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									                                    MTAS Research and Information Center
                                           New Acquisitions List
                                            November 2011

           Subject                                    Title                                Location    Format
Code Enforcement          Questions Related to the Relationship between the Housing Code   KB         Legal
                          and the Slum Clearance Ordinance                                            Opinion
                          Sid Hemsley
Constitutional Law        Legality of a Christian Cross Located on Top of a Water Tower    KB         Legal
                          Melissa Ashburn                                                             Opinion
Finance—Municipal         Legality of Using a Facsimile Signature on a Check               KB         General
                          Ron Darden
Fire—Administration       Third Needs Assessment of the U.S. Fire Service: Tennessee       KB         Report/Study
                          National Fire Protection Association
Fire—Facilities           Lakeland, Tennessee, Fire Station Location Study                 KB         Report/Study
                          Dennis Wolf
Industrial Development—   An Economic Development Review of the Fayetteville-Lincoln       KB         Report/Study
Boards                    County, Tennessee Joint Industrial Board
                          Don Darden and Frank McKee
Mayor                     Who Performs Duties of the Mayor When the Office of the Mayor    KB         Legal
                          Is Vacant?                                                                  Opinion
                          Sid Hemsley
Personnel—Laws and        Grievance Hearings and Rights of At Will Employees               KB         Legal
Regulations               Sid Hemsley                                                                 Opinion
Personnel—Training        Train the Trainer – Respect in the Workplace                     KB         Report/Study
                          Gary Petree
Planning—Commissions      Mayor’s Replacement of Planning Commission                       KB         Legal
                          Sid Hemsley                                                                 Opinion
Planning—Municipal            City of Fayetteville Strategic Plan                               KB      Report/Study
                              Ron Darden and Dana Deem
Police—Personnel              Law Enforcement Off-Duty Employment, or Moonlighting              KB      Legal
                              Melissa Ashburn                                                           Opinion
Public Works—Administration   City of Lawrenceburg Public Works Organization Review             KB      Report/Study
                              Ron Darden
Purchasing—Bids, Proposals    Restricting Bid Specifications to Name Brand Items                KB      Legal
and Specifications            Sid Hemsley                                                               Opinion
Budgets—Municipal—            City of Cleveland, Tennessee Annual Budget                        Molly   CD-ROM
Tennessee                     Cleveland
Eminent Domain—Laws and       Eminent Domain: A Handbook of Condemnation Law                    Molly   Book
Regulations                   ABA. Section of State and Local Government Law
Personnel—Employment          The Coming Jobs War                                               Molly   Book
                              Jim Clifton, Gallup Press
Statistics                    Statistics for Public Administration: Practical Uses for Better   Molly   Book
                              Decision Making
Statistics—Tennessee          Tennessee Vital Statistics 2008                                   Molly   Book
                              Tennessee. Dept. of Health

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