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					                                                                                           Issue No.6

                         A busy but good start to a new school year!

Welcome to the new school session 2010-2011. We hope that you all had a good summer,
despite the weather conditions! The children and staff are certainly back to school in excellent
form, positive and determined to make the best of this forthcoming year. I’m pleased to welcome
all our new pupils and parents to our school and hope that they will soon feel ‘at home’.
experience we can for our pupils.
Yours sincerely
Mr Ian Clarke
Head Teacher

                                      End of Term Service

Last years Primary 7 children conducted a great End of Term Assembly and showed off their many
talents. By all accounts the now Secondary 1 pupils are doing very well in the Academy and look
forward to hearing more of them.


We welcomed Christine Blakely to our Nursery Staff. She was permanent transfer from Redmyre
with many years of experience.
We also welcomed back Nina MacDonald-Lewis who is covering for Mrs Smith while she is on
maternity leave. However the position has been advertised and the closing date is 11 th
I am also very pleased to inform you that on Friday 26th August I was appointed as the substantive
Head teacher for Fettercairn Primary. I am really pleased and I have thoroughly enjoyed the time I
have been here so far. I hope this continues.

                                     Contacting the school

If you have any queries, concerns, or have anything you feel you want to discuss regarding your
child please call or come in to make an appointment to see us. We are here to help you and your
All visitors must come in to school via the main entrance and Mrs Johnstone will be only
too willing to help.
Absences are recorded and, if we have not heard from you that your child will be off, it
is our duty to telephone to check that your child is indeed at home. Please keep your
child off school if they are not well enough to attend, no matter how much they want to come.
School is not a good place for children when they aren’t well. Remember too that if your child has
sickness / upset tummy then 48hrs must be left between the last bout and them returning to
school. This is to prevent other children from getting it.
                                 Environmental Studies Topics

This term the children will be using the following themes to gain skills and knowledge of the world
around them:-
Nursery      All about me/Harvest/Autumn
P1-3         Houses and Homes
P3-7         India

                                          Nursery News

The children who are returning as pre-school pupils have settled back into Nursery very well
indeed, as have our new pupils. Our ante pre-school children are in wide eyed at all that is on
offer and have made a positive start to the term. The staff have already built up a good knowledge
of their character, personality and ability. Not an easy task! We look forward to getting to know
them more as time goes on.
This tem they have already started Active from the start with help from our Active Sports Co-
ordinator, Derek Atkinson. They have had a visit from Childsmile. Over the next few weeks they
will have a visit to ALEC, the Librarian is coming in to see them and Buzzin Bees will be joining
them for story time. At the end of the term there will be opportunities for parents to attend the
nursery with the ‘Come to play’ sessions – so look out for more information!

                                   School Estate Consultation

Aberdeenshire have now launched the School Estate Consultation. The following link will take
you to the questionnaire on Survey Monkey:
The survey will be open until 30th September 2011. Paper copies will be sent to schools and
libraries to be made available to members of the public, and translations are available on request.

                                             Lining Up

We have changed how the children line up in the morning put them into their Sports teams and we
hope to make more of an emphasis on team work this Session. The children can win stars for
their teams and the winning team at the end of each month will get an extra playtime.

                                            New Carpet

           During the summer the school had a new carpet fitted in the corridor. It has really
           brightened up this part of the school but it is important that we try to keep it clean and
       tidy. So during periods of inclement weather the children may be asked to change into
       their PE shoes to help protect the new carpet.

               Aberdeenshire Life Education Centre Mobile Classroom (ALEC)

On Tuesday 13th September we have the ALEC Mobile Classroom visiting our school. This is a
resource which is sponsored by the Rotary and supported by Aberdeenshire Council and is all
about giving the children a different experience with regards to teaching them all about their
mental, emotional and physical health. Each class and Nursery have been allocated a time for
visiting the Mobile Classroom to learn or explore an aspect pertinent to their age and stage of
                                        School Lunches

         Please note the cost of school lunches is £1.85. Cheques should be made payable to
             Aberdeenshire Council.
              P4-7 pupils are encouraged to be independent and purchase these on arrival at
              school. P1-3 pupils who need a ticket/tickets will be guided through to purchase
            these at the start of the school day. If younger pupils have cheques in their ‘Home
packs’ the adults will see these and ensure the children get the tickets you request. Once a book
has been purchased please just put one ticket in each day with your child’s name on it.

                    Fettercairn Primary Parent Council – September 2011

                                 PARENT COUNCIL 2011/12
Further to our AGM I am pleased to advise the following Office Bearers for the Fettercairn Parent
                             Council for the school year 2011/12.
                                  Chair Person – Beth James
                                 Secretary – Gillian Saunders
                                    Treasurer – Dot Gordon
                   Contact details can be found at the end of the newsletter.

