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The_Bordeaux_Wine_Festival_Press_Kit by ajizai


									                                                        PRESS KIT

The heart of the festival: the famous wine road                                                                                            p3

2012 Bordeaux Wine Festival: a strong international and cultural dimension                                                                 P8

Focus on fine cuisine                                                                                                                      P 13

Discovery Pavilions: an enjoyable learning experience                                                                                      P15

Something for everyone                                                                                                                     P16

Bordeaux Wine Festival figures                                                                                                             P19

PRACTICAL DETAILS FOR THE BORDEAUX WINE FESTIVAL                                                                                           P20

Annex                                                                                                                                      P21

Map                                                                                                                                        P22

 The event is managed by Bordeaux Grands Evénements with the participation in 2012 of the following wine industry organizations:
 Bordeaux Wine Council, the Bordeaux and Bordeaux Supérieur, Côtes à Bordeaux, Saint-Emilion-Pomerol-Fronsac, Médoc and Graves,
 Sweet Bordeaux, Dry white, and Aquitaine wines groups of appellations, together with major Bordeaux wine brands, Connétablie de
 Guyenne, Commanderie du Bontemps du Médoc, Graves et Sauternes, Union des Grands Crus de Bordeaux, Conseil des Grands Crus
 Classés en 1855, and the following Bordeaux brands: Mouton Cadet, Baron de Lestac, Malesan, Blaissac, Les Cordeliers, and Château
 Institutional sponsors: Bordeaux City Hall, Bordeaux Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Bordeaux Urban Community, Aquitaine
 Region, Gironde Tourist Board, Bordeaux Tourist Information Office, Port Bordeaux Atlantique, Gironde Chamber of Agriculture, and
 support from several private firms. Eiffage Construction, Casino Théâtre Barrière Bordeaux, l’Institut Culturel Bernard Magrez, Banque
 Populaire Aquitaine Centre Atlantique, OI, l’Opéra National de Bordeaux Aquitaine, Jazz In Marciac, le groupe Sud Ouest, Millésima,
 Mollat, Kéolis, Caisse d’Epargne Aquitaine-Poitou-Charentes, Vinci Construction, Suez-Lyonnaise des Eaux, CIC Sud Ouest, Renault, etc.)

                                     Download photos of the BORDEAUX WINE FESTIVAL

                                                          Media contacts:
       Tourist Information Office: Sophie GAILLARD MAIRAL – 05 56 00 66 25 –
                         Gwenaëlle TOWSE – 05 56 00 66 15 –
            Bordeaux Wine Council: Valérie DESCUDET – 05 56 00 22 76 –
                    Bordeaux City Hall: Nicolas CORNE – 05 56 10 21 73 –

                       The heart of the festival:
                        the famous wine road
Pavilions featuring 80 appellations from Bordeaux and the Aquitaine region,
as well as the great brands of Bordeaux wine, form a "wine road" stretching
over 2 km along the banks of the Garonne. Visitors will be able to discover
the rich diversity of regional wines, from 11 am to midnight in the eight
Appellation Pavilions (Saint-Emilion-Fronsac-Pomerol, Médoc and Graves,
dry white and rosé Bordeaux, Bordeaux and Bordeaux Supérieur, Sweet
Bordeaux, Côtes de Bordeaux, Aquitaine wines, and famous bands from
leading wine merchants) as well as négociants in the 3 Pavillons Millésime or,
"Vintage Pavilions" (Malesan-Baron de Lestac-Blaissac, Mouton Cadet, Les

Tasting Pass
The Tasting Pass, costing 15 € in advance and 18 € at the festival, consists of 13 tasting coupons, a
Tickarte (*), a glass and glass holder, as well as numerous tickets offering advantages, reductions,
and gifts. It entitles visitors to taste at the various pavilions at their own rhythm throughout the

Vineyard Pass
                                For a morning, an afternoon, or a full day, discover the Bordeaux
                                wine country and meet the people who make the wine. The choice
                                is vast and the themes varied: great growths, small family estates,
                                famous appellations, and hidden jewels!

                                Day-long excursions in a coach with a capacity of 25 people
                                including transport, a guide, tours, tastings, and lunch.

