COUNCIL HELD
                         11th MAY 2011

Apologies were received from District Cllrs A Garbutt and J Askew. District Cllr R
Molloy was in attendance. No members of the public attended.

The Chairman opened the meeting at 7.05pm

Councillors Present          S Hodson - Chairman
                             R Johnson – Vice-chair
                             E Clamp
                             S Pallett
                             B Graham
                             L Pickin
                             B Mears
                             S Scott
                             D Joyner
                             T Davies
                             A Davies
                             P Dainty
                             M Ward

UPC 01 Election of Chairman and signing of the Declaration of Acceptance of
Office Form
Resolved: Cllr S Hodson is elected as Chairman for the ensuing year and signed the
Chairman’s Acceptance of Office form.

UPC 02 Apologies             J Cox - work
                             D West - holiday

UPC 03 Declaration of Interest on items on the agenda
Resolved: Personal Declaration of Interest received from Cllr B Graham on item 8
‘Election to Outside Bodies’. Cllr B Graham is the elected Chair of the SESKU
Festival Committee

UPC 04 Election of Vice-Chair
Resolved: Cllr r Johnson is elected as Vice-Chair for the ensuing year

UPC 05 Election of Finance and Village Hall Committee
Resolved: It was agreed to elect Cllrs S Hodson, R Johnson, B Graham, E Clamp, A
Davies and M Ward.

UPC 06 Election of Allotment Committee
Resolved: It was agreed to elect Cllrs S Hodson, P Dainty, L Pickin, A Davies and S

UPC 07 Election of Rose Estate Playing Field Committee
Resolved: It was agreed to elect Cllrs R Johnson, L Pickin, T Davies, S Pallett and D

UPC 08 Election to outside bodies
Resolved: It was agreed to elect the following Cllrs
      Joint Burial Committee – Cllrs S Hodson and R Johnson
      Yorkshire Local Council Association - leave open for any Cllrs to attend if
      they so wish
      Town and Parish Liaison Group – leave open for any Cllr to attend if they
      so wish
      SESKU Committee – Cllrs E Clamp, D Joyner, S Scott
      Upton Sports Users – Quarry Lane – Cllrs B Mears, S Pallett
      UNEF (Upton and North Elmsall Forum) – Cllrs P Dainty, M Ward, L
      Horse and Pony Club - Cllrs S Hodson, P Dainty, L Pickin, A Davies and S
      Road Safety Committee - Cllrs S Scott and E Clamp

UPC 09 To accept the minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 13th April
Resolved: The Minutes of the Parish Council held 13th April 2011, having been
circulated be approved as a correct record and signed by the Chairman

UPC 10 To clarify all Parish Councillors have signed their Acceptance of Office
Resolved: All Acceptance of Office forms have been sign by all Cllrs present. It was
agreed due to Cllr D West being out of the country from the 30th April until the 19th of
June 2011 she will sign this on her return.

UPC 11 To receive reports from District Councillors
Cllr R Molloy reported:
WMDC will be sending out information packs to all shop and business owners in
Upton and North Elmsall concerning litter. Cllr P Dainty inquired about the
possibility of more litter bins being provided. Cllr R Molloy said he would look into

UPC 12 Report from Finance and Village Hall Committee meeting held 5th May
2011 see attached report

The Chairman opened the meeting at 6.10

Councillors Present           S Hodson – Chairman
                              R Johnson – Vice-chair
                              B Graham
                              E Clamp

FC 01 Apologies               M Ward - working

FC 02 Declaration of Interest
No Declaration of Interest was received.

FC 03 Approve minutes of Finance and Village Hall Committee meeting held 5th
May 2011
Resolved: No meeting took place as it was not quorate

FC 04 To check amend and approve insurance policy for Parish Council which is
due for renewal 1st June 2011
Resolved: Agreed to get a quote for the stones to the entrance of Upton and North
Elmsall villages, 5 in total.

FC 05 To inspect accounts
Resolved: All receipts and payments were approved.

FC 06 Any other business concerning Finance and Village Hall matters which are
not on the agenda but requires discussing prior to next Finance and Village Hall
Committee meeting
Clerk informed the meeting of a regular 2 hour booking which will start on Sunday 8th
May 2011. This is for a karate class

As there was no other business to discuss the Chairman closed the meeting at 6.35pm
and thanked everyone for their attendance.

