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					                                The Monthly PTSA Newsletter of Washington Middle School

             PTSA Presidents’ Letter                                                        Principal’s Notes
As our first regular issue of PawPrints goes to press in 2006, the      It’s February! Hard to tell by the constant drip of rain turning
PTSA is humming with activity. Here’s what’s happening:                 everything a slight shade of “bleck,” but soon enough, the sun
                                                                        should make its return… or so we hope!
    •   Program on Teen Internet Usage. Do you know how
        your adolescent is using the Internet? Have you ever had        Before going too much further, I want to take a moment to thank
        concerns about Internet safety or wondered how to guide         Assistant Principal Al DeJaen, who, after 43 years with Seattle
        your increasingly independent student’s appropriate             Schools, has decided to spend some time working on his “travel
        behavior on the Internet? Please plan to join us on             bug.” Al arrived at Washington in July of 1999, and has been
        Wednesday evening, February 15, at 6:45 p.m. in the             active with the school ever since. While Al has a great ability to
        lunchroom for an informative and instructive evening as         connect with students, especially those in our special needs
        we welcome Detective Malinda Wilson of the Seattle              program, his true strength is in getting the “behind-the-scenes”
        Police Department, who will present “Playing Safe on The        business organized and running well. Al organized the teams that
        Net”. In addition to hearing from an expert in this field,      hired many of the teachers currently working at Washington during
        you’ll have the opportunity to share your own                   the summer months when much of the staff was away. His
        experiences, concerns and questions with Detective              organization of Washington’s transportation system, with nearly 30
        Wilson and other parents / guardians. We hope to see            buses bringing or taking students every day is amazing. If
        you there!                                                      something is sticking, squeaking, needs a small “watzit,” etc., Al is
    •   Spring Fling. The Spring Fling Committee, chaired by            the person to fix it, find it, or swap it out. Al has been a great help
        Gail Gatton and Harriet Bakken, has been working                during my transition back to Washington. We will greatly miss his
        energetically for the past couple of months to plan this        presence in the building, but wish him all the best during his
        year’s auction evening, “Festival of Fun - a light-hearted      journeys ahead.
        celebration of All Fools’ Day.” Details about the event,
        including opportunities to help ensure its success, have        With one administrator leaving, another must have arrived.
        been mailed to all WMS families; if you missed the Spring       Antoinette Sabarots has joined the Washington staff, and will
        Fling edition of PawPrints last month, copies are available     serve as the 8 Grade Administrator. Antoinette is returning from
        in the school office. Watch for your invitation, which will     a maternity leave, and arrives at Washington with prior experience
        be sent soon, and plan to join us for what promises to be       at Eckstein Middle School and Madrona K-8. Welcome Ms.
        an outstanding event on Saturday, April 1!                      Sabarots.
    •   Annual Fund. To date, we have received donations
        totaling over $48,750. We’re 75% of the way to our              Now to the daily business of Washington: February is always a
        $65,000 goal! If you haven’t yet taken the time to show         busy time at school: students are starting the second semester,
        your support with a donation, please do so today. The           some with a new class or two; prospective parent/guardians and
        simple act of participation, more than the amount of your       students are visiting the school before the open enrollment period
        gift, demonstrates your commitment to providing quality         ends; the Night-of-the-Notables event showcases work the entire
        programs and resources at WMS. If you need a donation           7 Grade has spent time on; the stories, music, art, and pictures of
        form, you can pick one up in the school office or               African American history strengthen the curriculum; and the
        download        it    from    the    WMS        website    at   process of starting to plan for next year hits full stride. Before the            semester gets too far underway, now is a perfect time for all of us
        5.pdf. Thank you!                                               to do a mid-year reflection on our goals and progress. Sit down
    •   Committees and Board Positions. Several board                   with your student and have an honest conversation about school.
        members and committee chairs will be vacating their             How is it going, what do they need help with, what worked, and
        positions at the end of this year. This month we will be        what didn’t go so well? Talk about your observations regarding
        electing members to the Nominating Committee, whose             homework, planning and organization, reading, Internet time, etc.
        job it will be to find candidates to fill those vacancies. If   Set some goals for Second Semester and Third Quarter, including
        you’d consider either serving on the Nominating                 regular checkpoints where you will sit down and review their
                                                                                           th                                        th
        Committee during the next two months or filling a               progress. For 8 Grade parents, be on the lookout for “8 Grade-
        committee or board position next year (or both!), please        itis”, especially towards the middle of March. Sixth Grade parents
        contact one of us. Prior experience is not required!            will start to see dramatic changes, both physically and emotionally,
    •   School Tours. Prospective new students and their                as your students move further into the middle years. As always,
        families will be touring the school on Thursdays Feb. 2, 9      don’t stop connecting with the staff of Washington if things don’t
        and 16. Volunteer tour guides are still needed! If you          look or feel right.
        can     help,      please    contact      Stephanie    Bower
        (                                          Have a great, and I hope much drier, February!

