AIRLINES American Airlines The Editor by liaoqinmei


									AIRPORT TRANSPORTATION:   Hotel Shuttle:
                          The Hyatt Regency DFW International Airport provides
                          complimentary transportation to and from airport terminals
                          and Bear Creek Golf Club. After picking up your luggage at
                          the baggage claim, use the hotel courtesy phone located near
                          the baggage claim area and dial 153. Please provide them
                          your name, location and the number of people in your party.
                          Proceed to the lower level curbside and look for the gray sign
                          that states “Courteous Vans Only”.

                          Airport Accessible Vans:
                          The airport has 7 vans that can be used for guest 24 hours a
                          day, 7 days a week. Just call 972-574-4420 to plan your needs
                          with them. The vans are identified with red siding; “DFW
                          Airport” on front and sides; “ADA” on the side as well.

AMENITIES AND             Deliveries - Delivery charges for non-perishable items
ROOM DELIVERY CHARGES:    or items provided by organizations outside the Hotel are
                          subject to Bellman gratuities. We request your assistance in
                          organizing these deliveries at least (48) hours in advance.
                          Your Convention Service/Catering Manager can arrange this
                          service for you prior to your group's arrival. The current rate
                          for all “outside the door” room deliveries are $1.00 per room
                          delivery. "Under the door" room deliveries are $2.00 per
                          room delivery. All "inside room deliveries" are $3.00 per
                          room delivery.

                          Food and Beverage Amenities:
                          Your Catering/CS Manager can assist you with any special
                          amenity requests.

                          Special Amenity Notes:
                          *A room delivery fee will apply, as well as the current gratuity
                          percentage, to each amenity to be delivered.
                          *Amenity costs are subject to change. Your Catering/CS
                          Manager will discuss the current amenity rates at your

AMERICANS WITH            The Hyatt Regency DFW International Airport has rooms
DISABILITIESACT (ADA):    reserved for guests with specific physical needs. The
                          following "assistive devices" are available for our guests' use.
                          These devices will be placed in the guest's room upon request.

                          Closed Caption Television Decoder
                          Enables a hearing impaired guest to view any program that is
                          telecast as a closed caption program.

                          Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD)
                          Keyboard type "telephone" which enables hearing impaired
                          guests to communicate with other TDD stations.

                         Telephone Alerting Device
                         Directly connects to the phone line and plugs into any
                         electrical outlet. This flashes a light plugged into the signaler
                         and includes a switch that allows the guest to also use the
                         lamp for room lighting.

                         Front Door Alerting Device
                         Portable device that attaches to the door. When someone
                         knocks, a light will flash.

                         Vibrator Alarm Clock
                         Alarm clock will activate vibrator located under pillow or

                         Amplified Telephone Device
                         Attaches to the phone and amplifies the receiver.

ATM MACHINE:             ATM machine is located on the lobby level of the Hotel.

ATTENDANCE GUARANTEE:    In arranging for private catered functions, the final attendance
                         must be received by the catering office no later than 11 a.m.,
                         two (2) working days prior to commencement of the event.
                         This number will be considered a guarantee and not subject to

AND SERVICES:            (972) 615-6845 & (972) 615-6846
                         It takes a unique media services company to service the many
                         functions of the Hyatt Regency DFW International Airport.
                         AVW/TelAV Audiovisual Solutions, commonly known as
                         AVW, has been selected as that premier provider.

                         We have a reputation of high quality equipment and service,
                         setting the standard for Hyatt properties. AVW is uniquely
                         qualified to handle the full range of audio visual activities that
                         are brought to the Hyatt. Everything from flip charts and
                         overhead projectors to the most elaborate audio, lighting and
                         video/graphics requirements brought to one of the largest
                         ballrooms in the DFW Metroplex.

                         AVW features a full range of audio visual equipment that is
                         stored on Hotel property. We are ready for immediate
                         delivery to Hyatt Regency DFW International Airport meeting
                         rooms and Bear Creek recreation facility. Our staff of fully
                         trained and certified audio visual technicians is available from
                         6 a.m. until 11 p.m.

                         AVW also maintains a fully staffed and equipped warehouse
                         just 15 minutes from the Hyatt. Our state-of-the-art inventory
                         includes everything from Apogee concert quality audio
                         systems to Sony, Barco and JVC Hughes video projection.
                         Our warehouse is also equipped to provide a full range of
                         computerized lighting controls and instruments as well as
                         multi-camera broadcast quality production equipment, image
                         Magnification, Betacam playback/recording and electronic

                   graphics projection. Our lighting, video and audio directors
                   are fully qualified professionals and are available to help
                   design and coordinate equipment needs for any size event.

                   More than just an A/V provider, AVW is a Major Events
                   Staging company who puts the same excellence and attention
                   to detail into every meeting, regardless of size.

                   You can rely on AVW as your partner in success.

                   Audio-Visual Equipment Rental
                   Business Theater Production Support
                   Convention and Trade Show Support
                   Labor Management
                   Large Screen Display: Data, Graphic and Video
                   Live Entertainment Audio and Lighting
                   Facilities Media Management and Services
                   Multi-Camera Video Production
                   Multi-Image Presentation Staging
                   Event Coordination/Theatrical Drapery
                   Theatrical Staging Lighting/Video Equipment

BANNERS/SIGNS:     The Business Center offers services in this area (see The
                   Business Center information for more details).

                   The Hyatt Regency DFW International Airport allows the
                   hanging of banners and signs that are professionally made on
                   the Ground Level of the Hotel. Your Catering/CS Manager
                   can further assist you with actual approved placement of
                   banners & signs.

                   The Hyatt Regency DFW International Airport reserves the
                   right to approve all signage to be placed on Hotel property.