Destinations: Entre-deux-Mers, C
ôtes à Bordeaux, Haute-Gironde, Graves, Médoc, Saint-Emilion + 2 "Best of Wine Tourism" tours
(right and left banks).
Price: 62-135€

Half-day excursions in a minibus with a capacity of 8 people, including transport, a guide, tours, and
tastings. Morning or afternoon depending on the destination.
Destinations: Saint-Emilion, Médoc, Graves, Sauternes, Fronsac, and Pomerol.
Price: from 49 to 85€ depending on the programme and the destination.

Purchase and booking on-line at

NEW IN 2012! Passport for the Great Growths in the 1855 Classification
A unique tasting of 8 great growths from the 1855 classification,
including one first growth, is being organised during the 2012 Bordeaux
Wine Festival. This will be held in the Bordeaux Chamber of Commerce,
where the classification was born.

Tasters will be able to discover or rediscover great red wines from some
of the Médoc's most famous terroirs: 2008 Château Camensac (5th
growth, Haut-Médoc, ), 1999 Château Boyd-Cantenac (3rd growth,
Margaux), 2005 Château Léoville-Poyferré (2nd growth, Saint-Julien),
2008 Château Batailley (5th growth, Pauillac), and 2008 Château Lafon-
Rochet (4th growth, Saint-Estèphe). Sweet white wines: 2007 Château de Myrat (2nd growth,
Barsac), 2009 Château Guiraud (1st growth, Sauternes) and least, but not least, a Premier Grand Cru
Classé Supérieur: Château d’Yquem.

These tastings will be attended by the owners or their representatives. There are a total of three
sessions, on Thursday 28th, Friday 29th, and Saturday 30th June at a cost of 65 euros per person.

Holders of this Passport can enjoy another discovery before entering the tasting room: an
exhibition of photos of recipes from 87 Michelin-starred chefs featured in the book "Grand cus
classés, grands chefs étoilés", published by Editions de la Martinière. This is an excellent way to
make the taste buds receptive!

The Millésime Pavilion: discovering major brands from Bordeaux
There are about 300 négociants, or merchants, in Bordeaux, with a combined annual turnover of
some 3 billion euros. They are major players in the local wine industry and sell over 70% of total
production in France and 170 foreign countries.

Three négociants will be present at the Pavillon Millésime. Visitors with a Tasting Pass can discover
the great brands of Bordeaux wines – Baron de Lestac, Malesan, and Blaissac, as well as Les
Cordeliers and Mouton Cadet. These will be served throughout the festival, and the pavilion will
also feature games, gifts, and music.

Bordeaux Wine School pavilion: living the Bordeaux experience

                                     In light of the success of previous Bordeaux Wine Festivals,
                                     the CIVB Bordeaux Wine Council Wine School has decided to
                                     offer new tasting workshops, launch a new tasting kit for the
                                     general public, and organise the first "Bordeaux
                                     Cocktail Challenge" finals.

Bordeaux Wine School Pavilion

Various tasting workshops (non-stop, lasting 20 minutes, from Thursday 28th June to Sunday 1st
July) will feature a sensory voyage of discovery of Bordeaux wines.

   Introduction to the wines of Bordeaux (4 sessions per day: 11:00, 11:45, 12:30 and 13:15)
   Tasting workshop: the art and the method (4 sessions per day: 14.00, 119:30, 18:15 and 17.00)
   Blending workshop: create your own Bordeaux (2 sessions per day: 19:45 and 18:30)
   Matching food and Bordeaux wine (2 sessions per day: 19:15 and 20:00)
   Bordeaux wine cocktails (4 sessions per day: 20:45, 21:30, 22:15 and 23:00)

The CIVB Wine School also suggests matching Bordeaux wine and Asian food at the Hong Kong
   • Friday, June 29th from 19:30 to 19:15 with Sweet Bordeaux
   • Saturday, June 30th from 18:00 to 19:45 with Bordeaux wines.

Voyage of sensory discovery
Consisting of the play of light, shadow, and sounds from the world of contemporary art, this voyage
of sensory discovery is a walk during which the visitor is an actor and a spectator at the same time.
The senses of hearing, seeing, smelling, and feeling are called on to reveal the sensory experience
provided by the wines of Bordeaux.

