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									                                                             the sheffield village

                    founded in 1939                                                                                              june 2007 edition

                                                                                                                                Planning on a little
        View from the Village Veep                                                                                              summer
        Greg Novak SVHOA Vice President
                                                                         Safety Committee Report
                                                                                                                                Ann D’Antonio SVHOA Plans Chair
        The big news from the past month is that                         We continue to have our monthly Safety
        Village Board Member Bill Jay has resigned                       Committee meetings the second Tuesday of
        not only from our Village Board but also from                    each month at 7 PM. In June, the meeting was           Summer is a great time for doing those
        his position as Chair of the Park’s Committee,                   held in Deni Hodges’ home on Marlow. At the            little odd jobs around the house, fixing
        as he and his wife Madeline are moving from                      meeting, which was attended by about 12                the gutter, etc. However, if you are
        the Village. Bill and Madeline were long-time                    Villagers, Brenda Ivy, Neighborhood Watch              planning to build any new structure or
        Village residents and raised their family in our                 Coordinator     for   the    Oakland    Police         change an existing structure (anything
        beautiful neighborhood. I speak for all Board                    Department, gave a 45-minute presentation on           from a fence to a porch or an addition
        members and I’m sure many, many Villagers                        how to have an organized Neighborhood Watch            to your home) you need to get
        when I say “Good luck. You will both be                          Group and then spent 20-minutes answering              permission from our Home Owners'
        missed!”                                                         many questions. Her many helpful tips on               Association Board of Directors. Please
                                                                         protecting yourself and your loved ones from           consult your copy of the CC&R's first,
        Bill Jay’s resignation could be a great                          crime made this a very informative meeting.            to apprise yourself of the general
        opportunity for you! We are now looking for                      I’ve included some of my favorite tips below.          guidelines, then submit your plans in
        his replacement on the Village Board of                          The Committee’s next meeting is scheduled for          writing and with a sketch to the Plans
        Directors and as Park’s Committee Chair. No                      July 10 (more specifics will be forthcoming on         Chair, Ann D'Antonio at 115
        experience needed - just the ability to attend                   the meeting location, as the date draws near,          Covington Street. The Plans Chair will
        one 1-hour meeting each month to help shape                      due to the clubhouse remodel). If you are              bring the plans to the Board to be voted
        our cherished Village! Anyone interested can                     interested in attending, please email Deni at          on and approved or denied at the next
        email a note of interest or inquiry to:                , and look for updates           meeting. Now that we are a designated, or call                      on the Yahoo Group, SheffieldWatch (see                Historical District, if your plans require
        510.472.4770. Or, you can attend our next                        below). All Village residents are welcome.             a building permit from the City, then
        Board meeting on June 27 at 7:30 p.m. at the                     Thank you Deni for hosting the first                   they also require approval from the
        Lake Chabot Golf Course (11450 Links Road,                       Neighborhood Watch meeting and for Brenda              Historical Board, as well as from our
        Oakland).                                                        for taking time to meet with us! We’re off to a        Board. Thanks for your cooperation,
                                                                         great start!                                           SVHOA                              Board.

                                                                     REMEMBER:                                                          ***change of
Safety Tips of the Month