 This is the first year we have appointed a Sub-Committee to help organise fundraising events. I
would like to thank those who put their names forward at the AGM and hope that all parents whose
 children attend the school will provide them with the support that is required to make fundraising
                                       events a great success.
                               Fundraising Co-ordinator – Susan Dow
                                    Fundraising Sub Committee –
                     Sheila Cunningham, Lisa Gibbons Wood and Arlene Dickson.

                                           VICE CHAIR
We are currently looking to appoint a vice chair person for the school year 2011/12 to shadow the
current Chair Person with a view to taking on the role of Chair Person for the school year 2012/13
when Beth stands down. If anyone is interested in this role or would like more information please
      contact Beth James on 01674 840158 or by email on

                            CHAIR PERSONS ANNUAL REPORT 2010/2011
  The Parent Council is accountable to the Parent Forum of Fettercairn Parent Council and must
     provide a report at least once a year on parent council activities. Please find attached, as
instructed under Section 4.3 of the Constitution, a copy of the Chair Persons Annual Report for the
school year 2010/2011 for all parents to review. Any comments can be addressed directly to Beth
BONUS BALL: The bonus ball has been completed. The winners have been has follows.
          Week No Date of Draw Bonus                    Winner
                                          Ball No
          Week 1        21/05/11          5             Linzi Box
          Week 2        28/05/11          31            Emma Dalgetty
          Week 3        04/06/11          27            David Dalgetty
          Week 4        11/06/11          26            Beth James
          Week 5        18/06/11          31            Emma Dalgetty
          Week 6        25/06/11          31            Emma Dalgetty
          Week 7        02/07/11          6             Dot Gordon
          Week 8        09/07/11          39            Pete Box
          Week 9        16/07/11          30            Gillian Saunders
          Week 10 23/07/11                39            Pete Box
Congratulations to all of the above. We raised £240.00 for the school and the parent council
intend to do this fundraiser again soon so look out for further details and purchase your lucky
number. Good Luck!!

             afternoon and open afternoons have been a great success and we welcome any
             feedback from the parents/carers who attend. The next date is Wednesday 5th
             October. We meet in the adult lounge at the school. They are always at the same
             time of 1430 onwards, but the days do vary to allow working parents/carers flexibility
             to attend these meetings. They offer an opportunity to meet informally with other
parents for a coffee every four weeks and a visit to your child’s classroom once a term to see what
they have been working on. Please come along.

The Parent Council applied and were awarded two grants towards a notice board for
the playground. We are pleased to announce that the school is now in receipt of the
notice board and awaiting for it to be erected at the bottom of the playground by the
council. This will provide better communications with both the school, parents and
the local community. We will be holding a short ceremony on Wednesday 5th
October with local paper photographer and cutting of ribbon. Please look out for
details in homework packs.

Allan Dickson, a member of the parent council is fundraising for the school by entering into the
sportive-Kinross cycle challenge. There are 3 routes, 44 miles, 68 miles and 87 miles. Allan is
intending to enter the 68 mile cycle and if anyone would like to join him and enter a team to
fundraise for the school, please contact Allan directly on 07801255515. The Sportive-Kinross is
being held on 28th April 2012 and the opening date for entries is 1st October 2011. For further
information go to their website:

The Christmas Card Project is a fundraiser that the Parent Council organise. Pupils
draw Christmas pictures in school and the artwork is sent home to parents for
review. If you like the artwork you can place an order to have the artwork made into
Christmas cards. This is taking place in September and payment needs to be
received by Gillian Saunders via the School office by Friday 23 rd September.
Cheques should be made payable to “Fettercairn Parent Council”. Look out for
these in homework packs!!

                       SOUP N SWEET
                       Our annual big fundraiser will be held on Saturday 5th November this year
                       which will be organized by the Parent Council and the Nursery this year.
                       We will require lots of volunteers and supporters for this
                       event to work. We will also have a photographer at this
                       event – Klaudia Fedorowicz of KMAF photography,
Laurencekirk ( who will be available to take photos, family,
individual – your choice. We will be selling 15min slots at £5 per slot. Please put
this date in your diary and look out for details.

