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Volume: 13 Issue: 8                                               July/August/September 2007

                      CLUB NIGHT IS EVERY WEDNESDAY

  7 Dukes Lane, off Dukes Wood Avenue, Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire, SL9 7TZ
  (off the A40, between the pillar box and pedestrian subway opposite The Apple Tree)
 Map Reference: 176/000875½                                           Telephone: 01753

                  FORTHCOMING EVENTS
12th September    Club Night   20.30   NATTER AND NOGGIN.
19th September    Club Night   20.30   MORE FROM CROATIA. Tom is in this country and has
                                       promised to bring some recent photos to update us on recent
                                       events in Croatia, including Pam and Graham’s recent visit.
26th September    Club Night   20.30   NATTER AND NOGGIN.
3rd October       Partner’s    20.30   PARTNER’S EVENING – WRAYSBURY TO BANJUL.
                  Club Night           Graham Samuel has promised to recount his adventures on
                                       the charity drive to the Gambia last February in an old
                                       Nissan Sunny – the Yellow Peril. Worth considering for an
                                       adventure trip.
10th October      Club Night   20.30   NATTER AND NOGGIN.
14th October      Event        08.00   NORWICH UNION MSA CLASSIC. After a change of
                                       sponsorship and a short break, this popular Classic Car
                                       event has been reintroduced and, hopefully, we will again be
                                       asked to man one of the venues. All volunteers to Peter
                                       Nathan please.
17th October      Club Night   20.30   POOL COMPETITION. A bit of fun for the evening.
20/21st October   Scatter      19.30   HUNTER’S NIGHT TRIAL. Our autumn scatter, we hope -
                                       as we still need a volunteer to organise the event! If you
                                       would like to take on the challenge, please contact Peter
                                       Nathan to offer your assistance.

 24th October        Club Night      20.30    VIDEO / DVD NIGHT. What is the current position with the
                                              WRC? Your chance to catch up with recent events.
 31st October        Club Night      20.30    NATTER AND NOGGIN.
 7 November          Partner’s       20.30    PARTNER’S EVENING – FIREWORKS AND BBQ. Still in
                     Club Night               the middle of the school holidays and we are thinking about
                                              celebrating the exploits of Guy Fawkes already! Our usual
                                              display of fireworks with something from the BBQ to keep
                                              you warm and satisfy the inner man (or woman).

                 C h a i r m a n ‘ s                                     C h a t
The gremlins seem to have continued -                         its side and lost 3 minutes, finally finishing 5th in
congratulations to those of you that spotted I                class and 60th overall.
had inadvertently changed the Club Nights to
                                                              Since then we have had a few days ‘overseas’
Sundays (and even a Monday) on the
                                                              for the Isle of Man Historic Rally. Val and Pam
Forthcoming Events pages. That is what comes
                                                              came with us for some sightseeing and enjoyed
of looking at a small calendar and reading the
                                                              their time spending money in the shops and
dates for September and October instead of
                                                              sunbathing on the beach. Despite all the rain in
August and September!
                                                              the UK, we enjoyed a hot and dry spell on the
Also, with the delays in producing the last issue,            island. The event was relatively trouble-free for
I gave Pete a revised Chairman’s Chat and                     us, although we did wear away a large hole in
Council Members list for the last magazine but                the exhaust on stage 18. It was fixed at service
the old pages were printed. So, a couple of late              after stage 19 for the last 3 stages. In theory
alterations went unpublished. Karen Stripe has                anyway, because it lasted about 200 yards into
agreed to take on the role of Regalia Officer and             stage 20, so we completed the event in a very
will deal with any regalia orders, while the bag              noisy car, finishing 9th overall and 4th in class.
will be kept at Club for the more frequently used
                                                              The first weekend in August was the Harry
items – badges, stickers, numbers etc. I am
                                                              Flatters Historic Rally, round 7 of the BHRC. We
also pleased to say that Darren has agreed to
                                                              borrowed Graham Wilson’s 3-litre Porsche, as a
take on the other role previously held by Rob,
                                                              test prior to a possible purchase for next year,
that of Chief Marshal for the Club.
                                                              and after a slow start, eventually got the hang of
A fair number of members were at the Uxbridge                 it and managed 2nd overall in the post-historic
Show and, while there, we looked at an                        category and 2nd in the combined C4/C5 class,
alternative site for the autotests. If all goes well,         behind David Stokes - the Championship
they will be back next year. Also, it was good to             leader.
see so many of you admiring all the classic
                                                              To ensure that the Club provides the benefits
vehicles on display at Croxley Green for the
                                                              that the members are looking for, you will
‘Classics on the Green’. Thanks to all those that
                                                              shortly receive a small questionnaire. Please
brought their vehicles to these events.
                                                              complete this as honestly as possible (they are
Graham and I borrowed Clare’s Clio for the                    intended to be anonymous, so those analysing
Dukeries Rally, in Sherwood Forest. With all the              the responses will not know who made the
heavy rain that weekend the organizer’s did well              comments) and return to Peter Cook as soon as
to cope as Southwell Race Course - the Rally                  possible so that your requirements can be
HQ and finish venue – was under about 18                      considered by the Council and the appropriate
inches of water! After 4 stages we were leading               action taken.
the class by 40 seconds - then put the Clio on
                                                                                                    Tony Phillips

  Editor: Pete Farmer. Published by MCAC Ltd. St. Joseph’s, Heronsgate, Rickmansworth, Herts. WD3