 Co-Presidents Nancy Eiselt (mother of Mariah Billey, 8 grade) &                                                      Jon Halfaker, Principal
               Stephanie Shine (mother of Cally Shine, 7 grade)
                                                                                           Christina Bogar, Martha Bosma, Jeffrey Bottman, Elizabeth Bottman, Stephanie
                 Playing Safe on The Net                                                   Bower, Dawn Brightwell, Edward Bronsdon, Bruce Brooks, Diane Brooks,
                                                                                           Lindsay Brown, William Brown, Rebecca Brown, Bill Bui, Robert Butler, Karen
                                                                                           Carlson, Al Carlson, Godfrey Chambers, Guy Chan, Patricia Chan, Pat Charmley,
                                                                                           Ru Chen, Cindy Chen, Andrew Cheung, Wen-Hua Chou, Catherine Chutich,
                                Is your student always on the Internet?                    Mary Clancy, Cheryl Clark, Kevin Clark, Judith Cochran, Peter Cole, Jennifer Cole,
                                Not sure what she’s up to? Who is he                       Michael Collins, Donald Comstock, Matt Corwin, Ann Costello, Lisa Coughlin,
                                “chatting” with? What did she just click off               Scott Coughlin, CT Crank, Bernie Creaven, Lou Cuevas, Mary Curiel, Patrick Dailey,
                                of? Why is he always downloading stuff?                    Cristela Daniel, John Danker, Isa D'arleans, Ron Davids, Susan Davidson,
                                                                                           Mike Davidson,      Phil Davis,      Susan Davis,       Cathy Davis,     Kathryn De Koch,
                                Why do I feel like they know more than I                   Erlinda De Los Reyes, Ann De Maris Davids, Carol Decklebaum, Euni Decordoba,
                                do when it comes to technology?                            David Decordoba, Al DeJaen, Mary DeLorme, Susan Dick, David Dick, Ingrid Dinter,
                                                                                           Sharon Drasnin, Stephen Drasnin, Steve Dunnington, Gillian Dutton, Travis
                                                                                           Eckert, Anna Eckert, Doug Edelstein, Eric Edgerton, Efthimis Efthimiadis, Maria Egan,
If you answered yes to any of these questions, or even maybe,                              Nancy Eiselt, Laura Eisenberg, June Eisenman, Charles Eldridge, Kathryn Elliott,
you should plan to attend the next WMS PTSA event: Internet                                Clair Enlow, David Erb, Beth Evenson, Dave Evenson, Lolie Farinas, Monica
Safety and Awareness: Things Not Even Your Student Knows                                   Fawthrop, Jim Feldman, Kathy Feldman, Diane Felix, Edward Felix, Jane Fellner,
About. This program has been jointly developed by the Internet                             Jenny Fillius, Donald Fillius, Teri Fitzgerald, Liz Fitzhugh, Jennifer Fleck, Sydell
                                                                                           Fleischer, Corinne Fligner, Joanna Forsyth, Karin Fosberg, Nancy Fox, David Fox,
Crimes Against Children Task Force, the Boys and Girls Clubs of                            Jayn Foy, Hugh Foy, Amanda Franklin, Dave Franklin, Richard Franko, Neal
America, and Netsmartz.                                                                    Friedman, Susan Fung, Margi Futran, Bonnie Garmus, Kristine Garratt, Elizabeth
                                                                                           Gaskill, Gail Gatton, Carey Gelernter, Robert Gertler, David Gleeson, Jennifer Gold,
                           th                                                              K.C. Golden,      Meg Goldman,        Kim Gordon,     David Gordon,      Jenni Gottschalk,
Date: February 15 , 2006                                                                   Chuck Gottschalk, Ed Gow, Alison Grevstad, Katy Griffith, Karen Gunsul, Daniel
Time: 6:45 PM – 8:30 PM                                                                    Gurney, Mary Ann Gwinn, Jon Halfaker, Carol Hall, Wini Hamilton, Knut Hansen,
Location: The WMS Lunchroom                                                                Sheri Hargus, Kate Harkins, Margaret Harris, Diana Hausman, Jane Hendricks, Jody
Speaker: Detective Malinda Wilson, SPD Internet Crimes Against                             Hendrickson, Bill Hendrickson, Molly Hendrickson, Patty Henry, Hank Hinnant,
