Oh well, Autumn is closing in after what was must count as a bit of a pathetic summer
really. Still, we did go down to Cornwall for a few days, and had some good weather on
the beach at Watergate Bay, where my dad lives.
'Watergate Bay- is one of those places that has been revamped in the past few years since
it got Jamie ()livered Now it has gone all up market, and the clientele resembles that of
the Waitrose car park. Watergate has changed beyond all recognition. \\Tell, apart from
that it is still . a beach, obviously.
Gone is the past) and chips cuisine of yore; this time I had a darling little Greek Salad,
with a recycled wooden forky thingy, that doubles as a spoon and can opener, packaged in
an environmentally friendly cardboard box assembled by hand, so the rustic sticker
informed me. The seagulls weren't remotely- interested.
Also, the surprise announcement was that my father is going to start editing his parish
magazine. Alas, instead of being inspired by my great endeavor, as I was quietly hoping,
he said that he thought if I could edit a parish magazine, it couldn't be that hard. Thanks
Anyway, I await with baited breath what ideas l can pinch from him. My father is a brainy
professor, and the only person that l know who I can google, so he will no doubt produce
something very highbrow and of geological interest.
A little while /a/cr...
Have just returned from phoning my dad to say l am writing about him, and he says he
will be putting in a load of really bad jokes. Ho Hum, bang goes my plan for intelligence
by association
Lots of fun was had with the `Ride and Stride' at the weekend, and the weather was
actually perfect. I think my son must have achieved some kind of record by visiting 5
(lurches in 4 hours using 3 bikes.
Now I see that Harvest Festival time is upon us. Fantastic, I can see if anyone wants those
courgettes that just grew and grew and are now inedible.

Dear friends
have been struck recently by how gloomy the news always seems to be.
Perhaps there is a streak of pessimism in even the most optimistic of people
and the media knows only too well how to tap into it. Of course it is also true that there is
an awful amount of tragedy in the world, and it can produce a fatalistic attitude to life.
There is the story of the man who, on his first parachute jump, was assured that if his rip
cord failed to work there was a second cord which would certainly open up his 'chute; and
even then, in the highly unlikely situation that the second one also failed, he still had a
third to ensure his safe return to the waiting truck below. Thus, reassured, he jumped,
pulled the rip cord, and nothing happened. Undaunted he resorted to the second
emergency one, and again nothing happened. A little anxiously he pulled the third, and the
parachute remained firmly in its packing. As he continued hurtling towards the earth, he
said to himself `I might have guessed it, and I bet that truck isn't down there below
either!'. A silly story, but it encapsulates the feelings that often develop in a sadly
dysfunctional world. As one cynic put it `Current events are so grim that we don't know
whether to watch the 6 o'clock news and be unable to eat, or the 10 o'clock and be unable
to sleep!'
In contrast to this, the New Testament rings wish hope. It is not an escapist optimists that
pretends that everything in the garden is lovely when it clearly isn't. It faces up squarely to
the realities of a violent and suffering world, but it also sees beyond. The apostle Paul
talks from his own personal experience of the whole range of injustices and hardships he
endured. Ile gives the list of things he had been through which included beatings, betrayal,
rejection, false
imprisonment, shipwrecks, sleepless nights, hard labour, the list goes on and on. Yet he
speaks of himself as being `sorrowful yet always rejoicing; poor vet making many rich:
having nothing yet possessing everything.' What was his secret? Again and again in the
letters he wrote, he comes back to certain stunning event which has enormous
implications for the world that we live in.
The way that Jesus had demonstrated unforgettably and for all time that love is at the
centre of the 1 Universc; and more than that, had not only died a sacrificial death, but had
risen from the dead. So that Paul faced the future, regardless of how ghastly things were,
with a certainty that life was worth living, that death was not the end but the beginning,
and that ultimately love and justice would prevail. Day by day he would wake up with his
heart full of thanksgiving for the encouragement and the energy and the opportunities that
would be his. As Corrie ten Boom, the Dutch watch maker who was sent to Ravensbruck
concentration camp for rescuing Jews from the hands of the Gestapo, used to love saying:
' However bleak the outlook may, be, the uplook is always streaked with glory.'
Harry. MacIines

Saturday I7 October 6..30 pm
The concert in Shilton church on October 170, is now taking shape. A number of young
people and adults will be playing including Adam New, son of choirmaster David, and
two of his friends from Malvern school. The programme will be varied including a
mixture of jazz and classical. Instruments include tuba, trombone, violin, clarinet, organ
and string quartet and there will be singing as well. The concert starts at 6.30pm and will
last about an hour followed by a party afterwards in Shilton Village I Hall. Tickets cost":
7.50 each, contributions of food and drinks will be welcome as we hope that we will be
able to make a generous contribution out of the proceeds to Oasis, a charity supporting
autistic children. Applications for tickets can he made by email to me on
donaldechamberlain@; or call 01993 843014, to jean Roberts on 01993
841194, or to Caroline Simmonds on 01993 841345.
Donald Chamberlain

If you have children between the ages of 3 and 12 and would like to come along, we meet
every second Sunday of the month at 10.15am in the Village f fall in Shilton for about 40
minutes of fun and creative Christian based activities before we join the main body of the
church for the Parish Communion Service.
Our Services until Christmas are:
Sunday October 11th, at 10.15 am
Sunday November 8th at 10.15am (Remembrance Service)
Sunday December 13th at 10.15am (Christingle Service)
If you would like to know some more about what we do, or where to find us, either give
me a call on 01993 847049 or The Rev'd Harry MacInnes on 01993 845954.
Delis Price

5r5 September Filkins Matt Jerome and Leanne Cross

21 August      Filkins Mrs Margaret June Robbins
(died 14th August aged! 78) 22',d August Alvescot David Leonard Percy
(died 29" June aged 49)
25th August Kingsdown Crematorium Mrs Florence Emil Jackson (died 17" Angus/ aged

Sunday 4th October Trinity XVII (Green)
   9am      Langford        Holy Communion                        NUW'
   11,30ant Broadwell       Harvest Festival                      HM/PW
   3.30pm Kelmscott         Harvest Festival                      AM
   6pm      Shilton Harvest Festival with choir                   HM/PW
   Sunday I October Trinity XVIII (Green)                         I IM
   9am      Alvescot                   Holy Communion             PW`
   9am      Broadwell                  Matins                     AM
   9am      \Vestwell/l loiwel         Holy Communion             PW'(
   10.30am Broughton Poggs             Harvest Festival
   10.30am Shilton                     Parish Communion and
   11am     little Faringdon           Children's Church          AM
                                       Harvest. Festival
   6pm      Black Bourton              I (Harvest Festival.       PW
   6pm      Kencot                     Evensong                   HM
   Sunday 18th October Trinity XIX
   9am      Holwell                    Holy Communion             I [NI
   9am      B Bourton/ Alvescot        Holy Communion             PW
   10.30am Langford                    Harvest Festival
   Ham      Alvescot                   Harvest Festival           LJ
   6pm      Broughton Poggs            Evensong                   HM
   6pm      Westwell                   1 Harvest Festival         P\,:,
   Sunday 25th October Bible Sunday (Green)                       EJ
   9am        Kencot/ Broadwell        HoIyCommunion              HM/PW
   9am        Shilton                  Holy Communion
   10.30am    Alvescot/ BBourton.      Parish Communion
   I0.30am    Filkins                  Family Communion           I    J
   10.30am    Broadwell                Matins                     PW'
   l lam      tattle Faringdon         Parish Communion           HNI
   6pm        Holwcll! Westwell        Evensong                   PW
   6pm        I Langford               Evensong                   HM
   Sunday     November All Saints      White)                     I
   I"         (Gold or                                            HM/NUW
10.30am       \Vestwell/l              Benefice Ciommuninn
6pm           Broadwell                Benefice Evensong         NUW
6pm           Filkins                  All Saints Memorial       EJ/PW
Celebrants    & Service Leaders        The Rev'd Martin Peppiat
The Rev'd     Johnsont                 The Rev'd Neville Usher-
Liz           Harry ;Maclnnes          Wilson
The Rev'd I   Alistair McGrath         The Rcv'd Patrick Wheaton
`The Rev'd

