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                           Dr. Michele A. Korb, Ph.D.
                              Assistant Professor

                Science Educator, California State University- East Bay
                           Teacher Education Department
                       College of Education and Allied Studies
                                   (414) 339-0593

Research Interests

       Pre-service Teacher Science Education preparation/ Developing science
        education programs
       Knowledge frameworks and anchored learning in middle school, high school and
        college science courses, especially related to biomolecular literacy
       Using remote technologies for enhancing discovery learning in science
       Development of diagnostic instruments for improving science curriculum and


Ph.D. – Educational Policy and Leadership (EDPL)/ Science Education; May 2009;
Marquette University

M.A. – Educational Policy and Leadership (EDPL) May 1999; Marquette University

B.S. in both Biology and in Broad Field Science (Biology) / Wisconsin Secondary
Education Certification, May 1989; Marquette University

Publications and Academic Presentations:

Michele A. Korb, Scott Robinson and Chas Conway, “Bugscope: Remote-Access
Entomology and Microscopy Education Since 1999”, invited speaker, (February, 2012).
Perth, Australia. This session was for the ACMM/AMPC/ICONN and included a live
demonstration of Bugscope with conference participants.

Michele A. Korb and Umesh Thakkar (July, 2011) “Facilitating Scientific Investigations
and Training Data Scientists.” Science, July 29, vol. 333. Essay in conjunction with the
Science Prize for Online Learning Resources in Education (SPORE), American
Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).

Tim Herman and Michele A. Korb, Workshop (March, 2011) – “Take Two: A Molecular
Story of Reprogrammed Stem Cells,” National Science Teachers Association (NSTA),
San Francisco, CA

Tim Herman and Michele A. Korb, Workshop (March 2011) – “Insulin: A Molecular
Story about the Gene, the Protein, the Physiology, and Diabetes”, National Science
Teachers Association (NSTA), San Francisco, CA

Tim Herman and Michele A. Korb, Workshop (March, 2011) – “Standards-Based Active
Learning: Protein Structure and Function,” National Science Teachers Association
(NSTA), San Francisco, CA
Michele A. Korb, Shannon Colton, Karen DeBoer and Timothy Herman, Workshop –
“Teaching Genetic Flow of Information Using Storyboards, Tactile Curriculum and
Physical Models”; National Association of Biology Teachers (NABT), November (2010),
Minneapolis, MN

Michele A. Korb, Timothy Herman and Karen DeBoer (2 workshops) – “Exploring DNA
structure and Function with Inquiry-Based Interactive Physical Models”; “From Teaching
Props to Learning Tools: Exploring the Polar Nature of Water”; California Science
Teacher Association (CSTA), October (2010) Sacramento, CA.

Michele A. Korb, Poster presentation (February, 2010) at the American Association for
the Advancement of Science (AAAS) convention, “Bugscope in K-5 Science
Classrooms: Building Inquiring Minds”

Michele A. Korb, Paper presentation (April, 2009) at the American Educational
Research Association (AERA) convention, “Investigating Changes in Knowledge
Frameworks among High School Learners Regarding the Central Dogma of Biology”;
San Diego, CA.

Kathryn Hadley and Michele Korb, “Through the Bugscope”, Science and Children,
September 2007 (note: K. Hadley is a former, education student and current educational

Michele A. Korb, Christopher Sirola and Rebecca Climack. Journal of College Science
Teaching (March/ April 2005) “Promoting Physical Science to Preservice Teachers.”

Umesh Thakkar, Glenn A. Fried, Benjamin A. Grosser, Scott J. Robinson, Daniel E.
Weber, Michele A. Korb, Judy A. Lee. (2003) “Integrating Remote Scientific
Instrumentation in the Curriculum to Support Inquiry: Case Studies in Preservice and
Inservice Teacher Education”. SITE Technology Convention, TN

Symposium presentation: American Educational Research Association (AERA); April
2007. “Teaching and Learning Physical Science in Urban Secondary Schools: Assessing
the Assessments.” Joan Whipp, Michael Politano, Michele Korb, Marquette University;
Mel Sabella, Chicago State University; David Hammer, University of Maryland; Kristi
Gettelman, Wisconsin Conservatory of Lifelong Learning; Kelly Kushner, Shorewood
Intermediate School; Megan Ferger, Roosevelt Middle School of the Arts

Michele A. Korb, Presentation (2007) April meeting of the American Physics
Association in Syracuse, NY. “Teaching and Learning Physical Science in Urban
Secondary Schools: Assessing the Assessments.”

Michele Korb, School of Education, Mentor, Summer (2003) “Preservice Elementary
Teachers: Attitudes, Beliefs and Recommendations Regarding Science Education.”
Rebecca Climack, Marquette University McNair Scholars Program.