                    COOK BOOK
                    Another fundraiser that will be taking place this year is the Fettery Cook Book.
                    The previous edition was in 2009 when we collated a book of all the pupils’
                    favourite meals, from starters/mains/desserts to home bakes and it was a great
                    success. We would like to have this ready to sell at the soup n’ sweet so again
                    your support is much appreciated. If you have any recipes please send them
into the school but look out for further information in homework packs!!
BAG2SCHOOL: Bag2school is a free fundraising scheme established in 2001. The Parent
Council organise two collections per year for Bag2school of unwanted textiles and the
Parent Council receive £0.50 per kilo. Bags will go into the homework packs approx
two weeks prior to the collection with full details of what items they accept. Then all
you have to do is fill the bags with any unwanted items from your home/friends/family
etc and return filled bags to the adult lounge before the collection date. The next bag2school
collection will be 22nd November 2011. Another easy fundraiser as last year we raised £140, so
please support us!!

           BUZZZIN BEES GROUP: A group for Bumps, Babies and Bairns is held in the Adult
           Lounge. The group meets on a Wednesday morning from 10am - 11.30am. The
           cost is £1 for Parent/Toddler and £0.50 for Parent/Baby or Parent/Bump! Tea/Coffee is
           provided for the parents/carers and juice and snack are provided along with stories,
           singing and games. For more information please contact Amanda Wilson on 01561


                         DATE OF NEXT PARENT COUNCIL MEETING:

                                  The next meeting will be held on

                       Tuesday 4th October at 7pm in the Adult Lounge.

                                          ALL WELCOME.

If you would like a copy of the minutes from this meeting to be sent to you by email please contact
 Gillian Saunders with your email address. Alternatively there is always a copy of the minutes on
                         the Parent Council Notice board in the Adult Lounge
   If you are unable to attend the meetings or in the interim have any ideas, comments or queries
          please do not hesitate to contact Beth, Gillian, Dot or Susan on the details below.

 Beth James, Chair                              01674 840158

 Gillian Saunders, Secretary                    01561 340233

 Dot Gordon, Treasurer                          01561 377638

 Susan Dow, Fundraising Co-ordinator            01561 340485

                      ********************R E M E M B E R********************

                                    UNIFORM SWAP SHOP
 A uniform swap shop has been opened for school jumpers. If you have any old school jumpers
   which are in good condition you can either donate them to the swap shop or swap them for a
larger size. If you need a new school jumper but don’t have any to swap there is also a donation
                                box. Please contact Beth James.

                             MEARNS COMMUNITY BUS DRIVERS:
If you are interested in becoming a volunteer driver for organized school trips please contact Beth
                                       for more information.

                                    BACKCHAT NEWSLETTER
The SPTC (Scottish Parent Teacher Council) have a newsletter called “Backchat” which offers tips
  and ideas for activities and fundraisers as well as news from the Scottish Government and the
   latest consultations on education changes. There is an up to date newsletter on the Parent
  Council Noticeboard in the Adult Lounge or for an electronic version of back chat you can go to

                           REMEMBER EASY WAYS TO FUNDRAISE:

                                         NESTLE BOX TOPS
   We are still collecting nestle cereal box top tokens to purchase new resources for the school.
                                Collection box just outside school office

  Earn cash for us when you shop online, free and simple to use, over 2000 retailers – amazon,
ebay, Argos etc. Exclusive retailer voucher codes so you can save money when you shop. This is
   a really easy free way to donate to our funds through shopping online. Tell your friends and
  families too as the more members we have the more we make!! For more information go to:

                                       SEARCH THE WEB
 Use easysearch, a search engine instead of google you will raise funds for us with every search
you make. Just like easyfundraising it’s completely free to use. Check out our unique easysearch
    page at and use it every time you search the web.

                                     Out of School Activities

We are pleased to say that there will be a number of clubs being offered to the children this
Session. We are starting with a football club, Cross-Country running club and Young leaders for
the P6/7 with Mr Atkinson. The dance club has continued but on a Monday lunchtime.

The weekly after school club will be starting again after the Autumn holidays in Fettercairn Public
Library. This will take place on Monday at 3.30 – 4.30 during term time. The library is seeking a
volunteer to help with the running of this club. The volunteer would have to be PVG checked and
some paperwork would entail. If you are able to help please contact Catherine Macdonald-
Swankie at Fettercairn Library.

On Wednesday 5th October the Staff has planned a Parent Curricular Evening from 6pm – 7pm.
More details to follow.

                                           Water bottles

Just a reminder that the pupils are permitted to bring water bottles to school for use in the
classroom. Please make sure that the bottles are clearly labelled and that they are taken home
every evening to be cleaned.

                                     Adverse Weather leaflet

If you require an Adverse Weather Leaflet you can download an electronic copy from the
Aberdeenshire Council website which can be accessed
If you are unable to access the internet please contact Natalie Stewart, Communication Assistant
Education, Learning & Leisure,Tel: 01224 664428,Fax: 01224 664615

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