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					                                                                                               Please let me know if any of you are aware of the sale of a
                                                                                               dependable used car; a young parishioner is in need of a
                 SAINT MARY, MOTHER OF GOD                                                     vehicle and would like something affordable. Thanks!
                           ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH                                                                                          Fr. Ray Williams.
                22 Bartlett Street, Sylva, NC 28779 (828) 586-9496
                                                                  ATTENTION COLLEGE STUDENTS: "Give Your Heart Away" is a faith,
                        Reverend SK W. R. Williams, Pastor                                     justice and service weekend sponsored by the Diocese of Charlotte
                                                                                               on Feb. 12-14 at the Catholic Conference Center in Hickory, NC.
                      SECOND SUNDAY OF THE YEAR                                                Join with other Catholic students from around the diocese for a
                            JANUARY 17, 2010                                                   weekend of prayer, ministry in the local community, theological
                                                                                               reflection on service, good food and good fun. Registration is
                                                                                               $35 which is due by the end of the month. For more information,
                              “THE BULLETIN BOARD”                                             or registration information, contact WCU Catholic Campus
                                                                                               Minister, Matthew Newsome at 508-0789 or, or
            SECOND COLLECTION TODAY - AID TO HAITI                                             get more information on line at
The Diocese of Charlotte is responding to the recent 7.0 magnitude earthquake in Haiti         DONATION LEDGERS for 2009 are being mailed to those who requested ledgers in previous
by collecting funds on behalf of Catholic Relief Services (CRS) to be used for short-term      years. To save on postage, those who serve will find their ledgers in the new Server Schedules
and long-term recovery efforts. This disaster has created a situation of human suffering       available today. You may also request your record by calling the office at 586-9496.
that the victims cannot alleviate without assistance. Initial reports state that the capital
city of Port-au-Prince is devastated. Parishioners in the diocese of Charlotte can respond                                         FAITH FORMATION
to parish initiatives by remitting a contribution directly to their parish.                    Spaghetti Dinner and Auction (Fundraiser for Confirmation Retreat to EWTN) We have
                                                                                               changed the date because more time is needed to collect gifts for the Auction. A box labeled
After today’s special collection, donations may still be made to St. Mary, as long as they     “Silent Auction Donations” is placed in the first classroom on the right. New items or those in
are marked clearly for the Haiti disaster relief. Donations to assist CRS in short-term and    good condition would be most appreciated. We would also like to have items for children. If you
long-term relief and recovery efforts can also be made payable to the Diocese of               are creative, you may like to donate a food basket with a particular theme; for example, Italian or
Charlotte - Haiti Disaster Relief, and mailed to: Haiti Disaster Relief Catholic Diocese of    barbecue items. Anything that you are able to donate for our Candidates will be greatly
Charlotte 1123 South Church Street Charlotte, NC 28203-4003.                                   appreciated.

CRS was founded in 1943 by the bishops of the United States to provide humanitarian            Prayer Service for the Unborn
aid to people in need all over the world. Currently it provides assistance to more than 80     In conjunction with the March for Life, we will be having a Prayer Service at St. Mary’s on
                                                                                               Friday, January 22, 2010 from noon to 1:00 p.m. Please come and join us.
million people in 100 countries and territories. Catholic Relief Services has been named a
top-rated charity by the American Institute of Philanthropy and given the rating of “A” by
AIP for efficiently using the majority of its funds toward programming versus                                                             Pro-Life
                                                                                                 The fierce love that God has for human life cannot be overstated or exaggerated. That’s
To learn more about CRS visit the website                                           why its sanctity, and the absolute obligation to defend that sanctity, likewise cannot be
                                                                                                 overstated or exaggerated. To trample human life is to trample upon God’s bride.
                                                                                                 On January 21-23 there will be 7 of us from St. Mary’s making the trip to Washington DC to
The Diocese of Charlotte serves the spiritual needs of 400,000 Roman Catholics in the 46
                                                                                                 participate in the annual March for Life. Please pray with us on January 22 at 2-3pm for an
counties of Western North Carolina. The diocesan website is
                                                                                                 end to abortion so that someday this march will no longer be necessary.