                               W H A T ‘ S           O N ?
26th                            Mewla Rally                        (B)    Fiesta/BTRDA/ANCRO
26th                            Turkish Grand Prix                  (I)   WC
31/1st                          Ulster International Rally          (I)   BRC/MSA/BMWM3
31/2nd                          Rally New Zealand                   (I)   WRC
1st                             Woodpecker Rally                   (B)    BTRDA/English
1/2nd   Ecurie Royal Oak MC     Oaks Trophy Road Rally             (B)    AWMMC
2nd     Sutton & Cheam MC       Mini Tempest, Longcross            (B)    2007/AEMC
2nd                             Knockhill                           (I)   BTCC
8th                             Promenade Stages Rally             (B)    WAMC
8th     Oxford MC               Bullnose Road Rally                (B)    AWMMC
8/9th   AC Midden Vlaanderen    6de Omloop Van Vlaanderen          (A)    BHRC
8/9th   Wexford MC              Wexford Rally                      (A)
8/14th  Classic Rally Assoc.    Tatry Classic Marathon             (E)
9th                             Lindisfarne Rally                  (B)
9th                             Italian Grand Prix                  (I)   WC
9TH     MIDDX COUNTY AC         BOMB-ALONG STAGES                  (B)    MIDDX/AEMC/2007
15/16th VSCC                    Donington Park                     (B)    -
15/16th                         MotorFest, Rockingham               (I)   -
15/16th London Irish MC         Rock MotorFest Stages              (B)    -
16th                            Belgium Grand Prix                  (I)   WC
16th    Borough 19 MC           North Weald Sprint                 (B)    AEMC
22nd                            Castle Coombe Rally Day             (-)
22nd                            Plains Rally                       (B)    BTRDA
23rd    Kings Lynn DMC          Lynn Charity Stages - Sculthorpe   (B)    AEMC
23rd    Harrow CC               North Weald Sprint                 (B)    AEMC
23rd                            Brands Hatch                        (I)   WTCC
23/1st  HERO                    London Lisboa Classic Rally        (E)
29th                            Colin McRae Forest Stages          (B)    Fiesta
29/30th                         Cork '20' International Rally       (I)   Irish
29/30th                         Chatsworth Rally Show              (E)    -
30th                            Japanese Grand Prix                 (I)   WC
30th    Forresters CC           Patriot Stages                     (B)    AWMMC/HoE
30th    Green Belt MC           IPS Motors Autumn Autocross        (B)    AEMC
5/7th                           Rally Spain                         (I)   WRC
6th     Trackrod MC             Trackrod Rally Yorkshire            (I)   BRC/BHRC
7th                             Chinese Grand Prix                  (I)   WC
7th     Herts County AAC        Debden Autumn Sprint               (B)    AEMC
12/13th Jersey MC               Jersey Rally                       (B)
12/14th                         Rallye de France (Corsica)          (I)   WRC
13/14th Chelmsford MC           Pheasant Plucker Road Rally        (B)    AEMC
14th                            Thruxton                            (I)   BTCC
14th    IMS Ltd                 Norwich Union MSA Classic          (E)
14th    Ludlow MC               Ditton Priors Stages               (B)    AWMMC/HoE
20th                            Bulldog Rally                      (B)    MSA/WAMC/ANCRO
20/21st MIDDX COUNTY AC         HUNTERS NIGHT TRIAL                (E)    MIDDX
21st                            Brazilian Grand Prix                (I)   WC
21st                            Keith Knox (Cheviot) Stages        (A)    BTRDA/MSA/BMWM3
25th    Chelmsford MC           Gymkhana, West Raynham             (B)    AEMC
27th    Burnham/Minehead MCs    Somerset Historic & 2WD Stages     (B)

                                         Pete’ Patch
                           Ramblings from the Editor’s chair.

I write this from the comfort of an apartment           The Fun Run made it a hat trick of wins for
at Pontin’s Wall Park Holiday Camp. I have              Andy Greenland, having earlier won the
been up to my eyes in work for about the                Trecker, organised by Hants and Berks, with
last five weeks, preparing a tender for my              me and then the Harrow Car Club Photo
real job and trying to finish off some 2P               Phrolic. An article about the Trecker can be
design Group work (amongst others, Rob                  found elsewhere in the mag but a veil of
Brook has got his house but is still waiting            silence hangs over the Photo Phrolic.
for his garage). The tender is for a                    A couple of requests have come my way,
£2.5million business park in Gillingham. We             VP Christine Poxon is running a book stall
have already got the job. However, we have              for Christian Aid and would be most grateful
to get our drawings ready to send out with              to receive your donations of books, DVDs,
the Architect’s drawings so that contractors            videos, CDs or computer games to sell.
can then price the job.                                 Donations can be bought to the club,
All of this waffle is my way of trying to let           delivered straight to Christine or by phoning
you know why you have been waiting for                  me on the number at the back of the book
this issue of the magazine. We have called              and I will arrange collection and delivery to
it ‘July, August and September’ as it would             Christine.
have overlapped with the next issue.                    The second request comes from Paul
Many events have happened since the last                Hopkinson, who asks for volunteer marshals
issue of the magazine: Our own Fun Run,                 for the forthcoming Tempest Stages Rally
ably organised by Rob Brook, has come and               which happens on Saturday November 10th.
gone and with it the name of L’Estrange                 Hopefully, the correct issue number will
once more enters the Club Roll of Honour.               have been added to this issue thanks to
Yes, our President Adrian dusted of his                 Adrian L’Estrange who has spent a long
racing overalls (metaphorically speaking),              time researching the magazine and who has
coming out of retirement to drive Andy                  prepared a table listing the issue numbers,
Greenland around the Bucks, Berks and                   Editors and formats of each issue.
Oxon countryside to win by a fair margin.               With the pressures of work now alleviated
Also, being a conscientious club member, a              somewhat, the next one should be on time.
report for the magazine was despatched                  Only time will tell, but keep those articles
within a week. It’s a pity that I did not do it         coming in.
justice by printing the magazine earlier
although I am not sure whether it was a                 Pete Farmer
sense of duty or the fact that an article has           Editor
to be written before a best MCAC award can
be claimed that did it.