Michele Korb, Poster Presentation (2002) Hawai’i International Conference on
Technology, Honolulu, Hawai’i “Impact of Online Video Analysis on Teacher

Professional Experience

Assistant Professor, College of Education and Allied Studies, Teacher Education
Department; California State University – East Bay (2009 – present); Teaching of
science methods education at elementary, middle and secondary levels. Includes
development of two courses intended to engage students in developing engaging,
inquiry-based, California and National Science Education Standards-based lessons;
Students required to participate in Project Learning Tree, NASA Fellow presentations;
Stop Waste; local field trips; Teaching graduate level courses in the MS in Curriculum
program – environmental education and core research courses.

Co-PI and lead on research/ leadership teams for the National Science Foundation
(NSF) Math Science Partnership (MSP) grant entitled “San Francisco Bay Integrated
Middle School Science Project” (IMSS) (2009 – present)

Instructor and consultant (2010 – present) on science curriculum development for
Bechtel Foundation, and Math and Science Teacher Initiative (MSTI) funded
Foundational Level General Science (FLGS) program at CSU- East Bay: includes
meeting with science faculty from Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Geoscience from
CSU-East Bay, along with engineers from Broadcom firm and Bechtel funders to
develop pedagogically sound, inquiry- and standards-based, project-based science
experiences. This initiative has also moved towards collaborative efforts with San
Francisco State University faculty as well as CSU – Los Angeles faculty.

Member on committees:
Faculty Affairs Committee, CSUEB, TED (2011)
Curriculum Committee, CSUEB, TED (2011)
University Committee on Inquiry and Curriculum (2010-2011)
STEM Education Institute, Executive Board, Representative for College of Education
and Allied Studies (2011)
Hiring Committee for Director for the STEM Education Center at CSUEB (Spring, 2011)
Linked Learning Communities, Connect Ed and CSUEB, TED (2010, 2011)
Bay Area Environmental Education Resource (BAEER) Fair planning committee (2010,

Visiting Professor/ Instructor in the College of Education
Marquette University (1999 - 2009)
Teaching of science methods education at elementary, middle and secondary levels.
Includes development of two courses intended to engage students in developing
engaging, inquiry-based, NSES-based lessons; integration of clinical experiences to
enhance pre-service teacher development. Students were required to participate in

Project WILD as part of their D.P.I environmental education requirements.

Internal grant evaluator for the Center for Biomolecular Modeling (CBM)
Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) (2005-2010)
“From Bench to Bedside: Molecular Stories of Research-based Health Care”; Science
Education Partnership Award (SEPA) provided by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).
Observe and analyze the impact and effectiveness of using physical models of
biomolecular structures (DNA, Proteins, Amino Acids) in high school courses. Evaluation
of curriculum designed for high school students.

External Grant Evaluator:
Center for Biomolecular Modeling (CBM) at Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE),
Milwaukee, WI; evaluate and develop assessment tools and plans for the Course,
Curriculum and Laboratory Improvement (CCLI), National Science Foundation (NSF)
Grant; obtained by the Center for Biomolecular Modeling (CBM) at the Milwaukee
School of Engineering (August 2010-2013)

Marquette University, College of Education, Noyce Scholars Program (2009- 2011)
currently evaluating effectiveness of curriculum.

Marquette University, Department of Biological Sciences, NSF-REU Summer Research
Program (2009)

Marquette University Physics Department (2001 to 2009)
Developed and currently implementing a science course for education majors (ARSC
010/ 011); these courses were designed to engage teaching majors in the process of
teaching science at some level as they learn content. Topics taught in this course
include: physical, biological, earth, space, and meteorological and environmental
science. I am responsible for supervising and training five teaching assistants who are
education majors.

Marquette University Department of Biological Sciences (1999 – 2002)
General Biology (1999- present), Genetics Lab course (2000), Physiology Lab course
(1999). Responsible for delivering engaging, inquiry-based lessons in general biology for
majors, pre-dental and pre-medical students. Lab courses involved weekly preparation
of experimental materials and curriculum.

Professional Development Liaison
Milwaukee Public Schools (2004-2006)
ESEA II Grant (Modeling in the Physical Sciences for Urban Teachers)
Served as a liaison and mentor for 20 public school teachers who learned and
implemented the modeling curriculum designed at Arizona State University.

Professional Development Liaison
Roosevelt Middle School of the Arts and Sarah Scott Middle School (2000-2002)
ESEA II, PT3 Grant (Health Sciences, Partnering in Teaching Teachers to use
Technology). Mentored teachers in the use of relevant pedagogy related to technology in
the science classroom.

Secondary science teacher
Pius XI High School (1989 – 1996)
Biology, Physical Science, Anatomy and Physiology; coach, women’s track and cross-
country; ancillary involvement in school musicals.