 4th' October Trinity XVII (Green) Hebrews 1.1-4; 2.5-     Mark 102-16
 Genesis 2.18-24       Psalm 8      12
 11t October Trinity XVIII (Green) Hebrews 4.12-end        Mark 10.17-31
 Amos 5.6, 7, 10-15 Psalm 90
 18th October Trinity XIX (Green) Hebrews 5.1-10           Mark 10.35-45
 Isaiah 53.4-end       Psalm 91
 25th October Bible Sunday (Green) 2 Timothy 3.14-4.5      John 5.36b-end
 Isaiah 55.1-11 Psalm 19.7-14                              John 11.32-44
 Ist November All Saints Day (Gold or White)
 Isaiah 25.6-9 Psalm 24.1-6 Revelation 21.1-6a

Our next meeting will be on Wednesday 7th October at 3.00pm in the Methodist Church
Schoolroom. The speaker will be Mrs Elizabeth Duffy of Faringdon. Refreshments will be
provided as usual. All are welcome.
Barbara Edwards

Remembrance Service. This will be held at St Matthew's Church Langford on Sunday 8°
November. The Act of Remembrance and laying of wreaths will take place at the village
memorial prior to the service. Further details will be included in the next issue of the
Parish Pump. As has been the case in recent years, a Field of Remembrance will be set up
at the village memorial to enable individuals to remember those who were known to them
who have died as a result of war. Small wooden crosses will be available from village
Poppy Appeal representatives and at the
Remembrance Service.
Branch Committee Meeting. The next
Committee Meeting will be held at Dovecote
House, Little Faringdon on Tuesday 6° October at 7.30pm. Please note the change of
venue. Branch AGM. This will be held on Tuesday 3rd November in the 5 :Alls Filkins.
All members are most welcome to attend.
Jeremy Taylor

This year's Poppy Appeal will take place from Saturday 24th October until Saturday
        November. Village collectors will be making house-to house collections during
this period. Please give them every support as they brave the elements on behalf of this
essential fund-raising appeal that supports the
welfare of ex-Senicemen and their dependants. Iast year the Broadshire villages donated
over £2,200 towards this Appeal. it would be marvellous if we can raise even more this
year as the demands for help increase with an ageing population that served in the Second
World War and the large number of more recent
servicemen, who have been casualties in the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts. Many of
them, or their families, require considerable help during these difficult times. Boxes will
also be available at the usual static points in the Broadshire villages.
Rachel 'Taylor

I have recently had a new fence fitted and it needed to be painted, I was not looking
forward to the job but I decided to start on a Saturday morning. I started to paint and had
almost finished one panel when my neighbour came and said that he would finish the job.
What a relief' I almost said no thank you but I think that would have hurt his feelings.
Being a good neighbour reminds me of t:he parable of the Good Samaritan found in Luke
chapter 10, verses 30-37. I was not in the same predicament as the Jewish traveller, he
certainly needed help and he did not refuse it.
Think for a moment about three different people; the first would not visit the doctor
because she did not trust him, she died after she \vent into a diabetic coma. The second
went to the doctor but would not accept the treatment the doctor offered; she still feels
unwell. The third did what the doctor advised and is feeling much better.
Help is available and we should not refuse it when it is offered Psalm 46, verse 1 says
'God is our refuge and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble'.
Janet Whitfield Preachers for October
4th October      Informal with Debbie Newman from Helping Hands
11th October Graham Sparrowhawk followed by communion
18th October Barry Shepherd
25th October David Earl
All our services are at 6.00pm and visitors are always very welcome.
Elizabeth Hadfield
St Peter's

This year our harvest festival is at 11.00am on Sunday 18'h October. It's a lovely seasonal
service of readings and hymns and will be followed by a two course lunch of wonderful
home cooking in the Village Han. There will be a bar. Tickets for the lunch are available
now from me on 01993 842435 or Sue Cave on 01993 846696, priced £15.00 for a family,
L6.00 adult and £3.00 for a child. Everyone is very welcome to this popular traditional
village get together.
We will be decorating the church at I0.00am on Saturday 170 October and everyone is
welcome to come along and participate. Gifts of garden flowers and produce would be
much appreciated.
There are also lots of jobs to be done outside so there will also be a churchyard tidy-up at
the same time so please come along if you can spare a couple of hours; your help is
needed. Gardening gloves are useful but not essential. Coffee and biscuits will be
Jayne Lewin

It has been a lovely start to the new school year at St Peter's. Both staff and children have
returned to school with great excitement and have settled quickly to the daily routines of
school life. We have welcomed Kerry'
Hookham who has joined us, teaching three days a week in the Foundation Stage Class
and Sheller Godfrey who is now teaching full-time in the Year 1 class. Kerry- has already
herself as one of the team and I know that she will be a treat asset to the school. Eighteen
children have started school in our Foundation Stage Class and we hope that they and
their families soon become fully involved in the life of the school.
Funds raised at the Family Barbecue at the end of term have been used for the purchase of
some new picnic benches for the children to sit at while eating their packed lunches.
Many thanks to those of you who supported this event.
Chris Hand, from Colston Tennis Club, has returning to teach tennis this term so we are
keeping our fingers crossed for dry weather!
The school will hold its annual Harvest Festival service at St Peter's Church on Tuesday
20th October at 1.30. All are welcome to join us.
The Gift Evening this year will be on Friday November 13th' so don't miss the chance of
getting your Christmas shopping done early this year and avoiding the Christmas rush.
Tickets will be available from the school office.
Sam King

There will be a gift evening at St. Peters School on Friday 13th' November from 7.30
onwards. Don't miss the chance of getting your Christmas shopping done early this rear
and avoiding the Christmas rush. Choose from a wide range of gifts at your leisure with a
glass of wine and a mince pie. Tickets, costing £3.50, will be available from the school
office. Telephone 01993 842535

A very special guest will be coming to the bazaar on Saturday 28'h November at 2.00pm
at the School, so do come along and meet him in person. (More information next month).