As I sit compiling this issue, it has just been announced on the TV news that a helicopter
belonging to Colin McRae has crashed near his home. There are no reports of any survivors
and Colin was believed to be on board. As a club, we offer our condolences to his family and
friends, many of whom are members of the club.

Sunday and the news has been confirmed. Colin McRae and his 5 yr old son, Johnny, and two
others have perished in the helicopter crash.

Dear Miriam,

The other day I set off for work, leaving my              couldn’t find any of his own underwear. But
husband in the house watching TV as usual.                when I asked him about the make up, he
                                                          broke down and admitted that he has been
I hadn’t gone a hundred yards down the                    wearing my clothes for six months. I told him
road when my engine conked out and the                    it would have to stop or I would leave him.
car juddered to a halt. I walked back home
to get my husband’s help. When I got home                 He was made redundant from his job six
I found him in the bedroom. I couldn’t                    months ago, and he says he has been
believe my eyes. He was parading in front                 feeling   increasingly   depressed       and
of the wardrobe mirror, dressed in my                     worthless. I love him very much, but ever
underwear and high heel shoes, and he was                 since I gave him the ultimatum, he has
wearing my make up.                                       become increasingly distant, and I don’t feel
                                                          I can get through to him any more. Please
I am 32, my husband is 34 and we have                     can you help?
been married for 12 years.         When I
confronted him, he tried to make out that he              Mrs B. Essex
had dressed up in my lingerie because he

Miriam says…..

A car stalling after being driven a short                 onto the inlet manifold. If none of these
distance can be caused by a variety of faults             approaches solves the problem, it could be
in the engine. Start by checking that there is            that the fuel pump itself is faulty, causing
no debris in the fuel line. If it is clear, check         low delivery pressure to the carburettor float
the jubilee clips holding the vacuum pipes                chamber.

                       MIRIAM’S ADVICE LINE: 0860 100 999

           Submitted by     Hazel ‘Hassle’ Hopkinson, late of MCAC council,

                                                Now of

                              Blue Haze Arts and Crafts of Chesham

                                          (01494 782030),

                            For all of your arts and crafts requisites.

                               THE FOTO-GEN I.C.FUN RUN
                                 12th August 2007
                                 (By Adrian L’Estrange)
Having enjoyed one of this summer’s finest               Ah well! Maybe it was having a driver nearly
weeks (one when it didn’t actually rain at all           old enough to be his father doing the
for seven days), I thought that the first                steering, although he graciously refrained
Sunday following would be a good day to                  from commenting on my near misses!
enter this novel event. So did a small select            As for the event, Rob Brook produced an
band of what can only be called eccentrics,              amusing variety of locations and questions.
who were prepared to be cajoled into                     We (I mean Andy) were so quick in plotting
spending several hours on a Sunday                       the locations taken from the photographs
afternoon driving leisurely around the                   provided, that we were the first to leave the
Buckinghamshire,          Berkshire         and          start and promptly got a good soaking as we
Oxfordshire countryside looking for clues in             searched for the answer to the first question
the most hidden of places.                               which was well away from the car. But apart
Having hung up my crash helmet and                       from a couple more heavy downpours, the
shredded my driving overalls some thirty                 day was quite sunny on and off, decidedly
years ago, I was pleasantly surprised to be              ‘on’ when we stopped at the most welcomed
asked by Andy Greenland to perform the                   feature of a rest halt at The Crown Inn, a
driving bit whilst he found all the clues. Why           charming little 14th C pub at Pishill (so aptly
did I leave the clues to him? I very soon                named I always think). The alcoholic theme
found out that Andy knows every lane, style              was well catered for by the invitation to
and blade of grass on O.S. 175, having set               partake at Old Luxters Farm Brewery at
the route for the annual Valentine Scatter on            Hambledon, where we were the only
this very map for the past twenty years or               competitors to visit this charming little
so. I could easily have driven with my eyes              enterprise.       However, I resisted the
closed most of the time as I was pre-warned              suggestion to donate the bottle and improve
about every road junction, the ‘stop’ or ‘give-          our score!
way’ signs that would be present and even                The event concluded at John Williams’
the angle of almost every bend in the little             White Mark Farm near Christmas Common
single-track country lanes that we found                 where a small, but intimate b-b-q was
during our tour.                                         ‘cooked-up’ by Paul Hopkinson and Rob’s
                            But, suffice to say          dad John Brook who was invisible most of
                            that although we             the time behind his smokescreen.
                            found the location           The results, which were heavily influenced
                            of all the points to         by the addition of copious points
                            be visited and the           for the collection of the most
                            answers to most              obscure variety of ‘things’ (I
of the questions, there were quite a few that            mean – who on earth [apart from
eluded even the great Greenland, a matter                Andy] carries around with them
which brought on a perplexed frown on                    sachets of tomato ketchup!)
several occasions. He was so disorientated               were declared pronto and
at the finish that he actually deleted some of           showed that past winners, the
the answers in the mistaken belief that we               Phillips family trio, were shaded on account
had exceeded the 75% maximum permitted.                  of arriving a few minutes late at the finish
                                                         although they won the

collection of ‘things’ by a wide margin. Tony          of our annual events. Nevertheless, bearing
declared that he was quite happy to be a               in mind that Sunday day-time rallies were
close second – I wonder why? Four other                abandoned in 1961 as the countryside was
crews were only separated by a single point            becoming far too congested, it is a
which shows that fun though it was, it was             significant achievement that our select little
also quite competitive.                                group was able to enjoy a good day out
It is a pity that there were so few entries on         repeating the Village Seeking competitions
this, the most light-hearted and social                of many years ago.


