How to Survive the Zombiepocalypse: by JS15NU


									                   How to Survive the Zombiepocalypse:
                   Books to help prepare for the inevitable.
                   Zombies might have once been your friends and family, but now
                   they only crave your brains. These books were handpicked aid in
                   surviving Z-Day and to keep the living entertained while locked
                   in emergency shelter.

The Zombie Survival Guide (2003) by Max Brooks
This “non-fiction” primer gives a “how to “of zombie survival including tales from survivors and a“history” of zombie
attacks that have been quelled. Far from dry, this book is great to read as need “arises” or all the way through.
World War Z (2006) by Max Brooks
Unique in its interview and testimonial style with “firsthand accounts” of the tragedy occurring throughout the world, this “non-fiction” book is really
many stories tied into one chronology, and it is the many voices of the survivors who are still fighting the biggest war that make this book a true
The Rising by (2004) Brian Keene
A harrowing tale of a father trying to reach his son through thousands of miles of undead. This story has interesting characters along with some of the
classic elements of a good zombie tale, a road trip, and crazy survivors battling for power. Keene’s writing style drives the story powerfully forward
through the powerful emotions of the characters.
Undead: Zombie Anthology (2005) edited by D. L. Snell, Elijah Hall, Brian Keene
23 tales that explore zombies from every angle and genre imaginable spanning sci-fi, humor, philosophy and classic horror. There are a broad range of
settings, scenarios and characters, sometimes the Undead are even the truly superior beings and humans are just a food source. A great way to get
beyond the pitfalls the over used ideas in some Zombie fiction.
Down The Road: A Zombie Horror Story (2006) by Bowie Ibarra and Travis Adkins
This book has the classic George Romero world elements. The main character is a mild mannered teacher who transforms for the road trip home. The
plot is driven by extremely graphic violence and gore and moves at a fast pace. This is truly a read for the typical zombie genre fan.
Monster Island: A Zombie Novel (2006) by David Wellington
Set in an elaborate post-zombiepocalpytic world controlled by zombie masters, this fast-paced book takes place on Manhattan, where everyone is a
zombie. But, a couple of zombies have retained their intelligence and gained psychic powers. A lot of gore, philosophy, and dark humor permeate this
novel and the second in the promised trilogy “Monster Nation.”
Dying To Live (2007) by Kim Paffenroth
Jonah Caine ends up in a museum with a band of survivors and most of the plot surrounds how they came to be there. Written by a theologist, this book
explores fully the philosophies of life and death, and takes its time unfolding the story more than others of the genre.
Dead City (2006) by Joe C. McKinney
The story of a cop who is called to the scene of a gang fight that turns out to be the beginning of the Zombiepocalypse, which McKinney explores with
an original voice and attention to detail. Induces terror in its realistic police procedural telling from the get go, and an urban Texas setting seems the
perfect place to set it off.
Rise and Walk (2007) by Gregory Solis
This book has the classic zombie survivors trying to stay that way plot, but with a twist. This book focuses a lot of the characterization on the people
these zombies used to be. This book is also unique in that it is a Young Adult title, something for the kiddies! Though one review did warn that the level
of gore was high for a YA read.
Day By Day Armageddon (2005) by J.L. Bourne
One man struggles against the zombie hordes in a post zombiepocalypse world, the most classic of all Romero-esque tales. Except this one is told
painstakingly through the journal of the main character. This book satisfies the purist who wants a classic shambling zombie tale, and the eccentric who
wants to explore the zombie themes in a different way. The epistle format showcases this man’s struggles -both day to day survival and internal.
Autumn (2005) by David Moody
A virus is spreading throughout England and the world and billions of people die within the course of a day. The handful of survivors wishes they were
dead not long after when all those who didn’t make it get up and start to attack.. It sounds pretty classic, but the focus is on the survivors experience in
a small somewhat sheltered space. Because this book is more about the human condition the pace is slower than most zombie tales and the plot doesn’t
rely as much on the thrilling gore elements of the zombie genre.This book is slated to be adapted to film sometime soon and it should be an interesting
adaptation for the new breed of zombie movies.
Deadlands (2005) Scott Johnson
Different in setting than most post Zombiepocalypse books as all the survivors live underground. This story follows two sibling survivors of a terrible
war that scorched the earth and created undead “rotters” who roam the Earth. This energetic and action-packed read is the tale of something even
worse to come.
The Walking Dead (Graphic Novel Series 2004-2006) by Robert Kirkman
This series follows the chronicles of a police officer who was shot and wakes up in an undead world. The dialogue in the book and the stark black and
white artwork give this book a realistic feel. And there is a strong focus on character transformation as they struggle to not just survive, but embrace
the new world.
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