Science Instructor (physics and biology)
Marquette University Educational Opportunity Program (summers, 1991- 2003)
Upward Bound and Science and Mathematics at Marquette (biophysics); responsible for
the design of and implementation of relevant and engaging physics lessons for
underrepresented students.
Presenter/ Guest

“Integrating the Curriculum into Science: Interactive Approaches to Science and Math”;
(May 2011) for the Future Math and Science Teacher Scholars Program (FMSTSP) at
CSUEB (Invited talk from Dr. Jason Singley and Dt. Kathy Hahn)

“Anchoring Scientific Content, Labs and Activities within Storyboards” CSU-Northridge,
Geosciences Department Colloquium (April 2011)

“The Physics of Sound and Music” for all 5th grade classes at Murphy elementary school,
El Sobrante, CA. Ms. Adrienne Carlson, CSUEB – TED Multiple Subject Teaching
graduate (2010), classroom teacher invitation (April 2011)

“How to Address the No Child Left Inside Act”, Bay Area Environmental Education
Resource (BAEER) Fair (January 2011)

“Teaching LARGE Classes: Engaging Students in Meaningful Learning Experiences”
California State University–East Bay, Roundtable Discussion (May 2010) and Back to
the Bay (September, 2010),

College of Education and Allied Studies (CEAS) Forum, CSU- East Bay: “Presentation of
Research and Impact on Pedagogy” (September 2010)

Day of the Teacher – Concord, CA (CSU- East Bay) “Integrating Science into the
Curriculum” (April 2010)

Area grade schools in Milwaukee, WI on various science topics (2000-2009)
Including, “Physics of Sound and Music”, “DNA in blender”, judge and assistant for
various science fairs in the Milwaukee public and private school system. Collaboration
occurred with classroom teachers on a regular basis in developing strong science fairs.

Honors and Other Professional Activities:

CSU- East Bay, Research, Scholarly and Creative Activity (RSCA) Funding Award
(2011-2012), “Concept Inventory Development for Middle School Teachers and
Learners”, $5000

Joshua E. Neimark Memorial Travel Assistance Award (February 2010) – for the annual
meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), San
Diego, CA.

CSUPERB Faculty Travel Award, Biotechnology Focus, November, 2010

Submission to the California State University Program for Education and Research in
Curriculum for Biomolecular Literacy within Biotechnologies” (2010 and 2011); both
submissions non-funded.

Current Member - National Science Teachers’ Association (NSTA)
Current Member – National Association of Biology Teachers (NABT)
Current Member – American Educational Research Association (AERA)
Past member – Association for Science Teacher Education (ASTE)

Experiences outside of Academia

Semi-Professional Musician
      Jazz guitarist/ vocalist – currently in Oakland, CA as a solo and combo jazz
      performer; previously with a Milwaukee-based quartet, “Local Talent”, August
      2003 – August 2004, “Metafour” Jazz quartet – August 2004- present. Founder
      and manager of these groups, guitarist and vocalist.

       Michele Korb original recordings: “Ab Origine” jazz duo with Tom Theabo
       March 2009; “Passageways” - November 1995, “Almost Me”, November 1998;
       Composer for Phantom Lake YMCA Camp celebration - 100th Anniversary

       Gospel Choir Founder and Moderator (1991-1996) Pius XI High School;
       Pius XI High School, student musicals(1989 - 1996).

       Liturgical and Conference Coordination / Musician (guitarist / pianist) at
       Marquette University (Campus Ministry) (1985 - 1995); Our Lady of Lourdes
       Parish (Milwaukee) 1990 – 2000; National Association of Catholic Chaplains
       (Annual event - Sept. 1996 - 1999; March 1997, National event in Texas).

Martial Artist (September 2004 – present)
Tae Kwon Do/ Karate
       First year (2010) and second year (2011), first degree black belt practitioner
       (teacher), Pitts Martial Arts Academy, Oakland, CA (exam passed, November
       2010 and November 2011)
       First Degree, Black Belt, Universal System of Karate, American
       Tae Kwon Do Federation, Wisconsin.
       Martial Arts Tournaments (September 2005, 2006, 2008, April 2009)

       Level II in Silat Indonesian Fighting Skills, Guru Sean Stark
       Level II in Muay Thai Kickboxing (trained with Master Chai and Rick Faye)
       Level III in Jeet Kune Do (Art of Bruce Lee)


Dr. Jeanette Bicais, Ph.D. , Department Chair, CSU-East Bay TED

Dr. Joan Whipp, Ph.D., Director of Graduate Studies, College of Education
Marquette University, Educational Policy and Leadership
Doctoral Committee Chair for Michele A. Korb
(414) 288-1432

Dr. Ruth Howes, Ph.D., Retired Chair, Physics Department, Marquette University
Doctoral Committee Member for Michele Korb
(505) 955-0836

Dr. Shannon Colton, Ph.D., Program Director, Center for Biomolecular Modeling,
Milwaukee School of Engineering, Doctoral Committee Member for Michele Korb
(414) 277-2824

Mr. Gregory Frederick, M.A., Associate Director of Instructional Support, Marquette
University, Educational Opportunity Program; colleague
(414) 288-5338

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