             1st     Adrian L’Estrange and Andy Greenland          304pts
             2nd    Tony Phillips, Val Phillips and Sam           297pts
             3rd    Simon Kynman, Karen Vince, Hollie & Alex      249pts
             4th    Paul Hopkinson, Lindsey Johnston & Charlie    248pts
             5th    Ann Kolter & John Brook                       218pts
             6th    Pete Farmer, Kirstin Farmer and Rianne        207pts
             7th    Danielle Johnstone & ‘Hassle’ Hopkinson       206pts
             8th    John Wilson and Carol Wilson                   80 pts
                    Best organised Fun Run award – Rob Brook – 100%

                             Paul Hopkinson, Learning the ropes.

            Essex Charity Stages through the eyes of Martin Douglas.
When the phone beeped with a text from                 it on for the first stage which actually isn’t
Phil saying fancy doing the Essex Stages               much noisier and is much better. Den and
this weekend I had always known about the              Mark who were watching from the service
event but not really in any detail. People had         area confirmed that most cars were running
always said that they use bits of the sea wall         some form of anti lag, particularly the Gp N
but coming from a place with cliffs and                cars…
beaches this didn’t mean much to me….
                                                       Queuing up for Stage 6 there was a delay,
Luckily the organisers had left a gap at               Wug had thrown his car into a Subaru sized
number 7 that we slotted into and we were              ditch for a minute or so and we were then
duly entered with the car going through                second, we were catching him pretty
scrutineering and we were off, or well, I was          steadily as we got back into it so would
trying to understand the paperwork…. The               probably of overhauled him that stage
road book was a bit of an art to understand            anyway but Mike was well ahead. We
but after a while I had it cracked… For                carried on just having fun, a couple of
instance I was half way back to HQ to say I            moments on the sea wall when all 4 wheels
had pages missing when I realised I didn’t,            locked and the car stalled approaching large
they were all there but there actually was no          ditches was character building but we got
Stage 13! It’s unlucky you see…                        round gradually getting rid of the cobwebs.

The event is I guess an old fashioned multi            At the last service though Mike had a
venue event that utilises private land, farm           problem with the clutch, there was an hours
tracks and the infamous sea wall. We were              service plus lateness so his service crew
getting around 40 miles of proper stages –             with Mark and Den all had a go at changing
all for £190 which seemed a bit of a bargain           it. They could only fit a standard clutch but
even to me but to say the organisation is a            with 3 stages to go it would be fine. Mike
bit relaxed is a bit of an understatement. We          made it out of service to run between cars
were ready to set off when there was an                32 and 33 so we had long gone by the time
amendment…. We were doing stage 3 first                he was ready so we had a blast round the
because the first part of it was unusable so           last few stages and waited for him to come
we were to go in WD from the finish and join           out of the last stage. We had been stood
at Junction 3, we would then come back to              there a while when we noticed his car
service and do SS1 and 2… This seemed                  already on the trailer. We went over to
fair enough and as the whole area was                  congratulate him but it turned out that the
private land the road timing didn’t really             clutch hadn’t lasted and he had retired
matter. When we went in the finish of SS3 it           handing victory to us. He was OK with it, as
all looked OK, I checked the map as we                 he had won last year so it was a nice
went in and it was OK, we then got to the              surprise really.
turn round point up a grassy track and I
realised then what the sea wall sections               A quick presentation at the Marina an hour
were, tracks in the grass, no roads, no                or so later confirmed us as winners and the
gravel, just follow the tracks of the car in           Essex Stages as the last in a long line of
front, boy was I glad we were Car 7 and not            multi venue events that have mostly ceased.
Car 1!                                                 It’s a good event and the sport, I think,
                                                       misses this level of event which would be
We got round these first few stages in about           the perfect step from single venue events
3rd, Wug Utting was a couple of seconds                before having a go at a BTRDA or Ancro
ahead and Mike O Brien was going off into              event.
the distance. He had won it last year so
could remember a bit and wasn’t so rusty.              If you’re looking for a nice relaxed event
The organisers had specified no anti lag               that’s local and good value, put the Essex
which made the WRC a bit flat so we turned             Stages     in   your   diary    for  2008.

              Essex Charity Stages through the eyes of Phil Morgan.