A big thank you to all who came and exhibited and who came along in the afternoon for
Tea and Cake. The grand total of L210.00 has been sent to the Heart Foundation in aid of
the f karts of Oxford Nurse Appeal.
The Alvescot Ladies

On Saturday 3rd October there will be a Quiz held in the Village Hall. Tickets cost L6.00
including supper from me on 01993 842135
Terry .Morris

\Vc are, once again, fortunate to welcome Oxford Touring Theatre Company to Alvescot
Village Hall at 7.00pm on Friday 20th' November 2009 with their performance of Peach
Boy. Peach Boy is a thrilling epic, suitable for all the family from 6yrs upwards. It is
about a young boy `Momotaro' with superhuman powers and is the story of his journey to
find his place in the world, accompanied by Dog, Pheasant, Monkey (and his mother's
miraculous dumplings!) and a quest to save the village from dastardly demons and
marvellous monsters.
Tickets are available from me on 01993 842312 or Adults
L8.50, concessions L6.50 or family L26.00.
Kay Bennett

St Mary's

for the Greta of Albemarle' 1 '1782 at Mill I arm 27m Avast 2009
Once again, thanks must go to Phil Shaw and the Committee of the Carterton and Brize
Norton branch of the RAF Association who organised another moving tribute to the men
who died on the farm in 1944. We seem to be blessed with good weather each year and
there was a lovely gathering. Padre Steve Lamond of RAF Brize Norton conducted the
prayers and Syn. lair. Stu I.indsell of No. 99 Squadron laid a wreath on behalf of the
Station. Six members of the ATC were also present with Fiona Yates. Robert Griffith who
had trained with the crew and been stationed with them at Brize Norton in 1944, made the
journey down from north \Vales with his daughter to attend. It was a very moving
moment when he laid some heather in honour of his friends. Thank you, as always, to
those who give their time for this annual event.
Monica Tudor

Come and join us on Saturday 10th October between 12.00 noon and 2.00pm at St Mary's
Church for a simple but delicious lunch. Homemade soups, bread and cheeses are on offer
with enjoyable company. Everyone who came last year really enjoyed themselves.
Donations towards the fabric of the Church.

A big thank you to Ahdy and Karen for a wonderful barbeque in August, not only did they
arrange very tasty food and wear music but the weather was beautiful AND England won
the Ashes. How good was that? A
perfect Sunday afternoon. L619.00 was raised for the Church. Many thanks. Doreen Hart

Saturday 17th October 10.00 till 2.00 Noon. A reminder to all gardeners in the Benefice
and beyond, that I have a variety of plants in my garden which will need a new home. 1
need to clear some space for a new planting scheme so please bring your own spades,
forks and plastic bags etc.,
Astrantia 'Shaggy'. Day Lily - orange
Geranium 'Phaeum.' - very dark purple. Thalictrum - mauve and yellow
Geranium 'Endressii' - pink. lily-of-the-Valley
Japanese Anemonies - pink. Crocosmia I.ucifer -bulbs
Echinops ritro - Blue Allium siculum - bulbs
A donation to St. Mary's Church, Black Bourton would be much appreciated.

Does anyone in the Benefice have any single or double White Japanese Anemonies they
can spare me? If you do, please ring me on 01993 841731

St Peter c'' St Pauls

October 4th' and 11th , Robina Lockyer       October 18th and 25th' Julia Muntsey

Hope you have your tickets! This is always a great event.
June Goodenough

St Peter
October 4th & 11th, Mrs Martin
October 18th, & 25th Michele Heath

This year we had 51 competitors and 299 entries. A huge thank you from the members of
Filkins Bowls Club to everyone who supported the event, as a helper, competitor or
visitor. The Cup Winners were Vegetable Cup          Mr David Chapman
Flower Cup Mr R Sparrowhawk
Cokkery Cup Mrs Nicola Hambidge
Prizes were presented by Mr Doug Jackson, President of the Bowls Club. This was his
45th year of involvement with the show.
The game of Bowls is an established tradition in the village and the club is always pleased
to welcome new members. For more information call J Young on 01367 850332.
I 'filkins Bowls Club

Another season has just finished for the museum and we arc already planning next year's
exhibitions. We will be covering the history of gardening with an insight into the way the
Victorians cultivated their gardens. Also next year will be 80 years since the Village
Centre was opened so we will be covering the history behind this. If you can give
assistance in any way, such as items for inclusion in the exhibition, help with research or
just by booking a group in for a visit, it would be much appreciated and I would love to
hear from you on 01367 860504
Thank you to all of you who made a visit during this season, without whom we would not
be able to continue, but do please visit next year as well.
We are also pleased to announce that at last the Museum has found an office, it is in a
room in the Centre and we move in as soon as we have furniture; any offers of filing
cabinets, desk, chair etc?

The Autumn term is well under way and our new
children have quickly become familiar with their new
environment and routine. French is now taking place
every Monday afternoon, with dance on Tuesday afternoons fortnightly and Saltbox
Music on Thursday mornings fortnightly. We have an ever-increasing After-School Club
this term; it is so nice to remain in contact with our pre-school leavers as they return for
after-school care.
We are holding an open forum style parents reception on 'Wednesday 21st October
mainly for our existing parents from 7.30pm. It is our intention to explain the nursery
record-keeping: how we plan, observe and assess the children. Prospective parents are
also very welcome to attend, do come and look around the nursery and meet members of
We have a photographer visiting nursery during the mornings of Thursday 22"d October
and Friday 23rd ( )ember. lan Taylor has been photographing pre-school and nursery
school children since 1997 and has considerable experience in getting good photographs
of 0-5 year olds. With no change to the normal nursery routine he photographs the
children while they are playing, working and interacting. These black & white, relaxed,
candid photographs of the children in the safe school environment can then be viewed as
contact prints and orders placed accordingly. We look forward to seeing these more
informal photographs.
We continue to promote the professional development of our staff. This month we are
travelling all over the county to update our knowledge in First Aid, Safeguarding
Children, Equality and Diversity, Speech and language Development, English as an
Additional Language, to name but a few of the October courses.
October half-term begins on Monday 26th October 2009 when Holiday Club will be open
between 8.00am and 6.00pm Monday to Friday, Do ring well in advance to book a place
or to enquire as to the holiday activities.
Louise Jenkins

Opening hoursTelephone: 01367 860620

Day           Morning       Afternoon
Monday        9.00am to 12.30pm 1.00pm to 5.00pm
Tuesday       8.30am to 12.30pm Closed
Wednesday     Closed              Closed
Thursday      9.00am tea 12.30pm Closed
Friday        Closed              1.30pm to 4.30pm

SURGERIES Covering.Filkins, Broughton Poggs,
Kencot, Brocadwell, Langford and L Faringdon