                                                                                           May Hipolito, Le Li Hoang, Ingrid Holmlund, Laura Hooning, Michael Hooning,
        Children Taskforce                                                                 Connie Hoover, Barbara Hopp, Jane Howard, Karen Howell-Clak, Janet Howell-Clak,
                                                                                           Abbie Hu, Bob Huppe, Theresa Huynh, Laura Inveen, Cindy Irwin, Lynn Jacobson,
This training is geared towards parent/guardians only. Please no                           Francie Jajewski, David Jajewski, Ric Johnston, Samuel Johnston, Sandy Johnston,
                                                                                           Janet Jones, Robert Joyce, Aimee Joyce, Patricia Kahn, Jay Kaiser, Patricia Kalafus,
young children. The WMS Library will be open for quiet study or                            Sandra Kaplan,      Joel Kaufman,        Susanne Kelly,     Barbara Kelly,     Sean Kelly,
reading if you need to bring an older child.                                               Steve Kennard,       Katrina Kennard,       Brian Kiehn,     Katy Killory,    John Killory,
                                                                                           Takako Kimoto, Stephen King, Sheryl Kipnis, Shelly Kirk, Kristen Klein, Hildy Ko,
                                                                                           Dave Ko, Bruce Kochis, Ahoua Kone, Richard Kovar, Leslie Lachman, Joyce Lam,
               Attention 7th and 8th Grade                                                 Jerry Large, Matthew Lawrence, Herbert Lawrence, Jr., Gavin Layton, Doug Leary,
                                                                                           Arthur Lee, Jack LeNoir, Bruce Lesnick, Gad Levy, Margaret Lewis, Chunlin Li,
                   Parents/Guardians                                                       Thomas Linde, Roberta Lindeman, Mark Linsey, Sharon Lobel, Marvin Lock,
                                                                                           Jan Lock, David Loud, Sarah Loudon, Kate Loughney, Charles Lukey, Dana Lukey,
                                                                                           Bill Luna,     Joanne Luong,         Chi Luong,      William Lynch,       Michele Manber,
                               Eighth grade graduation will be upon                        Michele Mancuso, Peter Manos, Lori Markowitz, Stephen Markowitz, Carl Marquardt,
                                                                                           Haruko Marquardt, Charles Martin, Zeke Martin, Heidi Mathisen, Michael McCarthy,
                                 us soon, believe it or not. I need                        Ginny McFarland, Stuart McFeely, Anita McKay, Dennis McLean, Joan McNabb,
                             some 7 grade parents to help with                             Lisa McNelis,       MaryAnn Meersman,            Michael Meyer,         Ahmed Mohamed,
                         the usual evening event at the end of                             Nancy Mohamed, Thomas Moll, William Moody, Melinda Moree, William Morgan,
                                          th                                               Val Morris-Lent, Vicki Moshcatel, Anne Mulherkar, EduardoMunoz, Majorie Murray,
                         school since 8 grade parents will be                              Sandy Murray, Dick Murray, Douglas Musselman-Brown, Cheryl Musselman-Brown,
watching their student graduate. One day you will be an 8 grade                            Mats Myberg, Andrew Nelson, Tom Nesbitt, Wailap Ng, Thoa Nguyen, Dung Nguyen,
parent and appreciate the 7 grade parents who volunteered their                            Thu-Van Nguyen, Penelope Nichols, Tracy Nielson, Julie Nikaitani, Elizabeth Noll,
time so you could enjoy the graduation. So please volunteer! I                             Dan Nord,        Heidi Noun,        Jaime Novais,       Ukwenga Oleru,        Ngozi Oleru,
             th                                                                            Andrea Olsheskie-Gray, Sally Olson, Leah Opinano-Bui, Jory Oppeinheimer,
also need 8 grade parents who are interested in working on the                             Dorothy Orzel, Alan Osaki, Cindy Osborn, Jon Ostrove, Kathy Ostrove,
event before it happens, including decorations, food procurement                           Karen Overstreet, Christine Owens, David Owens, Margot Page, Jagoda Pasic,
and speaker/entertainment. I especially need people to “chair”                             Rick Paulsen, Robert Pavia, Mary (Molly) Pavia, Dave Pearson, Kelly Pearson,
                                                                                           Charlie Phillips,   Mitzi Portillo,    Jennifer Potter,    Gary Pounder,      Gary Prince,