Having again 'retired' following my one-off                 until 1am. Martin was at a party and would
outing on the Tempest last year, I had the                  join us at scrutineering in the early hours. It
urge. I did not get a license at the start of               rained all night (actually all week) and
the year - too busy with other things and no                knowing the terrain, I was wishing I had
real desire to spend money going rallying.                  splashed out on some newer tyres as I had
Besides, with a busy workshop and lots of                   visions of my frugal approach backfiring as I
weekends away looking after other people’s                  fell off the grassy seawall.
fun I did not really have time. Morgan                      No such worries! After a drivers briefing,
Motorsport prepared cars were winning in                    where we were informed, “it’s flipping
Norway and Finland and we had WRC trips                     slippery”, it was a convoy run to a shortened
to Sweden, Portugal, Sardina and                            version of stage 3. After that we would do
Greece and a planned PWRC and Finnish                       stages 1 & 2 at the airfield. Road timing is
campaign with Lukoil as well as running the                 slightly      optional    on     this     event,
S9 Impreza for Tony Davies once again in                    however having fun is obligatory! After a
UK and Ireland and helping Will Nicholls in                 cautious start (ensuring my premonition did
the BTRDA,                                                  not come true), I decided that I ought to go a
Well after a hectic start to the year the                   little bit quicker and I was up to second by
proverbial wheels starting falling off. After               service. However, I could not get on terms
weeks of waiting, the Lukoil deal fell                      with Mick O'Brien. He kept taking a second
through, Portugal was a nightmare with a                    here and there and I was resigned to
silly first day crash and subsequent fallout                holding position as we completed the
with spoilt kids dad. No trip to Greece                     second batch of four stages. Although the
because the damage was too great and                        roads were still wet and we had a couple of
owed money, we fell out. Meanwhile Tony                     heavy showers on the road sections, the
fell ill after a rare gravel outing on the                  weather in the afternoon was looking quite
Humberside and canned his plans for the                     good - the sun even came out! My only
Manx National. From flat out, it had all fallen             problem had been a cracked rear disc,
flat - the fickle motorsport world, where so                which gave a vibration and a fair bit of
much is down to money! Believe me, you                      knock-off, but we were having fun which
can get pretty depressed and jaded...                       was the objective. At service, Mick lent me
Well, I was on my way back from the Moto                    his spare disc and with the brakes back to
GP race at Donington with the family. A                     full working order I managed a couple of
thought came into my head, 'it’s the Kune                   fastest times, but it was too little too late as
Tune, next weekend, that'll lift the spirits'. A            we were running out of mileage to make a
quick text to Martin (Douglas) and plans                    challenge. Mick on his part was struggling
were quickly put in place, an entry, a                      with a clutch problem, which unknown to me
license, service crew and a car. Sorted! The                would ultimately put him out of the event
Essex Charity Stages is a classic event,                    with a couple of stages to go.
based at Bradwell on sea in the depths of                    At the finish, we had fluked another win. As
east Essex. I last did it in 1996, getting my               people made there way home, it was time to
first ever outright victory in the Peugeot 306              pay tribute to the good people of Wickford
with DT co-driving. A real clubman’s event                  Auto Club, who once again pulled off a great
run by proper enthusiasts, it is a rare multi               event in challenging conditions. No hassle,
venue rally using farm tracks, an airfield and              no politics, no moans, just a great fun event
parts of the sea wall - make sure you get                   - which is what the sport should really all be
involved next year as these sorts of events                 about.
should be encouraged!                                        As for the retirement, maybe we'll have
Myself, Pervy (Mark Palmer) and Den                         another outing on the Tempest and take it
travelled on the Saturday night, taking in the              from there; after all I've already got the
obligatory couple of beers and a curry then                 license!
staying in a slightly odd hotel in South
Woodham Ferrers, complete with live rock

                                                   - 10 -
            Uxbridge Autoshow

        Club Stand at Uxbridge Autoshow

Peter Nathan, busy promoting the club at Uxbridge

                     - 11 -
   The following report has been reproduced with kind permission from Kevin
   Aflek and Watford Observer, where it was first published on Friday 20th July

   LEWIS HAMILTON is proving a figure of                 House in Hoddesdon. A broken wrist
   inspiration for a young Rickmansworth                 sustained in a skating accident sidelined
   School pupil whose ambition is to follow              Jeeves for seven months, but it failed to
   the Hertfordshire sensation into Formula              dampen his enthusiasm and his
   One. Steven Jeeves, 13, has made great                commitment,        which      was    only
   strides as a novice Karter since his first            strengthened by a trip to the McLaren
   race in October last year and recently                Technology Centre in Woking in May.
   recorded his first podium finish at                   Under the guidance of the F1 test team,
   Kimbolton, Hunts Kart Racing Club                     Jeeves helped to strip down the test car
   earlier this month. Jeeves is now just                and reassemble it for the test at
   one race away from gaining his full                   Silverstone in June prior to the Canadian
   licence, enabling him to start further up             GP. During his visit, Jeeves was also
   at the grid and put him in contention for             introduced to Fernando Alonso, the
   overall podium finishes on a regular                  Current F1 World Champion, and got to
   basis. At present, Jeeves’ status as a                sit in the test car. Jeeves was also
   novice means he is forced to start from               rubbing shoulders with Pedro De La
   the back of the grid. However, the                    Rosa prior to testing at Silverstone
   Abbots Langley-based driver is excelling              earlier this month and was given the
   among his fellow novices, showing his                 opportunity to test his skills on the
   potential by claiming second place                    Mclaren Simulator, setting the fastest
   novice in each of his last three races in             lap of the day by 0.43 seconds. Jeeves
   addition to finishing third overall at                is being pushed all the way by his
   Kimbleton, despite having never raced                 younger brother, Robert who beat him
   on the track before and using old tyres.              at the Junior Marshals Championships in
   A Junior member of Middlesex County                   December 2006.
   Automobile Club(MCAC), Jeeves passed                  Anyone      interested    in   sponsoring
   his Association of Racing Kart School                 Stephen can phone Paul on 07770
   ARKS Test in July 2006 and took part on               313060               or            e-mail
   his first race in October 2006 at Rye       

Paul Jeeves, explaining the intricacies of the modern day kart at Uxbridge.
          Photos of the Maclaren trip held over till next issue.

