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History: Chapter 3, Lesson 5  The First Empires                      Period:
I. Answer each question in complete sentences.

1. How did Sargon maintain control over his empire?

       Sargon used force and an organized government to maintain control over his empire

2. How did Hammurabi organize the laws of Babylon?

       Hammurabi organized the laws of Babylon by changing unfair laws and making
       confusing laws clear.

3. What helped the Assyrians gain control of trade?

       Assyrians were able to gain control of trade with powerful new weapons.

4. How did Hammurabi show fairness in how he ruled?

       Hammurabi showed fairness in his code of laws and by sparing the lives of conquered

5. How can you tell Hammurabi believed he had approval of the gods?

       Hammurabi showed he believed that he had approval of the gods by saying the gods
       told him to rule with righteousness.

II. Write the number of the event on the line under the right time period

Empires Developed in Mesopotamia

2500B.C. *         2000BC    *         1500BC    *        1000BC        * *       500BC
      *2350BC            *1790BC         *1600BC                  *700BC      *609BC

       5                     2               4                     1              3

1. The Assyrian Empire rises to become the largest empire in the world at its time

2. Hammurabi conquers the region and forms the Babylonian Empire

3. The Assyrian Empire falls to its enemies and the New Babylonian Empire becomes

4. The Babylonian Empire is attacked by the Kassites and Hittites and eventually is ruled by
the Kassites

5. Sargon gains power and established the Akkadian Empire

III. Match the description to the appropriate group of people or person.

The Assyrians     Nebuchadnezzar      The Kassites       Sargon               Hammurabi

6. The Kassites    They adopted Babylonian laws, religion, and literature.

7. Hammurabi       Emperor of the Babylonian Empire - set up a code of 282 laws to
                   establish clear rules of fairness.

8. Nebuchadnessar        The Hanging Gardens of Babylon were constructed during his rule.

9. Sargon          He maintained rule by choosing loyal officials and keeping a large
                   standing army.

10. The Assyrians During their rule, they developed many innovations, such as building
                  paved roads and establishing a postal system.

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