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									                                  Diocese of Durham
   Role description signed off by:                                   Date:
   To be reviewed 6 months after commencement of the appointment, and (if necessary) at Ministerial
   Development Review, alongside the setting of objectives.

1. Details of Post
   Role Title:                       Vicar
   Name of benefice:                 Peterlee St Cuthbert
   Deanery:                          Easington
   Archdeaconry:                     Durham
   Initial point of contact on terms of service:     Archdeacon of Durham

2. Role Purpose

      To share with the Bishop both in the cure of souls and in responsibility, under God, for growing
       the Kingdom in this parish, in line with current priorities established by the Bishop.

      To be the Parish Priest to this parish, having regard to the calling and responsibilities of the
       clergy as described in the Canons, the Ordinal, the Code of Professional Conduct for the Clergy
       and other relevant legislation.

      To work with the PCC towards the development of the local church (both people and building) so
       that it is sustainable, and effective in mission.

      To ensure that a high standard of worship, preaching and pastoral care is provided so that
       people are more able to live as disciples of Christ.

      To develop the ministry of the laity, through training, delegation and support, so that they take
       more responsibility for the mission and ministry of the parish.

      To collaborate within the deanery in mission and ministry and, through the deanery plan, in such
       shaping of ministry as resources and opportunities may require.

      To be proactive and persistent in seeking the fullest degree of ecumenical cooperation wherever


      To increase the linkage between St Cuthbert’s and the life of the town for the sake of mission, to
       help the people of Peterlee relate to God.
      To develop the best of the 9.30 and 11.15 inheritance for the sake of inspirational worship,
       mission and growth.

      To continue the emphasis on biblical learning so that discipleship grows.

      To explore the degree to which St Cuthbert’s can offer things (leadership, resources, courses)
       which will benefit other churches in the deanery.

      To work with the Archdeacon and Area Dean to assemble a ministry team.

3. Key contacts

   Archdeacon, Area Dean

4. Role context and any other relevant information
   This parish was served for many years by a priest who was in the same central Anglican (vestments)
   tradition as many Durham parishes. More recently the parish has experienced ministry of a more
   conservative Evangelical style, placing great emphasis on biblical teaching, and growing a more
   informal service at 11.15 composed mainly of people who were new to faith. The task now is to
   unite the best features of the newer and the more traditional, and to engage in mission to the whole

5. Benefice summary
   Parishes:               One
   Churches:               One
   PCCs:                   One
   Churchwardens:          Two
   Ministers:              None at present
   Buildings:              Hall attached to Church
   Churchyards:            None
   Population:             21,637
   Average Sunday attendance: 98
   Parish Share:           29,344
   Expenses:               Paid
   Resolutions:            None
   Liturgical practice:    Has been surplice and informal, now reverting to alb and stole/chasuble)
   Pastoral Reorganisation: None

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