Chris Carl Catbagan
EDUCATION                                                     Irvine, 92614
                                                          Cell: (949) 291-2064
M.S. Civil Engineering,
California State University,
Fullerton, 2010.

B.A. Environmental Analysis &       CHRIS CARL CATBAGAN. PE, MS, LEED AP, QSD/QSP
University of California, Irvine,
                                    PROJECT ENGINEER
2006.                               Objective
                                    Seeking a challenging ‘Project Engineer/ Senior Civil Engineering position that will
B.S. Mechanical Engineering
University of California, Irvine,
                                    capitalize on management, permitting, planning, design, and construction of civil site
2003.                               layouts, linear projects and infrastructure improvements while implementing ‘Green
                                    Sustainable’ strategies.
N/A. 18th Century English
University of Cambridge,            EXPERIENCE
England. Summer 2003.               B A INCORPORATED (12/2009-6/2011)
                                    Regional Connector @ 30%. – Los Angeles, CA
P.E. – California
                                    Project Engineer (Sub-consultant to AECOM)
PE License #78926                                                                                                 nd
                                    1.8 mile underground light rail line running through downtown LA via West on 2 St and South on
Expiration 3/31/14
                                    Flower Street. Responsibilities include Preliminary Engineering, identify utility agencies and
                                    owners, and obtain records, as-builts, substructures maps. Performed field surveys & 3 party
                                    coordination. Deliverables included completed composite utility drawings and proposed
                                    relocation designs. Extensive interaction include LADWP, LABOE, LACFCD, TW, Sprint, AT&T,
Expiration 2/14/13
                                    Verizon, Qwest, MCI, Metro Fiber Net, and Level 3.
                                    Pacific Electric Right-Of-Way / West Santa Ana Branch Corridor Alternate Analysis
Certificate # 22839
                                    – Los Angeles, CA
Expiration 4/29/14                  Project Engineer (Sub-consultant to AECOM)
                                    Conceptual Design for SCAG in support of the feasibility of transit service. Assessment along the
E.I.T. – California                 corridor connecting LA to OC was studied to recommend a preferred transit strategy. The 20-mile
Certificate # #127917               ROW extends from Paramount City to Santa Ana. Deliverables include Composite Utility, Conflict
                                    Matrix. Performed subsurface and aerial investigations.
    ASCE
                                    Exposition Light Rail Transit Project Phase II – Los Angeles, CA
                                    Project Engineer (Sub-consultant to URS)
    Engineer w/o Borders-          A preliminary engineering bid studying for MTA. Light rail extend Phase I from the terminus at the
OC (Not Current Active Mem)         Venice/Robinson station in Culver City to 4th Street and Colorado in Santa Monica. The additional
                                    track covers a distance of approximately 7 miles. Responsibilities include same responsibility as
EXPERTISE                           Regional Connector, relocation design with cut sections and alignment profilings.
Precise Grading/ Final
Wet Utility Design/ Final
                                    I-405 Sepulveda Pass Widening Project @ 70%, 85%, Final, 100%, AFC
Exhibits for Eng. Feasibility
Site Planning
                                    – Los Angeles, CA
Rough Grade Pads/ Roadway           Sewer, Water, & Utility Relocation Engineer (Sub-consultant to HNTB)
Erosion Control Plan                10-mile HOV lane and improve supporting infrastructure such as ramps, bridges and sound walls.
Cad Technician                      Role included utility design construction including sewer, water, drainage, and horizontal and
                                    vertical designs for dry utilities. Relocation designs include a large number of profiles, cross
                                    sections, and details due to the utility congestion, limited space and complex construction within
PICTURE                             the project area. Extensive interaction with CALTRANS, LABOE, LACFCD, LADWP, and various
                                    utility companies and agencies through the design review process, as we advance design packages
                                    to AFC (Approved for Construction).

