Please note that this short term course is conducted under the e outreach programme of project eklavya of Kanwal Rekhi School of Information Technology

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Please note that this short term course is conducted under the e outreach programme of project eklavya of Kanwal Rekhi School of Information Technology Powered By Docstoc
					The completed registration forms should reach the       Limited accommodation will be provided to the
following address by June 29, 2007.                     participants in the Institute guesthouse on first-come-
                                                        first-served basis. It may please be noted that family                      Coordinators:
Prof C Amarnath / Prof B Seth                           accommodation is strictly not allowed.
Department of Mechanical Engineering                                                                                              Prof C Amarnath
IIT Bombay, Powai, Mumbai 400076                                                                                                     Prof B Seth /             Registration:                                                             Dept of Mech Engg
Phone: 2576 7529 / 2576 7504
                                                        Candidates should complete the enclosed registration
                                                        form and send it along with a DD of Rs.500/- drawn in       Office of Continuing Education and Quality
                                                        favour of 'The Registrar, IIT Bombay', payable at                   Improvement Programmes
                                                                                                                      Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
For information on other Continuing Education and                                                                             Powai, Mumbai 400076
Quality Improvement Programmes at IIT Bombay,                                                                                           INDIA
                                                                                                                  Introduction to Mechatronics and Robotics

Professor-Incharge, CE&QIP
Office of Continuing Education and            Quality                                                             Introduction:
Improvement Programmes
Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay                                                                            This course is aimed at introducing the area of
Powai, Mumbai 400076                                                                                              Mechatronics and Robotics to engineers and
Phone: 2576 7048 (QIP)                                                                                            teachers. Engineers with prior exposure to digital
        2576 7060 (CEP)                                                                                           electronics and binary systems would benefit from
Fax: 2572 3480                                                     QIP SHORT TERM COURSE                          this course. The laboratory sessions would require
e-mail: /                                                                           hands on exploration by the participants
Web:                                                          on                              themselves.
                                                         INTRODUCTION TO MECHATRONICS
                                                                                                                  Course Coverage:
                                                                 AND ROBOTICS
                                                                                                                  Mechatronics is an intergration of mechanical
                                                                                                                  design, information technology and automatic
Important:                                                                 July 9 - 13, 2007                      control systems. In this course we shall briefly
                                                                                                                  introduce participants to actuators, sensors, servo
An amount of Rs.500/- has to be sent along with the                                                               control, and digital systems and how these are
application form as earnest money deposit which                                                                   brought together in Mechantronics. The robotics
will be refunded only to those participants who                                                                   portion would begin with an introduction to
attend; others will loose this money.                                                                             robotics and some principles of control of servo
                                                                                                                  manipulators and other types of robots.
Accommodation:                                                                                                    Laboratory    sessions  would   expose    the
                                                                                                                  participants to several facets of electronics.
Participants wil be provided hands-on experience in             Introduction to Mechatronics and Robotics
the area. Sessions would call for participants to                                   July 9- 13, 2007
conduct experiments by themselves with the
                                                                    (xerox copies can also be used or download from
assistance of instructors.                                            

                                                            Name: ___________________________________________

                                                            Designation: ______________________________________
                                                            Qualification: _____________________________________
AICTE recognized engineering college teachers with                    (brief bio-data of 1-2 pages should be enclosed)
degrees in any branch of engineering with prior
exposure to basic electronics are likely to benefit by      Dept /College/Institute: ______________________________
attending the course.                                       _________________________________________________

                                                            Mailing Address: ___________________________________
Please note that this short-term course is conducted        _________________________________________________
under the e-outreach programme of project 'eklavya'
of Kanwal Rekhi School of Information Technology,           Mobile: ____________________ Fax: __________________
IIT Bombay. Live recording of the course would be
                                                            E-mail: __________________________________________
released under open source. The recorded CD/DVD
of the course lecture would be available for                Accommodation in Campus :          YES / NO
distribution at cost, to any individual/institution. This
activity is supported by TIFAC.                             DD of Rs.500/- in name of 'The Registrar, IIT Bombay' payable at
                                                            Mumbai DD No. ______________ Dt __________

                                                            Signature of Applicant: ______________________________
                                                            Certified that our College/Institute is recognized by the AICTE
Selected college teachers will be paid to-and-fro
                                                                                 Signature of Principal of the College/Institute
sleeper class railway fare by the shortest route and                                                          (with date & seal)
will be accommodated in the Institute guesthouse.
Local transport by autorickshaw from Vikhroli,
Kanjurmarg, Andheri railway stations only to IIT on
the dates of arrival and departure will be refunded.
DA will be paid as per rules towards lodging and

        Registration form for QIP Short Term Course

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