BANQUET MENU       A wide range of menu selections is available through your
SELECTION:         Catering/CS Manager.

BEAR CREEK GOLF:   Located just 2.5 miles south of the Hotel, less than five
                   minutes via Hotel complimentary shuttle. Bear Creek has two
                   18-hole championship golf courses, rated among the top 50
                   resort courses in the country by Golf Digest Magazine. A
                   club pro shop, locker room facilities and snack area are several
                   services that are available at Bear Creek.

BILLING/CREDIT:    In order to expedite the billing and payment process the Hyatt
                   Regency DFW International Airport requires that proper credit
                   information be established prior to your event or conference.
                   Each organization will need to fill out a "credit application
                   request" form and submit it to the Hyatt Regency DFW
                   International Airport for approval. This form must be filled
                   out completely and submitted for approval at least (30) days
                   prior to your event.

                   There are four methods of payment an organization may
                   choose from:
                   Ø Direct Billing (based on credit approval by the Hyatt
                       Regency DFW)
                   Ø Credit Card Payment
                   Ø Pre-Payment (full amount due 7 working days in advance
                       of event) by check, cashier's check or money order.
                   Ø Payment at conclusion by cash or check (must have credit
                       card to serve as a guarantee).

                   Direct Billing may be established for an expected total bill
                   over $5,000. Two credit references are required to establish
                   direct billing. These references must have been used within
                   the last (12) months and must equal or exceed the dollar
                   amount of credit that is presently being requested.

                   The outstanding master account balance (once direct billing
                   has been approved) is due in full not later than (30) days from
                   receipt of the bill.

BUSINESS CENTER:   The Business Center is open from 7 a.m. to 6p.m., Monday
                   through Thursday, and until 5 p.m on Friday. The Business
                   Communication Center is located at the base for the Grand
                   Staircase on the Ballroom level.

                   The Business Center is operated by AVW-Telav and offers
                   many of the services that guests require . . . and more.

                   They feature high quality faxing capabilities on four dedicated
                   in-bound fax lines with high-resolution plain paper printouts.
                   Guests are notified immediately by voice mail upon the receipt
                   of their fax. Faxes can be picked up at Business Center or
                   hand delivered to the guest’s room or meeting room. The
                   Business Communication Center also offers quick and
                   efficient out-going fax transmission services.

                   AVW Business Center is ready to help make your meeting run
                   smoothly. Contact us at (972) 615-6485.

CASH DEPOSITS:     The Hyatt Regency DFW has specific procedures for our cash
                   paying guests. We require full payment in advance for entire
                   room and tax charges. A $20.00 refundable deposit for
                   incidentals (i.e.: phone charges and in-room movies) is

CHECK CASHING:     Check cashing privileges are available for Hotel guests only at
                   the front desk. You may cash a check up to $50.00 per stay.
                   Diamond and Gold Passport members have special check
                   cashing privileges. A valid driver's license is required when
                   cashing a check.

CHECK-IN:          Hotel check-in time is 3:00 p.m. Groups can request specific
                   check-in time periods strictly based on availability and per
                   discussion with your Catering/Convention Service Manager.

CHECK-OUT:             Hotel check-out time is 12 noon. The Hyatt Regency DFW
                       International Airport offers such options as the convenience of
                       Video or Audio check-out from your sleeping room television
                       set or Express check-out by phone.

CREDIT CARDS:          The following cards are accepted: American Express, Visa,
                       Master Card, Discover, Diners Club, Carte Blanche and JCB.

CURRENCY EXCHANGE:     A currency exchange service is available in the
                       American Airlines Terminal C.

DAY USE ROOMS:         Day use rooms are available between 9 a.m. and
                       5 p.m. and are based on availability. The charge is $95.00 per

DECORATIONS:           All decorations or displays that are brought into the Hotel
                       must be approved by your Catering or Convention Service
                       Manager and/or local authorities. No items may be attached to
                       any permanent Hotel structure or furnishings with nails,
                       staples, tape or any other substance. For additional
                       information, please refer to the attached “Policies &
                       Procedures” for Decorating & Production Companies.

DELIVERIES:            Deliveries to the Hotel must be received at the
                       loading dock. Please ensure your shipments/products are well

DIRECTIONS TO HOTEL:   It's easy to drive to Dallas/Fort Worth Airport from any
                       point in the Metroplex. Frequently posted trailblazer signs
                       guide your way. You can enter the Airport from Highway 183
                       from the south or Highway 114 & 635 from the north.

                       The airport itself has one main road, International Parkway,
                       which runs the length of the airport, north to south. All
                       terminal buildings, parking areas and the Hyatt Regency DFW
                       are accessible from the roadway. All exits from International
                       Parkway are to the left lane as you near your destination and
                       prepare to exit.

                       Complimentary parking is provided. Tickets can be validated
                       at the bellstand or front desk upon departure from the Hotel.
                       Valet parking is available at a charge of $13.00 per day.

EARLY DEPARTURES:      If you depart prior to your originally scheduled departure date
                       (the date specified at check in), a $50.00 early departure fee
                       will be assessed.

EMERGENCY:             For any emergency, please dial Hyatt Hotel emergency line
                       extension 5911.

ENGINEERING SERVICES   The Hyatt Engineering Department is ready
ELECTRICAL:            to accommodate your needs. Please touch the guest
                       request line "74" extension from any house phone for services.
                       Special electrical requests & services can be relayed to your
                       Catering/CS Manager. Electrical power services will be
                       charged accordingly.

