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									                        Recent Acquisitions – November 2009

         Call Number                   Author                                      Title
                                                               The Utilitarians: An introduction to the
                        Bentham, Jeremy and Mill, John         principles of morals and legislation [by]
B 1571 U8
                        Stuart                                 Jeremy Bentham. Utilitarianism, and On
                                                               liberty [by] John Stuart Mill. --
B 1848 E5 W6            Descartes, Rene                        Discourse on method : and other writings
                                                               Attention and self-regulation : a control-
BF 632.5 C37            Carver, Charles S.
                                                               theory approach to human behavior
                                                               Healing of the soul : shamanism and
BL 2370 S5 D725 2009    Drake, Ann (Ann Morris)
                                                               American shamans : journeys with
BL 2370 S5 M64 2008     Montgomery, Jack G.
                                                               traditional healers
BV 4813 J63 1997        Johnston, William                      Christian Zen
                                                               Medievalism : the Middle Ages in modern
DA 110 A44 2007         Alexander, Michael
DF 552 H37 2001 pt. 1   Harl, Kenneth W.                       The world of Byzantium [videorecording]
DF 552 H37 2001 pt. 2   Harl, Kenneth W.                       The world of Byzantium [videorecording]
DK 171 D45              Madariaga, Isabel de                   Russia in the age of Catherine the Great
                                                               A case study of the American Indian
E 97.6 S8 S35 2008      Shillinger, Sarah.                     boarding school movement : an oral history
                                                               of Saint Joseph's Indian Industrial School
                                                               Public culture : diversity, democracy, and
E 169.1 P935 2008       Shaffer, Marguerite S., editor
                                                               community in the United States
                                                               Hanging together : unity and diversity in
E 184 A1 H488 2001      Higham, John
                                                               American culture
                                                               The birth of American tourism : New York,
G 155 U6 G37 2008       Gassan, Richard H.                     the Hudson Valley, and American culture,
GN 346.6 C53 2008       Chang, Heewon                          Autoethnography as method
                                                               Witchcraft, oracles, and magic among the
GN 475.8 E9 1976        Evans-Pritchard, E.
                        Paulicelli, Eugenia and Hazel Clark,   The fabric of cultures : fashion, identity,
GT 525 F29 2009
                        editors                                and globalization
                                                               Cities and sports stadiums : a planning
GV 429 A2 C57 2009      Kemp, Roger L.
                                                               Playbooks and checkbooks : an
GV 716 S993 2009        Szymanski, Stefan
                                                               introduction to the economics of modern
                                                                   Beyond Barbie and Mortal Kombat : new
GV 1469.16 W66 B49 2008   Kafai, Yasmin B. ... [et al.], editors
                                                                   perspectives on gender and gaming
                                                                   The politics of truth : selected writings of
H 83 M493 2008            Mills, C. Wright (Charles Wright)
                                                                   C. Wright Mills
                                                                   Animal spirits : how human psychology
HB 74 P8 A494 2009        Akerlof, George A.                       drives the economy, and why it matters for
                                                                   global capitalism
                                                                   Economics 2.0 : what the best minds in
HB 74.5 H36 2009          Haring, Norbert.                         economics can teach you about business
                                                                   and life
HB 97.5 Y34 2009          Yaffe, Helen.                            Che Guevara : the economics of revolution
                                                                   Localist movements in a global economy :
HC 110 E5 H47 2009        Hess, David J.                           sustainability, justice, and urban
                                                                   development in the United States
                                                                   Unjust deserts : how the rich are taking our
HC 110 W4 A47 2008        Alperovitz, Gar.
                                                                   common inheritance
                                                                   In government we trust : market failure and
HD 3850 F86 2009          Funnell, Warwick.
                                                                   the delusions of privatisation
HD 6508 Y38 2009          Yates, Michael                           Why unions matter
                                                                   Nice work if you can get it : life and labor
HF 5382.55 R67 2009       Ross, Andrew
                                                                   in precarious times
                                                                   Psyche's task : a discourse concerning the
HM 201 F8 2009            Frazer, James George                     influence of superstition on the growth of
                                                                   When the center is on fire : passionate
HM 585 H37 2008           Harriford, Diane Sue
                                                                   social theory for our times
                          Peter L. Berger and Samuel P.            Many globalizations : cultural diversity in
HM 621 M36 2002
                          Huntington, editors                      the contemporary world
                                                                   The claims of culture : equality and
HM 631 B45 2002           Benhabib, Seyla.