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                      PLEASE KEEP IN YOUR PRAYERS                                         From the Pastor’s Desk

Charlotte Alexander, Dawn Alexander, Vicki Barehmi, Cameron Barkley, Donna Betty,         Where are the fathers?
Ray Bewley, William Brown, Regina Bryson, Father James Cahill, Whan and Moon                      In a back issue of the Catholic News & Herald, our diocesan newspaper, there
Chung, Ernie Collins, Betty Costello, Will Crain, Ruth Day, Lynn Dennison, Cynthia        was a brief but important article you may have missed, so I thought I would address it
Ann Deptola, Georg Feick, Annie Ferrara, Tony Frede, Virginia Frizzell, Charles Gatlin,   again, because it is so important. It is from the Vatican and is entitled, Vatican official:
Julie Gibson, Cecilia Gomez, Agnes Govekar, Gary and Debbie Greene, Sean Hackett,         Fathers should look to Jesus’ relationship with God.
Bobbie Jean Heller, Patricia Husainy, Becky Jacobs, Barbara Jakiela, Jake and Maloa                       MANILA, Philippines (CNS) – The president of the Pontifical Council Cor
Johnson, Callen Karcher, Carol Karcher Kerns, Karen Keith, Martha Kelly, Bill and Kay             Unum expressed concern that weakened masculinity around the world is
Kennedy, Jack Kennedy, Sarah Kibel, Timothy Kibel, Kappy King, Jeannine Klempner,                 preventing people from grasping Jesus’ teaching about his Father.
Glenn Lacey, Kraig Lackey, Rita LaManna, Ellen Lane, Michelle Leveille, Michael                           ‘Today, the self-understanding of manhood and especially fatherhood is in crisis,
Mailman, Kathy Michos, Ethel Minor, Jean Morgan, Eleanor Murphy, William Newsom                  said Cardinal Paul Cordes during a Jan. 23 presentation at the Pontifical University of
Jr, William Newsom Sr, Johnny Nielson, Terry Omillian, Mike Pendergast, Veronica                 Santo Tomás in Manila.
Perkins, Donna Reed, Cherri Sanford, Jan Scharf, Marjorie Schoen, Joseph Sciacca,                         The cardinal, who heads the council responsible for coordinating charitable
Kelly Shaulis, Jeffrey Shipp, June Simpson, Jennifer Sims, Gene Slayton, Mafalda Smith,          efforts, cited reports and surveys documenting ‘weakened male identity.’
                                                                                                          One of the reports said that 24 million children in the United States live in a
Charles Surber, Nancy Thomason, Claude Thurston, Gary Thurston, Hayes Watson,
                                                                                                 home without a father. Cardinal Cordes said that figure was 10 million in the 1960s.
Father Ray Williams. David and Donna Wilson, Erma Yurkovich, David Zullo.                        The report found that, compared to boys who live with their fathers, boys from fatherless
                     Those in Nursing Homes and the Homebound                                    homes are twice as likely to end up in prison, more likely to drop out or be expelled from
Josephine Camerote, Katherine Dichiara, Connie Discenza, Madeleine Dromm, Dorothy                school, and account for 63 percent of youth suicides and 90 percent of youths who run
Ensley, Bobby Hewel, Bernie Quernheim, Judy Ross, Tony Zullo.                                    away from home.
                       Family and Friends Called to Active Duty                                           In Europe, the cardinal said, recent trends also ‘work to diminish masculinity.”
Patricia Jaeckel, Matthew Martin, Christopher Snipes, Jermie Stroud, Cory Vickery, and           Cardinal Cordes offered Jesus Christ’s relationship with God the Father as a model for
Nick Woodard.                                                                                    father-son relationships. Jesus spoke with God as a child, in a simple way, intimate and
                  Family and Friends in Religious Life and Seminary                              familiar, he said.
Sr. Catherine OCD. (Please pray for vocations!)                                                           ‘Abba,’ which the cardinal translated as ‘papa’ or ‘daddy’ in today’s
                                                                                                 understanding of language, reveals the most affectionate center of Jesus’ relationship
                                                                                                 with God. However, he also noted the role of the father as the person who orients and
                                                                                                 directs the child and contributes to the child’s growth in goodness even when it causes
                                                                                                 the child unpleasantness. Men who are not necessarily biological fathers perform that
                                                                                                 spiritual fathering role in developing children in ethics and values, he said.

