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									                     ASIS 8.5.0 Upgrade Testing – Summary of Changes

 Please ensure you read the accompanying Software Release Notes for further details on
       the changes listed below, as well as any other changes that may affect your

Release Note         Release     Summary of Change
Section              Note Page
Manual 1.2           2           Online manual additions – IPP content
                                 A number of sections have been reviewed and improved
                                 within IPP, including Creating Institution Published

Manual 2             3           Online manual deletions – WASP
                                 The section Examination Scheduling Method 2 has been
                                 removed from the manual. References to the WASP
                                 method have been re-named ‘Examination Scheduling

General 1.1          4           Spell Checker
                                 A spell checker has been added to the ‘Edit’ menu bar so
                                 that any field within the client server/desktop version of
                                 ASIS can be checked. A Global spell check is also

General 3.1          5           Standard Report/Letters
                                 It is now possible to define fonts and use Unicode
                                 characters in SRLs (letters, emails etc).

General 12.2         11          eVision buttons
                                 Buttons (Next page, Previous page, Delete) on some
                                 eVision pages (particularly where it displayed lists) are no
                                 longer visible if they are not available, i.e if there is only 1
                                 page of records, the ‘next’ button will no longer be visible.

Admissions           18          Personal ID on CDL
3.1                              The Personal ID code is now automatically added to any
                                 CDL records generated either through ACD or CAPS

Admissions           18          Duplicate Matching
3.3                              If a 100% match is found by the UCAS import process, the
                                 applicant is now flagged as a possible duplicate, thus
                                 stopping the import of the applicant and creating a duplicate
                                 match record.

Admissions           19          GTTR Ethnicity
3.6                              GTTR are now providing an Ethnic Origin field. The Ethnic
                                 Code field on the STU record will be automatically
                                 populated from this.

CLT/ACR 2012-03-09
Admissions           20   Qualifications field on the Application form
3.7                       The qualifications field on the application form has been
                          extended to allow for up to 2 characters for both A/AS levels
                          and Highers.

Admissions           20   Compliance with Unicode
4.2                       From the start of the 2012 cycle, UCAS will capture both
                          ASCII and Unicode variants of data as provided by
                          applicants in the APPLY system. Institutions can then
                          choose to replicate existing processes (download ASCII
                          only), download Unicode only, or both.

Admissions           21   HUM Message when no CES Record Exists (clearing)
6.3                       When an applicant applies through TRACK without first
                          contacting the institution, an ODBC-Link Update Message
                          (HUM) is created.

SRS 1.1              23   Research Council Student ID field
                          The length of this field has been increased to 8 characters.
                          This change is cascaded to RDS, SCJ and STU screens.

SRS 1.2              23   Create SPR from the SRE screen
                          It is now possible to create an SPR record when re-enrolling
                          students using the SRE screen.

SRS 1.6              24   Course Progression Profile
                          An ‘in use’ flag has been added to the Course Progression
                          profile entity, making it easier to identify (and use) only
                          those which are in use.

SRS 3.4              25   Messaging Improvement Related to SCE
                          Messaging returned to message buffer after running HESA
                          Option 1 had been improved with regards to missing Loan
                          Company LEA (LCL) records.

SRS 4.1              25   SAAS Changes for 11/12 cycle
                          Various changes have been made to SFU to incorporate the
                          changes made by SAAS to the SAAS fee status reports for
                          the 11/12 cycle – see release notes for more details.

SRS 4.6              26   Enhancements to SSP, SFU, FPE, FTR, GFD and GFT
                          New fields have been added to various screens and there
                          are two new functions to GFD:
                             1. Auto SSP
                             2. Substitute fee profile
                          See release notes for more details.

SRS 6.1              30   Exclusive Rule for Modules and Pathways
                          It is now possible to define whether a pathway rule is
                          exclusive, meaning modules can be constrained to one

CLT/ACR 2012-03-09

SRS 8                31   Award Ceremony
                          Several new functions added to Award Ceremony
                          component, see release notes for more details.

CAMS 2.4             37   Module Registration added to Task Manager
                          SIW_MRG added to PRA dropdown on TTE screen making
                          it possible to run online module registration as part of a task.

CAMS 2.7             37   Module Module Rules
                          A new rule has been added to the MMR screen which
                          allows the rule to be ignored as part of module selection but
                          included for progression processing (when a student needs
                          to select diets before completing the assessments).

CAMS 5.3             38   Student Module Taking Things (SMOT)
                          This new screen provides additional details for the Student
                          module taking screen.

CAMS 11.1            40   New WASP report
                          A new WASP report has been created to show students
                          who have not been scheduled - ‘Students not scheduled

CLT/ACR 2012-03-09

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