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									                                 2013 Undergraduate Research Abroad Grants
                                           Office of Undergraduate Research
                                             Bridgewater State University

Call for Proposals: Undergraduate Research Abroad Grants for Winter Intersession or Summer 2013
Each Undergraduate Research Abroad Grant supports one tenured or tenure-track faculty/librarian mentor and three
or four undergraduate students for a three-week research or creative project conducted outside the United States at
one of BSU’s partner institutions.
The grants are administered by the Office of Undergraduate Research with funding from the Adrian Tinsley Program, the
Minnock Center for International Engagement, and the Shea Scholarship. One or two UR Abroad grants are available for
the winter intersession (December 2012/January 2013), and two or three are available for summer (May/June 2013).
The number of grants funded is dependent on the number of proposals received and the total cost of airfare.

Deadlines for Proposals
For Winter Intersession (December 2012/January 2013): October 1, 2012
For Summer (May/June 2013): February 4, 2013

Locations for UR Abroad
Several of BSU’s international partner institutions are able to host a UR Abroad team (one faculty/librarian mentor and
three or four undergraduate students) from any discipline(s) to conduct research or creative work at and around their
Belize: The Belize Ministry of Education in Cayo
Cambodia: Pannasastra University in Phnom Penh
Cape Verde: University of Cape Verde
China/Hong Kong: Beijing Jiaotong University, Hong Kong Institute of Education, or Shanghai Normal University
Ecuador and/or Galapagos Islands: Universidad de San Francisco in Quito
England: Manchester Metropolitan University
Ireland: University of Limerick
Israel: Haifa University
Japan: Kansai University in Osaka or Wakayama University in Wakayama
Jordan: Yarmouk University in Irbid
Links to information about the universities are located on the Division of External Affairs’ webpage: BSU’s exchange agreements with Pannasastra
University in Cambodia, the University of Cape Verde, and Yarmouk University in Jordan are particularly well developed
for UR Abroad teams from most disciplines. Faculty/librarians interested in UR Abroad at BSU’s other partner
institutions can work with BSU’s Center for International Engagement to identify contacts in their discipline.
Faculty/librarians with a strong connection to a university outside the U.S. that does not have a formal partnership
agreement with BSU are also welcome to propose a UR Abroad experience at that institution. In such a case, the
faculty member or librarian should schedule a meeting with Michael Kryzanek, Executive Director of International
Engagement (, and Jenny Shanahan, Director of Undergraduate Research
(, before developing a proposal.

Undergraduate Research Abroad Grants cover airfare, university/hostel housing and most meals for each participant for
up to 21 days, plus stipends of $1,200 for each student and $1,700 for the faculty/librarian mentor. The students are
also reimbursed up to $300 each for research expenses, such as academic supplies and books, admission to museums or
other research sites, and/or ground transportation to those research sites. Funds for sightseeing and touring the country
are not provided, although UR Abroad participants usually take a few days off of research during the three weeks for
excursions at their own expense.
Expectations of Mentors and Students in the UR Abroad Program
The faculty/librarian mentor selects three or four students for the project before submitting the proposal. The students
may be full- or part-time BSU undergraduates with at least 12 credits completed at BSU. They must be in good academic
standing and be able to work exceptionally well both independently and collaboratively. The faculty mentor should
know each student personally and trust that they would be excellent representatives of BSU with international partners,
open to new experiences, adaptable to changes that might arise in international travel and in research/creative work,
and capable of being away from home for three weeks. Each of the students must be returning to BSU as an
undergraduate for at least one semester after the trip.
Mentors in the UR Abroad program must be full-time, tenured or tenure-track faculty/librarians. Experience in the
country to which they are traveling is not necessary, though language skills are preferred in China and Japan, where
employing a full-time translator is difficult. Mentors must travel with the students on every leg of the trip and be
reachable by the students by cell phone at all times. Ideal candidates have demonstrated success in mentoring
undergraduate researchers and some experience in traveling with students (e.g., to a conference or on a Study Tour).
During the three weeks abroad, the students work approximately 40 hours a week on their projects—individually and/or
as a group—guided by or in collaboration with the faculty/librarian mentor. Preparatory reading and meetings with the
mentor during the semester before the trip, as well as writing or other work afterward, should be factored in to the
project. Students are required to have a product, such as an essay or other appropriate outcome, by the end of the
semester following the trip. They are expected to share their work with the campus community by presenting at BSU’s
Undergraduate Research Symposium and submitting a manuscript to BSU’s Undergraduate Review: A Journal of
Research and Creative Work. They are also eligible for Conference Travel Grants to cover the cost of presenting at a
regional or national conference, such as NCUR.

Submitting a Proposal
To apply for the grant, please fill out the UR Abroad Grant application form and submit it with a narrative proposal
(approximately 2-3-pages, single-spaced) electronically to Kathy Frederick in the Office of Undergraduate Research
( Proposals will be reviewed and ranked by members of the UR Advisory Board’s Faculty
Development Committee. Notifications will be sent within two weeks of each submission deadline.
Proposals should include the following elements:
    Explanation of what the students will be doing while abroad, including their methodology or process, and a
       statement of the goals of the research/creative work;
    Context of what the students already know about the topic and/or what they have completed in relation to the
       project; (i.e., How does the UR Abroad project build on students’ coursework or other academic experiences?)
    Demonstration of the commitment to this UR Abroad experience by three or four undergraduate students, and
       a statement by the mentor about their preparedness for the work and for international travel;
    Explanation of how the site chosen for UR Abroad suits this particular project’s goals;
    Description of the mentor’s role in the project (e.g., collaboration/co-authorship or guiding students’
       independent work);
    Mentor’s experience in guiding students’ research/creative work and/or in traveling with students;
    Timeline for three weeks of work at the chosen site, plus preparatory and follow-up work;
    Expected products/outcomes of the students’ work (e.g., research paper, poster, exhibit) and due date (no later
       than the end of the semester following the trip);
    Plans for students to share the results of their work (e.g., at a BSU symposium, in The Undergraduate Review, at
       a regional or national conference).

More Information
Examples of funded proposals are online:
Questions about UR Abroad? Please contact Jenny Shanahan, Director of Undergraduate Research (508.531.2764 or

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