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					                                             VIROQUA SCHOOL DISTRICT PANDEMIC INFLUENZA PLAN
                                                   PREPAREDNESS / RESPONSE / RECOVERY

           Action / Task                           Policies / Procedures              Frequency                   Assigned to
A. Health and Wellness
                                             Staff in-service, Staff handbook
                                                                                 Initially – all staff, new                  
                                             Pandemic Influenza Plan
1. Provide education to staff on pandemic                                        staff upon hire,             District Nurse           www.cdc.gove/flu
                                             Policy 453.3 Communicable
flu and school pandemic plan.                                                    Annually - thereafter as     Pupil Services Team
                                             Viroqua Crisis/Safety Plan
2. Provide education to students on          Policy 458 Wellness Policy                                                                Cough, hand washing posters in all
prevention strategies – including hand       Kindergarten health unit            Yearly, during cold and      District nurse           restrooms
washing, cough etiquette, staying home       Health curriculum                   flu season                   Staff                    Communicable Disease Center (CDC)
when sick.                                   Health pamphlet for families                                                              District Curriculum
                                             Policy 453.1 Emergency Nursing
3. Supply all classrooms with soap and       Policy 453.3 Communicable
                                                                                                              District Nurse
water for hand washing or alcohol-based      Disease                             As needed                                             N/A
                                                                                                              Pupil Services
hand washing product.                        Building and Grounds
                                             Policy 453.3 Communicable                                                                 DPI
4. Send ill students and staff home as                                                                        District Nurse,
                                             Disease                             As needed                                             CESA
necessary.                                                                                                    Principal/Supervisors
                                                                                                                                       WI State Communicable Disease Chart
5. Provide education to families about       VAS District website                                             District Nurse 
pandemic flu and the district’s plan.        Brochure for Open House                                          Administration
6. Stockpile supplies needed for outbreak:   District nurse will direct use of                                District Nurse
                                                                                 As needed
masks, gloves, disinfectant wipes            equipment as needed.                                             Custodial staff
                                                                                                              Vernon County
7. Provide immunization clinics for staff    Policy 458 Wellness Policy
                                                                                 Annual and as needed         Health Dept
and community                                Health insurance policy
                                                                                                              District Nurse
                                                                                                              Technology Director
8. Link to plan and information on
                                             N/A                                 Update as needed             Administration 
pandemic flu on VAS District website
                                                                                                              District Nurse
9. Implement policy for transporting ill     Policy 453.1 Emergency Nursing
                                                                                 As needed                    Supervisor
students / staff home                        Services
                                                                                                                                       Phone trees, Emergency school closing
10. Implement alert system to notify staff                                                                    Administration
                                             N/A                                 Update as needed                                      plan, e-mail via Skyward system
and parents of status of outbreak                                                                             Technology Director
                                                                                                                                       VAS District webpage
                                                                                                              District Administrator
11. Designate chain of command as            Admin Procedure
                                                                                 Update as needed             Administration
situation develops with available people     Administration arrangements
12. Communicate with news, parents and
                                                                                 As needed                    District Administrator
community through media /district website
13. Evaluate field trips, co-curricular
                                             Policy 830 Use of School                                         Administration
activities, and community use of buildings                                       As needed                                             WIAA
                                             Facilities                                                       Athletic Director
and cancel/modify as necessary.
14. Utilize inclement weather plans for
                                             Procedure for School Closings                                    District Administrator
school closings.
           Action / Task                              Policies / Procedures             Frequency         Assigned to
B. Continuity of Learning
Provide information to families about the       School website                    Annually            School Board             District website
district’s plan to continue learning for        Phone                                                 District Administrator   Newsletters Public news outlets
students during a pandemic                      Mail                                                  DPI                      Parent Access
                                                Handbooks (Student & Staff)
                                                Board Policy
2. Identify plan for continuity of education    Podcast/Library of Instruction    As needed           Pupil Services           Educational TV
(essential curriculum; modified curriculum)     Odyssey software                                      Director                 Internet
High School set as a priority                   Parent Access                                         Principals               DVD
                                                                                                                               Local broadcast channels
3. Assessment plan for students when they       MAPS as needed (Measurement       As needed           Building Principals
return                                          of Academic Progress)                                 Teaching Staff
                                                Policy 345.41 Grade                                   Pupil Services
                                                Advancement                                           Director
4. Design plan to provide materials for                                           As needed           School Board
distance learning for students immune                                                                 Pupil Services
and/or recovered                                                                                      Director
5. Provide students with options to             Assignment pick-up as arranged    As needed           Principals
continue learning if home due to illness        by principal                                          Instructional staff
6. If school is closed, provide students with                                     As needed           Principals
options to continue learning. (Assignments                                                            Instructional Staff
on-line through Skyward Family Access and
teacher web pages}

            Action / Task                             Policies / Procedures             Frequency         Assigned to
C. Continuity of Operations
1. Perform cross training for staff to                                                                                         Payroll
continue with key operations. Develop                                                                                          Technology
                                                N/A                              Ongoing              District Administrator
cheat sheets and materials for key                                                                                             Food Service
functions.                                                                                                                     Building and Grounds
2. Discuss implications with staff as related   Policy                                                Building Principals      CRUE
to contracts and policy                                                                               School Board
3. Develop plan for food service continuity     N/A                              As needed            Food Service Director    Vernon County
4. Determine emergency chain of                 Policy Temporary                 As needed            District Admin
command                                         Administrative Arrangements                           School Board
5. Who’s in charge when principal is not        Administrative Procedures                             District Administrtor
available?                                      Crisis Plan
                                                                                   th        th
6 Business office to maintain up-to-date                                         10 and 25 of every   Business Manager
payroll base.                                                                    month                Payroll
            Action / Task                        Policies / Procedures              Frequency      Assigned to
D. Surveillance
1. Report numbers absent due to illness to    Request families to report       Weekly           District Nurse
local county health department if over        Brochure on H1N1
predetermined threshold level or as
2. Implement the closing and reopening of     Vernon County Health Dept. WI
schools as determined by local and/or state   Procedures for School Closings
health departments.
3. Standards for reporting and recording      Policy 453.3 Communicable        As needed        District Nurse
type of illness                               Disease