these areas, so please step up to the plate, because I cannot do it                        Debra Prinzing, Deborah Raible, Paul Ray, John Reed, DS Reilly, Lisa Renehan,
all myself. Thank you very much. Please contact Susan Fung, 8                              Sandy Renner, Peter Renner, Sara Robertson, Deborah Robinson, Sheila Roe,
grade VP at, 722-2062.                                                     David Roe, Melissa Roe, Jowell Rollolazo, Robert Rosencrantz, Terry Rosencrantz,
                                                                                           Peter Rubenstein, Hannele Ruohola-Baker, Monica Rush, J. Craig Rusk, Roberta
                                                                                           Russell, David Russell, Phoebe Russell, Norma Russell, David A. Russell, Christian
                                                                                           Saether, Anthony Salisbury, Chris Sallquist, Liesl Sallquist, Elizabeth Sanders,
It' Easy: Sign up for WMS e-News to receive information and                                Barry Saver, Helen Schinske, Mark Schleck, Sara Schott, Jill Schultz, Jane Scott,
reminders about school events, news, and volunteer needs at                                Tom Scott, Molly Seaverns, Philip Shack, Maura Shapley, Stephanie Sharpe, Timothy
                                                                                           Sharpe, Janice Shave, William Shaw, Audrey Sheffield, Mary Sherhart, Jane                                        Sheridan, Anne Shields, Stephanie Shine, Hugh Shipman, Bill Singer, Kristi
                                                                                           Skanderup, Ruth Solnit, Eunjoo Song, Charles Spaeta, Carol Sparer, Beth Speck,
                                                                                           Terry Sperling, Andrew Stanton, Catherine Staunton, Matthew Steinbrueck, Elizabeth
                      PTSA Memberships                                                     Steinbrueck, Michael Storck, Susan Storck, Ian Story, Tina Story, Tom Strangeland,
                                                                                           Joannie Strangeland,         Bill Suhr,       Cathleen Summers,          Shelly Sundberg,
                                                                                           Marian Sussman, Cheryl Swab, Rachel Swerdlow, Clifton Swiggett, Nelda Swiggett,
As of January 2006, WMS PTSA has 460 members, representing                                 Denise Takahashi, Beleqsa Tamaami, Andrea Tan, Cynthia Taylor, Elizabeth
about 300 households (some households have double sign-ups).                               Teodoro, Teresa Thomas, David Thompson, Neal Thompson, Tim Thoreson,
                                                                                           Ginny Thoreson,       Barbara Thoreson Linde,        Hiep Tran,    Marianne      Trangen,
Way to go! Haven’t signed up yet? Simply enclose in a well-sealed                          Gordon Trangen, Janis Traven, MaryAnne Trettenaro, Bill Trettenaro, Mark Troxel,
envelope labeled PTSA membership, $10 per adult (check is best                             Eric Trupin, Jim Tully, Joan Tupper, Chris Turner, Thomas Turner, Tahl Tyson,
made out to WMS PTSA, but cash is OK). Include your contact                                Kerry Van Der Veen, David Vandervort, Nancy Vandervort, Janet Varon, Phillis
info (name, address, e-mail, phone) and return to office. Questions                        Verzosa, Margaret Vickrey, Doug Vickrey, Carol Viger, Cathy Villanueva, Anna Wald,
                                                                                           Mark Walhout, Peggy Walker, Sera Wang, Shoiwrong Wang, Tamara Wang,
to Susan Fung, membership chair, Thank you!                               Teresa Ward, Mary Warren, Noreen Weihe, Jonathan Weinstein, Daniel Williams,
                                                                                           Cheryl Williams, George Williams, Diana Wilmar, Dina Wilson, Nate Wilson,
Ellen Aagaard, Kathryn (Keri) Adams-Lee, Mollie Albrecht, Carl Albrecht, Nicholas          Mardi Wilson, Edna Wennerlind, Mark Wennerlind, Mark Wittow, Gail Wong,
Allison, Kari Anderson, Amy Arvidson, Cynthia Atman, Tamara Bailey, Harriet                Shawna Wortman, Steve Wortman, Diane Wozniak, Paul Wozniak, Cong Xu,
Bakken, Lorraine Bannai, Bryan Barnett, Sheila Bass, Peter Baum, Kathleen Bean,            Mayumi Yagi, Ruri Yampolsky, Sarah Yates, Bryan Yates, Beverly Zanetti,
Molly Beaudoin, John Beaudoin, Monica Beckman, Teresa Beery, Max Beery,                    David Zapolsky, Ann Zavada, Andy Zavada, Steve Zemke.