The Bordeaux Wine School discovery kit
A continuation of the Bordeaux Wine School tasting workshops, the school's Discovery Kit will be
launched at the Bordeaux Wine Festival at a special introductory price of 39.90€. This includes: 6
aromas typical of Bordeaux wines, a colour chart, and an "Essential Guide to the Wines of
Bordeaux", a sommelier's cork screw, and a Bordeaux drip stop. All purchases are accompanied by
a gift coupon for a two-hour summer workshop at the Wine School.

The "Bordeaux Cocktail Challenge"
Organized by the CIVB Wine School in conjunction with the French Ministry of Education, this
challenge will take place on Thursday, June 28th from 12:30 to 13:30 at the CIVB Wine School
Pavilion in the context of the Bordeaux Wine Festival.

        2012 Bordeaux Wine Festival:
a strong international and cultural dimension
Experience Hong Kong in Bordeaux!

Discover Hong Kong, "Asia's World City", at the Bordeaux Wine Festival

This will include special events, performances, and a 400 m² pavilion entirely devoted to various
facets of this fascinating city: tourism, culture, art and, of course, food and wine. This unique and
amazing destination is presented in all its splendour. A taste of the exotic guaranteed!

Culinary programme
Four award-winning and Michelin-starred chefs will present the finest cooking Hong Kong has to
offer. This is a wonderful opportunity for the flavours of the East to meet those of the West. The
following top chefs will be preparing their specialities at the Hong Kong pavilion:

 Chef Wai Sing HO - The Royal Garden Chinese Restaurant, The Royal Garden

 Chef Man Sing LEE - Man Wah, Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong

 Chef William MA - Canton Room, Gloucester Luk Kwok Hong Kong

 Chef Kwai Pui MAK - Tim Ho Wan

             Thursday, June 28th                        20:00: HK Tapas
                                           Bordeaux wines and Hong Kong delicacies
               Friday, June 29th                          18:30-18:45
                                              8: Special Hong Kong menu dinner
                                               1: Special Hong Kong menu lunch
                                           Bordeaux wines and Hong Kong delicacies
              Saturday, June 30th                         19:00-19:15
                                              8: Special Hong Kong menu dinner
                                               1: Special Hong Kong menu lunch
               Sunday, July 1st                 16:30: Special Hong Kong tapas

There will be tasting workshops on the 29th and 30th of June to show how to match Bordeaux wines and food
from Hong Kong. These will be divided into 15-minute periods, followed by 15 minute pauses to change

Chefs preparing certain of these dishes are winners of the most prestigious cooking competitions in Hong
Kong, such as the "Best of the Best Culinary Award", whereas others have Michelin stars. Recipes were
specially invented for this occasion.

5€ for tapas and 10€ per lunch/dinner for the general public.

Cultural programme:

Discover the culture of Hong Kong via special events at the pavilion:

    o admire the Chinese tea ceremony with a tea expert
    o discover classical Chinese astrology
    o learn about martial arts and Cantonese opera
    o appreciate the blend of modern and traditional music, by the group SIU2 playing a
      combination of Chinese and Western instruments
    o discover an exhibition of works by Hong Kong artist Liu Tung Mui: 17 hand-painted wine
      bottles nearly 3 metres tall spread along the Garonne waterfront

                       For further information about this unique destination:
                                  or by telephone: 01 42 65 66 64

                          The Hong Kong Tourism Board Press Department
                                MCA Communication 01 58 36 03 45
                     Marie-Carole Ancelin-de La Chapelle and Rebecca Audebourg

       international stars performing on Place des
The Place des Quinconces will be the venue for four memorable concerts on June 26th to 30th during the
Bordeaux Wine Festival. Rock, jazz, and classical… the BMF programme will not go unnoticed by people
who love live music!

