CIS 131 Syllabus Fall2012 by 29DRhVRL


									                     Building a Web Page – 31633–CIS 131 – 051
                                     Fall 2012
                           Aug 23, 2012 thru Dec 06, 2012

Course Prefix      Course Number          Credit       Lecture              Lab Time___
  CIS               131                  3          6:30pm –8:20pm        8:30-10:00pm

Skokie Campus Room P233

Instructor: Pam Kouris
             Day Time Phone #847-989-4589
             Office Hour: 5:30pm – 6:30pm before class
             WEB PAGE –
      HTML, XHTML, AND CSS comprehensive Sixth Edition
       Shelly Cashman Series

Additional supplies:
      Recommended Text: HTML, XHTML & CSS seventh edition by Elizabeth Castro
      Any portable USB storage drive

(It is expected you will read and follow the syllabus. Changes to the syllabus may be
made if necessary due to time constraints or the ability of the class. Any changes to this
syllabus will be announced in class. If you are not in class, you must find out about
changes from one of your classmates.)

WWW 111 or concurrent enrollment in WWW 111, or consent of instructor, coordinator
or department chair.


This hands-on course introduces the student to the processes needed to create customized
and interactive Web pages. Students will learn the commands (tags) to create, format and
link documents as well as how to incorporate the use of tables, graphics, styles, forms,
frames, scripts, multimedia, and other features onto the Web page. Students will learn
and apply guidelines of effective Web presentation in designing a Web page and
organizing a Web site.


   1. Upon completion of this Course the student will be able to demonstrate his/her
      proficiency in creating documents for Internet/intranet publication. These
      documents will incorporate text and organizational formatting and design and
      include hypertext links, tables, graphics, styles, forms, multimedia and other
         appropriate features. In addition, the student will examine languages in which
         scripts are written and will customize, execute, and use a script.
    2.   The student will be able to use an editor to create, modify, and display a Web
    3.   The student will analyze Web pages and recognize what constitutes "good"
    4.   The student will understand the relationship between the server operating system
         and web pages.
    5.   The student will publish a Web page on the Internet/intranet.
    6.   The student will define Web site specifications, map content, and develop a
         prototype Web page for a client.
    7.   The student will understand copyright guidelines as applied to Web pages.

Students and employees at Oakton Community College are required to demonstrate
academic integrity and follow Oakton’s Code of Academic Conduct. This code prohibits:

   cheating,
   plagiarism (turning in work not written by you, or lacking proper citation),
   falsification and fabrication (lying or distorting the truth),
   helping others to cheat,
   unauthorized changes on official documents,
   pretending to be someone else or having someone else pretend to be you,
   making or accepting bribes, special favors, or threats, and
   any other behavior that violates academic integrity.

There are serious consequences to violations of the academic integrity policy. Oakton’s
policies and procedures provide students a fair hearing if a complaint is made against
you. If you are found to have violated the policy, the minimum penalty is failure on the
assignment and, a disciplinary record will be established and kept on file in the office of
the Vice President for Student Affairs for a period of 3 years.

Details of the Code of Academic Conduct can be found in the Student Handbook

Please contact me via email or phone call to let me know ahead of time if you need to
miss a class. Midterm and Final exams have an allocated date. If something turns up in
your schedule of great importance and you need to miss either one of these dates please
contact me ahead of time and let me know. And I will try to arrange a test taking time in
the testing center.
Class      Lecture Topic                      Class Lab
Session    Projects due        Will be viewed by Instructor during                  Homework
           after Lecture       lab.
Thursday   Introduction         Make it Right ---Correcting the Web          Review Chapter 1
Aug 23     Course Overview         Site Type Table pg 27                      (pgs. 1-25)
Class 1    and Requirements                                                   Start thinking about what
                               First day of Labs we will be working           kind of web site you
                               together so that we understand what is         would like to build.
Thursday   Chapter 1            In The Lab – Internet, Intranet and
Aug 30                             Extranet Design - page 30                  Review Chapter 2
Class 2                                                                       (pgs. 34-80)
Thursday   Chapter 2              Extend Your Knowledge Page 82              Review Chapter 2
Sept 6                             Creating a Definition List                 (pgs. 34-80)
Class 3                            -Working in teams web site structure
                                   ** labs must be turn in by today           Handout 1 -My Project –
                                   from prior classes **                      Web site plan

Thursday   Chapter 2 (cont)       Apply your Knowledge - page 81
Sept 13       XHTML/HTML          Editing the Apply Your Knowledge           Review Chapter 3
Class 4       Copyright           Web Page                                   (pgs. 89-146)
              Pg Design for      Students choose inline style, writing on
               the Visually        white board with explanation.