Elizabeth Bell, Bonnie Berk, Dan Billey, Cynthia Block, Allison Boelter, Arthur Boelter,

2                                                                                               PawPrints February 2006
                     Ask the Paw                                       Personal fact: She has a husband and a 10 year old son, Wu
                                                                       Yifan, who loves to draw, do calligraphy, and who loves car
The answers here have been supplied by Mr. Jon Halfaker, WMS           Teaching fact: She teaches English at #5 Middle School to the
principal.                                                             American equivalent of 8th and 9th graders. Each of her classes
                                                                       has over 60 students.
                        Q. I have two questions about WMS 8th          New Year's wish (Year of the Dog): She hopes the students here
                        graders' transition to high school:            can enjoy their Chinese classes!

                        1. Where at WMS can we go for                                                   ***
                        information and counseling on high-school      Look for some interesting items at this year’s Spring Fling as the
                        choices, including open houses, course         Chinese Exchange Program raises money for teacher education.
                        offerings and so forth?                        Last year enough money was raised to provide a class for each
                                                                       teacher at the University of Washington. We hope to do as well
                        Mr. Halfaker's response: The first place to    this year. You will have the opportunity to bid on art, collectibles,
start is with the Counseling Office. Ms. Isgur is the current 8th      and best of all real "home cooking."
Grade counselor. She has answers to many of the questions                                               ***
parent/guardians    and     students     have.    Her    email    is   As part of our exchange with China groups of students, parents,; her phone number is 252-2614.              and staff from WMS have traveled to China in even-numbered
A second site to visit is the Seattle Schools website                  years and hosted groups from China in odd numbered years.
( Go to the Parent page, then to               Health concerns prevent Ms. Shadow, the faculty advisor to the
Enrollment Services, in the left-hand margin, click on Enrolling for   program, from organizing a trip this school year. To all those who
2006 - 2007, and then on High Schools. WMS and the PTSA will           expressed an interest in travel, my regrets.
also be holding a parent/guardian/student High School Transition
Night at the end of May. If you still have a question, call the Main   We may have a group visiting us in June with an opportunity to
Office and we' do our best to get you an answer.                       host members of the Chinese delegation.

2. We got a card from the district in December saying that we          #1 Middle School will be celebrating its 60th anniversary in May
would receive a personalized application to high school in the mail.   and a delegation from WMS may go for a "long weekend" to
Does every currently enrolled eighth grader at WMS receive such        Jiamusi.
an application, and when should it have arrived?
                                                                       If either of these possibilities is of interest to you, please contact
Mr. Halfaker's response: The deadlines for on-time application are     Ms. Shadow:
firm (Feb.28). All students, regardless of program, must fill out an
enrollment form and submit it on time. If you have not received an
application for high school by the time this article prints, you
should go on-line following the directions listed above, or contact         Talking With Your Pre-Teen about
the Enrollment Office to find out what you need to fill out.
Remember, everything must be in by February 28th, 2006.                           Healthy Relationships
Got a question about any aspect of WMS life? Email                     As most of you know, our children are naturally curious. From the or drop a line in the office. Two parents        time they can talk they ask us to help explain the world around
of WMS students, Mary Ann Gwinn (mom of Sam and Jack                                                      them.      Around the middle
Dunnington, 8th and 7th grade), and Carey Quan Gelernter, (mom                                            school years, and about the
of Tao Large, 8th grade), will get your questions answered.                                               time puberty hits, adolescents
                                                                                                          start trying to figure out how to
             WMS China Connection                                                                         navigate through life on their
                                                                       own. They may stop asking us questions and turn to other
                                                                       sources for information – their peers, the internet, or television.
