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					                                 RPA Planning Group Meeting
                                14 December 2011, 8.30 – 10.30
                                    Future House, Room 6

     Attendees:    Chris Morton, Bradford Confederations
                   Maggie Peel, LA Children’s Services (Chair)
                   Debbie Forsythe-Conroy, Bradford College
                   Steve Hooton, Shipley College
                   Darren Cooley, Buttershaw BEC & South Confederation
                   James Purdie, LA Children’s Services
                   Jenny Cryer, Prospects
                   Kerr Kennedy, Young Lives Bradford
                   John McDermott, CCIS
                   Bev Moxon, National Apprenticeship Service
                   Heather Whitehead, Keighley Campus LCC
                   Angela Taylor, LA Children’s Services
                   Kay Bottomley, LA Children’s Services
                   Fozia Uddin, LA Children’s Services
                   Lyndsey Brown, District PRU
                   Joanne Finn, Aspire-i
                   Kim Chambers, Christopher Paul Training & WYLP
     Apologies:    Richard Humphries, Buttershaw BEC & South Confederation
                   Nicki Flynn, Three Valleys Partnership
                   Lin Fawcett, South Bradford Vocational Centre
                   Steve Mulligan, Central Confederation
                   Matt Findull, LA Children’s Services
                   Phil Hunter, LA Children’s Services
                   Chris Kelly, University of Bradford

 Item                                          Notes                                       Action
1.        Welcome and Apologies

2.        Minutes of the meeting 15 November
           DfE has issued ‘KS4 and KS5 Destination Measures’. Matt Findull will cross
             reference this with the proposed PIs for this group to see whether any have     MF
             been missed.
           The Bradford4Learning website needs to support all activity, and a number
             of groups need to be aware of this, including elected members, head
             teachers and the T&A. Jenny Cryer will discuss with Matt.                     MF & JC
           Messages need to go out to Confederation Management Groups and there
             needs to be an RPA lead person in each school. Darren Cooley and
             Richard Humphries are working on this in South Confederation but there
             has been no response yet from the other two confederations. Maggie Peel         MP
             will chase this up.
           All other action points have been completed.

3.        School RPA Strategy
           Darren Cooley and Jenny Cryer met and agreed a two tier approach to
             getting RPA messages out in schools.
           1st tier:
         Assembly powerpoint to go out to all schools. Connexions PAs will help with
         Y10 ad Y11 assemblies where it is delivered.
         Letters to parents
         Message that can go on all schools’ websites
        2nd tier:
         A set of lessons fully resourced, based on the Prospectus. Jenny will meet        DC & JC
         with Darren Cooley to discuss this.
         The creation of a central point to share resources.
        Daren will meet with South Bradford schools to mock up resources. Other             DC
         schools can then develop their own based on these.
        Issue of whether staff are aware of RPA. They should become aware
         through the student resources.
        Darren has also developed a proposal to get students to buy in: a district-
         wide competition to make a 90 second video selling RPA to young people
         their own age. They could write a script or make a storyboard. The winner’s
         video is made and used to publicise RPA. Partners to consider whether they
         could offer the prize of making the video, or what the costs would be               All
        Darren will call a meeting in January for all schools’ IAG Leads to explain all
         these activities.                                                                 DC & JC
        Funding will be required. Maggie Peel to include this is the RPA Report
         going to Confederation Executive in January. Funding for posters, letters and
         the video competition will be needed.                                               MP

4.   Bradford Learning Offer Statements
      Final versions have now been prepared and need to go to schools, initially,           MP
        with a request to put it on the schools’ VLEs, parents’ communications, etc.
      The staff statement will go out as a LA briefing.                                     MP
      FE leads will disseminate the statements to staff as CPD.                           DFC, SH
                                                                                            & HW
5.   Targeted Support Action Plan
      Lyndsey Brown introduced the Targeted Support Action Plan.
      Needs to start with data, which Lyndsey will be discussing with Matt Findull
        and John McDermott.
      This work stream is particularly dependent on other work steams and other
        agencies. Some groups of young people are small and hard to reach, but
        nevertheless important. Across all ages there are 100 in social care that need
        to come back into Bradford, including 57 in residential, also 300 in elective
        home education. Young carers are self logged with Carers Resource, there are
        likely to be many more than are known about. Lyndsey and Kay Bottomley will        LB & KB
        work on which groups of young people should be identified within the RPA
        work and who has responsibility for them.
      Then need to identify how to reach these groups. There may be funding
      Lyndsey and Kay will complete the current version of the Action Plan. The LA        LB & KB
        and schools must ensure that CEIAG is available to these young people.
      CCIS is seen by government as key. It will need to be used for these
        vulnerable groups.
      The accepted definition of vulnerability is moving to being about young
        people’s circumstances rather than about their behaviour.
      The need for these young people to be in education or jobs with training will be
        particularly demanding for some of these groups, many of whom just want a
6.   RPA Self Assessment Tool
      The group went through the Assessment Tool and agreed the scores for
       Bradford, which had been previously proposed by the work stream leads.
       Maggie will update and circulate it.                                               MP
      Provision was upgraded as the group thought that transition into provision
       was more of an issue than a lack of provision.
      The Assessment Tool will be considered at the Yorkshire & Humber
       Learning Visit on January 17th, which will be attended by James Purdie,          JC, JP &
       Jenny and Maggie.                                                                  MP

7.   RPA Monthly Report
      John McDermott presented the monthly RPA Report.
      Now tending to use ‘non participation’ rather than NEET.
      When calculating non participation, Y13 need to drop off the data base on         JMcD
       their 18th birthday. The programme needs adjusting to reflect this.
      Definitions of not active NEET and LDD were clarified.

8.   BRONI
      John McDermott presented papers about the Bradford Risk of NEET
       Indicator (BRONI).
      It is based on crystal reports from CCIS and is a tool for practitioners,
       producing a BRONI score showing the risk of individual young people or
       groups of young people becoming NEET.

9.   AOB
      DfE Participation strategy is still due by the end of December. It will be for
       ages 16-24. (N.B published 16/12/11 and attached with these minutes)               MP
      The RPA Planning Group meetings in January and March have been moved
       to different dates because they clashed with Confederation Executive.

     Dates of Meetings:
     NB: dates in red are changes to those previously issued.
     Thursday 26 January 2012, 8.30-10.30, Future House, Room 6
     Tuesday 21 February, 8.30-10.30, Future House, Room 6
     Tuesday 27 March, 8.30-10.30, Future House, Literacy Room
     Tuesday 24 April, 8.30-10.30, Future House, Room 6
     Tuesday 22 May, 8.30-10.30, Future House, Room 6
     Tuesday 19 June, 8.30-10.30, Future House, Room 6
     Tuesday 10 July, 8.30-10.30, Future House, Room 6

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