2010 Scenes of the Flint Hills Photography Contest by L587rDN


									           2012 FLINT HILLS PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST
                         ENTRY FORM

Entries must be submitted to Farmers and Drovers Main Bank lobby at 201 West Main Street, Council
Grove, Kansas between Wednesday, 26 September and Friday, 12 October 2012. No entries will be
accepted after 4:30pm on 12 October 2012.



City State Zip:____________________________________

Title of Photograph:_______________________________

Email address:____________________________________

Contact Telephone:________________________________

I hereby agree to allow Farmers and Drovers Bank (“Bank”) to reproduce my photograph
in any manner at any time. I hold Bank harmless for any damage to original photograph. I
agree to submit the photograph in both print and digital format of at least 300 dpi in
either .jpg or .tif format.

Signature                           date

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