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                                                                                                                                  Spring 2 • 2010 • Issue Number 2


Year 11 Visit Paris

Arabian Nights
Success in the community
Music Awards
Sonny’s Tricks
Technology College News
Primary Schools

Stretton in the snow
GCSE Creative Writing
                                 PARIS STUDY VISIT
                                  YEAR 11 - MATHS DEPARTMENT                        It was great to learn about 4D with The           In the evening, we received awards for our
Hockey Success                                                                      Cube at Grande Arche de la Defense – it is        successes. Rob Higgins won an award for
                                  Forty four Year 11 students had a fantastic 4
Haiti                             day trip to Paris. Our first visit was to La      an incredible structure. The lift up to the top   his determination to overcome his fear of
Sports Success                    Villette Maths Exhibition. The exhibits           was exciting (& a little bit scary). The view     heights, having been to the top of The Cube
                                  showed how interesting Maths is. Maths is         from the roof was amazing as we looked            & up The Eiffel Tower. Jezz Foster led us all
                                  everywhere & combines with so many other          down on the whole of Paris.                       in singing “Happy Birthday” to Mrs
                                  subjects. We learned about maps with              The Seine river cruise was cool. It is a          Hammond.
                                  different projections, fractals, lots of motion   fantastic way to see Paris. It was nice to        We had great fun at Disneyland Paris.
                                  work & probability experiments.                   learn a little bit about the history. Everybody   Indiana Jones & the Tea Cups were popular
                                  The Pythagoras demonstration using liquids        waved to us. One old man threw his hat in         rides, but the best was Space Mountain. It
                                  on the 3 squares formed from the sides of         the air and caught it so we gave him a            was probably the fastest too, although it was
                                  the right angled triangle was really cool.        massive cheer as he bowed.                        difficult to estimate the distance travelled in
                                                                                    At the Pei Pyramid, outside the Louvre,           the dark to do any speed calculations!
                                  The awesome 3D coordinates four in a row
                                  game used z as the third axis from the            some of us were close to estimating the           Stan the driver said that we are the best
                                  normal x & y. Matt Evans learned the hard         correct number of glass panels. The idea that     behaved group he’s ever taken in his 13
                                                                                    there are 666 panels was mentioned in the         years of being a bus driver. That was nice to
PTA News                          way that 3D diagonals are allowed, by
                                  losing his game with Mrs Tziros. We had           Da Vinci Code. We checked this using our          know. We think it is probably true & not just
Notice Board                      lots of discussion about matching graphs to       knowledge of triangular numbers on each of        something he says to everyone!
Dates For Your Diary              the height of liquids in six different shaped     the four faces.                                   Thank you to Mr Charles, Mrs Hammond,
CSNews                            containers as they each filled up with the        The views from The Eiffel Tower were              Mr McKinnon, Mrs Lavender and Mrs
                                  same volume of water. The Turbulent               amazing. It was fantastic to see all of Paris     Tziros for organising and taking us on this
                                  Fountain gave us an interesting insight to        lit up. Those of us that had been up before       amazing Maths trip.
                                  Chaos Theory.                                     agreed that it is much better at night.                        Official Photographer: Olivia Bryant

                                  Year 9 Visit to Coalbrookedale
                                  During Year 9 all students study the Industrial Revolution. To support this we went on a trip to Coalbrookdale - the home of the
                                  Industrial Revolution. The trip was supposed to start at the famous Iron Bridge, but because the area was flooded we went straight to
                                  the iron museum & learned about the furnace - how pig iron was made by smelting it with coke. We saw some of the more eccentric
                                  pieces made of iron such as an iron table, with iron dogs sat in a begging position as legs (very weird!).
                                  We then went on to Blists Hill for a closer look at our history. Beginning with a walk along the canal, we watched a steam engine
                                  moving along a few metres of track. We visited an old, small Victorian church for the poor and looked around tiny Victorian houses
                                  that had pigs in the back gardens.
                                  At the end of the day we had the opportunity to wander around many of the Victorian shops including the candle makers, the bakery
                                  and the chemists. (The chip and sweet shop proved extremely popular!). Tired, muddy and chewing liquorice roots we journeyed back
                                                                                                                                          st  nd    rd,
                                  to school. This trip was very enjoyable; especially Blists Hill and learning about the Abraham Derbys’ 1 , 2 and 3 and their impact
                                  on the whole world.
                                                                                                                                                   Molly Armstrong 9V

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