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									                                                                 Darby Times
                                                                    Riverwood Apartments

                                                        Got Insurance?               call the office. You need renters’
      September 2012                            There are many reasons you need      insurance because you really can’t
                                            renters’ insurance. The most obvious     afford to be without it.
                                            is that, as long as you are a resident
                                            at Riverwood, you are required to                Don’t Pay Too Much
                                            have a minimum of $100,000 liability.       If you own a car, you need to have
             Your Staff                     But, the biggest reason is because,      car insurance, but make sure you are
Property Manager    Katie Underwood         without it, your financial future is     not paying too much for it. Once a
Assistant Manager        Sarah Lynch        at risk.                                 year, take a look at your policy and
Maintenance                                     This coverage that costs between     see if you can reduce your premiums.
Supervisor        Christopher Ballard       $12 and $30 a month on average is           One way is to increase your
                                            far more affordable than any kitchen     deductibles. As your car gets older,
         Important Numbers                                                           consider canceling certain types of
                                            fire, flooding or other unfortunate
Leasing Office           (843) 884-0731                                              coverage. Also, many companies offer
                                            accident that damages the rental
Fax                      (843) 856-1282                                              a discount on vehicles that have low
                                            property and holds you financially
Emergency Maintenance:                                                               annual mileage.
                                            responsible. Renters’ insurance can
(Weekday)                (843) 863-2331                                                 You often can save money if you
                                            pay for damage done in your own
(Weekend)                (843) 863-2064                                              purchase your vehicle insurance and
                                            apartment, and it can cover damages
Website       www.theriverwoodapts.com                                               renters’ insurance through the same
                                            the accident causes in your neighbor’s
24-Hour Information      (866) 956-9901                                              company. If you still think you are
                                            living space as well.
E-mail                     Riverwood@                                                paying too much, research the
                                                How much it will cost you exactly
                 darbydevelopment.com                                                coverage and rates available from
                                            depends on the coverage you choose.
Fire, Police, Emergency             911                                              other companies.
                                            We encourage all residents to opt for
           Office Hours                     personal property coverage as well.
                                                                                          Lots to Do in September!
Monday–Friday         8 a.m.–5 p.m.         Murphy’s Law says it best: Anything
                                                                                         If you are looking for some fun
Saturday             10 a.m.–4 p.m.         that can go wrong, will go wrong. So,
                                                                                     events this month, check out
Sunday                      Closed          please be sure your renters’ insurance
                                                                                     www.charlestoncvb.com for plenty
                                            is current and meets the
                                                                                     of ideas!
                                            requirements. If you have questions,

                                                    Cold-Water Washing                            What’s Up?
         Apples and Diabetes
                                                Almost 90 percent of the energy         Hey! We haven’t seen you all
    A study published in the American
                                            consumed while washing a load of         summer! Now that summer is winding
Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that
                                            laundry is due to heating the water,     down, why don’t you stop by the office
people who ate five or more apples a
                                            according to Energy Star. Using cold     and say, “Hi”? We always have fresh
week had a 23 percent lower risk of
                                            water during loads is just as            coffee and would like to know what’s
developing type 2 diabetes compared
                                            effective—thanks to new formulas         up with you. Hope you drop by soon!
with those who didn’t eat apples. Certain
                                            of detergent specifically for
flavonoids in the fruit may be the reason
                                            cold-water washing—and conserves
for the lower risk.
                                            substantial energy.