                                                                   diversity in the global era
HM 1116 P73 2008          Presser, Lois.                           Been a heavy life : stories of violent men
                                                                   Transgender voices : beyond women and
HQ 77.7 G57 2008          Girshick, Lori B.
HQ 77.9 S77 2008          Stryker, Susan.                          Transgender history
                                                                   Licentious Gotham : erotic publishing and
HQ 471 D46 2009           Dennis, Donna.                           its prosecution in nineteenth-century New
                                                                   A mother's work : how feminism, the
HQ 759.48 G55 2008        Gilbert, Neil
                                                                   market, and policy shape family life
                                                                   Guyland : the perilous world where boys
HQ 799.6 K56 2008        Kimmel, Michael S.
                                                                   become men
                                                                   Men to boys : the making of modern
HQ 1090.3 C76 2008       Cross, Gary S.
HQ 1090.5 S68 W45 2008   Watts, Trent, editor                      White masculinity in the recent South
HQ 1180 W6878 2008       Scott, Joan Wallach, editor               Women's studies on the edge
                                                                   Feminist thought : a more comprehensive
HQ 1206 T65 2009         Tong, Rosemarie.
                                                                   Our bodies, our crimes : the policing of
HQ 1236.5 U6 F532 2009   Flavin, Jeanne
                                                                   women's reproduction in America
                                                                   Members only : elite clubs and the process
HS 2723 K46 2008         Kendall, Diana Elizabeth
                                                                   of exclusion
                                                                   Strange fruit : why both sides are wrong in
HT 1521 M258 2009        Malik, Kenan
                                                                   the race debate
                                                                   Hate on the net : extremist sites, neo-
HT 1521 R69 2008         Roversi, Antonio.
                                                                   fascism on-line, electronic jihad
                                                                   Childhood victimization : violence, crime
HV 741 F55 2008          Finkelhor, David.
                                                                   and abuse in the lives of young people
HV 6439 U5 S527 2004     Shelden, Randall G.                       Youth gangs in American society
                                                                   Family violence and men of color : healing
HV 6626.52 F35 2008      Carrillo, Ricardo, Jerry Tello, editors
                                                                   the wounded male spirit
j Avi Curric Lib         Avi                                       Poppy and Ereth
JK 421 M328 2009         Madrick, Jeffrey G.                       The case for big government
                                                                   The presidential character : predicting
JK 511 B37 2009          Barber, James David.
                                                                   performance in the White House
                                                                   What do we do now? : a workbook for the
JK 516 H45 2008          Hess, Stephen.
                         Singer, Audrey, Susan W. Hardwick, Twenty-first-century gateways : immigrant
JV 6475 T87 2008
                         Caroline B. Brettell, editors      incorporation in suburban America
                                                                   Underground America : narratives of
JV 6475 U524 2008        Orner, Peter, editor
                                                                   undocumented lives
                         Suárez-Orozco, Marcelo M. and         Globalization : culture and education for a
JZ 1318 G57925 2004
                         Desirée Baolian Qin-Hilliard, editors new millennium
                                                                   The crisis of American foreign policy :
JZ 1469 C75 2009         Ikenberry, John ... [et al.]
                                                                   Wilsonianism in the twenty-firstcentury
                                                                   Saint Ignatius' idea of a Jesuit university; a
                                                                   study in the history of Catholic education,
LB 375 L6 G3 1956        Ganss, George E.                          including part four of the Constitutions of
                                                                   the Society of Jesus, translated from the
                                                                   Spanish of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, with
                                                               introd. andnotes by George E. Ganss.
