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									                                                                                  “ O R I G I N A L” C Y B E R T E C H B R A C E

Cyber tech braces feature a        Sizing Guide

patented pulley system which       Size              Small      Medium       Large       X-Large      2X-Large     3X-Large       4X-Large
                                   Waist Range      25-30”      30-35”       35-40”       40-45”       45-50”       50-55”        56-68”
smoothly delivers more power
                                   Standard Brace                                        Low Profile Brace
to maximize compression. Ergo-
                                   Size           Black             White                Size         Black               White
dynamic panels comfortably
                                   S              STAN-S03          STAN-S01             S            LOW-S03             LOW-S01
contour and conform to the         M              STAN-M03          STAN-M01             M            LOW-M03             LOW-M01
patient’s body. And one-hand,      L              STAN-L03          STAN-L01             L            LOW-L03             LOW-L01
one-second adjustability pro-      XL             STAN-XL03         STAN-XL01            XL           LOW-XL03            LOW-XL01
                                   XXL            STAN-XXL03        STAN-XXL01           XXL          LOW-XXL03           LOW-XXL01
vides patient convenience and
                                   XXXL           STAN-XXXL03       STAN-XXXL01          XXXL         LOW-XXXL03          LOW-XXXL01
control for greater compliance.
                                   XXXXL          STAN-XXXXL03      STAN-XXXXL01         XXXXL        N/A                 N/A
   The “original” Cybertech
Brace is available in standard
10” height or 8” low profile and
comes in black or white.

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