      Summer Is Almost Over ... is Your Lease Term, Too? Stop by the Office and Sign Your Renewal!
           How Sweet It Is                                                                 know you are interested in them
    A 10,000-year-old cave painting in                                                     makes them feel good, and they
Spain depicts two women collecting                                                         will want to continue the
honey from a wild bee hive. The                                                            conversation. Most people like to talk
practice of keeping bees to produce                                                        about themselves.
honey dates back to at least 700 B.C.                                                          No yes or no. Don’t ask questions
    Here are some more facts about                                                         that can be answered with a simple
this sweet treat:                                                                          “yes” or “no.” Instead, make a relevant
    • In addition to a food source,                                                        comment, then ask an open-ended
      honey is used for medicinal and                                                      question. For example: “Those are
      cosmetic purposes.                                                                   great boots. Where did you get them?”
                                                    It’s Nice to Meet You
    • Honey is produced in every                                                           As the conversation progresses, you
                                                 Are you a little shy in social
      state, and in most countries of                                                      will have opportunities to ask other
                                            situations and not sure how to get a
      the world.                                                                           questions, perhaps about the person’s
                                            conversation started? Here are a few
    • According to the National Honey                                                      hometown, education or family.
                                            tips to help:
      Board, the average American                                                              Listen. The secret to a good
                                                 Relax. Don’t worry about trying to
      consumes about 1.3 pounds of                                                         conversation is to listen. People are
                                            impress someone; that will only make
      honey per year.                                                                      more likely to open up when they can
                                            you nervous.
    • Honey bees must visit 2 million                                                      tell you care about what they say.
                                                 First things first. Introduce yourself
      flowers to produce one pound of                                                          Moderation. Too many questions
                                            by smiling, offering a handshake and
      honey. The bees’ source of                                                           will seem like an interrogation. Offer
                                            telling the person your name.
      nectar determines the color and                                                      information about yourself, too.
                                                 Express interest. Your curiosity is
      flavor of honey. Types include                                                           Now get out there and
                                            your best asset. Letting someone
      alfalfa honey, which is light in                                                     meet someone!
      color with a mild flavor, and
      orange blossom honey, which
      has a slight citrus taste.                 Breads Around the World                   flour and cooked on a griddle using
    • Store honey tightly sealed and            Grain and water are the mainstay           special tools.
      out of direct sunlight. If honey      ingredients of most types of bread,                Pita. The pocket in pita bread is
      crystallizes, place the container     with a variety of additions possible,          created by steam during the cooking
      in hot water for 15 minutes.          including salt, nuts, fruit, oil, sugar and    process. The slightly leavened
    • A tablespoon of honey provides        spices. Bread dough can be baked,              flatbread is a staple in the Middle East
      17 grams of carbohydrates.            steamed or fried.                              and the Mediterranean, where it is
      Athletes can get an energy boost          Bread has been prepared for                used to make sandwiches or
      by adding honey to their bottle       thousands of years and is a staple             scoop dips.
      of water.                             food around the world. Put away the                Scone. Similar to a biscuit, this
    • For centuries, honey has been         sliced white and try one of these              British quick bread can be sweet or
      used to help heal wounds.             breads sometime soon:                          savory. Raisins or cheese are often
      Researchers think this works              Chapati. Common in India, chapati          added to scones.
      because honey’s main                  is an unleavened flatbread made of
      components, glucose and               whole wheat flour and cooked on a
      fructose, attract water, drying the   skillet. Pieces are often torn off to
      wound and inhibiting the growth       scoop up other food during mealtime.
      of bacteria.                              Tortilla. Similar to chapatis, tortillas
                                            are made with corn or wheat flour.
       “No bees, no honey;
                                            This staple in Mexico and Central
       no work, no money.”
                                            America has become a mainstream
                                            food in the United States.
                                                Lefse. This Scandinavian soft
                                            flatbread is made of potato, milk and
          Wit & Wisdom
      “The time to relax is when
      you don’t have time for it.”
         —Sydney J. Harris

      “Tension is who you think
      you should be. Relaxation
           is who you are.”
         —Chinese proverb

        “For fast-acting relief,
          try slowing down.”
             —Lily Tomlin

“Besides the noble art of getting things
      done, there is a nobler art
      of leaving things undone.
  The wisdom of life consists in the
    elimination of nonessentials.”
             —Lin Yutang

 “There’s never enough time to do all
        the nothing you want.”
           —Bill Watterson

    “I try to take one day at a time,
      but sometimes several days
            attack me at once.”
             —Jennifer Yane

     “Stress is an ignorant state.
      It believes that everything
           is an emergency.
      Nothing is that important.”
          —Natalie Goldberg

  “How beautiful it is to do nothing,
     and then rest afterward.”
        —Spanish proverb

   “Rest is not idleness, and to lie
sometimes on the grass under trees
 on a summer’s day, listening to the
murmur of the water, or watching the
clouds float across the sky, is by no
      means a waste of time.”
            —J. Lubbock
                                                               September 2012
   Sunday                  Monday                 Tuesday               Wednesday                 Thursday                 Friday               Saturday
                                                                                                                                              Rent Is Due
                                                                                                                                              Office Is Open
                                                                                                                                              10 a.m. 4 p.m.

                   2 Labor Day             3                        4                        5                     6                      7                       8
                                                                        RENT DUE
                                                RENT DUE                Office Open
Rent Is Due                                                                                      Rent Is Late
                        RENT DUE                Office Open             Until 6 p.m.
Office Closed                                                                                    Add $35
                        Office Closed           Until 6 p.m.            Last Day to
                                                                        Avoid Late Fees

                   9                       10                      11                       12                    13                  14                        15
                        Magistrate Fees
                        Applied                                                                                                               International Coastal
                        Pest Control                                                                                                          Cleanup
                        Bldgs. 9, 10, 11 & 12

                  16                      17                       18                       19                    20                  21                        22
                                                                        Quality Assurance
                                                                                                                       National POW/MIA
                                                                                                                       Recognition Day
                                                                        Bldgs. 9 & 10

                23/30                     24                       25                       26                    27                  28                        29
                                                First American          Quality Assurance
                                                Newspaper               Visits
                                                Published (1690)        Bldgs. 11 & 12

                                                                                                                Supplies Inc ude
                                                                                                                 u l       cl
 During Hurricane Season, Be Prepared                                                                       :   Water (three gallons per person)
                                                                                                            :   Nonperishable food
                   The first step to prepare for a hurricane                                                :   First-aid kit and prescription meds
                   is to understand what hazards threaten                                                   :   Battery-powered weather radio
                   your family and your home. Based on                                                      :   Important documents
                   your vulnerability to storm surges,
                   flooding and wind, create a plan for
                   your family in case a hurricane watch
                   or warning is issued. Store essential
                   items and have them ready.

    Listen to local officials; if evacuation
    is advised, follow your plan and
    leave immediately.
                                                                                                                             Sources: American Red Cross,
                                                                                                                            National Hurricane Center and
                                                                                                          National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

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