40th Anniversary
thank all who have purchased                                              Calvin Baerveldt #36419
tickets so far, but we still have a                             
long way to go to reach our goal
of $34,000 and we can only do         Return the Favor                    40th Anniversary Coasters - A
this with your help. Please           John Robinson#55768                 Great Holiday Gift
remember at your fall/winter
State Regional meetings,                                                  As the holidays approach, we
holiday socials, to run the $5.00     Congratulations to our Fall 2011    can make your gift giving
drawing. This is a quick and          Return The Favor Certificate of     simpler and less expensive. For
easy way to support the               Merit recipients who were           all your Senate friends, consider
sweepstakes.                          unable to attend Fall Board         a 40th Anniversary coaster.
                                      Meeting in Ft. Worth and were       They are only $5 a piece and are
From now until January 1, 2012,       recognized at their state           readily available through US JCI
the deal is buy 4 tickets & get 2     meeting:                            Senate Products at
free. For $50.00 you get 6                                       You
tickets.                              John Gronvold (# 58911) FL          may also get them from Past
                                                                          President Pat Hoelker
Have you started working on           Emily (#50399) & Alan               ( or me
your ideas for the Regions            Hancock (#25326) FL                 (
party. America land of the free
and home of the brave. Please         Conrad Taylor (#67504) FL
                                                                          We are still asking for
contact Region party Chairman                                             your photos, videos, stories, etc.
Denise Lyons Conrad #53219            This month’s Return The Favor
                                                                          that may be compiled into the
( if           spotlight – North Carolina JCI
                                                                          "story" of these past four
you have any questions.               Senate. Throughout the
                                                                          decades. You may bring these
                                      summer, ten senators were
                                                                          with you to our next national
Also remember we need prizes.         involved with assisting more
                                                                          meeting in Atlanta in January.
Lots of them. Contact prize           than nine local chapters.
                                                                          The more you bring, the better
chairman, Lori Oakland #67100         Senators were involved with
                                                                          the story will be in the telling.
( or Angie           providing officer training and
                                                                          Looking forward to receiving
Struttmann #64531                     assisting with individual
                                                                          your stories. Have a great
( and          development projects ranging
                                                                          holiday season.
let them know what you plan to        from tennis to Zumba. They
donate.                               were, also, involved with the
                                      Wyndham Championship Golf           Canada JCI Senate
                                      Tournament in Greensboro and        Ambassador to the U.S. JCI
We greatly appreciate your                                                Senate Vik Farrugia 59813
support with this project and we      the Hugh O’Brien Youth
need everyone to purchase             Leadership program. Senators
tickets to make this a huge           served a trainers and judges at     I was finally able to tear myself
success.                              the State Jaycee meeting and        away from London and head
                                      were in involved in fundraising     south. Six Canadians attended
The Presidential Sweepstakes          for various State Jaycee priority   the Region One Fall Frolic
Committee, CJ, Mike, Pam,             projects. Congratulations on all    including President Llloyd, Past
Lori, Angie & Denise, would           of your service!                    President Bernie and his wife
like to wish each of you a                                                Josette and three Londoners -
wonderful Thanksgiving                Please remember that the next       Don Burton, Ed MacDonald and
Holiday and hope you enjoy            submission deadline is January      myself. New London
spending time with family and         1, 2012. This is an “in-hand”       Connecticut hosted a warm and
entertaining weekend. It was my      3) London now has a
first official visit to the Frolic   professional Baseball team in       Page 32 Mississippi - Joe
and it was a great time. Thanks      the Frontier League that will be    Collins email should be
to all the hired help in town, we    playing in Canada's most  
were able to pick up 12              favorite ball park. I will see if
registrations for the Crew           the Oakland Cruisers play on the    Page 34 New Hampshire - Jim
Meeting next May. It just took a     May 18th weekend. Stay tuned.       Powers email should be
little bargaining to convince                                  
those folks to come and visit        4) We now have 86 registrations
Canada. I hope all of you            as of October 14th. We are          Page 38 Oklahoma – Becky
encourage your friends to visit      doing well but feel we are not      Edwards email should be
London Ontario next May.             half way to our goal yet. A
Please remember that if you are      special call goes out to those
going to the U.S. for a visit and    1950's and 1960's Jaycees. Love     Attachments to this Scene
need to know what is happening       to see you out as it seems that     mailing:
where you are at, let me know. I     you have been hiding out
will connect you with a fellow       somewhere.
American Senator to make your                                            AZ Holiday Social Form
visit more enjoyable. I also have                                        WV-PA Border Bash Form
                                     5) Details about the ever-
registration forms for other U.S.                                        Texas Senate Meeting Form
                                     growing in popularity Friday
Regional events. Until the next      Night at the Top of the Fair.
                                                                         Mass Holiday Party Form
time - Take care of each other.      You will be treated to a full       Winter Board Form
                                     buffet dinner, a view of the        Reg 5 Spring Fling Form
                                     harness racing, entrance to the     Reg 6 Spring Meeting Form
                                     Slots Casino and who knows          Reg 9 Annual Mtng Form
Vik Farrugia 59813 -                 what else. We received news         Canadian Crew Meeting
Chairman - 2012 Canadian             from one of our Tour                National Convention Form
National Convention / Crew           Chairpersons, Beth Sayler, that
Meeting - May 18 - 20, 2012.         we have room for only 68
                                     people for this event - so hurray
                                     and register soon. The good
Welcome again to - " What do         news is that this our own private
we know for sure " - an update       room so we can enjoy each
on the 2012 Convention in            other's company while we are at
London Ontario.                      the races and dinner.