                                                - 12 -
                        June 07 Championship Secretary’s Update

Well a number of things have changed since                events too from next year). Type of event
last magazine, with a number of new claims                that counts are: HRCR rallies, BTRDA, 205 /
coming in. I also understand the council                  RWD Challenge, etc. If in doubt, claim and
have accepted my proposal to allow                        the council will decide.
National Championship Events to count in
this (and future years) championships,                    As a result I will accept retrospective claims
subject to a maximum score per round of 25                until July 31st for these events only.
points. (This limit will be imposed for local

Subject to the barrage of claims I hope I receive, these are the positions at present:

       Off-Road Driver                             Road Rally Driver
1st    Peter Cox            28 points     1st      Tony Phillips          14 points
2nd    Rob Brook            23 points     2nd      Pete Farmer            9 points
                                          3rd      Phil Morgan            1 point

       Stage Rally Driver                          Night Trial Driver
1st    Brett Griffin        79 points     1st      Pete Farmer            59 points
2nd    Graham Samuel        55.5 points   2nd      Andy Greenland         38 points
3rd    Mark Davies          31 points     3rd      Ann Kolter             21 points

       Road Rally Navigator                        Stage Rally Co-Driver
 st                                        st
1      Rob Brook            31 points     1        Tony Phillips         55.5 points
2nd    Peter Cox            29 points     2nd      David Axten           31 points
3rd    Malc Farmer          9 points      3rd      Rob Brook             25 points

       Night Trial Navigator                       Marshal
 st                                        st
1      Rob Brook             57 points    1        Rob Brook            20 points
2nd    Andy Greenland        51 points    2nd      Peter Nathan         16 points
3rd    Peter Cox             23 points    3rd      Peter Cox = Darren Pike =
                                                   Andy Greenland       14 points

       Servicing                                   Organiser
 st                                        st
1      Pip Carrotte         20 points     1        Rob Brook              16 points
 2nd   Kevin Fowler         8 points      2nd      Andy Greenland         12 points
3rd    Alex Kerslake = Pete Cook          2nd=     Tony Phillips          12 points

1      Kirstin Farmer       1 event

       Most Active                                 Most Competing
1st    Rob Brook            26 events     1st      Rob Brook              16 events
2nd    Peter Cox            22 events     =        Peter Cox              16 events
3rd    Andy Greenland       13 events     3rd      Tony Phillips          9 events

                                                                          Keep those claims coming in.

                                                 - 13 -
                                    A Year in Croatia                                    10th July 2007

                             By Tom Ryan – Roving Reporter

At the end of June I was rather surprised to                projects under way so every few days I go
realize that one whole year had gone by                     into Split or Omish to press matters along.
since Agi and I and all our chattels had said               In Croatia there is no such thing as
goodbye to this green and pleasant land                     momentum. The minute you stop pushing
(the result of endless rain) and moved to                   something, especially any official matter
sunny Croatia. Although we are now pretty                   such as a building permit, it stops dead and
well-settled, we haven’t quite totally                      nothing happens until you appear again to
integrated into Dalmatian life. I am doing                  push a bit more. It used to be frustrating
my best to imitate the locals by working as                 but, once you know the system, you can
few hours a day as I dare, going to the                     make it work.
beach at least once per day, having an
afternoon siesta in the sun and helping to                  Dalmatia is a very particular part of Croatia.
consume the excess wine production of the                   The locals are rather slow and gentle with
local industry. It’s a tough life at times but I            most things; they like a good chat about
do want to blend in properly… Since early                   pretty much anything at all. It used to drive
March this year the weather has been ‘text-                 me crazy in the bank when there was only
book’ Mediterranean; clear blue skies, bright               one person ahead of me in the queue but it
sunshine; temperatures in the 26 – 30                       could still take 30 minutes to get in and out.
degrees range and a thunder-storm every                     Now that I know the people in the bank I
10 – 15 days! You can very quickly get                      also enjoy the chat and the chance to cool
used to this climate – wearing nothing most                 off in the nicely air-conditioned premises so I
days other than a pair of scruffy shorts.                   am not as impatient as before. Almost all
When I go into the nearest small town                       business meetings take place in cafes – a
(Omish) I get really dressed up in a pair of                real Balkan specialty.       It’s not unusual to
decent shorts and a clean T-shirt and that                  see people sitting three and four hours in a
passes for business attire here!                            café over a single expresso, reading the
                                                            papers, watching people and whiling away
Agi has been very busy trying to reproduce                  the day. There are literally dozens of them
the Flackwell Heath garden here in the dry,                 along almost every street; some are huge
rocky soil and has made some progress.                      with 20 or 30 tables or more, stripey
We have a nice mixture of cultivated                        umbrellas and hustling waiters while others
flowers, wild cacti and olive trees.      The               are just 2 or 3 tables placed under the
house is now pretty homely (and air-                        shade of a tree on some busy corner where
conditioned) and Agi is starting on the guest               the waiter is probably sitting among the
flat upstairs but at the rate of progress and               imbibers and will serve you if you ask nicely.
the ambition of the ultimate design mean                    The name ‘café’ does not imply that you can
that it might be years before it is declared                get only coffee there; excellent draft beer is
habitable. Meanwhile I have built a small                   usually available at about a pound a pint or
workshop to which I can disappear when                      less; glasses of the local white and red
there are chores in the offing. I have a nice               wines; you can drink any of the local ‘rakijas’
daily routine involving a morning expedition                which are wicked fruit brandies designed to
which can be a run or walk along the cliffs                 help you enjoy your siesta and a wide
and paths in the winter or an early swim on                 variety of soft-drinks are sold. The only
some deserted beach during the summer.                      thing you can’t get is food! You can go and
Then I settle at the desk to check the goings               buy a pastry or sandwich and eat it there but
on in my various businesses with the                        if you want to eat you go to a ‘restoran’ if
ambition of being finished by mid-afternoon,                you have a couple of hours to spare. Fast
in time for another swim and a laze in the                  food it ain’t.
sun. I have a few local business contacts
and am trying to get one or two real-estate