   Tuesdays                           Thursdays
   All coder 01.367                   1st Oct  Mrs M Cover 860302
   6th' Oct. Mrs) Higham     860197            'Mrs B Bristow 860195
                                      8th}, Oct:
   13° Oct Mrs j Geake       860534   15th Oct Mrs V Godfrey 860498
   20th Oct Mr j Moir        860031   22"d Oct Miss H Squire 860337
   27th, Oct Mr A            860319   29,h Oct Mr A           860319
              Woodford                         Woodford
   3rd Nov Mrs j Geake       860534 5th Nov    Mrs M Cover 860302
   10th, Nov Mr A            860319 12th}' Nov Mrs V          860498
              Woodford                         Godfrey.
   17th Nov Miss H Squire    860337 19th Nov Mrs B Bristow 860195
   )4th No     Mr A            860319 26th Nov Lady Allison 860787
Copies of the 6 month roster are posted in the bus shelters at Fikins and Langford.
Charges: Surgery Runs: Carterton, Lechlade and Burford - L2.00; Fairford and Witney
L5.00. Hospital Runs: Cirencester and Swindon - £8.00, Cheltenham and Oxford £10.0O
(plus parking charge if applicable)
Patients should notify the nominated driver at least 24 hours in advance of their
appointment. The Surgery Service only covers appointments up to 4.00pm on Tuesdays
and Thursdays. All users of the service must be able to make their way to and from the car
unaided. For hospital runs contact me on 01367 860319.
Tony Woodford

We are very pleased to report that Oliver Ashforth-Smith has been accepted to attend the
Summer Course at the National Youth Theatre in August 2009.
Competition for these courses is very tough and this year the NYT had the highest number
of applications on record.
Oliver was a member of Filkins junior 'Theatre for many gears and is now taking on adult
roles with great confidence and enthusiasm.
Filkins Theatre is keen to encourage young talent. We are delighted to be able to offer
Oliver a Bursary to help with the fees for this course, and would be happy to consider
future applications for other young actors.
Barbara Bristow

Telephone number: 07796 064197 Out of opening hours: 01367 860999
DAY              AM                PM
Monday           Closed            3-5pm
Tuesday          10-12pm           3-7pm
Wednesday        Closed            3-5pm
Thursday         9-12pm            2-7pm
Friday           Closed            2-5pm
Saturday         9-1pm             3-5pm
Sunday           Closed            3-5pm

A Special Plea
From mar editor
What with the Village Shop having been revamped and being open longer hours, Hilary
could rather do with a few more volunteers. It doesn't have to be for very long, or very
frequently, but it would be much appreciated if you could help support the shop. It would
mean a lot to Hilary, which in turn would mean a lot to my-cousin-Jan, who has her hair
clone by I lilary, and is one of my very favourite people in the world.
If you do have a few hours, please call Hilary on either 07796 064197 or 07887584367.
Do please remember that minutes and notices of meetings are displayed on the notice
boards in the bus shelter, in Broughton Poggs in the Village Shop, and in the Post Office.
There is a more comprehensive file of Parish Council bumph in the Cotswold Woollen
Weavers Coffee Shop.
Chris Hoad

St Mary's
n the first weekend in September village friends and neighbours of Peta
and Michael Sayers gathered on the green whilst Michael planted a tree
in Peta's memory. Although they spent their working lives in London, for over thirty five
years they and their family were here for weekends and holidays and they early became an
integral part of the village. We miss their presence but have the handsome young
hornbeam as a reminder, both of a special person and of the family's friendships and
support for the community
Corinna Rock ,

St George's

October        Liz Nelson

We are pleased to welcome back Oxfordshire Touring Theatre Company to the Morris
Memorial Hall on Saturday, 19th'' December 2009 with their production of Peach Boy.
This is a family show suitable for all ages over 6, so please make a note in your diary and
further details will appear in the next Parish Pump.

Kelmscott Manor and Kelmscott Craft Fair are to combine for a one off Christmas
shopping extravaganza in the Morris Memorial Hall, Kelmscott on Saturday, 28thth'
November from 11.00am to 5.00pm. This is your chance to avoid the crowds and the pre
Christmas rush and get all your Christmas shopping from a wide range of individual crafts
and William Morris products. As well as locally handcrafted goods including textiles,
wood turned items, cards, jewellery, stained glass, soap, knitted clothing and artwork,
Kelmscott Manor shop will be selling a wide range of William Morris designs: textiles,
stationery, ceramics and much much morel Homemade light refreshments will be
available and admission is free. (Please note that the Manor is not open and that you will
need cash or cheques, since credit card facilities may not be available.) For further details,
please contact 01367 253103.
Laura Roberts
St George's

4th October                      Helen Squire
10,h & EN, October               Rachel Leveson-Gower
24th' October                    Wedding
31st October & 7,h November      Lesley. .Metcalfe

RAt Brize Norton warn that a VC10 will be involved in Night Visual Circuit Training on
2rd and/or 3rd` November. Job/ Barstow

Haynes, Hanson and Clark, Wine Merchants in Stow-on—the-Wold and Chelsea most
generously provided all the wines, including champagne, for the wine-tasting, which was
held on the evening of Sunday 30th August, at no cost. Charlie Stanley-.Evans, a partner
in the firm, who lives in Kencot and is a member of the Kencot Playground team,
presented a most entertaining wine quiz. Many thanks to Freddy Wordie, Sam Metcalfe,
Dan d'Ambrosia, Ben Fowles and Emma :'Molyneaux who manned the tables. The wine-
tasting raised nearly £400.00
The following afternoon, Monday August, a Fun-Day was held at the Kencot
Playground. Special thanks to all those who turned up to support us, Charlie Stanley-
Evans for arranging Keith Jones' Falconry Display (Keith gave the raffle a 025.00 voucher
for an owl and bat evening;), Vikki Taylor for planning and organisation, Dee Rhoden and
Emily Corbett for face-painting, Michael and Vivien Godfrey for the Treasure Hunt, Tina
Partlett and Marion Radband for the Tombola, Stanley Radband for the Naming of the
Shark and Guessing the Bear's Birthday, Rachel Stanley-Evans and Rachel Allen for the
Cake Stall, Lesley Metcalfe and June Goodenough for Brie-a-Brae, Will Stanley-Evans
for Pimm's, Chris and Kate Greenslade for Burgers, Caroline Norton and Annabel
Molyneaux for Pony Rides, Linda Walker for the Polo Pony, Charlie Allen for Wellie
Wanging and to
Simon White for so
many contributions
including roadside
signs, bunting and
the lawnmower. The
Fun-Day took
Raffle: Paddy
Madden, Mark Brown, Marion Radband.
Treasure Hunt: Stella Chapman.
Shark-Naming: Neil Kirk.
Guess the Bear's Birthday: Pauline Cox.
Guess the Weight of the Cake (31b 4oz): Jane Fyson.
Wellie Wanging: Junior, Alex Wybrants 74' 2"; Intermediate, Ben Shanklin 751";

Many have asked what we are going to do with the proceeds, which after expenses were
£926.50. The running costs of the playground including insurance, annual ROSPA
inspection, mowing and maintenance are £500.00 However, we already have some capital
and plan to approach WODC for their support for installing a new piece of equipment.
Users' views will be sought
Paul Molyneaux. The Porter trust

St Matthew's

October 4th & 1d,     Mrs. C.Tinson October 18th & 25th Mrs. D. Lowden

'There will be a concert in the church on Saturday 31'' October at 7.00pm. Members of the
English Sinfonia performing: Vivaldi, Telemann, Kriesler and
Jerome Kern, to celebrate the completion of the roof repairs to St. Matthew's Church.
Tickets cost £15.00 to include wine or a soft drink. Call me on 07966 280 117 or email
me on jim.johnston2(@dsl.pipex_com. (see poster in the back)
Jim Johnston

A jumble sale is to be held in Langford Village Hall on Saturday 17th October at 2.00pm.
Entry will be Free. Good quality Jumble, books, bric-a-brac, Raffle, Cake Stall etc. The
hall will be open on Friday 16t September from 6.00pm to 7.00pm to accept goods.
Enquiries to Cherry 01367 860304 or Doreen 01367 860060. Profits in aid of Langford
Village Hall and St.:Matthew's Church.