                           * Many burglars aren’t professionals, so simple things like having an alarm system installed or                  place:
                           a barking dog can cause them to leave your home alone.
                           * Make sure your address is clearly visible from the street, especially at night. This will assist
                           in faster emergency responses.                                                                                next
                           * Always leave a front light on at night. Even a low wattage bulb might keep a criminal away.           board meeting at
                           * Keep all perimeter landscaping and bushes well trimmed, especially around windows and
                           doors to prevent burglars from having a place to hide.
                                                                                                                                  the chabot golf course
                           * NEVER open your door to someone you don’t know. Call out and/or use your “peep” hole
                           when someone knocks.                                                                                      11450 Golf Links Rd.
                           * Keep ladders, tools, even BBQ utensils locked up and out of site when not in use. Burglars
                           will often use these to help them break in.                                                                     wed,
                           * Remember your home is only as secure as its weakest point. Criminals only need one
                           unlocked window or door to get in. Lock all windows and doors every time you leave your                       june 27,
                           home, even if you’re only going to be gone a short while.
                           * If you hear a helicopter at night, turn on all of your exterior lights.
                                                                                                         Continued on page 2             7:30 p.m.
                                                                  1                                        june 2007
       Village Notes                    Continued from front
      Open Board Position
                                        The helicopter is most likely looking for a criminal and your lights could help them catch the suspect!
The board appreciates Bill Jay          * Don’t let your house look vacant when you’re away. When going out of town, arrange with a trusted
for all of his leadership as            neighbor or friend to collect your newspapers and mail to keep your home looking “lived in.” If possible,
our Parks Chair as well as his          ask them to move your garbage cans on the scheduled days and turn lights on and off. Have them park a
volunteer work monitoring the
development of the open space
                                        car in your vacant driveway.
hills. We are sad to announce           * The police ask that you report anyone or anything suspicious to them right away.
that Bill Jay has found a new           * Last but not least: GET TO KNOW YOUR NEIGHBORS—who lives here and who doesn’t!
home and has moved to Berkeley,
which leaves the Parks Chair            Also, remember that for emergencies always call “9-1-1”; however, for those who are not aware, if you
position open. We would like            call “9-1-1” from a cell phone, the call goes to the California Highway Patrol and not directly to the
anyone interested in the open           Oakland Police Department. OPD’s Cell Phone Direct Access Emergency Number is (510) 777-3211. I
position to attend the next             encourage everyone to program this last number into your cell phones. The Oakland Police
board meeting where we hope to          Department’s Non–Emergency Number is (510) 777-3333.
fill the vacancy.
                                          As for recent crime, there was some reported in the past few weeks, all on Revere. Two vehicles were
                                          broken into on upper Revere sometime in the early morning of May 31. A suspicious looking pick-up
Hello Upper Revere and Cranford         truck was spotted in the area at 3:30 AM. The following week someone made early morning “donuts” in
                                             each intersection along lower Revere. Please remember to report criminal or suspicious activity
It's time for our Pledge Break.         immediately, however insignificant it may seem, to your Block Captain and to the police using either the
If you live on Upper Revere and                                       emergency or non-emergency numbers above.
Cranford, you get your Crier
for free, unless ,that is, you            Still the best way to learn about the goings on in the Village is by joining the FREE Yahoo Group. To
make   a   "donation"  to   the            join please go to: “” remember, there is no “www”
Sheffield Village Homeowners'            there. You can also send me a quick email at and I’ll send you an
Association. Your support in              invitation to join. As the group is only open to Village homeowners and residents, please include your
the   past    has   been   much
appreciated. This year mail
                                                                          name and address in your email request.
your donation to 3032 Roxbury            Our best crime prevention is by all of us joining together to use our eyes and ears to help Oakland P.D.
Ave. Oakland, 94605. Thank You.                              stop crime in our area. Hope to see you at our next meeting!
                   --Steve Murphy