Thursday   Chapter 3               In the Lab                                Review Chapter 3
Sept 20     Links                 3: Creating Two Linked Web Pages           (pgs. 158-207)
Class 5                                Pg 154-155                             Please complete check
                                                                              list for Chapter 2
Thursday   Chapter 3 (cont)       Apply your knowledge page 147              Review Chapter 4
Sept 27        Links              Adding Text Formatting to a Web Pg         (pgs. 158-207)
Class 6        Absol vs.                                                     Please complete check
                  Rela                                                        list for Chapter 3.
               Chr. Ent.
Thursday   Chapter 4                                                          Review Chapter 4
Oct 4                             Apply your knowledge - page 208            (pgs. 158-207)
Class 7                                                                       + Special Feature 1
                                   Editing a Table on a Web Page
                                                                              Handout 2 -
                                                                              Section 508

Thursday   Chapter 4              Cases and Places will be working in        Handout- 3 You will be
Oct 11     (cont.)                 teams with your classmates.                completing the exercise
Class 8       Attracting           Teams decided tonight –                    on page 232 Lab:1 but
              Visitors to           prob. Pg 218                              using your own Web
              Your Site                                                       Project to answer the

                                                                              Review for midterm
Thursday                            MIDTERM Covers Chapter 1-4         Review Chapter 5
Oct 18     MIDTERM                  including Special Feature 1
Class 9
Thursday   Chapter 5                                                   Review Chapter 6
Oct 25      Image maps            Apply your knowledge page 275      (pgs. 285-316)
Class 10                            Adding an Image Map to a Web       Handout #4 – web
                                    Page                               project update.

Thursday   Chapter 6                Work on Final Project              Review Chapter 7
Nov 1       Forms
Class 11
Thursday                                                               Review Chapter 8
Nov 8         Chapter 7           TBA                                (pgs. 361-384)
Class 12                                                               Work on Final

Thursday   Chapter 8               Apply your Knowledge page 385
Nov 15      Multi Media            Adding a Background Sound          Work on Final Project
Class 13    Special               JEOPARDY GAME – Review –
              Feature 2             Chance to earn extra credit
           Frames on Your          Work on Final Project
           Web Site

Nov 22     NO SCHOOL                HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!               GOBBLE GOBBLE

Thursday   Final Project        Final Project                          Study for Final
Nov 29     Presentations        Presentations
Class 14                        Remember no late project accepted!
Dec 6      Final Exam               Final Exam!                        Have a great Holiday
Class 15                                                               break!


           Grade and class structure will be based on the following:

           Attendance & Participation     10%
           Labs                           10%
           Homework                       10%
           Midterm                        15%
           Final                          25%
           Web Site Project               30%
How your grade is determined:

90 – 100 = A
80 – 89 = B
70 – 79 = C
60 – 69 = D
Below 60 = F

Points distributed as follows:

60 points – Midterm Exam
100 points – Final Exam
120 points – Final project
40 points – participation
40 points – homework
40 points - labs
Total points = 400 points

Need minimum 360 points for an A
                 320 points for a B
                 280 points for a C
                 240 points for a D
                  Below 240 points = failure
(Extra credit can be earned by playing HTML JEOPARDY towards the end of the

This is a face-2-face class. In order to earn a passing grade (A, B, or C), you must
(minimally) complete the one (1) midterm, one final exam (1), one (1) web project, ten
(10) lab assignments, and four (4) homework assignments (handouts on the syllabus), in
addition there will be two(2) team in-class assignments. Your final grade will be based
on your total (actual) points earned. You can earn extra credit by participating during
the HTML Jeopardy Game.

NOTE: Please Read!
Lab time can be used for lab and homework assignments. Labs must be turned in on the
date they are assigned. The Web Site Project is an on going homework assignment with
Class presentations to be made on the second to the last class. The Web Site Project will
be written without the use of an html editor as we have done through out this class.
There are lab times giving the student the opportunity to work on their project during lab
time. It is your decision to use this time to work on your project during lab time or to
leave early. No late Web Site Projects will be accepted.
                          OTHER COURSE INFORMATION:

More information about Class Labs:

There are four descriptions for the labs that are used during class lab time. They are as
    1. AYK – Apply Your Knowledge
    2. Extend You Knowledge
    3. In the Lab
    4. Make It Right

Labs are due at the end of each class. Instructor will view completed work. If you miss
a class you can email an entire lab to me that would be the preferred method, even though
the book says save and print. I should receive it before the start of the next class meeting.
Some students are not proficient with emailing labs or attachments etc. but if you want to
learn and use the email process I will work with you to do this. Of course if saving and
printing is easier for you to turn in the labs that will be fine.

**During the beginning of the semester I am somewhat lenient with allowing late labs to
be handed in. But after the third class all labs need to be handed in on time after each
class unless you have talked to me regarding a late lab to be handed in.** Labs turned in
late after the third week will not be given full credit. As the course progresses no late labs
will be accepted.

                             Other course information:

College Policy on the Observance of Religious Holidays

Oakton Community College recognizes the broad diversity of religious beliefs of its
constituencies. The College has embraced a practice of shared responsibility in the event
a religious observance interferes with class work or assignments. Students who inform
instructors well in advance of an intended absence for a major religious observance will
not be penalized. The instructor will make reasonable accommodations for students,
which may include providing a make up test, altering assignment dates, permitting a
student to attend another section of the same course for a class period or similar remedies.
Instructors are not responsible for teaching material again.