We meet every Thursday of the month; our next meeting is on Thursday 8t October,
7.30pm at Langford Village Hall, where we welcome back Doreen Lowden. who will be
giving a hands-on demonstration of floral display.
We would like to see some new faces to support our group, you can join anytime during
the year. Guests welcome - £1.50. If anyone has a hobby or subject they would love to
share with us please contact me, as I am now thinking of our schedule for the coming
year. If you would like more details please contact me on 01367 860514
Christine Tinson WHIST
Join us for an evening of whist at Langford Village Hall on Tuesday 6th October. We start
at 7.30pm however if you would like some tuition please arrive a little earlier than this.
The entrance fee of L1.00 includes tea and biscuits at half time with all the profits going
to Langford Village Hall We play for the enjoyment of the game and the company with
small prizes. Everyone is welcome, you do not need to be an expert card player to come,
if you would like to know more or even organise a lift please call me on 01993 852378.
Jo Hutchings.

Welcome to Chloe Grace Webber, born 7th September 2009.. A. sister for Lucy .
Lucille Jones

The Autumn terms have started well at St
Christopher's with the usual beginning of term hustle and bustle; new children and adults
quickly getting to know each other and finding their way around the school and grounds.
All our children have settled down well, to work. and play and have quickly got used to
their new teachers. Mrs Jones, our new secretary has also got off to a flying start and has
really got into the role, even producing a newsletter on her first week!
Sadly Mrs Clements broke her arm during the summer holidays and has not been
able to join us for the beginning of term. We have been really lucky as Clare Blackett has
been employed to cover for Mrs Clements. Miss Blacken was with St Christopher's for
her work experience before embarking on teacher training and also attended as a child so
it has been a pleasure to welcome her back as a teacher. She has taken on the role of
temporary Foundation teacher with skill and enthusiasm and we would all like to thank
her for helping us out at such short notice.
All the children are looking at Langford and the surrounding area this term. They will be
investigating the geography and history of our surroundings as well as contrasting them
with a completely different environment. Alongside this they will be looking at people
around us, their homes and also going into the lovely countryside to find out about our
neighbouring animals.
Our extracurricular programme is well underway with a great range of clubs for adults
and children alike.This year we have several new clubs starting; orienteering for adults
and children led by Mr Cornish, craft club led by Mrs Woolaston and photography with
Mrs Watt. Our long standing clubs are also continuing; football led by Oxford United,
Tennis at Colston tennis club and a variety of other Sports and Music clubs throughout the
Autumn terms.
We are also catering for adults with two fantastic opportunities through `Go Active'. On
Thursdays from 17"h September there will be another chance to join our extremely
popular. Beginners Circuits. This is a really fun packed exercise session at only £18.00 for
a 6 week course. This will be in the school hall from 7.00pm until 8.00pm. Also this term
we have `Salsa Mix' which I'm sure wiill be very popular after the fantastic taster session
during our Healthy Living Week last term. This will be on Mondays from 5th October
from 7.00 to 7.45pm, again in the school hall. As this is part of a country wide dance
project the course will be offered at an introductory rate of L2.00 per session.
The SCPA have also been busy during the summer break planning their next ventures to
support our school. First is the Family Quiz night and BBQ - always a great event. There
are several others planned for this term culminating in the Christmas Craft Fair on 28th
November, more details soon...
Our annual Open Day this year will be on Tuesday October 6th from 9.30am to 2.30pm.
Please do come along and see what the children are learning, see the wonderful displays
and meet the staff. For further details please contact the school or visit our website at
After half term our topic is World War 2 and we would love the children to meet those
who were involved in anyway, perhaps as an evacuee or as part of a host family?
Listening to real stories told by war veterans always brings this topic alive and sparks the
children's imagination, Please do contact us if you feel you can offer anything to support
this topic.
Sarah Nisbett

St .Margarets

October      Barbara Browne
Could everyone please help with the Harvest Festival on 11th October

Our village Harvest Festival service will take place at 11.00am on Sunday 11th, October
at St Margaret's Church. Everyone is invited to help decorate the church by bringing
contributions of harvest produce and. flowers (ideally by Saturday=, but shortly before the
service would be fine as weli). The donated items will be available for purchase after the
service. All proceeds will benefit the church.

The annual Bonfire and Fireworks Party is set for Friday &h November in the paddock
opposite the church. This spectacular event is always a highlight of the village calendar
and attracts visitors from far and wide. Fliers will be distributed soon with times and more
details of the festivities, including fabulous food and drinks, plus impressive fireworks.

This year, the village Carol Service will be held by candlelight on the evening of Sunday
20th December at St Margaret's Church. We would love to fill the church with singers,
musicians and readers (of any age!), so please ring me on 01367 252772 if you would like
to participate.


11th October Harvest Festival Service in Little Faringdon
6th November 1ittle Faringdon Bonfire and Fireworks Party
8t1 November Broadshire Remembrance Service at Langford
20th December Carol. Service at St Margaret's Church (evening.;)

Holy Rood
With the last of the major events of the year out of the way back in July, Shiltonians are
starting to wind down and enjoy a rest after the hectic round of socializing. However,
there are still the following to look forward to before the end of the year, details of which
will appear in the village newsletter:
4th, October       Harvest Festival Church Service followed by Supper
17th October Concert and party
31st October Film Night at Johnsons Farm
7th November Coffee Morning & Bring & Buy at Little Viners in the
and Bonfire night at the Rose & Crown in the evening
13th December Baptist Church Carol Service
20th December Parish Church Carol Service
23rd December Carols by the pond
For more information, call me on 01993 842404

Our Harvest Festival Service is on Sunday 4th October at 6.00pm and any gifts of fruit
and vegetables would be very much appreciated for decorating the church. If you do have
any produce please either leave it in the church porch on Friday 2" October or give me a
ring on 01993 841194 as I would be happy to collect.
Following the Service we are having a Supper in the Old School and by the time you read
this you will have received a village newsletter and hopefully completed the application
form because space is limited and sadly in previous years we have had to disappoint
people. Please do try and come to both, if you are not able to do that you are very
welcome to come along for the service or the supper.
jean Roberts

