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									 Involve Committee
 Application information and form
 Information for applicants
 The Minister for Youth Affairs Ryan Smith is looking for young people who are interested in becoming part of
 the new Involve Committee to provide advice on important matters affecting young Victorians.

 What is the Involve Committee?
  The Involve Committee will be made up of 18 young Victorians aged 12-25 who are active in their local
   community and passionate about Victoria.
   o Sixteen positions are open to all young Victorians to apply through an application round.
   o The other two positions will be filled by representatives from the youth reference and advisory groups
        of the Youth Affairs Council of Victoria and Centre for Multicultural Youth – the peak bodies for young
        people in Victoria.
  The committee will speak with young people from across the state to help shape their advice, which will
   be presented to the minister.
  The committee’s role is not about organising projects or events although other opportunities to do this
   may result from involvement in the Involve Committee.

 Why get Involved?
  Meet the Minister for Youth Affairs and share your insights and advice.
  Meet and hear from other young people from across the state.
  Get an inside view of how change happens in government.
  Use and build your skills to benefit the community.

 We are looking for committee members with different life experiences from all areas in Victoria. To ensure we
 have a range of voices from across the state we will be looking for two representatives from each of state’s
 eight regions, that is:

Metropolitan               Regional
Eastern                    Eastern
Northern                   Northern
South Eastern              Western
Southern                   (see www.vec.vic.gov.au for a more information about regional areas)

 Of these sixteen young people: eight will be aged 12-17 and eight will be aged 18-25 years.

 Additionally there will be youth representatives from the Youth Affairs Council of Victoria and Centre for
 Multicultural Youth on the committee.

 Things to think about before applying
 Do I have the time needed to do this?
 The commitment to be on the Involve Committee is for 18 months (December 2011-May 2013).

 Being part of the Involve Committee requires a large time commitment and there is a minimum attendance
 requirement. It is important for you to be realistic about whether you have the time to offer the Involve
 Committee. Being a part of the Involve Committee means:
   Attending a total of 12 meetings on a Friday evening over an 18 month period.

    Presenting to the Minister for Youth Affairs four times over an 18 month period.
    Participating in one induction and planning event on Friday 9 December (evening) and with the
    Attending training sessions run for the committee.
    Communicating with other committee members between meetings.
    Going out to talk to other young people about what they think to bring this information back to the

Will it cost me anything?
As the Involve Committee meetings will be in the city, the Office for Youth will cover reasonable travel

The meetings are also on Friday evenings, so if you live more than 3 hours away, then we can also arrange to
pay for your overnight stay if you need it. In this instance, if you are under 18 years of age you will need to be
accompanied by a parent, guardian or staff member from the Office for Youth.

Members of the Involve Committee will also be paid a ‘sitting fee’ for monthly meetings, including
presentations to the minister (if you also happen to work for the Victorian Government you may not be eligible
for this payment).

Application process
How do I apply?
1. Applications must be received by Monday 31 October 2011 and should include:
   a. Your completed application form AND
   b. Contact details for a professional contact who can be your referee for example teacher, employer,
      youth worker, coach, mentor etc.
2. Group interviews with shortlisted candidates will take place on the weekend of 12-13 of November.
3. Successful candidates will be assisted to complete all the necessary paperwork for being on a government
   committee. This includes a police check. The cost of this will be covered by the Office for Youth.
4. Applicants will be advised of the outcome of their application in November/December 2011.
5. For more information or to submit completed applications, please contact:

Office for Youth
Department of Human Services
GPO Box 2392, Melbourne VIC 3001
03 9935 3009

If you would like to receive this publication in an accessible format such as large print please contact the
Office for Youth on 03 9935 3009.

 Involve Committee
 Application form
 Please email or send this form by
 Monday 31 October 2011 to:
 Office for Youth
 GPO Box 2392 Melbourne VIC 3001
 Applications received after this date will not be accepted

Personal information

Phone:                                              Mobile:

Age:                       Date of birth:
Gender:                                             Cultural background:
Occupation (eg student, unemployed, full time/part time work etc):

Please give details (eg organistion, course etc):

Best way to contact you:
Day:                                                          am     pm

Can you attend monthly meetings on Friday evenings?           Yes    No

Thank you for taking the time to complete this application, you will be informed of the
outcome in November/December 2011.
Please note we may contact you to discuss your application further.

Optional questions

Do you identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander?*                                Yes      No
Were you or one of your parents born overseas?*                                          Yes      No
Your country of birth*
Do you speak a language other than English at home?*                                     Yes      No
Do you have a culturally and linguistically diverse background?*                         Yes      No
Do you identify as a person with a disability?*                                          Yes      No

 *Please note that this information is optional. If you provide this information, it may be used by the
 Department of Human Services (the Department), the Department of Premier and Cabinet, and the State
 Services Authority (SSA) to measure diversity in appointments and composition of bodies.

 Your information will be stored in the SSA Government Appointment and Public Entities database (GAPED)
 and will be assessed by authorised government officers and state departments. Wherever practicable, the
 information stored in GAPED will be made available to authorised personnel in a de-identifiable format to
 allow accurate reporting on board profiles.

 Limited information is provided on a publicly available Victorian Government website. This includes first name,
 surname, the term of current appointment and position on the board. Further information is available from the
 State Services Authority website: (www.ssa.vic.gov.au).

 Your personal details will also be included in a 'pool' of persons who are interested in appointment to the
 boards of other public entities within the Victorian Government. This means that when board vacancies arise,
 authorised departmental officers, from the Department or other government departments, will be able to
 search for candidates with the qualities (for example, skills, gender or location) that are needed for that board.
 You will then be contacted to determine if you are interested in applying for the board vacancy.

 The Department of Human Services, treats all personal information provided by an individual in support of an
 appointment application in accordance with the Information Privacy Act 2000, the Health Records Act 2001
 and the Public Records Act 1973.

 When you provide us with information about other individuals, we rely on you to make them aware that such
 information will or may be provided to us as part of the application process.

1. Why do you want to be part of the Involve Committee?

2. Tell us about any particular community issues you are passionate about (interests, experiences
   or views).

3. Given the large time commitment required of Involve Committee members (please refer to the
   information for applicants’ sheet for further details) you will need to have good time management
   skills. How do you currently make time for all of your commitments?

4. What personal qualities do you think you possess that would enable you to work as part of a
   team? Can you give an example of when you have worked in a team before?

5. How would you try to find out what other young people thought about an issue?

6. Are you or have you been a member of any other youth committees or councils or volunteered for
   an organisation?
  If yes, please provide details of your community involvement including which group you were a
  part of, what you did and which year/s you were involved.
  Eg: FReeZA committee 2008.

7. Please tell us about any skills you would bring to the Involve Committee and any other information
   you feel may be relevant to your application.


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