EXHIBITS:              The following are a few of the exhibit companies
                       available per client choice:

                       Freeman Decorating Co.               (214) 634-1463
                       Pinnacle Decorating Co.              (817) 430-2995

                       Hyatt Regency DFW includes a hotel exhibitor packet, which
                       clearly specifies procedures and regulations for exhibits and
                       production companies with every convention and exhibit

FIRE CODES:            The Hyatt Regency DFW complies with all DFW airport fire
                       regulations. Local fire codes must be considered when
                       planning any special events and Fire Marshal approval must
                       be met.

                       All Hotel fire alarm systems are directly tied into the DFW
                       Airport Fire Department and are immediately responded to.

FIRE REGULATIONS:      Exhibits & Shows
                       Please Note: Insurance and Liability certification forms are
                       required for all Display Shows, Productions and Showing of
                       Live Animals.
                       Please Note: Insurance and Liability certification forms are
                       required for all Indoor Pyrotechnic Permits.

FITNESS FACILITY:      A full service exercise room is located on the Hotel’s 2nd floor.
                       24-hour admittance is available with a room key.

FLAGS:                 For your convenience the Hyatt Regency DFW International
                       Airport can provide the United States Flag and the Texas Flag
                       upon your request. You may request this from your
                       Catering/CS Manager.

FLORIST:               The following florist is available. Please contact
                       directly or the Hotel concierge can assist you with any special

                       Exceptional Events         817-488-6003

FOOD & BEVERAGE        After your contract is returned and signed by the Hotel, your
SERVICES & FEES:       file will be turned over to the Hotel's catering and convention
                       service departments. Your representative will contact you to
                       assist in the planning and actual details of producing the

                         meeting. The details include specific food and beverage
                         arrangements, program revisions, room set-ups and pertinent
                         billing instructions.

                         Prior to submission to the final schedule of events, the Hotel
                         retains the right to reassign any meeting rooms for function
                         space to accommodate all of the Hotel's business needs.

                         All food and beverage arrangements must be made through the
                         Hotel. Licensing restrictions require that only Hyatt
                         purchased food and beverage can be served on Hotel property.
                         The Hotel reserves the right to cease service of alcoholic
                         beverages in the event that persons under the state mandated
                         age limit are present at the function and attempt to receive
                         service of alcoholic beverages.

                         All federal and local taxes and charges which may be imposed
                         or be applicable to this agreement and to the services rendered
                         by the Hotel are in addition to the prices herein agreed upon,
                         and the customer agrees to pay them separately. The Hotel
                         gratuity charge is 20% and the Hotel sales tax is 7.25%.

                         No food and beverage of any kind will be permitted into the
                         Hotel by the customer or any of the customer's guests or

GIFT SHOP & NEWSSTAND:   Doc Karcher’s is located in the lobby of the Hotel. Guests
                         will find an array of sundries, newspapers, magazines, and

GOLF:                    Just 2.5 miles south of the Hotel, less than five minutes
                         via Hotel complimentary shuttle, is Bear Creek Golf.

                         Two 18-hole championship courses, 335 acres of Bentgrass
                         greens, are rated among the Top 50 resort courses in the
                         country by Golf Digest magazine.

                         The entire staff of Bear Creek Golf Club is anxious to host
                         golf tournaments and corporate golf outings. Refreshments
                         are available on the courses.

                         Clubhouse amenities include a pro shop, locker room
                         facilities, snack area and bar. For tee times, call
                         (972) 456-3200 or via fax at (972) 453-6410.

GRAPEVINE CONVENTION     The professionals at the Grapevine Convention &
& VISITOR'S BUREAU:      Visitors Bureau are well trained to assist in the success of your
                         meeting by offering a range of services!

                         Services include:

                         Ø   Uniformed registration personnel - available seven days a

                        *Personnel are bonded and can act as cashiers or registrars
                        for convention fees or ticketed events. Please allow the
                        Convention Service Manager one month's notice to ensure
                        personnel and availability.

                        Ø   StyleWriter typewriters
                        Ø   Celluloid name badges with inserts
                        Ø   Shell brochures
                        Ø   Maps
                        Ø   Area attractions/restaurant guides

                        For more information call the Grapevine Convention &
                        Visitors Bureau at (800) 457-6338.

GROUP POSTINGS:         Reader boards located in the public areas of the
                        Hotel list all daily meetings, events, locations and times.
                        Please let your Catering/CS Manager know of any special
                        posting requirements.

GUEST ROOMS:            811 luxurious guest rooms, including 11 suites. Seventy-four
                        (74) guest rooms are smoking and the remaining guest rooms
                        are non-smoking. Some rooms equipped with physically
                        impaired facilities including wheelchair access and
                        telecommunication devices for the hearing impaired.
                        Additional amenities include remote control TV's, video
                        breakfast, video check-out and message system. Voice mail,
                        Spectravision television entertainment, coffee makers, hair
                        dryers, irons and ironing boards.

HOTEL TRANSPORTATION:   Currently Hyatt Regency DFW has three (3) 18-passenger
                        vans and one (1) ADA 18-passenger van.

                        The Hotel offers 24-hour transportation service, every 20
                        minutes beginning on the hour to all airline terminals at DFW

                        Please be prepared to leave for the airport one hour prior to
                        your scheduled departure time.

                        Transportation is also available to and from Bear Creek.
                        Departures from the Hotel on the hour and the 1/2 hour on
                        demand. Return on request.

                        *Hotel vans transport within the DFW Airport area only!

HOUSEKEEPING:           The following items are available upon request from

                        Refrigerators (one-time $15.00rental fee)
                        Rollaway beds
                        Plug adapters
                        Voltage converters
                        Heating pads
                        Turndown service is available upon request.

