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           Department: Continuing and Graduate Studies, Pittsburg State University

Strategic Goal #1: Develop Marketing Plan
   A. Create/Conduct survey for awareness of Kansas City Metro Center and
       programs offered
       1. Work with PSU Marketing Director to work with contracted research firm
       2. Create an e-mail survey through asking specific questions
          regarding best ways to offer classes e.g. online, hybrid, weekend, etc.
       3. Send e-mail survey to local school administrators and teachers
   B. Create marketing campaign for new BAS Technology Management program in
       Paola, KS
       1. Visit with area community colleges & academic advisors
       2. Visit Paola and surrounding area to evaluate best strategies to market program
           – attend local chamber events, ads in local newspapers, Community college
           paper, radio ads, etc.
       3. Create new brochures/flyers to promote program
   C. Promote new Educational Leadership cohort to begin in spring 2010 in
       Galena, KS
       1. Research and secure new radio ads to reach the SE Kansas and NE
          Oklahoma area (possibly KKOW)
       2. Campaign to area school districts with assistance from department chair
          via e-mail and personal visits
       3. Create new brochures/flyers to promote program
   D. Develop brochures for individual programs
   E. Develop marketing campaign for local market
   F. Update website to match new criteria, marketing campaign, and current

Strategic Goal #2: Increase awareness of graduate programs through the Hobsons
national online education sites for domestic and international perspective students and
respond to inquiries in a timely fashion
International site: (Located at Worldwide and Europe sections)
Domestic site:
    A. Update current site to include a Web Tour (3 photos, 1 video, 1 audio)
    B. Manage database of prospective students inquiring about our program
         1. Create appropriate responses from inquires each week (Monday)
         2. Create a system to monitor inquiries to applications to enrolled;
            send # follow-up e-mails over a 6-9 month period

 Strategic Goal #3: International Recruitment – Work to increase number of
 international students in the graduate programs offered on campus
    A. Attend international career fairs to promote all programs at PSU, e.g. trip to
       Turkey, October 2008
    B. Create promotional materials for all colleges and the IEP program
    C. Establish a plan to follow-up with inquiries at each event
      1. Send personal e-mails with more information about requested program
      2. Maintain a database of all students and monitor conversion rate from
         inquiry to application to enrolled
   D. Develop process to implement the new Hobsons EMT program to manage
      perspective graduate inquiries paying close attention to international graduate
      1. Develop system to work with University system
          a. System is in the building stages; implementation and training to be
             completed by February 2009
          b. Manage database of perspective students
   E. Update current CGS web site to work seamlessly with new system
   F. Create one website with International office for International students

Strategic Goal #4: Institutionalize Undergraduate Research
   A. Draft a written plan in collaboration with the Advisory Council for Research and
       Scholarship to institutionalize undergraduate research.
   B. Start an undergraduate research category with at least five entries at the
       Research Colloquium in the spring of 2009.
   C. Print an annual newsletter highlighting students’ research involvement in the
       spring of 2009.

Strategic Goal #5: Continue contact with Community and Technical Colleges
   A. Visit all campus’ in Kansas and boarding counties
   B. Plan and implement new Articulation agreements

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