LB 1027.22 B76 2008        Brown, Sid                          A Buddhist in the classroom
                                                               Reading difficulties and dyslexia : an
LB 1050.5 D355 2009        Das, J. P. (Jagannat
                                                               interpretation for teachers
                                                               Making learning whole : how seven
LB 1060 P448 2009          Perkins, David N.                   principles of teaching can transform
                                                               A mandate for playful learning in preschool
LB 1137 M23 2009           Hirsh-Pasek, Kathy ... [et al.]
                                                               : presenting the evidence
                                                               Welcome to the aquarium : a year in the
LB 1733 D53 2008           Diamond, Julie.
                                                               lives of children
                                                               How to get an Ivy League education at a
LB 2350.5 N46 1988         Nemko, Marty
                                                               state university
                                                               The Obama education plan : an Education
LB 2825 O25 2009           Education Week
                                                               week guide.
                                                               Using test data for student achievement :
LB 3051 S523 2006          Sindelar, Nancy W.
                                                               answers to "no child left behind"
                                                               The gender gap in college : maximizing the
LC 212.92 S29 2008         Sax, Linda J.
                                                               developmental potential of women and men
                                                               Why culture counts : teaching children of
LC 4091 T55 2008           Tileston, Donna Walker
                                                               A thing among things : the art of Jasper
N 6537 J6 Y38 2008         Yau, John
                                                               Pierre Bonnard : the late still lifes and
N 6853 B57 A4 2009         Bonnard, Pierre
Folio N 6853 C45 A4 2009   Rishel, Joseph J. and Katherine Sachs Cezanne and beyond
                                                               James Rosenquist : pop art, politics, and
ND 237 R723 L63 2009       Lobel, Michael.
                                                               history in the 1960s
ND 497 H9 A4 2008          Lochnan, Katharine J                Holman Hunt and the Pre-Raphaelite vision
                                                               On the wall : four decades of community
ND 2638 N4 B63 2009        Braun-Reinitz, Janet
                                                               murals in New York City
NX 456.5 D3 H46 2009       Hemus, Ruth                         Dada's women
P 90 S387                  Schwartz, Tony.                     Media, the second God
P 96 T42 G35 2008          Gane, Nicholas                      New media
                                                               The transformations of Lucius otherwise
PA 6209 M3 A4 2009         Apuleius.
                                                               known as The golden ass
PG 7158 M553 A2 2006       Milosz, Czeslaw.                    Selected poems, 1931-2004
                           Olaniyan, Tejumola and Ato          African literature : an anthology of
PL 8010 A353 2007
                           Quayson, eidtors                    criticism and theory
PL 8014 W66 2007           Amandina Lihamba ... [et al.], editors Women writing Africa. The eastern region
PN 98 W64 H57 2007         Plain, Gill and Susan Sellers, editors   A history of feminist literary criticism
                                                                  Beowulf & other stories : a new
PN 681 B38 2007            North, Richard and Joe Allard, editors introduction to Old English, Old Icelandic,
                                                                  and Anglo-Norman literature
PN 685 L62 2000            Loomis, Roger Sherman                    The development of Arthurian romance
                                                                    Children's literature : a reader's history,
PN 1009 A1 L44 2008        Lerer, Seth
                                                                    from Aesop to Harry Potter
PN 1031 B213 2005          Bachelard, Gaston                        On poetic imagination and reverie
                                                                    Echo chamber : Rush Limbaugh and the
PN 1991.4 L48 J36 2008     Jamieson, Kathleen H
                                                                    conservative media establishment
                                                                    Pictures at a revolution : five movies and
PN 1993.5 U6 H37 2008      Harris, Mark
                                                                    the birth of the new Hollywood
                                                                    Hollywood in the neighborhood : historical
PN 1993.5 U6 H59135 2008   Fuller-SeeleyKathryn H., editor
                                                                    case studies of local moviegoing
                                                                    The decline of sentiment : American film in
PN 1993.5 U6 J198 2008     Jacobs, Lea.
                                                                    the 1920s
                                                                    Postmodern Hollywood : what's new in
PN 1995 B613 2007          Booker, M. Keith.
                                                                    film and why it makes us feel so strange
                                                                    Hollywood science : movies, science, and
PN 1995.9 S26 P47 2007     Perkowitz, S.
