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					    I would like to introduce myself and looking forward to being your
child’s kindergarten teacher. I have been teaching for 38 years and
every year is a new beginning. I have taught 24 years at Sorrento
Springs and the remaining years were taught in the Fox District and
at a parochial school in Brentwood. I have taught all grades from
first through eighth. I will be happy to add an additional grade at the
end of this year. This accomplishment has been a life-long dream of
     I believe that each child is unique and capable of becoming a life
long learner. Therefore, I will provide enjoyable and active learning
experiences that will assist your child in becoming a successful
     I also believe that education not only happens in the classroom,
but also in the home environment. For a child to truly succeed there
needs to be a strong home-school connection. This connection will
allow us to work as a team to provide the best education we can for
your child. Through this connection we can create an environment in
which your child thrives. We can build confidence and determination
within your child, along with assisting in the development of a respect
for others and a love of learning.
     Please feel free to contact me in writing, by phone, or e-mail if you
have any comments, questions, or concerns throughout the year. I
will do the same.

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