IN-CONJUNCTION            Any group hosting an In-Conjunction-Event is solely
EVENTS (ICW'S):           responsible for all charges and activities. The hosting
                          convention must authorize all arrangements for meeting space,
                          assignments, food, beverage, etc. All final details must be
                          given to the Catering Manager who is handling the ICW

                          Groups meeting in conjunction with a conference, but not part
                          of the official convention program who require meeting space
                          and separate billing, are subject to credit approval. All
                          meeting space, if available, will be at Hyatt Regency DFW's
                          normal prevailing room rental rates and will be subject to the
                          Hotel's terms and conditions.

                          A list of all ICW's should be sent to the Hotel no later than
                          (60) days prior to the actual event, so that they can be
                          individually contacted by the Catering Department to set up
                          food, beverage and billing arrangements.

INSURANCE / LIABILITY:    On all Display Shows, Productions, and Showing of Live
                          Animals, the following insurance / liability certifications are
                          Ø “Indemnification and Insurance”
                          Ø “Certificate of Insurance”

JOGGING:                  If you enjoy jogging, and wish to run outdoors, we have
                          marked a trail, which is located on the top, level of the parking
                          garage. (3 laps = 1 mile).

                          Feel free to stop by the bell desk and they will provide you
                          with information on jogging areas near the Hotel.

KEYS FOR MEETING ROOMS:   Ving Cards for any meeting, office, storage or hospitality will
                          be provided upon request. Key issuance ensures room is
                          locked but not secure.

                          If you are requesting a ving card change there is a $150.00 per
                          lock fee. This should be arranged at least (2) weeks prior.

                          Please contact your Catering/CS Manager with any questions
                          you may have.

KOSHER:                   Should an attendee require a kosher meal for a particular
                          event, we will be happy to accommodate the request. A
                          minimum (72) hour notice is required and prices are subject to
                          market pricing.

LAUNDRY & VALET:          Dial 74 for pickup. Day valet Monday – Friday in by
                          9:30 a.m., back by 7 p.m. Night valet Monday - Friday in by
                          8:30 p.m., back by 7 a.m.

LIFE SAFETY:       All guest rooms, corridors and public areas are fully sprinkled
                   with a state of the art fire alarm system.

                   The Hotel has four (4) emergency exits per guest floor.

                   Hyatt Regency DFW International Airport security and
                   maintenance personnel are CPR qualified.

                   All meeting requirements, including registration and special
                   setups, must meet the guidelines of existing fire codes and
                   ordinances of DFW Airport.

LIQUOR LAWS:       There are many Texas laws that prohibit the sale, purchase and
                   distribution of alcoholic beverages to anyone under 21 years
                   of age. In order to prevent sales and/or service of alcoholic
                   beverages to individuals under the age 21, the licensee, agent
                   or employee has the right to refuse to sell or serve alcoholic
                   beverages to anyone who is unable to produce adequate
                   written proof of identity and age. Adequate proof of age and
                   identity of an individual is a document issued by a federal,
                   state, county or municipal government including but not
                   limited to a driver's license; a selective service card; or an
                   Armed Services ID card.

                   It is unlawful for any person under 21 years of age to show or
                   present false or fraudulent written identification or use
                   identification other than his or her own to order, purchase,
                   attempt to purchase, receive or serve alcoholic beverages.

                   It is the policy of the Hyatt Regency DFW International
                   Airport not to allow our servers to accept alcohol as a gratuity.
                   It is a violation of our liquor license for any patron or guest of
                   the Hyatt Regency DFW International Airport to consume
                   liquor not purchased in our establishment. The Licensee,
                   agent or employee has the right to refuse to sell or serve
                   alcoholic beverages to anyone whom they feel may have
                   already had enough to drink or may be under the influence of
                   another substance.

                   The Hyatt Regency DFW International Airport does not allow
                   any person or group to bring in liquor for use in banquet
                   rooms or hospitality suites.

LOAD IN/LOAD OUT   Each and every person working in the Hotel must have
PROCEDURES:        a visitor's badge. The show manager/foreman/supervisor in
                   charge of the crew will be responsible for providing the
                   badges needed. No matter what time move-in or strike takes
                   place, everyone must be wearing a badge. Anyone not
                   wearing a badge will be asked to leave the Hotel.

                   Company badges are acceptable, as long as all crew members
                   have one. Any exceptions to the above must be approved by
                   the Convention Services Manager.

All forklifts and scissor lifts brought into the Hotel must have
white non-marking tires or have tires that are taped or carpet
covered. Lifts are to be brought in through the back of the
Hotel. Lifts are never to be used in any of the public areas
unless permission is obtained from the Convention Services
Manager in charge of the conference or Convention Service
Floor Manager. A reasonable speed is expected of the lifts at
all times avoiding burning and stretching of Hotel ballroom or
exhibit hall carpeting.

When rolling road cases or any equipment across carpeted
floors, plywood sheets or very heavy plastic is to be laid
across the area being traversed in order to prevent damage to
the carpet.

Damage repair costs caused by lifts will be the responsibility
of the contractor.

All scissor lift rentals should be scheduled through AVW, our
in-house A.V./Staging Company.

Individuals that will be in public areas of the Hotel should be
clearly shaved and attired. This is especially important for
those individuals eating in the Hotel restaurants.
No food or beverage of any kind will be allowed in the Hotel
catwalks or airwall pockets at any time. Food and beverage
will be allowed in the ballroom or exhibit halls only when
requested through formal channels by meeting planner or on-
site representative.

Production or exhibit staff/crew food and beverage set-ups
will be promptly refreshed or cleared by Banquets when
requested by the on-site representative.

No smoking will be allowed in any area of the Hotel, except
the designated outside smoking area.