Tuesday, June 26th at 21:30 – Lou Reed
No rock star has given a performance on the Place des Quinconces since Pink Floyd in 1994! Lou Reed will
be reviving the legend of the Velvet Underground thanks to the initiative of Rocher de Palmer and Musiques
de Nuit, with support from the Bordeaux Urban Community. The first part of the concert will feature
Jonathan Wilson (Californian pop) and Allison Weiss (folk-pop) – (all tickets: 47€)

Thursday, June 28th at 21:30 - Kwame Ryan directs the Bordeaux Pops
The Bordeaux Aquitaine National Orchestra, conducted by Kwame Ryan, will offer a concert devoted to
Spanish music, with the participation of the Franco-Serbian violinist Nemanja Radulovic. The first part of the
concert will be given by the Bordeaux group MO. This evening was made possible by financial aid from the
Caisse d’Epargne Aquitaine Poitou-Charentes. (Concert on the Place des Quinconces at 21:30 - tickets 25€
(reduced price 15 €)

Friday, June 29th at 21:30 – Stacey Kent, jazz star
In conjunction with the Jazz in Marciac festival, the American singer Stacey Kent will perform the main
successes of her repertoire on the BMF stage. The first act will be the Hong Kong group SIU2, who will
introduce the Bordeaux audience to the sheng, a thousand-year old wind instrument that gives their music a
unique sound, with both modern and traditional aspects. This concert was made possible thanks to financial
support from Casino Barrière de Bordeaux and SPIRIT (Concert on the Place des Quinconces at 21:30 - tickets
25€ (15 € reduced price).

Saturday, June 30th – Dianne Reeves, the diva with the golden voice
This surprising concert will combine the Bordeaux Aquitaine National Orchestra in symphonic mode and
Dianne Reeves, a jazz singer with one of the most beautiful voices in America. This outstanding concert
should not be missed! The first part of the concert will feature the talented violinist Matthieu Arama and
his exceptional Stradivarius, "Château Fombrauge". The concert was made possible thanks to financial
support from the Bernard Magrez Cultural Institute and the Grand Hôtel de Bordeaux & Spa (Concert on the
Place des Quinconces at 21:30 - tickets 25€ (reduced price 15 €).

                                   SUGGESTED ARRIVAL AT 21:15
                                      PLACE DES QUINCONCES
                                            Quai Louis XVIII
                                           33000 BORDEAUX
                                      On-line booking as of now at:
Sound and light show: "Bordeaux loves the world, and the world loves
After the success of the monumental "Les sens du vin" (or "Wine and the Senses") show that
highlighted the beautiful architecture of Place de la Bourse, the Bordeaux Wine Festival has
decided to focus on Bordeaux wine around the planet. This dreamlike trip to the world of vineyards
and wine is called "Bordeaux loves the world, and the world loves Bordeaux". It will be shown free
of charge every evening at 23:00 on the facades of Place de la Bourse, a natural stone screen
measuring over 3,000 m², one of the largest in Europe.

1st International Pyrotechnic Arts Festival in Bordeaux
For the first time, the pyrotechnic displays put on during the Bordeaux Wine Festival will be
performed by foreign fireworks manufacturers. Every evening, a different country (the US on June
28th, Australia on June 29th, and Spain on June 30th) has been invited to create an original display
set to music in the Port of the Moon. The public can vote for their favourite show on At the Bordeaux Wine Festival closing ceremony on July 1 st, a
firework display and concert will associate an important person from the world of the performing
arts and fireworks manufacturers Lacroix-Ruggieri for a spectacular grand finale symbolising the
passion for wine.

"Les Bordelaises" XXL exhibition – the 2012 Bordeaux-Hong Kong vintage

                           The cooperation between Bordeaux and Hong-Kong includes artistic
                           creation thanks to an unusual event, "Les Bordelaises" – an original
                           exhibition of 40 giant bottles (between 2.5 and 4 metres tall)
                           decorated by French and Chinese artists.

                           The French part of the exhibition consists of 23 outsize bottles (14
                           magnums 2.50 metres tall and 9 jeroboams 4 metres tall). These were
                           acquired by Bordeaux firms in the worlds of wine, culture, tourism,
                           gastronomy, and special events, and decorated by painters, sculptors,
                           graphic artists, designers, photographers, etc. from the Bordeaux region
                           as well as by internationally-renowned French and Chinese artists. Over
                           200 original creations feature quirky fantasy and humour.

