St. Ambrose Church
              210 South St., Cambridge ON N1R 2P4                    519-621-2013

 Please return this form to the parish office by September 30, 2012.
                     Thank you! Please print clearly.

  School now attending: ___________________________________ Room #___________
  Student’s name: __________________________________________________________
  Address Street ___________________________________________________________
            City ________________________________Postal Code: _______________
  Home Telephone Number: ______________________________

   Father's First and Last Name: _______________________________________________
   Mother's First and Last Name: _______________________________________________
 Please read the reverse regarding “Confirmation Sponsors”                      over.………..

Parent’s Consent: “I have read the letter regarding my son/daughter’s Confirmation and
agree to the expectations, and have discussed these expectations with my son/daughter.”

                           Parent’s Signature: ___________________________________

PLEASE NOTE: A photocopy of the student's baptism certificate must accompany
this form unless you were baptized at St. Ambrose Church.

Please complete the following and please print neatly:
(Notification of Confirmation is sent to the Church where you were Baptized, therefore this
information is very important.)

                               NOTIFICATION OF CONFIRMATION

NAME OF CONFIRMATION STUDENT: _________________________________________
CHURCH OF BAPTISM: _____________________________________________________
ADDRESS of Church of Baptism:______________________________________________
            CITY, PROVINCE:______________________________________________
     COUNTRY, POSTAL CODE:____________________________________________
    Date of Baptism: Month/Day/Year _______________________________________

For office use only: Confirmed on ___________, 2013 at St. Ambrose Church, Cambridge,
Choosing a Confirmation Sponsor:

Sponsors at Confirmation represent the believing Christian Community. Therefore, it is
required that they be a practicing Catholic in good standing with the Church, who have
themselves received the Sacraments of Initiation, which are Baptism, Holy Eucharist and
Confirmation and have reached the age of 16.

If they are married, they must have been validly married in the Church. The Code of Canon
Law states they must lead... .“a life in harmony with faith and the role to be undertaken.. .and
will help the baptized to lead a Christian life in harmony with Baptism, and to fulfill faithfully
the obligations connected with it.”

Remember that being a "Sponsor" at a Sacrament makes you a proper representative of the
Catholic Church. If someone does not go to Mass or practice their Catholic faith, the role of
representative would be inappropriate for them. How could someone ever represent a group
in which they no longer participate? Candidates can avoid hurting the feelings of family and
friends by not choosing a person who cannot fulfill these basic requirements for a godparent
or sponsor.

Name of Sponsor: ___________________________________ (please print)
I verify that my sponsor is a Baptized and Confirmed Roman Catholic
who is a good representative of the Catholic faith.

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