Since 1998 WMS has had an exchange relationship with the city of
                                                                       Many of these sources may not provide your child with the correct
Jiamusi, PRC. We established a sister school relationship with #1
                                                                       information to help them make healthy decisions.
Middle School in that city and have had 5 English teachers from #1
Middle School come to America to teach for one year. Eleven
                                                                       All teens should have a trusted adult they can talk to for accurate
English teachers from other schools in Jiamusi have come during
                                                                       health information. Studies show that youth who feel they can talk
that time as well. We recently said good-bye to Liu Xiulan, who
                                                                       with their parents about health issues are less likely to engage in
returned home in mid-January. After the Chinese New Yyear she
                                                                       high-risk behaviors. Some subjects may be difficult to talk about
will return to her classes at #1 Middle School.
                                                                       with your teen such as drugs, drinking, sex/sexuality, and
                                                                       relationships. However, it is very important to talk with our children
While we wait for the U.S. to grant us the proper forms for our next
                                                                       about these issues as early as possible with age-appropriate
teacher, Zhou Wanru, who has been with us since October will be
taking over all the teaching duties for our two first year and two
second year Chinese classes. Since she hasn' been introduced
                                                                       One issue many adolescents have concerns about is relationships
to you in PawPrints before, here is a brief bio:
                                                                       and dating. As pre-teens, they are starting to enter into a world of
                                                                       more complex and intimate relationships (whether or not they are
Name:    Zhou Wanru
                                                                       dating). It is important teens learn what determines a healthy
Age:     "30 something"
                                                                       relationship versus an unhealthy relationship so they avoid
                                                                       relationships that may be destructive – physically and emotionally.

3                                                               PawPrints February 2006
A healthy relationship with a friend (or with a boyfriend or                       The Asbestos Management Plan includes the results of each periodic
girlfriend) has open and honest communication and an even                          surveillance and the most recent reinspection as well as documentation of
playing field on which friends share power and control over                        asbestos related activities. The Asbestos Management Plan is maintained
                                                                                   and available for review in the administrative office of each school or at the
decisions. An unhealthy relationship has an imbalance in which
                                                                                   John Stanford Center for Educational Excellence located at 2445 3rd Ave
one partner tries to exercise control and power through threats,                   South.
emotional abuse, and physical abuse.
                                                                                   If you would like additional information regarding the District' Asbestos
The outcome of talking openly with your child will help them                       Program contact Troy White at 206-252-0528.
develop into strong, emotionally sound young men and women
who are capable of having healthy relationships.                                                                 Music News
The following are some tips for talking with your adolescent about                                           Upcoming Music Events
         Assess your own values before you talk                                         February 17 – Club Washington Jazz Night Fundraiser.
         Talk with them about appropriate manners in they way                           7:00pm at the Rainier Beach High School Performing Arts
         they talk and present themselves                                               Center. The evening will feature the Senior Jazz musicians
         Tell the truth about dating – both good and bad                                performing in small combos and as a big band. After school
         Teach them how to be assertive but not aggressive                              Beginning Jazz, Junior Jazz I and Junior Jazz II bands are
         Teach them anger management, problem solving, and                              back in session and may also participate in this night of red-
         negotiation skills                                                             hot jazz. Ticket forms will come home soon with music
         Teach them to tell a trusted adult whenever anything                           students and will be available in the office.
         makes them uncomfortable or confused
         Expose them to healthy role models                                             March 4 –Third Annual Gypsy Jazz Fundraising Concert.
                                                                                        7:00pm at Town Hall Seattle. The evening will feature the
Lastly, your child may feel more comfortable talking with an aunt,                      WMS Senior Orchestra along with multi-instrumentalist, Joe
uncle, family friend, teacher, or counselor about some of these                         Craven and teenage violin/mandolin virtuoso Alex Hargraves.
difficult issues. The most important issue is that they have a                          The WMS Voices choir will also participate this year. Don’t
trusted adult to talk with.                                                             miss this outstanding evening of music! Ticket forms will be
                                                                                        sent home soon with music students and will be available in
For more information, The Wellness Center health educator has a                         the office.
variety of books and pamphlets on talking with your child about
various health issues.                                                                  March 21 – South Seattle Middle School Concert Band
                                      The Wellness Center Staff                         Festival. 7:00pm in the WMS gym. The evening will feature
                                                                                        the WMS Senior Concert Band and several other South-end
                                                                                        middle school bands.
