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                                                               API Model Form
                                               Performance Based Appraisal System (PBAS) Proforma for
                                               GENRAL INFORMATION AND ACADEMIC BACKGROUND

1             Name (in Block Letters)                            ____________________________________________
2             Father's Name / Mother’s Name

3             Department & Faculty


4             Current Designation &

              Grade Pay

5             Date and Place of birth

6             Sex

7             Marital Status
8             Nationality

9             Category tick ( ) in the appropriate box

                         S.C                    S.T      D.T     N.T        N.T     N.T      O.B.C      S.B.C   Open
                                                         (A)     (B)        (C)     (D)

    10           Address for correspondence
                 (with Pin Code)

    11             Permanent Address
                   (with Pin Code)

                 Telephone No.
                 Mobile No.
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12.      Academic Qualification (Metric to Post Graduation)

Sr.         Examination                       University   Month &               Subjects              Marks           Percentage       Class / Div /
No.                                            / Board     Year of             Special./Gen                             of Marks          Grade
                                                           passing                                                                       Awarded
                                                                             Prin.     Sub          Obt.       Total

13.      Research Degree(s)
                     Degrees                                    Title                                 Date of                  University
         M.Phil / M.Lit
         Ph.D / D.Phil
         D.Sc/ D.Lit                                              -                                        -                        -

14.      Position Held Prior to applying this institution (Please attach separate sheet if necessary)
         Designation                         Name of Employer                              Date                  Salary with        Reason for
                                                                                                                    grade            leaving
                                                                                 Joining          Leaving
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            Period of Teaching
15          Experience

            P.G Classes (In Years)
            U.G Classes (In Years)
16          Research Experience excluding years spent for M.Phil/ Ph.D (In Years) :
17          Fields of Specialization under the subject / Discipline

                      a) Advance Internet Technologies, Java, Dot.Net
                      b) Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, Audio Visual Speech Recognition,

18          Academic Staff college Orientation/ Refresher Courses attended

Sr.          Name of the Course/                      Place                  Duration         Sponsoring       API
No.            Summer School                                                                    Agency        Score

                                                                                            Total API Score
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                                                      ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE INDICATORS
                                                                  Assessment Year 2009-2010

                                                               CATEGORY: I.
                                           TEACHING, LEARNING AND EVALUATION RELATED ACTIVITIES

(i) Lectures, Seminars, Tutorials, Practical’s, Contact Hours (give semester-wise details, where

 Sr.                                   Course / Paper                  Level      Mode of      Hours       % of classes taken      API
 No.                                                                             Teaching*   per week      as per documented      Score
                                                                                              allotted           record

                                                                                                               Total API Score

* Lecture (L), Seminar (S), Tutorial (T), Practical (P), Contact Hours (C)

(ii) Reading / Instructional material consulted and additional knowledge resources provided to

                                           Course /                                                 Resource
          Sr. No.                                          Consulted            Prescribed                            API Score
                                            Paper                                                   provided

                                                                                              

                                                                                             


                                                                                             

                                                                                             

                                                                                                   Total API Score
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(iii) Use of Participatory and Innovative Teaching-Learning Methodologies, Updating of Subject
      Content, Course Improvement etc.

                                                        Short Description                                         API Score

                                                                                          Total API Score

(iv) Examination Duties Assigned and Performed

                                                                                                 Extent to which
 Sr.                    Type of Examination Duties                      Duties Assigned                               API Score
                                                                                                 Carried out (%)

                                                                                                 Total API Score

                                                      RELATED ACTIVITIES

Please mention your contribution to any of the following:

Sr.              Nature of Activity
                 (i) Extension, Co-curricular & field based Activities                    Average Hrs/week          API Score

                                                                                              Total API Score

                 (ii) Contribution to Corporate Life and Management                       Yearly / Semester
                                                                                                                    API Score
                 of the Institution                                                       wise responsibilities

                                                                                              Total API Score
                 (iii) Professional Development Activities                                                          API Score