1) Most U.S. Senators in New         6) We now have 12 for golf and
England know where London,           expecting many more as you can
Ontario is thanks to the             round out your evening at the
hospitality we received at the       Top of the Fair.
Region One Fall Frolic. 12 have
registered from the region to
visit Canada next May.
2) We probably have more             CORRECTIONS
American Senators registered
for the Crew Meeting than            Page 3 Ron Whitmore's zip
Canadian Senators - THAT IS A        code should be 33511
CHALLENGE especially to
those in the Ontario area.           Page 27 Iowa - Doreen
                                     Andrew's email should be
ENews Editor
Jim Miller #34554

Thanks to everyone for sending articles for the E-News. It is nice to see the enthusiasm of the new members of the
Board and their desire to communicate with their regions and the rest of the Senate. Please remember to keep
your articles brief for the benefit of the rest of the Senate.

I hope everyone had a spooky Halloween, and everyone gets their fill for Thanksgiving..
Some senators did not receive the November 1 edition because of a breakdown with the Hotmail server. This
has happened in the past and I do not know why.

So far the E-News has sent out 9 editions with 5 special editions. Some of you have changed email addresses or
there were typos in the submissions sent on the state officer’s form and as a result I have several bounce backs.
Below are the ones that have come back. I have been able to identify some of the states the addresses came from.

                                      Bad Addresses 2011 - 2012

            Bad Deleted                    Returned Bad 11/01/11,                         
Chas&,                          ,            (CA),, (NJ), (MN),                                Full Mailbox,       ,,,,,,, (JCI),,,, (LA),,,,,,,
                     US JCI SENATE
                 CALENDAR OF EVENTS

4-6      Oregon Fall Board (Civil War Meeting)        Cottage Grove     OR

2-4      MA Holiday Social                            Mashpee           MA
3        NC JCI Senate Holiday Social                 TBA               NC


20-22    US JCI Senate Winter Board Meeting             Norcross        GA
28       Winter Georgia JCI Senate Meeting              TBA             GA
28       NC JCI Senate Meeting/New Senator Installation TBA             NC
27-28    Wisconsin Winter Meeting                       Waukesha        WI

4        North Dakota Winter Senate Meeting         TBA                 ND
23-26    Region VII Meeting/TN Senate Mini National Pigeon Forge        TN

16-18    Region V Spring Fling                        Indianapolis      IN
29-Apr 1 MAI – Region II and III Meeting              Somerset          NJ

13-15    Region IV Calabash Beach Bash              Myrtle Beach        SC
 14      Jim Ollis Memorial Golf Tournament         TBA               NC
20-22    Oregon Annual Meeting/50th Anniversary TBA                   OR
 20-22   Region VI Spring Meeting                    Des Moines          IA
20-22    Region IX Annual Meeting                   Clackamas           OR
 27-29   Region VIII Spring Meeting                  Topeka             KS
 27-29    Idaho Annual Meeting                       Riggins             ID


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