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									Pearl Beach Neighbourhood Watch

                        Newsletter November 2011
Keep these phone numbers handy

Em e rg en c y                     (urgent police assistance
                                   incl. suspected crime in
                                                                 00 0

W o y W o y Pol i ce                                             43 7 97 3 99
Cr im e St opp e rs                (To give any information
                                   about any criminal activity
                                                                 18 0 0 3 33 0 0 0
                                   can be given anonymously)

Po li c e As s i st an ce L i ne   (To give any information      13 1 44 4
                                   about criminal activity)

Pearl Beach Neighbourhood Watch joins E yew atch project

Pear l Beach communit y neighbou rhood watch program is now part of the
EYEW ATCH PROJECT. The project is f ully supported by the New South
W ales Police Force and has the backing of the New Sout h W ales
Gover nment.

Neighbourhood W atch has now been mobilised through eye watch using
social net works and enable us the comm unit y the opportunit y to
participate with their local police in act i ve crime prevention init iative .

Through Eyewatch it presents an opportunit y f or us to represent Pear l
Beach residents via a social net work link to Brisbane W aters Police.
This will allow us to obtain on your behalf , up to date inf ormation on
incidents that have occurred in our neighbourhood . It provides an easy
way f or the community to Voice our concerns to police . W e can obtain
f eedback and, as a communit y, be part of the solution.

As the neighbourhood watch coordinat or I have been trained on the
social net work to voice any concerns that the communit y may have .
This enables us to participate in online 24/7 crime f orums and provide
accurate and up to date inf orma tion to ensure saf ety and securit y of our
unique small communit y.

This does not stop the fact that all crimes must be reported to Police!!!!! see contact
numbers above.

       Inf ormation of Crime Statist ics supplied via the area coordinators
        meeting 12/11201

Co-ordinator                                Cathy Talty                               4342 4578
Secretary                                   Peter Talty                               4342 4578
Local Crime Statisti cs for August & September

                    St e a li n g   Br eak an d
                                    en t er
Cor a l Cr es       1               1
P ear l B eac h                     1
Dri v e
G ar ne t Rd
Cr ys t a l A v e                   1

Residents should be war y of household cleanups lef t on the street .
Please mak e the necessar y arrangements with Council to collect your
rubbish as soon as possible. Please check with local council as the
owner s of the proper ty have access to a number of household cleanup
Recently some unwanted household goods lef t in the street were set on
f ire. This is an invitation to f irebugs who tragically see some per verse
f un in this act ivit y. This can cause loss of property, bushland , native
f lora and lives! This is a concern especially leading up to our bushf ire
Please also be war y of cars that might have suspiciously been lef t on
the street f or a period of time as they may be dumped. This happen ed
recently at the end of Coral Cres where a van had been set on f ire.
Report details to Police , see contact numbers at the top of news letter

New Years Eve
Council Rangers have stiff penalt ies f or any f ires on the beach at New
Years eve, note they will be patrolling the beach.

Some residents have had concerns with watercraf t saf ety issues at the
south end of Pearl Beach .
Please note if any watercraf t including Jet Skis are act ing in an unsaf e
way around swimmer s ( e.g. towing rubber wheels with person on ride)
they must be at least 60 meters off shore . This is stated in the maritime
rules and regulations .
The maritime ser vices marine patrols, contact is
Mark Reward 0418 460 294

Residential Tips
   Ensure your house is securely locked including windows .
   Cancel newspapers and redirect your mail or have it collected by
     a f riend
   Put pets into a boarding kennel or have f riends visit them of ten
   Tell neighbo urs or f riends to check on the house when you are
     away and advise who will be at the house legit imately - e.g.
     gardeners, pet minders
   Secure your garage or, if unable - move items such as bikes
     inside the house
   Consider secur i t y devices, including light timers etc.
   Do not leave cash in the house and locate jewelle r y in a saf e
   Ensure your lawn is cut, the propert y tidy and stop all deliver ies
Pearl Beach Neighbourhood Watch
      Avoid leaving the answer ing machine on and turn the phone
       volume down

Telephone scams
If you ar e taking time off work over the Christmas and New Year per iod,
you may f ind you receive scam calls on your home telephone. These
scams have been pr ominent over 2011 with scam callers claiming that
your computer is inf ected with a virus, of f e ring f ake governm ent
grants/compensat ion or seeking bank details in order to process a bank
f ee or tax ref und.

Part y Houses
The party season is he re and noise can become a problem please note
that the no ise regulations ar e as f ollows ;

Noise not to be hea r d in neighbour’s residence f rom 12pm midnight to
8.00am on Fr iday Saturday or any day pr oceeding a public holiday.
10.00pm to 8.00am on any other night

This is the last newsletter f or 2011 . It is ver y r ewar ding to f ind that the
Pear l Beach communit y hav e supported the Neighborhood W atch
program by reporting crime to police. If we don’t report the cr ime we will
go unnoticed.

May we wish you and your loved ones a Merr y Christmas and a ver y
happy and SAFE 2012.

Cathy & Peter Talt y

Your f eedback of inform ation is important to us, You can cont act us via
email . There is a mail box at the Pear l Beach
communit y hall wher e you can leave any wr itten concer ns address to
Neighborhood W atch.

Co-ordinator                        Cathy Talty                            4342 4578
Secretary                           Peter Talty                            4342 4578

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