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Sternberg Museum to Host Greensburg Day

Hays, Kansas, November 17, 2007 – What do tornadoes, meteorites, and disaster
preparedness have in common? A number of Hays-area community organizations are
combining forces to present Greensburg Day, a series of fun, educational activities
relating to meteorites, tornadoes, and emergency preparedness. The fun starts Friday
night, November 16, with a “Meteorite Movie Marathon” from 7 p.m. – midnight at the
Hays Public Library. Then, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturday, November 17, the
Sternberg Museum lobby will be filled with hands-on activities, displays, and live
presentations. All events are free, although some activities encourage donations to benefit

The idea for Greensburg Day was conceived after Sternberg Museum agreed to
temporarily house Greensburg’s famous 1000 lb. Pallasite Meteorite. The “space
wanderer” had its home at the Big Well Museum until May 4, 2007 when a massive EF5
tornado leveled 95% of the town.

Displays include a working tornado from the National Weather Service and a collection
of tornado artifacts from Greensburg, including the demolished tornado siren that
sounded the alarm for more than 20 minutes before being silenced by the monster. Ellis
County Emergency Management and the Red Cross will teach you how to prepare your
family and pets for disaster. The Hays Police Department will conduct their Ident-a-Kid
program. Kids can do hands-on weather science activities while parents look over a
collection of tornado photographs and videos, ponder barbed wire tornado art from the
Kansas Barbed Wire Museum in La Crosse, or review Greensburg’s rebuilding plans.

Children and adults can record their own weather forecast in a complete TV weather
studio provided by Hays High School. For a small donation to the Greensburg Big Well
fund, budding meteorologists can take home a DVD of their “broadcast.”

For the astronomy lover, the museum is hosting a display about Antarctic Meteorites
from NASA, a collection of meteorites from around the world, and meteorite
identification where visitors may bring in their own specimens.

Live presentations will be held each hour starting at 10:00 a.m., when TV producers from
Discovery Channel’s new Planet Green network will talk about filming an upcoming
series entitled Greensburg Eco-Town. Other presentations include: 11:00 a.m., Dr. John
Heinrichs from Fort Hays State University talking about tornado research; 12:00, Dr.
Donald Stimpson and Karen Martin on the history of Greensburg’s Big Well and the
Pallasite Meteorite; 1:00 p.m., Larry Ruthi, Chief Meteorologist from the National
Weather Service in Dodge City on the storm system that spawned the Greensburg
tornado; 2:00 p.m., Pat Wirth and Ann Dixson, Greenburg residents, a first hand account
of the tornado; 3:00 p.m., Addie Homburg, Ellis County emergency manager on
emergency preparedness; 4:00 p.m., Dr. Stimpson on meteorites and meteorite hunting;
5:00 p.m., Steve Hewitt Greensburg city administrator on the rebuilding of Greensburg.
The events will conclude at 7:00 p.m. when Dr. Paul Adams will talk about Meteor
Showers and Meteorite Falls. After Dr. Adams talk, a sky watch is scheduled to view the
Leonid Meteor Shower and other astronomical delights.

Individuals wishing to share their experiences about events in Greensburg, or those who
have unique tornado stories are invited to be interviewed for the “Tornado Tales” oral
history project. Copies of interviews will be deposited with the Kansas State Historical
Society, Kiowa County Historical Society, Greensburg Tornado Museum, and the Ellis
County Historical Society.

To raise money for the reconstruction of the Big Well Museum in Greensburg, Sternberg
Museum will host a benefit raffle. In addition, collectible souvenirs salvaged from the
Big Well Gift Shop will be available as gifts when you make a monetary donation. A
Greensburg food vendor will serve a light lunch with proceeds going to the Ministerial
Alliance in Greensburg.

For Greensburg residents or anyone else wanting to visit other attractions, the Hays
Convention and Visitors Bureau will be offering trips to the Hays Arts Council, Hays
Downtown Revitalization, Historic Fort Hays, and Cathedral of the Plains in Victoria.

For more information and a detailed schedule, call toll free at 877-332-1165 visit us on
the web at www.fhsu.edu/sternberg and click on the Greensburg Day link.

Brad Penka
Sternberg Museum of Natural History
3000 Sternberg Drive
Hays, Kansas 67601


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