College Policy on Disabilities

If you have a documented learning, psychological, or physical disability you may be
entitled to reasonable academic accommodations or services. To request accommodations
or services, contact the ASSIST office (635-1658) in the Learning Center (Room 2400
Des Plaines). All students are expected to fulfill essential requirements. The college will
not waive any essential skill or requirement of a course or a degree program.


Successful completion of this course will help prepare you for the Microsoft Office
Specialist (MOS) Exam in (insert exam title). Oakton Community College does not
guarantee that you will pass the MOS exam after completing this course. If you do not
pass the MOS exam, you cannot retake this course for free. For more information, go to


Oakton Community College has partnered with the MSDN (Microsoft Developer
Network) Academic Alliance to provide credit and non-credit students who are registered
for CTIS (CIS, CAB, WWW) courses some of Microsoft’s software that you may use to
complete your studies. The software is specifically for coursework at Oakton Community
College; it may not be reproduced, redistributed, sold, rented, leased, or transferred to any
third party including contractors, other students, other department’s personnel, other
companies, or consultants performing services for the CTIS department. Any
reproduction or redistribution of the software is prohibited by law, and may result in
severe civil and criminal penalties. Currently this software includes MS Visual
Studio.Net, Windows XP Professional, Microsoft Office Access, SQL Server, Microsoft
Project and Microsoft Visio Professional. It does NOT include Excel, Word, or
PowerPoint. This service does not provide installation support. Contact your instructor
for further information.

Responsible Use of Computers and Information Technology

Rules for computer use are posted in computer labs as well as available in writing in each
of the labs. Lab assistants and tutors are available to assist you in the lab regarding
software and hardware questions. If you have a question about an assignment, however,
you should contact me.

Users of the College’s information technology facilities and resources, including
hardware, software, networks, and computer accounts, are expected to use computer
resources responsibly and appropriately, respecting the rights of other information
technology users and respecting all contractual and license agreements.

Under no circumstances is any of the software used at Oakton to be copied. Copying
software is in violation of Federal law and College policies. Suspected violations will be
vigorously investigated and, if warranted, appropriate penalties applied. Specifically, you
do not have the right (1) to make copies of software for yourself or others, (2) to receive
and use unauthorized copies of software, or (3) copy all or parts of a program written by
someone else.

Weather-Related Closings

Class cancellations or campus closings will be posted as noted below by 6 a.m. for
morning classes and by 3 p.m. for late afternoon and evening classes.

In addition to the Oakton College Web site, weather-related class cancellations or campus
closing updates are available:

       on a pre-recorded message at 847-635-1600 (press 8 when prompted);
      campus announcement on myOakton;
      radio stations WBBM-AM 780 and WGN-AM 720;
      TV stations (CBS) 2, (NBC) 5, (ABC) 7, (WGN) 9, and (FOX) 32;

The College will make every effort to resume classes as soon as possible after a major
storm; however, safety will always be our first priority.

Emergency Situations
Emergencies can occur at any time, without warning. Careful planning can help the
Oakton community handle crises and emergencies with appropriate responses.

The succession of events in an emergency is not always predictable. The College
community will receive vital information about actual procedures for any given
emergency or disaster.

School Safety
In response to Columbine, Virginia Tech, and NIU tragedies, police agencies in Illinois
have developed training for law enforcement and the public school systems. These
nationally accepted law enforcement response plans have been adopted by Oakton’s
Public Safety Department. Your actions will influence others; therefore, in the event of
any type of threatening situation, Oakton is asking you as a student to:
 stay calm
 secure the immediate area; lock, block, & barricade
 call 911 and report your specific location, number of people at your location, identify
    injuries, and give as much information about assailants (gender, race, clothing,
    physical features, type of weapon) as possible
There is a phone for emergency purposes placed in every classroom.
                                   IMPORTANT DATES

Academic Calendar
Fall 2012

August 13
Faculty return for fall 2012 semester

August 20
Fall 2012 semester classes begin

August 25 noon
Last day to submit proof of residency, business service agreements and chargebacks/joint

September 3
Labor Day holiday. College closed.
September 16
Last day to withdraw from 16-week courses and have course dropped from record* (See
Withdrawal From Classes for more information.)

September 16
Last day to change to audit for 16-week courses*

September 30
Incomplete (I) grades from summer 2012 semester for which faculty have not submitted
final grades will become an "F" after this date.**

October 6 noon
Last day for filing Graduation Petitions

October 14
Last day to withdraw with a "W" from 16-week courses; Students will receive a grade in
all courses in which they are enrolled after October 14.

November 11
Veterans' Day holiday. College closed.

November 12
College closed in observance of Veterans' Day.

November 19
Registration opens for spring 2013 semester

November 22, 23
Thanksgiving Recess. College closed.

November 24, 25
Thanksgiving Recess. No classes, College open.
(Most offices closed.)

December 11, 12
Evaluation Days†

December 12
Last day of student attendance

December 13
Grading Day
Faculty on campus and available to students at designated times.

December 14
Grades due

December 24 - January 1
College closed

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