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									UNOFFICIAL COPY AS OF 09/28/12                        02 REG. SESS.         02 RS BR 2401

       A JOINT RESOLUTION relating to the Roebling Suspension Bridge.

       WHEREAS, built in 1867, the Roebling suspension bridge links the cities of

Covington, Kentucky, and Cincinnati, Ohio; and

       WHEREAS, a favorite landmark of the region, over the years the color of the bridge

has run the gamut from spanish brown, to black and white, to green, and the present blue;


       WHEREAS, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet plans to repaint the Roebling

suspension bridge within the next two years and has indicated the cabinet is open to
suggestions as to the color the bridge should be painted; and

       WHEREAS, "The Cincinnati Enquirer", a local newspaper in northern Kentucky,

invited readers to express their preference of bridge color, and the early favorite in the

balloting is "Kentucky Wildcat Blue";


Be it resolved by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky:
       Section 1.   The Transportation Cabinet shall, whenever it repaints the Roebling

suspension bridge, paint the bridge "Kentucky Wildcat Blue."

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