                                                                    the end of the world
                                                                    D. W. Griffith's The birth of a nation : a
PN 1997 B55 S76 2007       Stokes, Melvyn.                          history of "the most controversial motion
                                                                    picture of all time"
                           Moody, Jane and Daniel O'Quinn,          The Cambridge companion to British
PN 2593 C36 2007
                           editors                                  theatre, 1730-1830
                                                                    The realist short story of the powerful
PN 3340 M37 2007           McSweeney, Kerry
                                                                    glimpse : Chekhov to Carver
                                                                    Voicing American poetry : sound and
PN 4151 W47 2008           Wheeler, Lesley
                                                                    performance from the 1920s to the present
                           Hesse, Everett W., and Harry F.          La vida de Lazarillo de Tormes, y de sus
PQ 6407 A1 1976
                           Williams, editors                        fortunas y adversidades
PR 21 A94 2008             Ayers, David                             Literary theory : a reintroduction
                                                                    Women writers and familial discourse in
PR 113 W96 2007            Wynne-Davies, Marion
                                                                    the English Renaissance : relative values
                                                                    Romantic literature, race, and colonial
PR 448 R33 K58 2007        Kitson, Peter J.
                           Begam, Richard & Michael Valdez          Modernism and colonialism : British and
PR 478 M6 M59 2007
                           Moses                                    Irish literature, 1899-1939
PR 590 R597 2007        Rawes, Alan, editor                   Romanticism and form
                                                              The marriage of minds : reading sympathy
PR 878 M36 A65 2007     Ablow, Rachel.
                                                              in the Victorian marriage plot
                                                              Moral taste : aesthetics, subjectivity and
PR 878 M67 G37 2007     Garson, Marjorie Joy                  social power in the nineteenth-century
PR 2248 T37 2008        Targoff, Ramie.                       John Donne, body and soul
PR 3562 T47 2007        Thickstun, Margaret                   Milton's Paradise lost : moral education
PR 3716 C6 1979         Connely, Willard                      Laurence Sterne as Yorick
                                                              A revolution almost beyond expression :
PR 4034 P43 H38 2007    Harris, Jocelyn.
                                                              Jane Austen's Persuasion
PR 4167 V5 2004         Bronte, Charlotte                     Villette
PR 4169 T469 2007       Thormahlen, Marianne                  The Brontes and education
PR 4588 B63 2007        Bodenheimer, Rosemarie                Knowing Dickens
PR 4688 J44 2007        Jedrzejewski, Jan.                    George Eliot
PR 5340 L56 2007        Lincoln, Andrew.                      Walter Scott and modernity
                                                              Cruising with Robert Louis Stevenson :
PR 5497 B83 2007        Buckton, Oliver S.
                                                              travel, narrative, and the colonial body
PR 5907 V37 2007        Vendler, Helen                        Our secret discipline : Yeats and lyric form
                        Jakob Lothe, Jeremy Hawthorn, and     Joseph Conrad : voice, sequence, history,
PR 6005 O4 Z7535 2008
                        James Phelan, editors                 genre
PR 6019 O9 Z7819 2008   Pierce, David                         Reading Joyce
                                                              The Cambridge companion to George
PR 6029 R8 Z6145 2007   Rodden, John, editor
PR 6045 A97 V55 1999    Waugh, Evelyn                         Vile bodies
PR 6057 R386 O84 2004   Gregory, Philippa.                    The other Boleyn girl : a novel
                                                              Adventures of the spirit : the older woman
                                                              in the works of Doris Lessing,Margaret
PR 9188 A38 2007        Perrakis, Phyllis Sternberg, editor
                                                              Atwood, and other contemporary women
                                                              The Columbia guide to Central African
PR 9390.5 R59 2008      Roscoe, Adrian A.
                                                              literature in English since 1945
                                                              Speak like singing : classics of Native
PS 153 I52 L55 2007     Lincoln, Kenneth.
                                                              American literature
PS 153 J4 C63 2007      Codde, Philippe.                      The Jewish American novel
                                                              Free within ourselves : the development of
PS 153 N5 B526 2007     Bishop, Rudine Sims.