Load-in and load-outs should be scheduled during off-peak
times to avoid heavy dock delivery traffic times. Specific
load-in and load-out information is to be provided to a
Convention Services Manager well in advance in order that
the Hotel can better prepare . . . (ask assistance from DPS for
traffic monitoring, dumpster moved, etc.).
Back hallways and service areas are to be kept clear of all
empty crates and cases. Empties are to be placed back on the
truck(s). Storage can be arranged through Convention
Services only when space is available.

Access to the catwalks is obtainable only through Hyatt
Security. Convention Services will notify Security of move-in
and move-out times. The catwalks will not be left unlocked
except at times a crew is working in these areas. This will be
monitored very closely. Crews are expected to let Convention
Services or Security know when they have completed their
work in the catwalks.

Any rigging into the ballroom ceiling must be provided and
coordinated through AVW/Telav. A plan must be submitted
for approval in advance of load-in.

Availability of electrical service in the Enterprise Ballroom
and Exhibit Halls is limited at times. For very large
productions, it may be necessary to bring in a generator. We
have (1) 200-amp grid, (1) 100 amp grid and (1) 50 amp grid
available in the Enterprise Ballroom. There are future plans
for an additional 400-amp tap. If a generator is to be used, the
production company should notify the Hotel in advance of
move-in, to schedule placement.

A Hotel electrician is to be present when hooking up any
complex wiring, lighting, sound or other A.V. equipment that
requires power beyond the wall outlets permanently installed.
Charges are to be at prevailing hourly rates as established on
electrical order forms.

In-house audio visual (AVW) is to provide an on-site
technician when utilizing the ballroom house PA system or
lighting systems. Charges are posted at hourly rates.

Fire Marshall approved Production or Exhibit Diagrams (3-
draft size) are to be submitted to the Convention Services
Manager ten (10) working days prior to move-in day.

During show set-up and teardown, nothing is to be leaned
against walls or doors, thus causing possible marring or

No nails, paste, tape, hooks, etc. are to be affixed to any
meeting room or public area walls or pillars.

A hotel representative will inspect for damage resulting from
carelessness during show set-up and tear-down and cost for
repairs will become the responsibility of the contractor. All
areas are to be left in a clean and orderly fashion. No
equipment or materials of any kind is to be left behind after

The Hotel will not accept or ship out any exhibitor materials
of any kind. It is the responsibility of the contractor to inform
the exhibitor both prior to, and during the show of their
shipping policies. All shipping forms such as UPS, Federal
Express and Airborne are to be made available to the exhibitor
at the exhibit service desk. Do not send exhibitors to the Hotel
bellstand or package/receiving office with shipping requests.

A Catering/CS Manager is to be provided with an
exhibitor/booth list and freight information, as well as exhibit
show agenda (to include move-in and move-out) thirty (30)
days prior to show set-up day. Last minute bookings are an
exception of course, but the above information should be
provided as timely as possible.

                       Foyer exhibits will be discussed on a case-by-case issue with
                       the client, Hotel, exhibit/decorating company and the Fire

                       NOTHING is to be hung from the sprinkler lines in any of the
                       function space. It will be removed!

                       No one other than Hyatt Hotel employees are allowed to eat
                       and drink in the Hyatt Regency DFW cafeteria or to remove
                       food/drink from such.

LOCKS:                 Hyatt Regency DFW utilizes the Vingcard electronic locking
                       system on all guest room doors. This system requires the use
                       of a credit card type key and the lock is recoded each time a
                       guest checks out.

LOST & FOUND:          When an article is found, it is turned into the Lost and
                       Found Department and held there for (30) days. If the item is
                       unclaimed after (30) days, it is returned to the finder. Guests
                       are responsible for any return shipping charges.

                       Inquiries can be made regarding lost and found items 24-hours
                       a day. For more information call the Hyatt Regency DFW
                       Housekeeping Department at (972) 453-1234, ext. 5350 or
                       Security at (972) 453-1234, ext. 5225.

MALL TRANSPORTATION:   The hotel provides mall runs to Grapevine Mills Mall (the
                       largest shopping center in the state of Texas).

                       For more information check with the Bell Desk.
                       ($9.00 per person/round trip - $4.00/one way)

                       Monday - Saturday (Service is not available on Sundays)
                       10a.m.- 9p.m.
                       Departs every hour on the hour
                       Returns on the 1/2 hour
                       (Last shuttle returns at 9:30p.m.)

                       [Guests may sign up at the Bell Desk.]

MANAGING COMMITTEE     Tom Smith - General Manager
MEMBERS:               Lance Stumpf - Director of Operations
                       George Limguangco - Controller
                       James Keaveny - Director of Sales
                       George Maldonado - Director of Catering and Convention
                       Danny Brundage- Director of Engineering
                       Rob Spooner- Director of Human Resources
                       Bruno Jappert - Executive Chef

MEDICAL FACILITIES:     For any medical emergency, please call ext. 5911 from any

                        If a guest requires emergency medical assistance, DPS
                        paramedics are located on the airport property and are quick to
                        respond, usually within 5 minutes.

                        Nearest medical facility (5 minutes)
                        Baylor Medical Center at Grapevine
                        1650 West College
                        Grapevine, Texas
                        (817) 481-1588

NEWSPAPER/PUBLICATION   GoldPassport members receive USA Today, Monday through
DELIVERY:               Friday. Saturday and Sunday the Dallas Morning News is
                        delivered. Newspapers may be purchased in our gift shop.

                        If your group has a need for guest delivery, the current rate for
                        all "under the door" room deliveries are $2.00 per room. All
                        "inside room deliveries" are $3.00 per room.