                                    El Rio Honda College – El Monte, CA
                                    Project Engineer (Sub-Consultant to Quarto Design)
                                    El Monte’s satellite campus will demo current buildings and replace it with 2 classrooms, an
                                    administration building, and an open-air amphitheater. LACCD's Sustainable Building Program
                                    intends to redevelopment its aging infrastructure. Design responsibility includes sewer, water,
                                    precise grading, erosion and horizontal controls, and obtaining appropriate permitting with plan
                                               Chris Carl Catbagan
                                                              Irvine, 92614
                                                          Cell: (949) 291-2064
Concentration - Construction
& Management. (2010)

Minor - Urban & Regional
                                 HUNSAKER & ASSOCIATES (12/2006-12/2008)
                                 H & A land development services ranged from residential subdivisions to full-scale
Specialization - Flow Physics.   world-class destination resorts. Services I provide included commercial, retail,
                                 restaurant, industrial, CIP, and public works projects. Designing components include
California Basis Education       tentative parcel maps, subdivision maps, finals maps, and final engineering. Engineering
Skill Test: Passed 2/21/04       design solutions include early feasibility studies to occupancy. Phases I was involved
                                 with included engineering feasibility research, conceptual design, street design, storm
COMPUTER SKILLS:                 drain design, grading earthwork, wastewater collection, water distribution, dry utilities,
Drafting:                        ESC, and hydrology of small acres lots. I have limited experience with government
     Auto-Cad 2002- 2009        relations, vendor relation, and budgeting.
     Land Desktop
     Civil 3D
     Microstation V8i           Tasks I have provided: Feasibility (Site Analysis): Utility Availability, Transportation
     In-Roads                   Access, Site Characteristics. Conceptual Design: Tentative Tract Maps, Parcel Map, Site
     Building Info. Modeling    Plan, and Preliminary Grading. Preliminary and Final Design Street, Sewer, Storm Drain,
     Solid Works 2004           and Water. Numerous requests of Exhibits for clients and presentations.
     Unigraphics 2000
     Canvas X                   Tentative Tract Map No. 18655,                                      Title & Position: Design
                                 18105                                                               Engineer
Scheduling:                      Name: The Avenue                                                    Scope: Grading, permitting,
    Microsoft Project           Developer: Brookfield Ontario                                       Exhibits.
    Primevera                   City of Ontario
    Excel                       Title & Position: Design                              Tentative Tract Map No. 16507, 16474
                                 Engineer                                              Developer: Darnell
Modeling/ GIS:                   Scope: Proposed Tentative Tract                       City of Tustin
   Arc-View 3.2A                Map, Conceptual Design                                Off-Site Improvement Plan
   Fed. Highway TNM 2.5                                                               Title & Position: Design Engineer
                                 Tentative Tract Map No. 18655,                        Scope: Traffic Signaling
   Mini-Tab
   Auto-turn                    Name: Las Cortes                                      Terminal Facilities @ Chestnut Street – City
                                 Developer: Steadfast Residential                      of Industry
Programming:                     City of Oxnard                                        Developer: Logistics Terminal Inc.
    Pascal                      Mixed Use Residential,                                City of Industry
    Fortran                     Condominiums, and Apartments                          Off-Site Improvement Plan
    Math-Lab                    Title & Position: Design                              Title & Position: Design Engineer
    Mathematica                 Engineer                                              Scope: Site Layout
                                 Scope: Proposed Tentative Tract
Operating Systems                Map, Conceptual Design                                Tract No. 30241-3
    Window 9x-XP                                                                      Name: Sienna Ridge at the Retreat.
                                 Tentative Parcel Map No. 2004-                        Developer: KB Homes
    Macintosh Tiger
                                 326                                                   County of Riverside
                                 Name: Spectrum 3                                      Residential
AGENCY/ OWNER                    Developer: The Irvine Company                         Title & Position: Design Engineer