                                                              African American children's literature
PS 153 N5 J46 2007      Jenkins, Candice Marie                Private lives, proper relations : regulating
                                                              black intimacy
                                                              Telling narratives : secrets in African
PS 153 N5 L467 2007       Lewis, Leslie W.
                                                              American literature
                          Usabdizage, Aránzazuand Andrew      Back to peace : reconciliation and
PS 228 P43 B33 2007
                          Monnickendam, editors               retribution in the postwar period
                                                              Inventing Black women : African
PS 310 N4 M36 2008        Mance, Ajuan Maria.                 American women poets and self-
                                                              representation, 1877-2000
                                                              Writing the republic : liberalism and
PS 374 P6 H87 2007        Hutchison, Anthony
                                                              morality in American political fiction
                                                              Calls and responses : the American novel
PS 374 S58 R93 2008       Ryan, Tim A.
                                                              of slavery since Gone with the wind
PS 1338 Q575 2007         Quirk, Tom                          Mark Twain and human nature
PS 1341 B57 2007          Bird, John                          Mark Twain and metaphor
                                                              Changing rapture : Emily Dickinson's
PS 1541 Z5 B29 2006       Barnstone, Aliki.
                                                              poetic development
PS 3503 U6385 G3 2004     Burns, John Horne                   The gallery
PS 3505 U334 S4 2003      Cummings, E. E. (Edward Estlin)     73 poems
                                                              Eliot and his age : T.S. Eliot's moral
PS 3509 L43 Z3614 2008    Kirk, Russell.
                                                              imagination in the twentieth century
                          Tidwell, John Edgar and Cheryl R. Montage of a dream : the art and life of
PS 3515 U274 Z6845 2007
                          Ragar, editors                    Langston Hughes
                                                              Eugene O'Neill's America : desire under
PS 3529 N5 Z6275 2007     Diggins, John P.
PS 3551 L25 Z96 2008      Zinman, Toby Silverman              Edward Albee
                                                              Baldwin's Harlem : a biography of James
PS 3552 A45 Z7597 2008    Boyd, Herb
PS 3563 A4 Z614 2007      Davis, Philip (Philip Maurice)      Bernard Malamud : a writer's life
                                                              The Cambridge companion to Toni
PS 3563 O8749 Z58 2007    Tally, Justine, editor
PS 6707 A2                Tacitus, Cornelius.                 Tactius on Britain and Germany.
                                                              Gunter Grass and his critics : from The tin
PT 2613 R338 Z758 2008    Mews, Siegfried.
                                                              drum to Crabwalk
PT 2621 A26 Z629 1995     Brod, Max                           Franz Kafka : a biography
PT 3571 P4 D84 2007       Updike, John.                       Due considerations : essays and criticism
QA 21 S62 1958 v.1        Smith, David Eugene                 History of mathematics.
QA 76.5 E9195 2009        Evans, Alan.                        Technology in action
QA 76.625 S42 2008        Sebesta, Robert W.                  Programming the world wide web
QA 76.73 J38 H674 2006   Horstmann, Cay S.                Big Java
QA 276.4 V47 2005        Verzani, John.                   Using R for introductory statistics
                                                          The Everglades, by Archie Carr and the
QH 105 F6 C34            Carr, Archie Fairly
                                                          editors of Time-Life Books.
R 723 M337               Mattson, Phyllis H.              Holistic health in perspective
                                                          Upheaval in the quiet zone : 1199SEIU and
RA 971.35 F56 2009       Fink, Leon
                                                          the politics of health care unionism
RD 525 P6 1986           Powers, Gene R.                  Cleft palate
                                                          Why photography matters as art as never
TR 642 F75 2008          Fried, Michael.
                                                          Harnessing the Technicolor rainbow : color
TR 853 H54 2007          Higgins, Scott
                                                          design in the 1930s
                         Modern Language Association of   MLA handbook for writers of research
Ref LB 2369 G53 2009
                         America                          papers.
                         Birns, Nicholas and Rebecca      A companion to Australian literature since
Ref PR 9609.6 C63 2007
                         McNeer, editors                  1900

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