OFF-PREMISE CATERING/   Regency Caterers by Hyatt, our full service off-premise
REGENCY CATERERS BY     catering company, can provide customized catering,
HYATT:                  personalized service - including site selection, decor,
                        entertainment and transportation. We are able to provide
                        service at the following key sites in the surrounding
                        Dallas/Fort Worth Airport area:

                        Bear Creek Pavilions - Overlooking the Bear Creek
                        championship golf course are two open-air pavilions, which
                        can accommodate all types of events ranging from 50 – 2,000
                        guests. They are perfect for pre-tournament breakfasts, post
                        tournament barbecues, company picnics, outdoor weddings
                        and holiday parties with a rustic flair.

                        Delaney Vineyards - An 18th century winery featuring a 5,200
                        square foot Grand Barrel Room, a large 1,500 square foot
                        patio opening to the vineyard and romantic French gardens.
                        The winery and gardens are available for corporate/civic
                        functions, weddings, anniversaries, private exhibits and
                        charitable events. The Grand Barrel Room accommodates up
                        to 250 for sit down dinners and 350 for cocktail receptions.
                        The French gardens are perfect for up to 50 guests. (See
                        Wineries page 35.)

                        American Airlines C.R. Smith Aviation Museum - Within
                        minutes of Hyatt Regency DFW, this is the only museum of
                        its kind solely devoted to the history of commercial aviation.
                        It contains several exhibits that are entertaining and
                        informative for all ages. Also included is a 100 seat "IMAX
                        Theater" for the screening of "Dream of Flight". The museum
                        offers a unique and exciting setting for private celebrations
                        and corporate entertaining. It is able to accommodate

                    anywhere from 10 guests for a sit down lunch to over 500
                    guests of a buffet style reception.

                    Regency Caterers by Hyatt would like the opportunity to bid
                    on all off-premise catering functions sponsored by your group
                    or in conjunction with your convention meeting.

                    For further information, please contact your Catering

& SUPPLIES:         Contact the following merchants for more information:

                    Business Center
                    Hyatt Regency DFW
                    (972) 615-6845 or 6855

                    415 East Highway 114
                    Grapevine, TX 75061
                    (817) 329-7766

OFFICE FURNITURE:   Desks, filing cabinets and sofas may be rented for your
                    convention offices. Contact the following merchants for more
                    information, or contact your Catering/CS Manager for

                    Freeman Decorating
                    (214) 634-1463

                    Charter Furniture Rental
                    (972) 385-3204

PACKAGES:           See Shipping/Receiving.

PARKING:            More than 770 parking spaces are available. Covered parking
                    is available.

                    The Hotel provides complimentary parking to overnight guests
                    as well as meeting attendees. Simply present your parking
                    ticket to the bellstand or front desk for validation.

                    Valet parking is available for a rate of $13.00 per day (24 hrs.)
                    with in/out privileges.

                    Please contact your Catering/CS Manager with specific
                    parking questions or requirements.

                    *The height clearance is 6'5" for vans and small trucks.

PHOTOGRAPHY:                         For photography services we recommend:

                                     Sloan Photography          Michael Castro
                                     6412 Meadow Crest          4539 Queenswood Drive
                                     Flower Mound, TX           Grand Prairie, TX
                                     75028                      75052
                                     (817) 430-1884             (214) 641-4862

                                     Or, contact your Catering/CS Manager and charges for this
                                     service may be applied to your master account.

PIANOS:                              The Hotel has baby grand and upright pianos available for
                                     your production and entertaining needs. There is a $100.00
                                     tuning charge for use. Please advise your Catering/CS
                                     Manager of your needs, as there is a limited number available.

POSTAL SERVICES:                     U.S. Postal Mail boxes are located at the front door.

PRE-CONVENTION MEETINGS: In order to introduce our key clients to the key contacts of the
                                     Hotel, we would like to arrange for a pre-convention meeting
                                     a day or two prior to your main group arrival. Please advise
                                     your Catering/Convention Services manager as to whom you
                                     would like to attend from your organization and a convenient
                                     time for this brief meeting. (Time ranges from 30 minutes to 1
POST-CONVENTION                      As a means to gain feedback to better serve our clientele, we
MEETINGS:                            also ask for a brief post-convention meeting. This meeting
                                     allows your Convention Services and Catering contacts, as
                                     well as the General Manager, to receive comments directly
                                     from the key contacts of your organization.

PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS:               Nothing shall be posted on, nailed, screwed, or otherwise
                                     attached to columns, walls, floors or other parts of the building
                                     or furniture. Distribution of promotional gummed stickers or
                                     labels is strictly prohibited. Anything in connection there
                                     with, necessary or proper for the protection of the building,
                                     equipment or furniture, will be at the expense of the
                                     group/event. For your convenience, the Hyatt Regency DFW
                                     has strategically located daily event postings throughout the
                                     lobby and meeting room areas. The Hotel requires that all
                                     signage be professionally printed.

PUBLIC RELATIONS:                    Our Public Relations Department would be pleased to assist
                                     your organization with the following:

                                     Ø   media coverage
                                     Ø   camera ready black and white photos of the Hotel
                                     Ø   press conferences
                                     Ø   color slides of the Hotel
                                     Ø   press releases regarding the history of the Hotel

                                     Please contact our Public Relations Department at
                                     (972) 615-6732.

PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION:              Limousine, taxi, Super Shuttle are a few of the transportation
                                    services available.

                                    Please contact our Guest Service for assistance at (972) 453-
                                    1234, ext. 5102.

RADIOS/PAGERS:                      Radios, pagers and cellular telephones may be rented from
                                    AVW, our in-house audio-visual company.

                                    For more information please call AVW at (972) 615-6845.