WORKED WITH                      City of Irvine                                        Scope: Street Lighting, Rough Grading,
LACMTA                           Commercial                                            Precise Grading
ODOT                             Title & Position: Design
OCTA                             Engineer                                              Construction Plans for Domestic Water and
Irvine Company                   Scope: Proposed Tentative Tract                       Recycled Transmission Line
IRWD                             Map, Conceptual Design                                Developer: Irvine Ranch Water District
City of Irvine                                                                         Project No: 10828 & 30828
                                 Tract No. 16677                                       City of Tustin
City of LA
                                 Developer: Rancho SM-8, LLC                           Off-Site Improvement Plan
Culver City
                                 City of Rancho Santa Margarita                        Title & Position: Design Engineer
City Aliso Viejo                 Residential                                           Scope: Construction
City Rancho Santa Margarita      Title & Position: Design
City of El Monte                 Engineer                                              Tract Map No. 16964
LADWP                            Scope: Street Lighting, Rough                         Developer: Shea Homes
LABOE                            Grading                                               City of Irvine
Time Warner                                                                            Title & Position: Design Engineer
Sprint                           AD 87-8                                               Scope: Construction Improvement plan for
AT&T                             Developer: The Irvine Company                         sewer and water
Verizon                          City of Irvine
                                 Bridge                                                SDP 06-05
Qwest                                                                                  Name Vantis
Metro Fiber Net
Level 3
                                    Chris Carl Catbagan
                                             Irvine, 92614
                                         Cell: (949) 291-2064
Developer: Shea Homes                                           Scope: Site Layout
City of Aliso Viejo
Title & Position: Design Engineer
              Chris Carl Catbagan
                              Irvine, 92614
                          Cell: (949) 291-2064
Position takes the responsibility of creating/ writing Initial Studies, Environmental
Impact Statements, and final engineering proposals. Environmental assessment reports
concerning to noise pollution, air quality, Diesel Particle Matter. Technician for
collecting data in the field. Analyzing and calculating for potential impacts. Simulations
for future alternatives.
Project:     Tulsa      Widening       I-45,
Environmental Impact Report                                    Project: El Pollo Loco
Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma                                      Location: Chula Vista, CA
Description: Impact study of widening I-45                     Description: Impact study for proposed
with annexation of residential, public, and                    residential Sound Barrier Walls
private property with the intention of
creation Sound Barrier Walls                                   Project: National Wild Life and Refuge,
                                                               protect Nat Catcher
Project: The Irvine Company’s Village Inn.                     Location:      Rancho Santa Margarita,
@ Irvine Spectrum Center                                       California
Location: Irvine, California                                   Description: Verify regulation for sound
Description: Impact study for proposed                         levels
residential Sound Barrier Walls

CITY OF HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA (10/2006-12/2006)
Planner department assistant. Research, investigate designated aspects of the general
plan, special projects or code amendments and makes recommendation based on
findings. Write special project reports, prepare FEMA research and related to public
projects including research and analysis of pertinent information. Follow up on
coordinating site, parking and landscape plans as may be required and follows up on
conditions of approval.


    Traveled through Europe 2009: France and Spain.
    Traveled through Europe 2003: Scotland, England, France, Netherlands, and Spain.
    UC Irvine Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity (California Beta Alpha Chapter)
    Resident Advisor, University of California, Irvine Summer 2002
    Classical Trained Guitarist.


    (Formerly of BA Inc). – Edward Castaneda, Deputy Manager, Superior
         o 702-433-2448
    Hunsaker & Associates – Dave Fratton, PE. Principal/ Owner.
         o 949-583-1010
    Mestre Greve Associates – Frederick Greve, PE. Principal/ Owner.
         o 949-349-0671
    Fuscoe – Sung Chang. Senior Civil Engineer.
         o 1-951-809-7762 (college)
    Steven Andrews Engineering - Steven Andrews, PE. Owner
         o 949-215-5050

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