UPC 13 Approximate cost of metal containers from K Martin
Quote received was:
20ft Container – new £1,900.00
10ft Container – new £900.00 and £600.00 nearly new
£75.00 delivery charge.
Resolved: Cllr B Mears to gain further quotes

UPC 14 Recreation Ground – Cllr B Graham
Cllr Graham asked the Parish Council to discuss the possibility of starting to sort out
the problems with CISWO over the Recreation Ground.
Resolved: It was agreed for the Clerk and Chairman to meet with Milners Solicitors.

UPC 15 Polling Station at Upton Junior and Infant School – Cllr B Mears
Cllr B Mears informed the Parish Council of the number of complaints he has received due to
the nursery section of Upton J & I School on Waggon Lane being used as a polling station.
Their biggest complaint was we have a polling station at the Village Hall which is no more
than 600 yards away and also the Methodist Church on High Street.
Resolved: Cllr M Ward will obtain the total figures of the number of voters who used
the polling station for the next Parish Council meeting. This item to be placed on the
agenda for the next Parish Council meeting.

UPC 16 Local Council Advisory Service Annual Seminar – please see dates and
agenda attached
Resolved: It was agreed Cllr B Graham and the clerk attend the seminar at the Grove
on the 12th July 2011.

UPC 17 Land Registry – B16 notice to an adjoining owner of a proposed
registration – Title number WYK932725 – Allotment gardens at Bell Street,
Upton by Judy Christian Hanson
Resolved: The clerk to write to the Land Registry to inform them that the Parish
Council no longer lease this land.

UPC 18 To approve year ending figures for audit April 1st 2010 to March 31st 2011
Resolved: These be agreed

UPC 19 Financial Statement – see attached report
Resolved: All payments and receipts were agreed

UPC 20 Members Reports
Cllr P Dainty reported on a site visit to Bullcarr Mires with Stuart Saxton, Park
Ranger and Norman Baines. It was suggested to help with the constant large scale fly
tipping, on both WMDC and Parish Council land a lock and a number of keys for
access be purchased by the Parish Council and be placed on the gate which is already
erected on Green Lane. WMDC will purchase a number of large stones which will be
placed to the bottom of Green Lane. Railway sleepers stood on end will also be used,
these will be purchased through 106 money. The legalities of locking the gate will be
addressed by WMDC.
Resolved: The clerk to get quotes for a lock and ten keys from Barnsley Locks.
Cllr E Clamp suggested the clerk get quotes from our gardener to cut and keep tidy
the grassed area on the Harewood Lane allotment site and the lane which runs
Resolved: This was agreed.

Cllr L Pickin reported parents have approached him asking if the Parish Council could
provide a BMX track. Cllr L Pickin informed the Parish Council he has information
regarding funding which maybe available and he will provide further information

UPC 21 Planning Matters

11/00778/FUL Mr G Flavell, 44 Richmond Road, Upton. 1.8m high boundary
treatment to front (retrospective) 1.8m high treatment to side and 1m high boundary
treatment to front

11/00349/FUL Minsthorpe Community College. Extensions and alterations to
classroom Block One including three classrooms, infilling of existing courtyard and
construction of a porch, re-cladding, provision of new pitched roof.
11/00320/FUL Paul Smith, 12 Rosedale Close, Upton. Two storey extension to side.

UPC 22 Correspondence
Groundwork Trust magazine
Featherstone Town Council – Invite for Chairman and Partner to attend their Annual
Meeting and Mayor making Wednesday 25th May 2011
South Kirkby and Moorthorpe Town Council – Invite for Chairman to attend the
Annual Civic Parade – Sunday 12th June 2011

UPC 23 To resolve that in accordance with Section 1(2) of the Public Bodies
(Admission to Meetings) Act 1960 and by reason of the confidential nature of the
remainder of the business, the Public and Press to be excluded further from the
Resolved: This was agreed

UPC 24 To receive any updates on the possible transfer of areas of land from
WMDC to the Parish Council and any further action to be taken
No further information has been received regarding the issue.

As there was no further business to discuss the Chairman closed the meeting at
8.10pm and thanked everyone for their contribution and attendance.

Signed_____________________________________ Date_____________________

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