Our annual Chapel/Church coffee morning this year will be held at Little Viners in
Church Lane on Saturday 7th November. This is always a good chance to start your
Christmas shopping, enjoy coffee and biscuits and chat to friends.
Any offers of homemade cakes, jams and bring and buy items would be greatly
appreciated. We do hope you will be able to support this event so please make a note in
your diary: Saturday 7th November, 10.00 am to 12 noon at Little Viners.
jean Roberts
At our meeting on Friday 9t1 October (7.30pm in the Old School) our old friend Bill
King, always an interesting speaker, will talk about 'The Air Transport Auxiliary - unsung
heroes of WW2' Fred Robertson

Shilton Parish Council meetings will be held on the following dates in the Old School. All
meetings start at 7.30 unless otherwise stated,
7d' October in Shilton 2nd December in Shilton
Call me on 01993 840825 for further information
Katherine Robertson

Keep-fit every Thursday in Shilton Old School, 7.00-8.00pm, £3.50 per session. Sandie
Hunter 01993 706265

The Coffee Shop is open on Fridays in term time from 10.30am-12.30pm in the Village
Hall selling hot and cold drinks and home-made cakes and savouries. This is a splendid
social focus for anyone with an hour or so to spare. For further details contact me on
01993 824801.
Sharon Pima'

The next meeting is on Tuesday 8t1 September from 10,00am until 2.30pm. Visitors are
most welcome, at £2.00 for the day. The halt annual subscription is L10.00. Please brig
along your latest project to work on. Drinks and biscuits are provided, but please bring a
packed lunch. Call me on 01993 824475.
Marion Ellis

There is keep-fit every Thursday in Shilton Old School, 7.00-8,OOpm, £3.50 per session.
Call me on 01993 706265
Sandie Hunter-

Established in 2002 the group has been running
successfully with a huge range of equipment
suitable for new horns through to pre schoolers.
We have many ride on cars/bikes and a slide
complete with floor mats. Weekly craft activity, songtime, playtime and refreshments
included in the £1.50 per family contribution. Come along to the village hall for a free
taster session, you and your children would be very
welcome. Mondays 9.30-11.30am. Any queries contact Angela on 01993 823623 or me
on 01993 837296
Miranda Mon bray

St Mary's
Harvest Festival is late this year, being on Sunday 18th October, do keep some garden
produce and flowers for this.
Chris Fox

Relative new-comer to our area, Lorenzo Soprani Volpini is somewhat of a genius in the
kitchen. (Although I''m not sure if we are allowed another culinary genius that isn't
Angela. _I might have to rip this page out of her copy. Ed)
After much persuasion he has finally relented and is now willing to share some of his
invaluable expertise and flair alongside running his successful 4 Star B.B.
From an early age he was immersed within the great Italian culinary tradition and this
passion grew, Having now lived for a number of years in the Cotswolds, Lorenzo has
created a selection of exceptional recipes which combine the virtues of our local produce
and the ethos of true Italian cuisine. Already in demand for private functions, Lorenzo
recently began hosting cooking classes.
The classes are held in Lorenzo's large open-plan kitchen which over-looks his fields and
animal including Bertie and Florence the Kune Kune pigs. The aim is to cater for both
complete novices and the `old dab hands'. Numbers are kept to a maximum of five to
encourage a relaxed atmosphere and to enable all to benefit from individual attention.
Typical. examples of recipes included are Tagliatelle, Mezze .lame, Ravioli, Lasagne,
Gnocchi and Risotto, however, individual requests will also be catered for.
For further information and availability please contact Lorenzo on: 07814 505 762 or visit
Bettina Sachsen Weimar

A look at events and news from a little further afield.

 take great pleasure in sharing this years examination results
with you. I am sure that you will be interested in the figures
and will want to join with me in congratulating the students upon their success and in
thanking the staff for their hard work and commitment.
Advanced A2 Level
83 students were entered for 243 examinations in 23 'A' level subjects
Overall pass rate (Grades A — E) 97%
25% of all marks were grade A, a big increase from 13% in 2008
73% of all marks were grades A - C
AS Levels
Most of our students took 4 AS Levels plus General Studies or Critical Thinking 106
students were entered for 506 examinations in 25 subjects
Overall pass rate (Grades A-E.) was 89%, up 4% from 2008
Year 12 Applied Business Studies (ABS) course
10 students followed the one year ABS course. All 10 students achieved
A* - C grade in GCSE Business and Communication Studies The following Distinctions
were achieved:
Initial Text Processing Course — 10 students passed with Distinction Text Production
Level I — 8 students passed with Distinction Word Processing — 6 students passed with
Distinction Text Production Level 2 — 4 students passed with Distinction 8 students
passed the new CIA IT course
We would like to congratulate all our students on these excellent results and to thank the
staff for their hard work and support.

Our GCSE results were excellent and the second best in the School's history!

Of the 179 students entered for GCSE in the summer examinations over 67% achieved 5
of more GCSE's at Grades A* - C (61% in 2008)
58% of the cohort achieved 5 A* - C grades including both English and Mathematics.
This is 10% above the national average
97% of students achieved 5 A* -
G grades
22 students achieved 8 or more
A*/ A grades, the highest in
West Oxfordshire with 12 A*/A.
Kathy Haig

On Wednesday October 14th
2009 at 7.30pm at Burford
School and Community College
the Arman Piano Trio play Trio
in E minor Hob XV.12 Haydn
Trio in D op.77 no.1 (The Ghost)
Beethoven Trio in G minor op. 3
Chausson The distinguished
international trio pay their first
visit to Burford. 'Richly persuasive and con. amore' American Record Guide. Tickets cost
£12.00 at the door or
1 10.00 in advance from The :Lenthall Concerts on 01993 822412, The Red Lion
Bookshop, 122 High Street, Burford 01993 822539, Music Stand, 62 High Street, Witney
01993 774890 (Student concessions) Full Season tickets for all 6 concerts and further
details from The Lenthall Concerts (01993 822412)

Booking for the Burford Singers' performance of Haydn's Creation on Sunday December
6th at 7.30pm Burford Parish Church opens as follows: Postal booking only, from
September 19th. General booking from October 3rd. Booking forms available from The
Red Lion Bookshop 122. High St., Burford OX l8 4QJ (01993 822539), via the Burford
Singers' website, or telephone 01993 822412.
Jan Cambeil
West Ox Arts Gallery is on the first floor of Hampton Town Hall. The Gallery opening
hours are: Tuesday - Saturday: 10.30am I2.30pm and 2.00pm
4.00pm & Sunday: 2.00pm – 4,00pm. Tel: 01993 850137 or email:

alks on the materials and techniques used in sculpture and also the changing attitudes in
society through the centuries to the human figure and its representation. Refreshments
provided. £6.00 each or £20 .00 for 4 talks. Members: L5.00 each or £16.00 for 4 talks, all
to be held in the gallery.
6th Oct Mastering Form & Materials: 15th & 16th centuries 7.30pm. 13th, Oct
Sensuousness and Prudery: 17th' to century. 7.30pm 27'h Oct Anything Goes: through
20th & 21'1 century. 7.30pm.