REGISTRATION ASSISTANCE:            Should you require registration assistance or on-site
                                    convention staffing, please contact the Grapevine Convention
                                    and Visitor's Bureau at (817) 481-0426.

REGISTRATION DESK, OFFICE The Hyatt Regency DFW International Airport has a
AND STORAGE:              permanent registration desk on the convention level. There
                                    are a variety of other locations that are also suitable for
                                    registration desks. Contact your Convention Service Manager
                                    for locations and availability. Meeting rooms suitable for
                                    offices or storage should also be discussed with your
                                    Convention Service Manager.
                                    Handwritten signs and flip charts are not allowed in the Hotel
                                    lobby or pre-function areas.

RESERVATIONS:                       All reservations made by a reservation card must be
                                    accompanied by a one (1) night deposit or a credit card
                                    guarantee. Your reservation will be held 24 hours prior to the
                                    arrival date. If your reservation has not been canceled you
                                    will be charged for the first night.

                                    There will be a $50.00 charge for early departures unless other
                                    arrangements are made at time of check in.

RESTAURANTS:                        Jacob’s Spring Grille
                                    Breakfast                  6:00 a.m. - 11 a.m.
                                    Lunch                      11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
                                    Dinner                     5p.m. - 10:00 p.m.
                                    Sunday :
                                    Breakfast                  6am-10am
                                    Brunch                     10am-2pm
                                    Dinner                     5pm-10pm

                                    Lunch / Dinner             11am-1am

                                    Jetts Coffee Bar           5:30am-8pm

                                    Mr. G's - (48 seats)
                                     Mesquite Grilled Steaks and Seafood in a quiet, elegant
                                    Monday – Friday
                                    Dinner: 6:00p.m. – 10:00p.m.

                        *Reservations recommended.

                        For more information or reservations please dial
                        ext. 5270.

RETAIL SHOPPING:        The Galleria is the home of many fine stores including
                        Nordstrom's, Tiffany & Co., Macy's, and Saks Fifth Avenue.
                        Grapevine Mills Mall is located only 10 minutes north of the
                        Hyatt Regency DFW. Other area malls include NorthPark,
                        Prestonwood, Valley View and Irving Mall, NorthEast mall.

ROOM SERVICE:           Room Service is available
                        Monday – Sunday           6 a.m. – 11a.m. and 4pm-1pm

ROPES AND STANCHIONS:   A limited supply of ropes and stanchions are available for any
                        of your convention needs. Please note that these must be
                        utilized in accordance with fire codes. Contact your
                        Convention Service Manager for more information.

SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES:   A limited number of safety deposit boxes are available at the
                        front desk at no charge. A $75.00 locksmith fee is applicable
                        if a key is misplaced or not returned to the Hyatt Regency FW.

                        The Hyatt Regency DFW International Airport cannot be
                        responsible for the safekeeping of equipment, supplies, written
                        materials or any other valuable items left in meeting/function
                        rooms by an individual or group. Accordingly, a group
                        acknowledges that it will be responsible to provide security for
                        any such above mentioned items hereby assumes
                        responsibility of loss hereof.

                        We have a security staff on duty 24 hours a day. DFW Police
                        and Paramedics on call 24 hours a day with a 5 minute
                        response time. Hyatt Regency DFW security and maintenance
                        personnel are CPR qualified.

                        Hyatt Regency DFW has an emergency generator. It is used
                        for emergency lighting and elevator operations in the event of
                        a normal power loss.

                        For specific security requests we can provide security services
                        through a preferred security company. For further information
                        and pricing, please contact your Catering/CS Manager. Rates
                        begin at $36.00 per hour. Holiday rates are $48.00 per hour.
                        A minimum of three (3) hours is required per shift.

                                 Ø   The Hyatt Regency DFW does permit armed
                                 Ø   Any outside company must be a licensed and
                                     bonded security company and must meet all
                                     insurance and workers compensation

                                   Ø   It is the responsibility of the group to hire
                                       security for exhibit or production areas during
                                       the entire period that the area is occupied.

SIGNAGE:                  Signs are mounted on foamcore and then “framed” with a
                          velcro attachable clear plastic frame. The frame must be
                          returned to the Business Center or an additional $45.00 non-
                          return fee will be applied.

                          Vinyl: 28”x22”                      $25.00 (Text Only)
                          Green Print only Available
                          Printed with Frame:
                          Black/White                         $25.00 (Text Only)
                          Color Text and Logo                 $35.00
                          Background and Full Color           $45.00

SHIPPING AND RECEIVING:   The Hotel's shipping address is:

                          Hyatt Regency DFW
                          Inside DFW Airport
                          International Parkway
                          DFW Airport, TX 75261

                          For the convenience of our guests, the Hyatt Regency
                          DFW does allow a maximum of twenty (20) boxes to be
                          shipped directly to the Hotel provided the guest is
                          attending a conference with NO EXHIBITS. Please note
                          that shipments exceeding twenty (20) boxes will be
                          charged a handling fee of $3.00 per box. All packages
                          sent to the Hotel must contain a label with the following

                          1. Return address
                          2. Conference name
                          3. Date of meeting
                          4. Hotel contact name
                          5. Name of person(s) receiving package from Hotel

                          Our guests may also feel free to ship packages out through the
                          Hotel. Please note however, the Hotel does charge a $5.00
                          handling fee per box, plus twenty percent (20%) of the freight
                          charge for ALL packages shipped through our shipping and
                          receiving department. All outgoing packages must contain a
                          “freight shipment” form with the appropriate information.
                          Hyatt will not be responsible for the shipment of packages
                          without proper billing instructions.