                                                                                              Total API Score
                                           Total Score (i + ii + iii)
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                                                             CATEGORY III
                                           RESEARCH PUBLICATION AND ACADEMIC CONTRIBUTION

   B) Published Papers on Journals
Sr. Title with Page no     Journal                                       ISSN/   Whether          No of   Whether       API
No                                                                       ISBN    Peer             co-     you are       Score
                                                                                 Reviewed         authors main
                                                                                 impact                   author
                                                                                 factor, if any

                                                                                                      Total API Score

   C) (i) Articles / Chapters published in book
Sr. Title with Page no       Book title,       ISSN/                             Whether          No of   Whether       API
No                           Editor and        ISBN                              Peer             co-     you are       Score
                             Publisher                                           Reviewed         authors main

                                                                                                      Total API Score

                 (ii) Full paper in conference proceedings
Sr.             Title with Page no          Details of Conference                        ISSN/     No of Whether        API
No                                          Publication                                  ISBN       co-   you are       Score
                                                                                                  authors main

                                                                                                      Total API Score

                   (iii) Book Published as single author or editor

Sr.             Title with Page no                Type of book          Publisher Whether         No of   Whether       API
No                                                and                   & ISSN/ Peer              co-     you are       Score
                                                  Authorship            ISBN      Reviewed        authors main

                                                                                                      Total API Score
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   D) On-going and completed research projects and consultancies
      c) (I & II) On-going Project/ Consultancies
Sr.No              Title                Agency          Period                                      Grant/       API Score
                                                                                                  (Rs. Lakhs)

                                                                                              Total API Score

      c) (III & IV) Completed Project / Consultancies
Sr.No             Title                 Agency                                       Period         Grant/       API Score
                                                                                                  (Rs. Lakhs)

                                                                                              Total API Score
         E) Research Guidance

                                           Sr.No      Number of            Thesis          Degree        API Score
                                                       Enrolled          Submitted        Awarded
                    M.Phil or Equivalent

                    Ph.D or Equivalent

                                                                   Total API Score
         E. (i) Training Courses, Teaching and Learning Evaluation Technology Programmes, Faculty
             Development programmes (Not less than one week duration)

                              Sr.No                Programme             Duration Organized by API Score

                                                                                Total API Score

            (ii) Paper Presented in Conference, Seminars, Workshops, Symposia
         Sr.No Title of Paper            Title of        Organized      Whether                                  API Score
                   Presented             Conference /    By             International /
                                         Seminar                        National / State/
                                                                        Regional/ College
                                                                        or University

                                                                                               Total API Score
6a6fc582-69ba-4c4a-9d7e-668556e013fb.doc                          -8 -

                   (iii) Invited Lectures and Chairmanship at National/International Conference, Seminar etc.

          Sr. No                             Title of     Title of       Organized          Whether            API Score
                                           lecture or   Conference /        By           International /
                                           Academic      Seminar                            National

                                                                                            Total API Score

                                                            IV SUMMARY OF API SCORES

                                                         Total - API Score
                                       Criteria           for Assessment     Annual Av. API Score for Assessment Period
                                                                                     Year                        Score
    I            Teaching, Learning and
                 Evaluation related
   II            Co-curricular,
                 Extension, Professional
                 development etc
                              Total I + II
  III            Research and Academic


                         (Please attach, copies of certificates, sanction orders, papers etc. wherever necessary)

1. Certificate of paper presentation/participation in conferences
2. Certificate of Invited talks/lectures
3. Project sanctioned letter
4. List of research papers
5. Certificate of participation in refresher course
6. Ph. D. Degree certificate

                   I certify that the information provided is correct as per records available with the
university and / or documents enclosed along with the duly filled PBAS proforma.

                                                                                     Signature of the faculty : ______________
Name                                   :
Designation                            :
Place                                  :
Date                                   :

        This is to certify that the API Score mention in all three criteria is correct as per the record
verified, Hence certified.

                                                                                            Signature of Principal /HOD / Director

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