3rd to the 25th October 2009
Andrew Forkner is a professional animal artist who lives locally. He works in a variety of
media, from his more familiar graphite pencil drawings to his highly detailed paintings of
wild life, birds and dogs in acrylic or pastel.
Rosie Tomlinson

12.30-1.30 Wednesday October 21st and November will be held at the
Methodist Church, Witney, There is a coffee bar open. Admission free ANNABEL
,MOI.YNI AUX. and visiting musicians
October 21st Fountain and the Bird. Let the mighty organ and piano whisper the songs of
birds, with Peter Foggit (organ and bass-baritone), Peter Cowdrey (piano and composer)
Annabel Molyneaux(mezzo),
November 25th A Double Reed And The Song of the Whale: If music he the food of love,
then play it on the musical saw. With Austin Blackburn (oboe and saw).Annabel
Molyneaux (mezzo). Peter Cowdray (piano)
Come and say *(BONJOUR' to Burford's French Market!
On Sunday 11th October Burford is hosting its first traditional French market selling a
wide range of top quality products. It will consist of stallholders coming mostly from
different `departments' of Normandy and belonging to the Traders'
Association in Rouen. `France at Home' creates a typically French
atmosphere with attractive open air stalls selling a variety of goods
including regional cheeses, freshly baked bread, patisserie
products, olives, dried fruits,
pancakes, saucisson, pate, leather handbags, jewellery, Provencal
soaps, wooden toys, basketwork and confectionery from
The market will be in Priory Lane between 10.00am. and 4.00pm.
Do come and give our visitors a warm welcome and enjoy a
flavour of France close to home,
Jayne Lenin

As you may already know, I High Street Methodist Church in Witney has been actively
involved in the above Appeal for many years. The campaign is focussed on the filling of
shoeboxes with small toys and gifts, which are then
distributed to orphanages around Eastern Europe, where
regretfully the children receive very little support or
attention. Through the generosity of
very many people in and around the Witney-- area we have
been able to bring much needed happiness to countless
children. We will soon be collecting for the Shoe Box
Appeal. Any gift, whether it's a tube of toothpaste, a knitted
hat, a small toy or a full shoe box will help to bring the joy of
Christmas to a child, a family, and a community. Please take your donations to I High
Street Methodist Church, Witney, Oxon Tel: 01993 709874 (a box will be provided in the
coffee shop area)
Marie Cotton

e We are extraordinarily lucky to live in a
corner of Britain which overflows
with our national and local history. Each one of our churches is a history lesson in itself;
but so is each of our roads with their twists and turns, each crossroads, each bridge across
a stream, each manor house, each old cottage, and each estate built as council houses. Ron
Lloyd, when he was our Rector, used sometimes to preach that we all love in a world of
four dimensions; the three physical dimensions of length, breadth and height and the
fourth dimension of history.
All of us probably realize this in our own way. We may not want to
know more of the history of our own village. We may not know of an
immense and unique programme designed to bring this detailed
knowledge within reach of us all. As its name implies the project was
devised to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of
Queen Victoria in 1897. Ever since then teams have been at work
across England piecing together county by county the exact
information needed to put together a complete county history. y
Because this effort is organized on a county basis the pace has varied
greatly across England. Some counties finished a long time ago; the
Oxfordshire Victoria County History Trust hopes that our effort will
have reached the three quarters mark by 2011. Some readers will have
seen the magnificent volumes bound in red covering Witney or
Bampton, or the more recent paperback on Burford. Some of our
parishes are already covered in published volumes. Alvescot, Black
Bourton and Kencot appeared in 2006 in volume 15, which is already
available from libraries and should be online in the next year or two.
Broughton Poggs and the ancient parishes of Broadwell and .Langford,
which between them included Filkins, Grafton, Holwell, Kelmscott,
Little Faringdon and Radcot are earmarked for volume 17 which is
clue for completion in 2011 and should appear the following year. Draft histories of most
of these places are already available on the VCH Oxfordshire website
(, with. Radcot and Broughton Poggs to
follow over the next year or so. This leaves two parishes, Shilton and Westwell which will
have to be tackled after 2011.
So Oxfordshire has proceeded with the thoroughness of a tortoise rather than
the speed of a hare. There is a good side to this slow pace. The techniques and information
available now as a result of modern historical and archaeological research are much fuller
than anything which was possible say before the Second World War. Berkshire for
example finished a long time ago and their county history of course includes those towns
and villages south of the Thames such as Wantage and Farindon which belonged to
Berkshire before 1974 and are now part of our own county. The coverage of our own
parishes will be much more detailed and thorough if and when they are completed under
the timetable just mentioned.
'there is indeed an `if as well as a `when'. The Victoria County History project costs
money which comes from four main sources. The University of London oversees the
whole national project and provides support which includes editorial guidance and work
on book production and website development. Oxford U University provides rent free
accommodation and service network support. The Oxfordshire County Council has
contributed a crucially important grant of £110,000 a year. The balance of expenditure is
net by 'a voluntary fund raising body, namely the Oxfordshire VCH I Trust which raises
about L50 000 a year. Contributions from all sources have been crucial in keeping the
project going. Unfortunately, for reasons which we can all understand, the County
Council made it clear that they could no longer afford to fund the Oxfordshire- VCH at
existing levels. Negotiations are now underway between all those concerned to try and
find a new balance of funding which would enable the project to be continued and
It seems to me that it would be a tragedy if this project faltered or failed when so much
work has already been done. This will not be a continuous burden but it requires a
substantial effort over the next few years to achieve completion. As I understand it there
are three ways in which individuals can help.
Firstly, the Oxfordshire Victoria County History Trust needs to increase its fundraising if
the discussions H have just mentioned are to succeed. Contributions can be sent direct to
the Hon. Treasurer, VCH Trust, East House, Rokemarsh, Wallingford, OX 10 6JB.
Secondly, it is also possible to contribute `in kind'. Much valuable local research is done
by volunteers. Anyone particularly interested in the history of their own village could
volunteer to take part.
And finally we can point out courteously to our local representatives on the County
Council how important it is that the project should be sustained and completed.
We all know the difficulties with which they are wrestling in the present economic
climate but knowledge of local history is a valuable part of our education and culture in
Oxfordshire which must be worth sustaining.
Douglas Hurd