The Chinese part of the exhibition consists of 17 bottles (13 magnums and 4 jeroboams), in
conjunction with the Arts with the Disabled Association in Hong-Kong. This city, guest of honour in
2012, is presenting works by artist Liu Tung Mui. Despite her handicap, Liu Tung Mui is hugely
determined and painting has taken on enormous importance in her life. She has been featured in
solo exhibitions and her works have also been featured in numerous international shows.

At the end of the Bordeaux Wine Festival, these XXL "Les Bordelaises" bottles will be displayed in
Bordeaux's Jardin Public until August 19th, becoming one of city's cultural events this summer.
Some of the bottles will even travel as far as Hong Kong for the 2012 Wine and Dine Festival from
November 1st to 4th.

  The Literary Cuvée: a new cultural feature of the Bordeaux Wine Festival
  (June 28th to July 1st, from 11:00 to 22:00)

  The 8th Bordeaux Wine Festival takes a look at "wine and words", paying homage to authors from
  the Bordeaux region and around the world. A vast open-air reading room located between the
  reflecting pool and the river will display sixty books linked to the world of wine.

  The Mollat book store, a partner in this first-time event, has brought together selected works in an
  area devoted to reading and discovery, inside a "cellar" consisting of 1,000 barrels from the Nadalié
  cooperage. From practical guides to comic books, literary experts have selected various works
  published between the 2010 and 2012 Bordeaux Wine Festivals (bibliography appended).
  Visitors can enjoy reading, and tasting the authors' words without moderation.

  Espace Millésima
  In the middle of this literary exhibition, the négociant Millésima will provide numerous iPads for
  visitors to plunge into the universe of the "Cuvée Littéraire", with more than 80 videos of famous
  châteaux and numerous interviews with authors.

  Book signings every day
  Thanks to support from publishing firms (Féret, Glénat, La Martinière, Grasset, etc.), the CIC Sud-
  Ouest bank, and France Bleu Gironde, several authors will be present in the Espace Millésima,
  every day from 17:00 to 19:00, to sign their books and discuss their passion for wine with the

                                            Thursday, June 28th
Eric Corbeyran          Château Bordeaux vol, I et II                                       Glénat
Philippe Dufrenoy       Saint-Emillion                                                      Féret
Antonio Goulart         Chefs et Chateaux*                                                  Decor
Stéphanie Reiss         Les mains du vin : le cœur de la terre                              Féret
                                              Friday, June 29th
Eric Corbeyran          Château Bordeaux vol, I et II                                       Glénat
Denis Dubourdieu        L'oenologie dans tous ses états                                     Elytis
Jacques Dupont          Le guide des vins de Bordeaux                                       Grasset
Jean-Marc Koch          Portraits des hommes du bordeaux                                    Féret
James Lawther           Le coeur de Bordeaux                                                La Martinière
Jean-Pierre Xiradakis   Rencontres : des hommes et des vins                                 Féret
                                            Saturday, June 30th
Eric Corbeyran          Château Bordeaux vol, I et II                                       Glénat
Fredman                 L'art du vin                                                        Glénat
Marc Lagrange           Paroles de Vin                                                      Féret
Michel Rolland          Le gourou du vin                                                    Glénat

                                            Sunday, July 1st
Eric Corbeyran        Château Bordeaux vol, I et II                                     Glénat
Sandrine Duclos       Vignes et vins. Un monde à découvrir                              Mama Josefa
Fredman               L'art du vin                                                      Glénat
Jean-Pierre Gauffre   Petit dictionnaire absurde et impertinent de la Vigne et du Vin   Féret

  Videos and interviews recorded during tours will also be featured on the Web sites, blogs, and
  social networks of the Bordeaux Wine Festival and the Cuvée Littéraire.

  This innovative event was made possible thanks to support from:

                               Focus on fine cuisine

Tasting and cooking workshops
The Aquitaine Regional Council invite visitors to their pavilion to discover and learn to cook the
finest products from Aquitaine! Participants will learn how to cook like the great chefs, including
many tips and tricks they can use at home, as well as savouring our fine local produce, tutored by a
veritable culinary artist, Vincent POUSSARD, advisor to the Quai des Saveurs in Bordeaux and
former private chef of François Mitterrand at the Elysée Palace.

