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									Vanier College Council Meeting                            Wednesday November 30th, 2011
                  Agenda                                               VC120 @ 7:00pm

In attendance: Andrew Brown, Monika Gul, Chris Puckett, Carly Silberberg, Haris
Mahmood, Ann Le, Alex Truong, Sena Vujosevic, Michelle Le, Ariel Derrick, Melissa
Barnas, Daniel Cabalse

Absent with regrets: Alissa, Rob

1.0 Motion to Commence:
           Motion to commence at 7:04 pm by Melissa, seconded by Daniel
           9-0-0, Motion Carried

2.0 Standing Items
       2.1 Adoption of the Agenda:
            2.1.1 November 30th, 2011
              Motion to adopt the agenda by Monika, seconded by Haris
              9-0-0, Motion Carried

       2.2 Adoption of the Minutes:
            2.2.1 October 20th, 2011
            2.2.2 October 27th, 2011
            2.2.3 November 3rd, 2011
            2.2.4 November 10th, 2011
            2.2.5 November 17th, 2011
            2.2.6 November 23rd, 2011

              Motion to adopt the minutes of October 27th, November 3rd, November 10th,
              November 17th, by Andrew Brown, seconded by Ann
              9-0-0, Motion Carried

              Motion to table the minutes of October 20th, November 23rd by Andrew,
              seconded by Ann
              9-0-0, Motion Carried

*Chris enters at 7:06pm*

3.0 Reports:
       3.1 Master’s Office                        Stanley Tweyman
              - Please attend the dinner if you can
       3.2 President                              Andrew Brown
              - I signed cheques with Chris
              - Put in a lock change request for the front and back
              - Counted money with Chris
*Alex enters the room at 7:07*
      - I attended the hiring’s for athletics
      - The cross council dinner 7pm at founders assembly hall
3.3   Vice President Finance                Chris Puckett
      - I singed cheques
      - Input stuff into simply accounting
      - Paid blueberry hill
      - Waiting on the levy, hopefully in by tomorrow
3.4   Vice President Social/Cultural        Monika Gul
      - Working on blue mountain stuff
      - Meeting with Chris to finish reconciliation forms
      - Met up with some of our new members for fitness classes
      - We are meeting tomorrow at 11:30
      - I will be going to Poland during winter break. Gone the first week and a half,
         missing a bit of frost week
      - I will be in contact through e-mail
3.5   Director of Finance                   Carly Silberberg
      - I attended the athletics hiring’s
      - Did some reconciliation forms
      - Simply accounting stuff
      - Sent Ann some info for publications
3.6   Director of Social/Cultural           Rob Krasny
      - Helped promoted for all the event
      - These are the Frost week plans:
             o Monday: ice skating
             o Tuesday: snow tubing
             o Wednesday: bowling
             o Thursday: pubnight downtown
      - Only thing to pay is bowling and pub night
3.7   Director of Promotions                Haris Mahmood
      - Working on some swag stuff
      - Working on the website stuff
      - Trying to find other ways to put the stuff online
      - Accounts are pending, I will send everyone the user names and passwords
      - Ann: can you put the club funding application?
3.8   Director of Publications              Ann Le
      - I met with Sena for transitioning
      - I need to meet up with Alex for his transitioning
      - I was there for the athletics honorarium
      - I attended house meetings, There is one more tonight
      - Working with Justin and Erin with their reconciliation forms
      - Sent the holiday email
      - Thank you Carly for sending me the email
      - YFS wasn’t happy with the movember pubnight
      - When we’re putting our name on an event, the least we should do is go to it
      - News from SCLD, Ian has been promoted to assistant director
      - Melissa and I have been pushing the winter wonderland for everyone
      - If you want to go then let me know

      3.9 Director of Clubs and Affiliates     Alex Truong
           - Talked to people about blue mountain and promoted
           - Promoted Foosball tournament
           - I still need to talk to Ann
           - Attended a portion of athletics hiring
      3.10 Director of Administration          Sena Vujosevic
           - I made the master list for
           - Went to athletics honorarium meeting and the hiring’s
           - Residents had a meeting, promoted January events
           - Meet up with Ann to talk about my position
           - I checked emails and the voice mail
           - If you cannot come to your office hours, please let someone know
           - I’ll be back 7th of January
      3.11 Commuter Rep                        Ariel Derrick
           - Promoted blue mountain
           - Trying to print the strike schedule
      3.12 Residence Rep                       Melissa Barnas
           - Attending meetings
           - Promoted blue and swag
           - Attended athletics meeting
           - Cleaned VCC this weekend with Alissa
      3.13 1st Year Rep                        Daniel Cabalse
           - There for the hiring
           - Talked to Monika about fitness
           - Worked on facebook page
           - Went to house meetings
           - Promoted blue, swag and tournament
      3.14 1st Year Rep                        Alissa Malina
           - Cleaned office
           - Gave our cheques
           - Attended the meetings
      3.15 YFS Rep                             Frank McFadden