       WNC INTERNAL MEDICINE                                                                      I am so glad that someone “high up” in the Church is finally addressing this issue
       OFELIA C. BALTA, M.D.
       THOMAS J. WOLF, M.D.
                                                                                          of the lack of real masculinity being exampled and taught to boys. I am aware that the
       SILVIU PASNICIUC, M.D.                                                             new “paradigm” of the modern male is almost void of the masculine: the man is to be,
                                                                                          rather, sensitive and always ready to share his feelings. He is to think of himself as not
                                                                                          really significantly different from a woman; in fact, the feminine has become the
                                                                                          standard. I see this often as boys are taught and expected to behave like girls.
                                                                                                  But nature abhors a vacuum. If boys do not grow up to be genuinely masculine,
                                                                                          then they will be either effeminate or macho. If they are not trained in the ways of true

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manliness, which involves the father or a father figure and healthy male camaraderie,
then they tend to become sad, or even dangerous, loners or members of gangs. They turn                                             SPIRITUAL LIFE
out to be, as one very insightful article on this subject – Wimps and Barbarians – put it,
maladjusted weaklings or bullies.                                                                Proper (YEAR C-2) Mass Readings                                          Common Psalms
         As anthropologists have noted, the key to civilization is the proper socialization of   Sunday            Isaiah 62:1-5;                                                Sun II
the male. Without fathers or father figures, this is impossible. I see it all the time.          SECOND SUNDAY OF  1 Corinthians 12:4-11;
When, for example, I was recently with a family for an afternoon and evening, I noticed,         THE YEAR          John 2:1-11
yet again, how well adjusted the two boys are (with their three sisters). I see it the same      Monday            1 Samuel 15:16-23;                                            Mon II
thing in my niece’s family with five boys who are happily boyish and growing up to                                 Mark 2:18-22
become healthy men. The key is the father in these families: they are present,                   Tuesday           1 Samuel 16:1-13;                                             Tue II
affectionate, challenging, encouraging and ever ready to set the wayward one straight.                             Mark 2:23-28
They do not expect their sons to behave like girls; they are a bit rougher with the boys         Wednesday         1 Samuel 17:32-33,37,40-51;                            Martyr Wed II
(who need it!); and they set an example, especially in the way they treat their wives with       Pope St. Fabian   Mark 3:1-6
profound respect, for their sons to follow in their relations with girls and later with          Thursday          1 Samuel 18:6-9;19:1-7;                                Martyr Thu II
women. These fathers, too, who are Catholic, are seen by their sons kneeling down in             ST. AGNES         Mark 3:7-12
church at Mass, worshipping and adoring God the Father. How profound this impression             Friday            1 Samuel 24:3-21;                                      Martyr Fri II
must be on a young boy’s mind and imagination!                                                   St. Vincent       Mark 3:13-19
         The goal then is for boys to be trained to be gentlemen, and this has nothing to do     Saturday          2 Samuel                                                      Sat II
with being soft. It has to do with self-control, the cultivation of good manners, and a                                   1:1-4,11-12,19,23-27;
willingness to sacrifice oneself (especially in a vocation to the priesthood, but also, and                        Mark 3:20-21
so very importantly, for the sake one’s wife and children). Men find satisfaction in doing       Sunday            Nehemiah 8:2-4a,5-6,8-10;                                     Sun III
this, since this is simply in accordance with their nature as males. Our modern “culture”        THIRD SUNDAY OF   1 Corinthians 12:12-30;
though “teaches” males (and females alike) to seek self-fulfillment. You can imagine             THE YEAR          Luke 1:1-4;4:14-21
what this then means in the area of sex: women become simply objects of pleasure,
rather than potential and permanent mates in the project of life and family. Young men
and women “use” each other, and it is most often the woman who suffers the most, but                                       SCHEDULES FOR NEXT WEEK
men too suffer, because they are, in their adolescent backwardness, warring against their        9:00 am Sunday
own masculinity. They are wimpish and/or barbaric brats who can’t be seen without their                          Reader     Jane Sullivan
baseball cap on backwards and their latest tattoo displaying something vulgar or stupid.                         Ushers     Jim Pardieck, Allen Thurston
         Fathers – when there is one in the modern American home – should not put up                       Altar Servers    Roy Ensley, Louie Sipler, Luke Sipler
with this. Time to lay down the law, call boys and young men to something higher than                      Refreshments     OPEN - Please sign up in the Office Hallway
Hollywood – time to reign in the male tendency to waywardness so that boy or young               11:00 am Sunday
man might be trained to service, to self-giving... well, quite frankly, to real manliness.                       Reader     Gladys Pilch
We have more than enough of male wimps and barbarians amongst us. As Catholic                                    Ushers     Brian Bock, Linwood Newsome
families, what we must do is teach our children, especially the boys (the girls catch on so                Altar Servers    Taylor Beauchemin, Jack Lehtinen, Sullivan Waters
                                                                                                           Refreshments     Georgia Newsom
much more quickly!) to bend the knee to God. Then we will be blessed with priestly
vocations, good husbands and fathers, men who do not live for themselves, but find their
                                                                                                 THOSE WHO SERVE: Please pick up your new schedules on the hallway kitchen
joy in being manly, for the sake of their wives, for the sake of children, for the sake of
                                                                                                 counter. Thank you for serving!
holy Mother Church, for the sake of the glory of God.