Every day at 11.00, 12.30, 16.00 and 17.30: relaxed, informative 30-minute sessions.

Aquitaine specialities
These 12 stalls at intervals along the wine road, featuring regional specialities selected by the
Aquitaine Agency for the Promotion of Agribusiness (Agence Aquitaine de Promotion
Agroalimentaire - AApRA), offer food to go throughout the day at affordable prices (foie gras from
the Périgord, Ossau-Iraty cheeses, Arcachon-Cap-Ferret oysters, Basque cake, Bayonne ham,
delicatessen meats, and artisan ice-cream).

Three theme restaurants
Wines will also be the main focus at the waterside restaurants, which will offer meals featuring
optimum food-wine matches in a superb location with an amazing view of the Pont de Pierre
throughout the four-day festival. A must for all gourmet visitors to the 8th Bordeaux wine festival!

"La Table de Pessac-Léognan"
* - 05 56 00 21 90

"La Table du Château Fonchereau"
* - 05 56 72 96 12

"La Terrasse du Casino Théâtre Barrière"

"Le Comptoir de la Garonnaise"
Reservations: 06 30 46 58 77 –

Prestige dinners
The Bordeaux Wine Festival is the setting of three "Stars & Prestige" receptions for connoisseurs of
fine cuisine. Access to these dinners is subject to special conditions.

"Passion Bordeaux" opening dinner (Thursday 28th June)
The Union des Grands Crus de Bordeaux and Michelin-starred chefs from the Gironde have join
forces to partner exquisite dishes with prestigious wines. This reception will take place on the top
floor of the Banque Populaire Aquitaine Centre Atlantic.
* Private reception.

Fête de la Fleur - Vine Flowering festival Dinner (Friday 29th June)
Since 2006, the Commanderie du Bontemps de Médoc et des Graves Sauternes et Barsac has
organized the prestigious Fête de la Fleur during the Bordeaux Wine Festival in non-VINEXPO years.
This year, the dinner will be held on the Place des Quinconces.
* Private reception.

Bordeaux-Hong Kong closing dinner: a star-studded evening (Sunday 1st July)
The Conseil des Grands Crus Classés en 1855 has chosen the magnificant Palais de la Bourse as the
setting for the closing dinner of the 2012 Bordeaux Wine Festival. In honour of guest city Hong-
Kong, Chinese chefs will be preparing the dinner with Pascal Nibaudeau, Michelin-starred chef at
the Pressoir d’Argent at the Grand Hôtel de Bordeaux & Spa.
* Private reception.

    Discovery Pavilions: an enjoyable learning
Institutional sponsors will also present interesting exhibits: Bordeaux City Hall, Tourist Information
Office, Bordeaux Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Bordeaux Wine Council, Aquitaine Regional
Council, and the Gironde Tourist Board are key sources of information and fun, for preparing
holidays and weekend trips, or simply learning more about the city and vineyards of Bordeaux and

New features:

    New in 2012: the "South-West-France Holiday Destinations" village
    Bordeaux City Hall connects the city to the vineyards
    Bordeaux Tourist Information Office decorated in the colours of the Bordeaux Wine
    Bordeaux Chamber of Commerce and Industry presents the Best of Wine Tourism
    Bordeaux Wine Council focuses on the Wine School
    Quality, authenticity, conviviality: the Aquitaine Region showcases regional produce
    Gironde Tourist Board celebrates women in wine!
    Bordeaux Urban Community puts the accent on service
    Bordeaux–Aquitaine Wine Competition – Topsy-turvy senses
    The harbour joins in the wine festival

                         Something for everyone

The Belem is making a stopover in the Port of the Moon
The Belem, a regular visitor to the Bordeaux Wine Festival, will once again be moored in Bordeaux
from 28th June to 1st July.
                                                                   How to visit the Belem?
The Belem at the Bordeaux Wine Festival                 By appointment, directly at the Belem's mooring
The Belem arrives on Thursday 28th June at 14.30                Friday 29th June: 15.00 – 18.00
The Belem sails on Tuesday 3 July at 07.30                    Saturday 30th June: 11.00 – 18.00
                                                                 Sunday 1st July: 11.00 – 18.00
                                                                  5€ - children under 14: free

The Garonne River joins the festival
The Garonne River, with its incomparable potential for tourism, is increasingly accessible to the
public and offers many activities, tours, and waterborne experiences.