                                                   - 14 -
Since arriving in Croatia my burning                      could also write articles for the Club Mag
ambition has been to buy a sailing yacht and              from there but I think that’s taking mobility a
to get out onto the impossibly deep blue                  bit too far!
Adriatic and in among the 1057 islands off
this marvelous coast.        So far I haven’t             Last week I received my May/June issue of
bought the boat (because of the afore-                    the Mag and I am pleased to see that the
mentioned real-estate projects) but I have                old traditions carry on. The Uxbridge Auto-
been out sailing. I came across an English                Show and the Fun-Run remind me that
sailing school operating out of a marina just             there is also a summer in England – I hope
north of Split and contacted the owner and                the weather holds and that you have
chief instructor. He was delighted with the               successful events. I am pleased that Tony
prospect of having a reasonably handy                     was recently elected to the post of Chairman
sailor to make up numbers when he had                     – an honour he so richly deserves. I am
less than the full complement of trainees on              sure he will lead the Club to new heights of
board. Two weeks ago I joined him and four                fame and glory and I wish him well. I was
trainees for a great week of sailing,                     surprised to retain my seat on the Council in
swimming and eating on some of the                        my specially created function. Though I
beautiful islands south of Split. The further             have been doing plenty of ‘roving’ there
each island is away from the mainland coast               hasn’t been too much ‘reporting’. This is to
so the level of 21st century hustle recedes.              some extent because I know MCAC is a
There are amazing little harbours with tiny               motor club and not much of what I do can be
bars and eating places on even the remotest               considered motoring.       However, if the
islands and every time we pulled in for the               members are interested in my traveling
night we were again overwhelmed by the                    reporting I am happy to send the odd
peace and the beauty. I came back with a                  travelogue to the Mag. There are still lots
million-dollar   tan    and     a    renewed              of places to go and things to see so be
determination to get my own boat soonest!                 careful how you answer that question.
The Adriatic is actually like a giant lake; no
tides or currents; no sharks (that we know                It’s time to head off to the beach for an
about!), thousands of places to anchor up                 evening swim now so I’ll sign off until I again
for a night and plenty of marinas and                     get the urge (to write) and I’ll try to find
harbours if you want something more fancy.                something vaguely ‘motoring’ to report on
And the best part is I can take my laptop                 next time. After all a year is hardly a long
anywhere; connect via the country-wide                    time in paradise and there must be
wireless LAN and keep in touch with my                    somebody racing something around here
businesses and pretend I am working. I                    somewhere.

 Tom is back in the country at the moment and will be giving ‘part 2’ of
 his tales of life in a foreign clime on Wednesday 19 September 2007,
         from about 9.15pm at the Gerrrard’s Cross Sports Club.

                                                 - 15 -
                                   Hants and Berks Trecker
I found out about this scatter event by                      There were three different styles of plotting
accident. Malc had received details of it and                on this event. First there was the ‘simple’
had put it on the website ‘Events’ page.                     photograph of a landmark which had to be
Malc did not want to do it, so I asked Andy                  found by map search. This was far more
Greenland if he fancied it and he agreed to                  difficult than it sounds. One of the photos
come along with me.                                          was obviously of Didcot Power Station.
It was to be a long day, starting early                      Looking at the cooling towers and the
morning and lasting for eight hours, this was                smaller towers also on the site, we soon
different to the normal type of event that I                 worked out the direction from which the
usually entered which lasted about five                      photo was taken. There were four roads
hours.                                                       that crossed the line of sight of the photo
As it was such a long event, I was not                       and so we made our way to the first ‘guess’.
surprised to read in the regs that three OS                  The photo was almost right, but not quite.
Landranger maps were required, so a                          The trees surrounding the cooling towers
lunchtime visit to the bookshop was called                   obscured more of the towers than in the
for. I usually get my maps from WH Smith’s                   photo. Onto road number two and, again,
but, as I was going to town from work, I                     the view was not quite right. So then onto
approached from the opposite direction so                    road number three. With the rolling hillside,
Blackwell’s was the first bookstore I came                   we could not even see the power station
to.    Here was where the luck started.                      from here so we also dismissed location
Instead of the three times £7.99 I was                       number four as it was even further away.
expecting to have to pay, Blackwell’s had a                  (Later, we were proved wrong to dismiss
special offer of buy two, get a third free, so               this one). After visiting roads one and two a
that paid for the entry. Had I gone to get                   couple more times, we were totally baffled.
them from home I would have had to pay for                   None of the roads showed the view on the
all three, at £23.97!                                        photo, so we once again consulted the map
Living in High Wycombe with Andy at                          to se if we had mistaken the direction from
Walton-On-Thames, there was no obvious                       which the photo was taken. After about forty
place to meet, so we met at the start and                    five minutes, we decided that we had spent
found a safe looking place for Andy to park                  enough time looking for the location and
his car for the day. I then noticed that                     decided to move onto the next location. It
although the start was given as being on                     was a pity as the location had four questions
map 186, it also appeared on 175 so one of                   and was worth a total of fifty points.
the maps was not needed. Still, not to                       We fared better on one of the other pictures;
worry, my old 186 was a bit old, being one                   this was a picture of a train, leaning to the
of the maps used for the now defunct Five                    left on an obvious bend with a bush at the
Maps Scatter Championship that I used to                     side of the road and a chimney in the
compete on with Max. Another unusual                         background. From these meagre details,
feature of this event was that it started at the             Andy soon located the source of the picture
organiser’s office, which meant clean and                    as being near the Crofton Beam Engine site
tidy with proper toilet facilities instead of the            near Wilton; we went there and answered all
usual mud and trees!                                         of the questions. Job Done and fifty points
The format of the day was explained to us                    in the bag.
and we then had the luxury of being able to                  Other locations were found via map
plot the points on the maps while sitting at a               references (not all simple, some we had to
desk. We spent about an hour plotting the                    answer questions to find the numbers) and
route and then I discovered that the                         from a Sudoko grid (which had to be
purchase of OS175 was not actually                           finished before we could use it.
necessary either.       We only plotted two                  To win an event like this, an element of luck
points on that map (and in the end, only                     has to be received. We got ours at location
visited one of them) it turned out that most                 number 5. This was quickly found to be
of the clue locations and the finish were all                located at Great Bedwyn and was again
to be found on OS174.                                        worth fifty points for the five questions to be
                                                             found scattered about the village. Andy I