4.0 Old Business:
     4.1 Renovations Committee
     4.2 Vanier Swag/Swag Proposal
          - Decided on the Grey, Frosh week blue and red
          - Gilden sweatpants: Voted on elastics sweatpants
          - Roy contacted me about clothing – pricing is decent. Very similar with what
             Jordan offers, think we should go with Jordan
          - General consensus
          - Just checked the website link for Gilden, the elastic with NO pockets, or open
             with pockets
     4.3 Cell Phone Drive
          - Ann: please promote the cell phone drive at least once
     4.4 Club Funding

            -   the applications we have is students for a better tomorrow, throw a
                fundraiser or donate money to Africa
            -   an individual asked for money for a similar, ask us for money to donate it
            -   we shouldn’t be donating money to specific charities,
            -   we should hold a fundraiser to go towards something
            -   philosophia: asking for meeting support, food and supplies. 500$ in total
            -   they have an undergraduate journal
            -   we aren’t going to motion it this week, because we should look over it
            -   JSA – asked for help with events, ice breaker, dinner, karaoke event
            -   We should help them pay for their structure of their office – a corkboard as
                well as a lock block. It will be done internally through York, but paid by their
                courtesy account
            -   Help create a display last year, they did a fundraiser of 7000$ with paper
                cranes. Glass display with the cranes
            -   The only one I am not supporting is the individual.
            -   Chris if you can remind alex with the budget

5.0 New Business:
     5.1 Athletics Honorarium
         - Erin100%%
         - Justin 100%
         - Remiz 60%
         - Eleni 100%
         - Chand 80%
         - Brittney 80%

*Andrew Choe enters the room at 7:58*

      Motion to keep Andrew Choe and Michelle by Chris, seconded by Haris
      11-0-0, Motion Carried

      Motion to enter into camera mode at 8pm by Ann, seconded by Sena
      11-0-0, Motion Carried

      Motion to exit Camera mode by Andrew Brown, seconded by Chris 8:17pm
      11-0-0, Motion Carried

Be it resolved that Vanier College Council rewards Erin Cochrane 100% ($285) of her
honorarium by Ann, seconded by Sena
11-0-0, Motion Carried

Be it resolved that Vanier College Council rewards Justin Butera 100% ($150) of his
honorarium by Andrew, seconded by Sena
7-3-1, Motion Carried

Be it resolved that Vanier College Council rewards Remzi 60% ($30) of his honorarium
by Andrew, seconded by Chris Puckett
10-1-0, Motion Carried

Be it resolved that Vanier College Council rewards Chand 80% ($40) of his honorarium
by Andrew, seconded by Ann
0-8-3, Motion Denied

Be it resolved that Vanier College Council rewards Eleni Giovanopoulos 100% ($50) of
her honorarium by Andrew, seconded by Ann
11-0-0, Motion Carried

Be it resolved that Vanier College Council rewards Brittany Tougher 80% ($40) of her
honorarium by Andrew, seconded by Chris Puckett
9-0-2, Motion Carried

       5.2 Athletics Hiring
             - Female athletics representative: Justine, Felicia, Anna
             - All had pretty good interviews
*Rob enters the room at 8:25pm*

                Be it resolved that Vanier College Council hire Ana Mandache as first
                year female representative by Andrew, seconded by Haris
                11-0-1, Motioned Carried

*Rob exits the room at 8:30pm*
             - We narrowed it down to Ryan and Matt

                Be it resolved that Vanier College Council hire Matt Cowl as first year
                Male representative by Andrew, seconded by Haris
                8-0-3, Motioned Carried

*Rob enters the room at 8:48*

       5.3 Blue Mountain
           - 1007.11 one bus one way, about 4000 in total for buses there and back for 2
           - For rooms and lift tickets, cheaper 6 people per room. 2 rooms with 5 people
              will be a bit more expensive
           - In total with room and lift tickets, the cost is $27173.92
           - Rooms in total for 112 people
           - Rentals are a bit difficult to figure
           - $114 per person with rentals
           - $18173.92 – if we take the credit for the rooms

             -   Ann: what is the total without rentals? Including buses, divided with how
                 many students
             -   Monika: $294 per person with inexpensive buses

For Vanier Students without retails: $100
For Vanier students with rentals: $120
Non Vanier students without rentals: $140
Non Vanier students with rentals: $160
Damage deposits $40

Council members and affiliates without rental is $80
Council members and affiliates with rentals $100

NO refunds
When we start a waiting list, next to get a ticket

       5.4 Residents winter wonderland

             Be it resolve Vanier College Council compensate each council member who
             attends winter wonderland for 10$ by Ann, seconded by Monika
             11-0-0, Motion Carried

       5.5 Chris and Robs Special Request I.M.S
           IRON MAN SUIT

6.0 Next Meeting:
    December 7th, @7:00pm
7.0 Motion to Adjourn:
           Motion to adjourn at 9:30 by Andrew, seconded by Haris


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