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									                                   Reading Journal/Chart

You will be responsible for keeping a reading journal that will be graded every 4 weeks.
It is your responsibility to keep up with your journal on a daily basis. The instructions for
your reading journal are listed below:
     1. Use the chart to determine the grade you would like for your journal. Remember
        the journal will count as 15% of your Language Arts grade.
     2. Once we have taken the STAR test and determined you reading level, you will
        read the required pages to receive the grade determined by the chart below.
     3. As you read, you will be required to write a journal once a week based on what
        you have read. You can spread the journal questions over the week or answer
        them all on one day.
     4. The journal questions are listed below as well.
     5. You must have read from at least three different genres every nine weeks.

       Grade               Pages per day             Pages/week              Pages/month
        A                   50 or more               250 or more             1000 or more
        B                     40-50                    200-250                 800-1000
        C                     30-40                    150-200                  600-800
        D                     20-30                    100-150                  400-600
         F                 Less than 20             Less than 100            Less than 400

Journal Reflection Questions

      Monday: Points that you found especially interesting in your reading, and would like to
       follow up in more detail.

      Tuesday: Questions that came up in your mind, because of points made in material
       you read on this topic.
      Wednesday: It's a good idea to reinforce your learning by trying to remember the
       main things you learned. Think "What were the three main points that were new to
       me, in the material I read today?" Write them down at the end of each chapter.
      Thursday: Anything that brings up memories or any prior knowledge you already
      Friday: Thoughts that aren't yet fully formed, but that you want to refine later. This
       could include your feelings about the book and your progress in it, and theories that
       are developing in your mind.
Use this chart to record your pages read for the day:

Month of September

Date     Title                                     Genre   Page #   Pages read   Total pages
Weekly Responses to record your journal refelctions

Week 1





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