     Seattle Public Schools Annual Asbestos
                Notification - 2006                                                Attend A Friends of Washington Music Meeting

In accordance with the federal Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act              All parents are encouraged to attend our next FOWM board
(AHERA) regulations, the Seattle Public Schools is required to notify              meeting on Monday, February 13 at 7:00pm in the band room
parents, teachers, and other employees each year of the availability of            (rm 8). Your participation can help make this a great year!
Asbestos Management Plans and actions the District is taking to maintain
asbestos containing materials in its buildings.
                                                                                         Annual Fund Donors as of 1/19/06
The District conducted an initial inspection of all school buildings for the
purpose of identifying asbestos containing building material in 1988 and a
management plan detailing the findings of the inspection was developed                           Contributions to Date: $48,760
for each building. Since then, appropriate response actions have been
taken to ensure that asbestos containing materials are removed, repaired,          Ronald & Judith Ablow, Cindy Hao & Dan Abramson, Mr & Mrs Robert G. Albern, Carl
encapsulated, or enclosed as necessary.                                            & Mollie Albrecht, RR Albrecht, Shelly Sundberg & Whit Alexander, Sol & Margie
                                                                                   Alhadeff, Nancy Fox & Nick Allison, Jean Anderson, Paul Anderson, Jon & Harriet
A periodic surveillance of each school building has occurred every six             Bakken, Hideko Bannai, Dicran B. Barian, Peter Baum & Mayumi Yagi, Scott Smith &
months since the original inspection. The next periodic surveillance is            Mary Bedingsfield-Smith, William & Robin Janet Bennett, Vida Berkowitz, Nancy
                                                                                   Eiselt & Dan Billey, Ted & Mary Blattenbauer, Jane Blodgett, Liz & Jeff Bottman, Heidi
scheduled for March 2006.                                                          Mathison & Klaus Brauer, David & Madeleine Brenner, Monica Fawthrope & Ed
                                                                                   Bronsdon, E.A. & Beth Brown, Huong Bui, Charles & Patti Burgess, Stephen Bennett
Additionally, a complete reinspection of each school building is required          & Tracy Burrows, Al & Karen Carlson, Darlene Carlstrom & Shawna Wortman, Guy &
every three years. The next reinspection is schedule for the summer of             Patricia Chan, Alice Cho Snyder & Mark Snyder, Joe & Marlys Chutich, Robert &
2007.                                                                              Helen Clark, Judith Cochran, Peter & Jen Cole, Cheryl Clark & Stephan Coonrod,
                                                                                   Spencer Curtis, Mai Dang, Cathy & Phil Davis, Terri Davis Smith, Morris & Yetta
In addition to routine maintenance of asbestos containing materials in             Deckelbaum, Ellen DeCordoba, Steve & Laurie deKoch, Cristela Daniel & Javier
                                                                                   Delgado-Rosas, Don & Donna Dick, Don Dick, Dwight & Susan Dively, Dan & Kitty
District buildings, the following projects were either initiated or completed in   Dow, Lorraine Dugan, Dorothy Dunkin, Steve Dunnington & Mary Ann Gwinn,
2005:                                                                              Elizabeth Bell & Peter Dunwiddie, Richard Dutton, Raymond Eiselt, Jan Eisenman,
      •    Complete asbestos abatement at Roosevelt High School as part            Charles Eldridge & Jane Howard, Jane Howard & Charles Eldridge, Polly & Fred
           of Phase II of the Building Excellence Program.                         Etling, Rosita & Ricardo Farinas, Marilyn Feininger, Jim Feldman & Liz Fitzhugh, Mr.