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                              CHURCH EVENT SCHEDULE
Sunday             9:00 am   SUNDAY MASS
                 11:00 am    SUNDAY MASS                                                    SAINT MARY, MOTHER OF GOD
Monday             9:00 am   Weekday Mass, Morning Prayer                                               ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH
Tuesday            7:30 am   Weekday Mass, Morning Prayer                                    22 Bartlett Street, Sylva, NC 28779 (828) 586-9496
                After Mass   “Coffee and Conversation” until 9am                                   
                   9:00 am   Choir practice for the 11am Choir                                       Reverend SK W. R. Williams, Pastor
Wednesday         3:30 pm    Faith Formation Classes (K-5)
                  5:00 pm    Weekday Mass, Evening Prayer
                  5:30 pm    Faith Formation Classes (6-12)                                                MASS SCHEDULE
                  6:00 pm    Choir practice for the 9am Choir
Thursday           9:00 am   Weekday Mass, Morning Prayer                         Sunday             Jan 17th     9:00 am Pro Populo
                 10:00 am    Finance Council Meeting in the Outer Office          SECOND SUNDAY OF               11:00 am John Gibson
                  6:00 pm    Knights of Columbus Meeting in the Fellowship Hall   THE YEAR
Friday             8:30 am   Confessions until 8:50 am                            Monday             Jan 18th      9:00 am Holy Souls+
                   9:00 am   Weekday Mass, Morning Prayer
                 12:00 pm    Pro-Life Prayer Service                              Tuesday            Jan 19th      7:30 am Robert Sills+
Saturday           8:30 am   Pro-Life Rosary
                   9:00 am   Weekday Mass, Morning Prayer                         Wednesday          Jan 20th      5:00 pm Megan Hayes+
                  3:00 pm    Confessions until 3:30 pm                            Pope St. Fabian
                  8:00 pm    MISA EN ESPANOL                                      Thursday           Jan 21st     9:00 am Deceased members of the
Sunday             9:00 am   SUNDAY MASS                                          ST. AGNES                               Beauchemin Family+
                 11:00 am    SUNDAY MASS                                          Friday             Jan 22nd     9:00 am Deceased members of the
                  6:45 pm    Confessions at WCU Student Center                    St. Vincent                             Barron Family+
                  7:30 pm    SUNDAY MASS at WCU Catholic Student Center           Saturday           Jan 23rd     9:00 am Robert & Phyllis Sullvian
                                                                                                                  8:00 pm Misa en Español
                                                                                  Sunday             Jan 24th     9:00 am Robin Weeks+
                                           Complete Home                          THIRD SUNDAY OF                11:00 am Pro Populo
                                           Maintenance                            THE YEAR                        7:30 pm Mass at WCU
          Ad Space Available:              Remodeling
                                           Lawn Maintenance                       Confession        Friday   8:30am until 8:50am
             $20 / month                          One Call Does It All                              Saturday 3:00pm until 3:30pm
                  or                       Richard A. Preston
                                                                                               NEXT Sunday   6:45pm until 7:15pm
             $200 / year                   (828) 524-3985
                                           (828) 332-7331 cell
                                                              Offertory last Sunday: $ 2,400.50
            call 586-9496                                      Children’s Collection last Sunday: $ 1.50

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