The Belem will be docking at the Ponton d’honneur for the first time, in a special, 85-metre
berth. From the outset, this landing place was designed to berth large sailing ships.

During the 4-day festival, four river tour operators will offer various excursions to show visitors
that water and wine have a lot in common… Nearly 3,000 seats will be available on over 50
tours, departing from the Ponton d’honneur, as well as from the Chartrons and Lormont.

Contact the Bordeaux Tourist Information Office today for reservations or book on
From 28th June to 1st July, book at the Maison Eco-citoyenne.

Wine brotherhood parade (Thursday 28th June)
From 16.30 to 18.00:, the wine brotherhoods that make up the Grand Conseil du Vin de
Bordeaux, presided by Emmanuel Cruse, will form a colourful procession along the Garonne
waterfront during the inauguration of the "Bordeaux Wine Festival".
The inaugural parade will have an international flavour this year, as it will include the 15 wine
brotherhoods representing all the appellations in this region, as well as ambassadors from the
82 Commanderies de Bordeaux in 28 countries around the world.
The procession will start from the Bourse Maritime and end at Place Cailhau.

    Barrel-rolling race (Saturday 30th June and Sunday 1st July)
                This demonstration/competition, organized by the Lussac Saint-Emilion Club, is a
                spectacular sporting event, as well as maintaining a tradition that symbolises the
                excellence and know-how of professional coopers.

    Special "Connétablie de Guyenne" day (Saturday 30th June)
    This organization has revived the Connétablie de Guyenne, originally founded in 1152, to serve
    and publicise the winegrowing industry. Current members of the Connétablie are the owners of
    prestigious estates, co-opted by their peers, who work together to safeguard traditions of
    quality and authenticity dating back to the time of Eleanor of Aquitaine. They welcome as
    honorary Connétables personalities who are worthy to appreciate and promote the qualities of
    their wines and are likely to become keen ambassadors for these appellations.

    The Customs Museum at the heart of the festival
    During the four-day festival, holders of tasting passes will have access to free guided tours on
    the theme of customs and wine. Visitors will discover the amazing history of the links between
    wine and the customs service. Young visitors will also be able to learn about this aspect of
    history through a game: "Hello, little winegrower", distributed free of charge.
    Guided tours, from Thursday 28th June to Sunday 1st July, 10.30 to 11.30 –Limited space available
    Reservations on

    Musée du Vin et du Négoce during the Bordeaux Wine Festival.
    For the first time in France, on the initiative of the the Musée du Vin et du Négoce, a wine
    tasting will be specially devoted to people with hearing impairments, giving them an
    opportunity to discover the attractions of the Bordeaux vineyards. Meet at the museum booth
    on Saturday 30th June at 15.00, for departure on a tour of the Chartrons district followed by a
    wine tasting.

    There are plenty of activities to satisfy the most curious visitors and sharpen their senses:
   Hourly guided tours of the permanent exhibition, from 10.00 to 18.00.
   Temporary exhibition "From oak trees to corks: a cork adventure" and presentation of works by
    artist Eric Marchiam - Cellier des Chartron -.
   Book signings: Christophe Delvallé, and Jean-Pierre Got,
   Family activity on Saturday and Sunday at 11.00: "Message in a bottle".

And many other activities: "Wine aroma" workshop, "Spices in all directions", tastings of local
products, Kardesch at the Galleries des 2 Arts, etc.

Meet Nadalié cooperage.
Tonnellerie Nadalié cooperage, sponsors of the Bordeaux Wine Festival for the 2nd time, will
install over 1,000 barrels on the riverfront and welcome this opportunity to demonstrate their
craft to as many visitors as possible over the 4 days. Programme: presentation of barrel-making
know-how, barrel assembly demonstrations, and sales of decorative items.