We invite all families and          356-417 Marlow                            200-245 Covington                     3120-3220 Revere
                                    Jill Warner: 430-9097                     Susanna Oto: 638-5097                 Carole DeLozier: 635-2741
 their children to meet at                                                        
the Sheffield Village Park
 at 2pm on Wed July 4th             332-351 Marlow-3075 Brookfield            250-287 Covington                     3223-3378 Revere
                                                                              John and Peggy Caruso: 635-9473       Barbara Greenwood: 568-5840
      for a July 4th                Nancy and Peter Lemcke: 568-4763,
 Neighborhood Parade.                                                                                               3400-3500 Revere
 We will begin the parade           301-331 Marlow-3210 Roxbury               301-351 Covington                     VOLUNTEER NEEDED
                                                                              Mark Muller: 632-4951
at 2:15 from the park and           Jim and Donna Nelson: 562-0987
                                                                                       Cranford Way
 end there (whenever we                                                                                             Gail Rapple: 638-4835
                                                                              3001-3064 Brookfield
  do) for popsicles and a           260-281 Marlow                            Rick Jones: 638-3671        
water balloon toss. For the         Mike Hamer: 639-1964            
Parade, feel free to bring
                                                                              2-14 & 30 Marlow, 3000-3037 Middleton
   wagons, bikes, flags,            230-257 Marlow                            A.J. McClinton: 729-7092
      streamers and                 Leealyn and George Brandt: 562-5357                                             Marlow Apartments
                                                                                          VOLUNTEER NEEDED
 noisemakers. We plan on
                                                                              3038-3177 Middleton
  walking on the sidewalk           201-227 Marlow                            Gale Grunert: 635-2085
from Marlow to Revere to            Joanna Lee and Larry Churchill 568-5461 and              SheffieldWatch Moderator:
                                          Tom Scott: 639.5503                   James Nolte: 568-0447,
Covington to Roxbury back                                                      and
        to Marlow.                  123-188 Marlow                                                        
                                    Deni Hodges: 569-7118                     32-44 Danbury
                                                  NEED VOLUNTEER
  We invite all adults to
 cheer us on as we parade           54 Covington-81-122 Marlow                2-27 Danbury-3051-3067 Revere
   through the Village.             Tim Herron: 577-9652                      Jackie Meier: 638-7279
Contact Joey or Kathryn if                                          
 you have any fun ideas or          100-144 Covington                         2901-3046 Revere
       want to help.                Lita and Gary Flinders: 562-8867          VOLUNTEER NEEDED
                                                                              3000-3068 Roxbury or          147-191 Covington-3079 Revere             Rich Palmer: 635-5587          Diane Russell: 638-9595         
                                                                                block captains
                                             2                                    june 2007
                                                                                           Message Board
  Steve Butler, the Board Member (Parks Chair) who made sure that the              FOR SALE IN VILLAGE
        tennis court was built and on budget, passed away in June.                 Comfortable overstuffed leather chair. Chair is
                                                                                   brown, 31"L x 34"W x 35"H. $195. Please call 510-
               We extend our sympathies to his wife Mary.                          568-1391.
                                                                                 for sale
                                                                                   2 "babyproofing" grates for the original Village
                               Thank you                                           floor furnaces. I built them to keep our son from
           Volunteers clean up Foothill Way and Fire Trail                         burning himself, and while they have done their job
A group of Village volunteers removed litter and over growth on Foothill           they are looking for a new home. I just want to
                                                                                   cover the materials cost, about $20 each.
Way and then mowed and weedwacked the Covington Circle and firetrail.
                                                                                   Call 510-903-1856 or email
  Both areas are looking much better now. Thank you A.J. McClinton,
  Joshua McClinton, Dan Martin, Jack Martin, Tom Davis, Tom Rute,
                                                                                   searching for a new home
         Mickey Waldear, Benton Russell, and Steve Murphy.                         Eighteen year Sheffield Village resident needs a new
                                                                                   home to rent and wants to stay here. Outstanding
                                                                                 rental history and references. Please call 510-635-
                                                                                   7585 and leave a message for Mike.
                        Congratulations, Mollie!
  The Sheffield Village Homeowner’s Association recognized graduating              village home wanted to rent
senior, Mollie Lyman, at the San Leandro High School Senior Recognition            Senior renter looking for affordable single-family
                      Night with a $200 scholarship.                               home. Great credit and references. Non-smoker, no
                                                                                  pets. Contact 351-7850.
                                                                                   yoga cd for beginners
                                                                                   Experience Deni's unique body awareness exercise,
                              Get Well Art                                         gently guided yoga poses (called "asanas"), a
       Art Meier is at home recuperating after a brief hospital stay.              relaxation sequence, and loving affirmations in the
                                                                                   comfort of home with her new audio CD for beginning
                                                                                   yoga practitioners. A limited number of copies of
                                                                                   this hour-long CD, complete with original
                                                                                   soundtrack, are available to Villagers for just $10
                                                                                   each. Give the gift of yoga for the new year! Call
         Recreation Center Update                                                  Deni Hodges, 569.7118, for more information.

         **Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Building Upgrade                  petsitting & dogwalking Petsitting and Dogwalking
         On April 3 the Oakland City Council voted to award a Construction         service right in your own neighborhood! For more
         Contract to Rockridge Builders to bring the Sheffield Village
                                                                                   information (Services, Availability etc.), please
                                                                                   visit or e-mail
         Recreation Center into compliance with ADA guidelines.
                                                                          or simply call for your
                                                                                   advance bookings at 553-0129.
         ADA grant money and Councilperson Larry Reid will provide funding
         for the project.                                                          babysitter I am 15 yrs. old and am a Sheffield
                                                                                   Village resident. I have done a lot of babysitting
         **Sewer Replacement                                                       in the Village and can provide references. Please
         In addition to the building upgrade, Oakland’s Public Works Agency        contact Kristie Grunert
         (PWA) has replaced the sewer line from the building to the street         at 635-2085.
         sidewalk. PWA plans to replace the sewer line under the street at a
         later date. This project was added to the building upgrade to alleviate   tutor/babysitter available Experienced, energetic,
         a well known problem with sewer lines in this community.                  and versatile Village college-grad available on
                                                                                   flexible schedule to tutor, baby-sit, plan
         **Building Upgrade E-Mail List                                            activities. Please contact Jennifer 326-6561 or
         If you would like to be kept current on this project, please send me an
         e-mail titled: Sheffield Village Recreation Center Upgrade Project

         I will develop an e-mail list and notify interested community members        Contact the editor to submit classifieds/events/editorial
         as dates are set and provide progress reports as they become                     by Saturday of the second week of the month.

         Please contact me at (510) 867-0702 or
         Kevin McTighe                                                                                   FYI: The Crier
                                                                                              will not run messages from the prior
                                                                                           month without the requestor notifying the
                                                                                                        Editor. Thanks.

                                                    3                                 june 2007

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