                                                    - 16 -
answered the first question as I was getting                 announce the results. We finished and went
out of the car; it was a quotation on a                      over to stand at the back of the other
sample gravestone on the wall of a                           entrants to hear the final four places, not
stonemason’s shop and related to someone                     knowing if our names had been called out
famous for killing pigs! Number two was                      yet. It got to number two and we had still
despatched equally quickly as were three                     not been announced so it must have been
and four. Question five had us stumped; we                   fifth or lower. It was with a dash of disbelief
had to find the mobile phone number for a                    that I then heard the announcement ‘and
taxi firm. We spent about ten minutes                        finally, in overall first place, Pete Farmer and
looking for this and decided that we did not                 Andy Greenland from Middlesex County
have time to look further. We were about                     Automobile Club’. We had done it! First
five miles from Great Bedwyn when I pulled                   overall. In a bit of a daze, I went with Andy
over, ‘Its not here’ shouted Andy, ‘Keep                     to collect our trophies.
going’. But I was having none of it. I                       Andy made a bit of a speech thanking the
nonchalantly pointed to the car park of a                    organisers (He has had many outright wins
village hall and parked there in all of its glory            and so knows the protocol to be followed).
was a taxi belonging to the fleet of ‘Roy’s                  I, in turn related our tale of luck regarding
Taxis’; the very people that we had been                     Roy’s Taxis, which was received with many
looking for. The phone number was carefully                  groans and jeers from the others.
noted and we were, once again, on our way.                   We then left the pub and managed to get to
We completed as many of the remaining                        a garage half a mile down the road without
clues that we had time for and started to                    totally running out of petrol but I only put in a
head back to the finish, a pub in                            splash and dash as the petrol cost 99.9p per
Ecchinswell. Our journey to the finish was                   litre. Five pounds worth would be enough to
not without incident either. On our way back,                get us to civilisation and not too exorbitant
Andy pointed to the clock on the dashboard                   petrol prices.
of my Cavalier. ‘We should make it’, he                      It was not until halfway through the following
commented but his joy turned to dismay                       week that we realised how much of an
when I pointed out that the clock was about                  emphatic victory we had achieved. We
a minute and a half slow! By now, the low                    scored a total of 890 points out of a total
fuel light had been shining for about thirty                 possible of 1035 from 28 locations. Second
minutes and the needle had dropped off of                    highest score was just 565 from 18
the bottom portion of the gauge. We did not                  questions. It was also noted that one crew
have time for even a splash and dash visit to                did score 840 out of 28 locations but they
a garage.                                                    arrived 20 minutes OTL.
We did make it without further incident and                  The format for this event, with walkabout
as we drove into the car park, Andy was                      locations comprising several questions was
despatched to find the organisers while I                    new to us. Andy was so impressed with the
looked for somewhere to park the car. I was                  format that he talked Rob Brook into
on my way into the pub through the door                      incorporating the format into the Fun Run
that Andy had entered by and was almost                      which was also won by Andy, this time being
there when he came out with a big grin on                    chauffeured around by club President
his face. We had made it by about five                       Adrian L’Estrange who has written of his
seconds, although the organisers were                        exploits with Andy elsewhere in this edition
seated at the opposite end of the pub to the                 of the mag.
door by which he entered!                                    The only downside to this tale is that I have
After the traumas of the afternoon, a beer                   now had an outright win on an event with
was urgently required, and we were soon                      more than five entrants so from now on I will
sitting down enjoying same. Having not had                   have to enter events against Andy on equal
time to complete the required thirty out of                  terms. Yes ladies and gentlemen, I am now
forty two questions, our expectations were                   ‘an expert’. Perhaps I should team up with
not too high so, when the organisers had                     Andy more often, Move over Gary, I am
almost finished their marking, we ordered                    coming through!
food. It arrived and we tucked in. We had                    Pete Farmer
almost finished when they started to                         (Still in a daze)

                                                    - 17 -

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