      •    Complete asbestos abatement at Cleveland High School as part            Leonard Feldman, Anne Fidler, Mary Frank, Diane Fremont, Stanley Fremont, Jane
           of Phase II of the Building Excellence Program.                         Fellner & Neal Friedman, Jim & Nell Froning, Susan Fung, Margi & Neal Futran,
                                                                                   Roger & Kristine Garratt, Margaret Gatton, Rob Gertler & Marge Murray, Jill
      •    Installation of protective floor mats to prevent damage to              Goodnight & Jeff Collum, David & Kim-Terry Gordon, Chuck & Jenni Gottschalk, Ed
           asbestos containing floor tile from chair casters.                      Gow & Takako Kimoto, Gary & Lani Guloy, Robert L. Haessly, Kristen Hall, Ruri
                                                                                   Yampolsky & Knut Hansen, John & Meg Harkins, Kate Harkins & Mats Myrberg, Joel
                                                                                   Hayflick & Louise Band, Charles & Leah Hendricks, Connie Hoover & Hank Hinnant,

4                                                                                    PawPrints February 2006
Laura & Michael Hooning, Jack Howell & Joan Cole, Julie Howell, David & Marta          willing to provide a single aspect of a party (e.g., entertainment,
Hunt, Robert Huppe & Margaret Lewis, Alice Jensen, Lee & Sharlene Jones, Erica &
Duane Jonlin, Mas & Amy Kato, Annette & Gene Kaufman, Joel Kaufman & Anna
                                                                                       culinary expertise, warm and inviting venue, etc.), our theme party
Wald, Sean & Barbara Kelly, John & Katy Killory, Stephen King & Sheryl Kipnis, John    coordinator will connect you with an existing group. Contact Shelly
W. Klein, Elaine Ko, Hildy & Dave Ko, Roy Ko, Meredith Koppe, Richard Kovar,           Sundberg today (284-3084 or We’d also
James Krieger & Kimberly Wicklund, Stella Kwok Insurance Agency, John & Marilyn        like to offer a few student-oriented theme events this year, so if
Lang, Kimberly Seater & Matthew Lawrence, Tho Le, Phyllis Goodman & Michael
LeBlanc, Hyland & Alycia Lee, Gad Levy & Felice Tiu, Elizabeth J. Lewis, Linda         you have any creative ideas, connections, or skills to offer along
Lightfoot c/o Greta McKay, Tom Linde & Mary Weiss, Michaela Lobel, David Loud,         these lines, please contact Kate Loughney (528-1288 or
Sarah Loudon, Jan Loughney, Kate Loughney, Beth Luna & Alonzo Ross, Mr. William Procurement deadline is February
M. Luna, Kevin Majeau & Karin Fosberg, Daisy Mar, Wai Sheung Mar, Lori & Stephen          th
Markowitz, Ole & Randi Mathison, Mark & Julie McCarty, Stuart McFeely & Lynn
                                                                                       15 so get those items into the school now. Donation forms are
Jacobson, Mike McKay, Dennis McLean & Bonnie Berk, Joe & Lyta McNabb, Rose             available     in    the     school     office    or     online   at
Meersman, Michael Meyer, Shannon Moler, Edward R. Monk, Nobi & Bill Morris,  
Anne & Shirish Mulherkar, Janet Varon & Eduardo Munoz, Sandra & Richard Murray,
Andrew Nelson & Teresa Ward, Mr. & Mrs. Dave Nelson, Ted & Margaret Nelson,
Dung Kim Nguyen, Elizabeth Noll, Hans & Johanne Noll, Tey & Skeets Oji, Rhea           Table Captains Watch for your invitation in the mail soon! Invite
Opiniano, Kari Anderson & Jory Oppenheimer, Millie & Gerry Oppenheimer, Dwayne         and encourage everyone you know to attend in order to ensure our
& Betty Osburn, Rick Paulsen & Roberta Russell, Bob & Molly Pavia, Tadd & Caroline     Festival of Fun has support and involvement from the entire WMS
Perkins, Jennifer & Kennan Potter, Mr. William Potter, Gary Prince & Meg Goldman,
Janina Prot-Wald, Victoria A. Ragus, Dieter & Mary Ann Rall, Paul Ray & Dorothy
                                                                                       community. Fun abounds at the auction, from our wonderful
Orzel, John Reed & Karen Overstreet, Jay & Lisa Renehan, David & Sheila Roe,           dinner (prepared by chefs Thierry Rautureau of Rover’s and John
Nikola Roe, Robert Roe, Jude Rosenberg, Edith Rosencrantz, Debbie Robinson &           Platt of St. Clouds) to student entertainment to spirited bidding on
Peter Rubenstein, Monica & Jason Rush, Daniel Sabath & Annette Peck, Christian         our most popular items. Volunteer to be a table captain now which
Saether & Mary Sherhart, Evelyn A. Santiago, Rose Kwok & Barry Saver, Robert &
Helen Schinske, Glenn Seaverns, Deborah B. Seymore, Dugie Shannon, Bill Shaw &         means you’ll gather a pack of eight to ten fun and frivolous fools to
Laura Inveen, Audrey & John Sheffield, Dr. & