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                          MEETING SUMMARY
                          APWA Headquarters
                       2345 Grand Blvd., Ste 700
                        Kansas City, MO 64108
                         Friday, March 16, 2012

PRESENT: Andy Haney, Chair                Larry Stevens, Board Liaison
         Geoff Benway                     Scott Brandmeier
         Stan Brown                       Don Bruey
         George Haines                    Ann Daniels, Staff Liaison

  1. Andy Haney, Chair, convened the meeting of the Small Cities/Rural
     Communities Committee at 8:00 a.m. in the Board Room at APWA
     Headquarters. Roll call indicated all members and both liaisons were

  2. The meeting summary from the March 1, 2012 conference call was
     approved as printed.

  3. Larry Stevens, Board Liaison, gave a brief update on the state of the
     Association, indicating that the membership is continuing to grow
     slightly, finances are stable, and the Donald C. Stone Center is being
     further developed. The April Board meeting will involve discussions of
     the FY 13 budget proposals.

  4. The Editorial Calendar for the upcoming months was reviewed with the
     following articles/authors committed:
      Martha Graham, St. Augustine, FL received for 3/15 deadline
      Angelo Speno, Putnam County, FL article for April 15 deadline
      Bill Riccio, Newport, Rhode Island, article for May 15 deadline
      George Haines, article for June 15 deadline
         Authors are still needed for July, August, and September deadlines
         Ann Daniels will search the list of those offering to write an article
         and make contact for these months.

  5. The Education sessions for Congress in Anaheim were reviewed as
     Stan Brown – “Building Community Support” has confirmed Brad
      Marquardt, Wausau, MI as one speaker and is still seeking others.
     George Haines - “A Message to My Boss” is prepared and ready.
     Andy Haney will lead a discussion of topics taken from the Town
      Hall Meeting to gain interest on topics of vital interest to members
      who may not have participated in the Town Hall Meeting.

6. Committee members reviewed the Business Plan for 2011-12 to review
   accomplishments and items yet requiring attention.

  Specific issues include:
   1.4       Check with Professional Development to see Professional
    Development is looking for a topic for a Click, Listen, & Learn of
    interest to SC/RC audiences
   1.9       Scott Brandmeier and Stan Brown will work on providing a
    template for reaching Congressional representatives in their local or
    state level offices to develop relationships that can be
    advantageous for getting SC/RC input into federal legislation or
   1.10      The issue of developing a low cost alternative to the
    current dues structure was determined to have been discussed with
    no resolution at the national level and will not be continued into the
    coming FY Plan.
   1.11      Don Bruey will research how the proposed Certification, as
    part of the Donald C. Stone Center, will meet the needs of SC/RC
    members who do not have a college degree and to ensure they are
    able to fully participate in the programs.
   2.2       The On-Line Town Hall meeting will not be held this year.
   3.2        Ann Daniels will work on developing a tool kit for members
    to use in recruiting and engaging membership from small cities and
    rural communities, as well as seeking a local agency or chapter that
    would serve as an experimental model.
   3.3       Work on developing a Project of the Year Award for
    projects from SC/RCs which have made a major impact on the
    community, regardless of the monetary size of the project, was
    discussed and will be further developed prior to the August
    Congress meeting.

7. Andy led the group in a brainstorming session prior to the development
   of the Business Plan for 2012, including a discussion of what has
   worked well; what the focus should be for the coming year; how more
   members can be involved; and what new or different topics, programs,
   or ideas might be used to make the work of the committee more

      All agreed that the Town Hall Meeting at Congress has been the
       highlight of the program each year for the past five years.
       Attendance is outstanding and continues to grow. Topics of
       interest are presented by members which help the committee to
       focus on pertinent topics. Members have agreed to write articles,
       and provided the articles, for monthly publication in the APWA
      The involvement and commitment of members to representing
       SC/RC issues at the federal level has provided good exposure, as
       well as pertinent testimony for both the Levee Safety and EPA
       projects. Other members are willing to participate as needed.
      Don Bruey would like to see APWA endorse the water training
       sessions the Utah group is offering nationwide. Further discussions
       will be held with Professional Development in the coming year.
      The Town Hall calls are valuable and should be continued.

8. A discussion of the development of a Project of the Year for Small
   Cities/Rural Communities was held, using the established Project of the
   Year. Ann Daniels will draft a suggested format for the committee
   members’ review.

9. Dates and topics for the two remaining Town Hall On-Line calls were
   established as follows:
    Don Bruey, “Hiring the Right People” – April 18
    Geoff Benway, “Grants Streamlining” – May 15 or 16

10.      The group recessed for lunch and reconvened at 1:00 p.m.

11.     A detailed revision of the proposed Business Plan for 2012-13
   was held and a copy of the proposed working draft is attached to this

12.       A discussion of the format for the Town Hall Meeting at Congress
   in Anaheim was held. By General Consent, the agenda will remain
   relatively unchanged. Ann Daniels will ask if it is possible for the room
   set up to be in the large hollow square from past years to better enable
  participants to see and hear the discussion. Invitations will continue
  to be sent out and the continental breakfast will be served again.

13.     Topics for General Discussion included :

     An update on the nominations to the committee. Both Don Bruey
      and Stan Brown have resubmitted their nomination forms. Andy
      Haney will be completing his long tenure and service to the group
      and will be missed! A replacement will be needed for his position.
      Appointments will be made by the President Elect, Elizabeth

     The committee would like to see a representative to the
      Government Affairs Committee from a Small City or Rural
      Community who would serve as a liaison to this committee.

     Committee members wholeheartedly expressed appreciation for the
      continued support of the face-to-face meeting and the value of the
      meeting to the work of the group.

14.      With no further business to be discussed, the meeting adjourned
   at 4:15 p.m.

15.      The next meeting of the committee will be held on Thursday, May
   3 at 8:00 a.m. Pacific/9:00 Mountain/10:00 Central Daylight/11:00
   Eastern time.

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