After a couple of quiet months robins are starting to
sing again and can be heard throughout the day.
Sexes are identical and only the juveniles have
speckled brown upper parts and buff underparts, no
red feathers so that adult birds do not attack them in
territorial disputes, The speckled feathers are lost in
partial moult when the birds are two to three months
Both male and female robins after the July-/August
moult, when they tend to
hide in bushes and undergrowth, are singing. They
are now singing for feeding territories and will
defend their territories to the death if necessary.
They will sing through the night, particularly where there are street lights and this has led
them to be confused with and incorrectly identified as a nightingale, which is particularly
rare with us now.
By around Christmas many have paired up, Initially they do not spend much time together
but will remain a pair until the following end of summer moult. During the winter the
resident population is swollen by immigrants from Scandinavia and continental Europe.
They are paler than our own robins and have a duller red breast and are not so tame but
usually remain in woodlands. A few of ours migrate to Spain and Portugal for the winter.
Over the summer I have been coming across quite a number of frogs in my garden of
varying sizes, from tiny ones to fully grown ones and they can startle you by making a
sudden hop when disturbed. Today when cleaning out some dead leaves around the back
of some rain water tanks I disturbed a toad which is a lot slower and usually has a
lumbering walk. It is a uniform brown in colour and its skin is covered in numerous warts.
They will hibernate under logs, rocks, tree roots or leaf mould. I left him a pile of leaves
to hide under.
Over recent weeks I have been receiving daily visits from a colony of a couple of dozen
house sparrows which seem to have taken a liking to some general mixed bird seed I have
been putting out. If disturbed they fly for cover en mass with a rush of wings and a noisy
chatter and hide in a rather thick elaeagnus bush until the coast is clear. They have come
up from the bottom part of the village. I don't usually get many house sparrows but in the
hope of encouraging them I must put a nest box up on my garage wall. They like to nest in
colonies anda sparrow nest box has three chambers.
David Roberts

This month the with the pastry booki is bit Cake
This is a bit of fun really. It is basically a plain fruit cake,
like any number you may find in old fashioned recipe
books. The interesting part is looking up the
ingredients in the Bible, which H thought rather appropriate
for a Parish Magazine. )Once you have found them you
make the cake in the usual way. I do not know the origin of
this little curio; I found it in my old school Centenary Cook
Book of 1976 (which I keep, dog-eared though it is, for a
couple of unusual recipes supplied by
members of staff. H may well feature some of these in
future Pumps — who remembers the All Bran fruit loaf that
contains no butter or eggs, lots of All Bran and is surprisingly delicious?). Anyway, have
fun finding the ingredients. Two hints: Jeremiah refers to partridges and eggs, the former
obviously don't really work in a fruit cake; and in Amos you are looking for `leaven' for
which read baking powder.
1.                8 oz judges 5 v. 25 (last clause)
2. 8 oz Jeremiah 6 v. 20
3.                1 tbsp 1 Samuel 14 v. 25
4.                3 Jeremiah 17 v. 11
5. 8 oz 1 Samuel 30 v. 12 (omit first
6. 8 oz Nahum 3 v. 12 (chopped)
7. 2 oz Numbers 17 v. 8 (blanched &
8.                1 lb 1 Kings 4 v. 22
9.                1 tsps 2 Chronicles 9 v. 9
10. pinch Leviticus 2 v. 13
11. 1 tsps Amos 4 v.5
12. 3 tbsp Judges 4 v. 19
Pre-heat oven to 325°F (160°C, gas mark 3) and line an 8" cake tin. Cream together 1, 2
and 3. Add 4 (one at a time) beating well.
Add 5, 6 and 7 and beat again. Sift together 8, 9, 10 and 11 then fold into the mixture.
Add 12 to make a soft, dropping consistency.
Bake in a slow oven for 1½ hours or until a skewer inserted into the cake comes out clean.
Angela Galione

Send your event details to :Lin Edgar (contact details inside_ front cover) by 10" of each
month for events taking place during the following month

3''  Quiz Night in Village Hall Alvescot 01993 842135 for details
4th  Harvest Festival Service 6.00 pm with Supper following at 7.00
7th  Parish Council Meeting in Shilton Old School at 7.30pm
8th  Open Evening at Burford School 4.30Pm to 7.30 p.m.
11th Filkins and Broughton Poggs Gardening Club and WI Autumn
             Fayre –
     Hilary Ward on 01367 86043(.)
11th Harvest Festival Service in Little Faringdon
11th Harvest Festival Service (morning) Broughton Poggs
17th Concert in Shilton Church -
17th Bridge House Black Bourton. Garden clearout. Liz Welch 01993
17th jumble Sale in Langford Village Hall.
21st A..FOUNTAH.N AND THE BIRDS - Lunchtime Recital at High
     Methodist Church, Witney 12.30 – 1.30
22rd Information Evening for See Saw (Grief support for the young in
     Oxfordshire). jenny Hyson 01865 744768 for information.
31st Car Boot Sale to be held at the Old Market site, Black Bourton
     Carterton (Carterron Lions Club)       8 – 12.30 Stalls L6.00 Trade

MONTH) Hourly rate tbc dependent on experience
We are looking for an experienced team administrator to support our clergy- team, who
cover eleven parishes in the fifteen villages within the Benefice. The role is
predominantly to manage all of the administrative tasks, to liaise between the
churchwardens and the clergy team and to be the point of contact for all baptisms,
funerals and marriages.
• Be available online and on the phone to deal with Benefice admin enquiries
•       Manage the church diary and record annual events
•       Type up and agree the final version of the regular weekly services with the clergy
team and the local churchwardens
•       Ensure accurate information is sent to the Parish Pump
•       Manage the process for baptisms
•       Manage the process for weddings
•       Manage the process for funerals
•       Run the Fees Bank Account
•       Production of ad hoc resources such as special service sheets and the annual
•       Completion of quarterly Benefice and Registrar paperwork
•       Liaise with all key stakeholders within the clergy team and the churchwardens to
ensure the smooth running of the administrative processes
•       I experience of working in a team administration role
•       Good PC skills including Word and Excel
•       Ability to be proactive and forward plan on behalf of others
•       l Highly organised and with a methodical approach to work
•       Customer focused and people friendly
•       Caring and sensitive to pastoral situations
•       Respectful of the confidential nature of the role
•       Encouraging and problem solving
•       Flexible and willing to work as a team
•       Positive supporter of the values of the Church
•       Work from home with own computer, telephone and email
•       Regular meeting with clergy team to discuss events and actions
•       Attend clergy staff meeting once a month
•       Travel expenses, postage and stationery expenses paid
More information from: Sally Peach, sally, 01367 860998
Please send a covering letter indicating your previous experience and suitability for the
role to Sally Peach, Burrows Cottage, Filkins, GL7 3JG or sally.peach@,

(not trade)
Free,Wcll rotted horse manure available for own collection. Black Bourton Tel: 01993
Miele dishwasher deluxe G540 in good condition.Tel: 01367 860205 PA/House
Management available
Swedish/Irish unusual couple seek interesting position with self contained accomodation.
We are experienced, trustworthy, versatile, well travelled, outgoing and discreet.
Excellent references and pies of ourselves on request. Tel (01993) 843062 Email:
Wanted: Rural cottage to rent/caretake
Mature Swedish/Irish couple seek rural cottage. Willing to undertake repairs or work in
some other capacity, in exchange for rent; Tel: (01993)843062 email: julian67@'

It is over 65 years since I found myself clinging desperately to a little rubber dinghy a
hundred miles out in the Mediterranean, watching my burning aircraft slide smoothly
down below the surface of a calm, silent and indifferent sea.
And I prayed. Oh, how I prayed!
And, miraculously, after about 21 hours, a solitary aircraft appeared on the horizon and it
found me and I was saved.
In 17 years as Kencot organist, it was no secret that I did not share the faith of those who
sang to my music. Perhaps now, in my hour of need, it is time to pray once more.
Freddie Cooper

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