Nadalié – 99, rue Lafont – 33290 Ludon-Médoc
Phone: 05 57 10 02 02 –

        -   Founded in 1998
        -   Biennial event held in even-numbered years, alternating with Bordeaux River
            Festival and Vinexpo
        -   1st wine tourism event in France
        -   A budget on the order of 2.2 million Euros
        -   Over 50 public and private sponsors
        -   500,000 French and foreign visitors expected
        -   A wine road over 2 kilometres long, showcasing 80 appellations
        -   60,000 tasting passes
        -   A potential of 600,000 tastings over 4 days, representing the equivalent of
            55,000 bottles
        -   800 - 1,000 winegrowers present over the 4 days
        -   200 artists
        -   250 - 300 French and foreign journalists expected
        -   This event has been held 7 times and has spread from 1.5 to approximately 6
            hectares in area,
        -   Over 1,500 people involved in its organization
        -   Direct impact on the local economy estimated at 15 to 20 million Euros

  Opening times
    Thursday June 28th to Sunday July 1st: 11.00 to midnight


                                                                               ANNEX 1
                       List of special decorated bottles
                                "Les Bordelaises"

French bottles

9 Jeroboams, 4 m tall
    "Le Coq" by Château La France with sculptor Saulterre
    "Mystère organique" by Château Montlabert with designer Patrick Jouin
    "Destination Bordeaux-Hong Kong" by Depack commercial architecture with designer
       Sophie Forges
    "Psyché" by the Institut Cultural Bernard Magrez with Laurent Valera
    "Eclat" by Lacoste Caterers with painter-illustrator Yann Muller
    "Le vin chantait dans les bouteilles" and "1990.12.31" by LD Wines with the painters
    Faugas and Fang Lijun (2 bottles)
    "Mille millions de milliards de Millésima c’est du Bordeaux " by Millésima with
       painter Jofo
    "Le style Dourthe" by Vins & Vignobles Dourthe with painter JBB (Jean-Baptistry

14 magnums, 2.50 m tall
    "Entre 2 mers" by AOC Entre-deux-mers with painter N’Diss B. Lamote
    "Le charme de Bordeaux" by AOC Pessac-Léognan with Eric Corbeyran and Espé
    "Dérobez-moi" by Roseline Peyret bed and breakfast with painter Clémentine Roche
    "Small Gathering" by Château Batailley with Chinese painter Shuai Mei
    "Pop brain" by Château Kirwan with Amandine Chenot
    "Saluez Saint-Julien" by Château Léoville Barton with Mélanie Sartorius
    "Embouteillage Médoc-1" by Château Léoville Poyferré with painter JU
    "Autour d’un cep" by Château de Potiron with painter Marie Mignano
    "Frag ADN du Château Rollan de By" for Domaines Rollan de By with sculptor
      Laurence Jenkell "1862" by Joanne with Claire Guiral
    "Château Rouge" by Maison François Janoueix with designer Jean-Charles de
    "Alchimie Bordeaux, les racines de l’émotion" by Princes de Bordeaux with Izabel Te
    "Product’art" by Producta Vignobles with Manu Mazaux
    "Crazy liquids" by Transports Veynat with graphic artist Anaïs Bonpunt

Chinese bottles
Artworks from Liu Tung Mui
    Victoria Harbour
    Tai O Fishing Village
    Mong Kok

                  Ding Ding in Central
                  A rush of ideas
                  Persimmon tree
                  Rhythm
                  Four seasons: Spring
                  Four seasons: Summer
                  Four seasons: Autumn
                  Four seasons: Winter
                  Love III: Coyness
                  Love IV: Amazement
                  Human Nature III
                  A Forest Spring Song
                  Journey of Life
                  The Wheelchair Dance

*The sale of these bottles will raise funds to start rebuilding the premises of the "Le Pain de l'Amitié" association, which serves
25,000 hot meals in Bordeaux, 7 days a week, October to May, in an outdated, cramped basement, as well as distributing 34,000
food parcels per year to people facing serious hardship. The project is organized by a group of associations, led by the Société
Saint-Vincent de Paul. The aim is to build contemporary premises suitable for the beneficiaries and 150 volunteers so that, in
addition to providing hot meals, they have a place to welcome and listen to people.

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