                          In the event a guest is attending a conference that does contain
                          an exhibit, he/she MUST ship ALL conference materials to
                          the assigned drayage company. EXHIBIT MATERIALS
                          WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED OR SHIPPED OUT through the

                     If you have any questions or concerns, please call your
                     Catering/CS Manager.

SIGNAGE:             The Business Communications Center has a state-of-the-art
                     custom sign shop. For more information, see Business
                     Communications Center, or call (972) 615-6855.

SOUND SYSTEM:        Our ballrooms and exhibit halls are equipped with in-house
                     sound systems that have the ability to be separated or utilized
                     for the entire room. Many of our smaller meeting rooms have
                     this same capability.

                     For more information, contact AVW at (972) 615-6845.

STAGING/PLATFORMS:   Staging can be an important enhancement to most meetings.
                     As a customer benefit, both Convention Services and AVW
                     will be pleased to help design staging that will make your
                     meeting a success. We feature 6' x 8' foot carpeted platforms
                     in 8", 16", 24", and 32" heights. They can be arranged in a
                     variety of configurations, usually 8' x 12' to 18' x 40',
                     depending upon room size and group size.

STORAGE:             Hotel public areas and service hallways cannot be used for
                     storage of supplies or equipment by customers or contractors.

SUITES:              The Hyatt Regency DFW offers a total of 11 suites. Parlors
                     connect one (1) or two (2) bedrooms depending on the
                     individual's needs. These are ideal for small meetings,
                     interviews, entertaining clients or hospitality functions.

                     Please contact your Catering/CS Manager for pricing and suite

SWIMMING POOL:       Zero edge, state of the art outdoor heated swimming pool.
                     Pool Hours: 6am – 10pm daily. Life Guard is not on duty.

TAXES:               Following are the current tax rates that will be applied to your
                     billing; they are non-negotiable:

                     7.25%    City tax
                     7.25%    Food and beverage tax
                     12%      Sleeping room tax
                     6%       Meeting room tax

TAX EXEMPT STATUS:   This is allowed with proper documentation provided to

                     Religious, Charitable and Educational Organizations
                     Religious, charitable and educational organizations and
                     their employees traveling on official business of the
                     organization are exempt from the state hotel occupancy
                     tax. The organizations and their employees are required
                     to pay the local taxes.

The definitions and exemptions for these organizations
were not changed by the recent legislation.

Educational organizations continue to include public and
private colleges, universities, junior colleges, independent
school districts, elementary and secondary schools of this
and other states.

Individuals or groups claiming an exemption must either
be employees of the organization or must pay the hotel
with the organization’s funds.

The United States government and its employees,
including military personnel, traveling on official
business are exempt from the state hotel occupancy taxes
regardless of the method of payment to the hotel.
Federal employees are probably exempt from local hotel
occupancy taxes also, but you should contact your local
taxing authority to be certain.

Effective September 1, 1995, state agencies, boards,
commissions and institutions (except institutions of higher
education) and their employees traveling on official
business must pay the state and local hotel occupancy
taxes. However, designated state employees issued a
special Hotel Tax Exemption Photo ID or Tax Exempt
Cards are exempt from the state, city and county hotel
taxes. Individuals issued a Hotel Tax Exemption Card
include, but are not limited to, judicial officials, heads of
agencies, members of the Texas Legislature. State
agencies may request a refund of the hotel tax paid.

Diplomatic personnel who present a Tax Exemption Card
issued by the United States Department of State are
exempt from state, city and county hotel taxes.

City and county governments and their employees must
pay the state and local hotel taxes.

A person or business entity working under a federal, state
or local government contract must pay the state and
local hotel taxes.

Permanent Residents
(the 30-Day Rule)
Guests who occupy a hotel room for 30 consecutive days
will qualify for an exemption from tax as permanent
residents. There must be no interruption of payment
during that period.

Guests who notify the hotel in writing, upon arrival, of
their intentions to stay 30 consecutive days will be
exempt from the beginning of their stay. Guests who do
not advise the hotel upon arrival that they intend to stay
30 consecutive days must pay the tax for the first 30

                           days. Thereafter, they will be exempt.

TELEPHONES:                The Hotel is happy to provide you with a variety of phones
                           and options in your meeting room, sleeping room, or
                           registration area. Please contact your Catering/CS Manager
                           for more information and pricing. There is a $0.57 surcharge
                           per call when accessing a long distance carrier.

TEMPERATURE CONTROL:       Meeting room temperatures are controlled by computer. They
                           are programmed to come on 1 1/2 hours prior to the start of
                           your function. Please contact Guest Request, ext. 74 if you
                           require an adjustment to the room temperature.

VEHICLE EXHIBITS INSIDE:   Automotive vehicles and equipment may be displayed
                           provided the following are complied with:
                           * There shall be no more than two gallons of fuel in the tank.
                           * Fuel tanks shall be locked or effectively sealed.
                           * Battery cables shall be disconnected.
                           * Vehicles ignition keys shall be removed from
                           vehicles and kept on the location by Hotel Security.
                           * All hotel floor covering, traveled by the vehicle and under it
                           once it is stationary must be protected with plywood and
                           protected with one of the following materials:
                           *Vehicle must be pushed into the Hotel, not driven.
                           *Client must provide 24 hour security for vehicle.
                           *Hotel will not be held liable for any damages to the vehicle
                           while on property.
                           *Indemnification form will be provided by your Catering/CS
                           Manager to be completed and returned prior to the event.

VOICE MAIL:                The Hyatt Regency DFW International Airport is equipped
                           with voice mail capabilities available in your sleeping room,
                           meeting room, or registration area.

                           For detailed information, feel free to call the Hotel telephone
                           technician at (972) 615-6858 or contact your Catering/CS


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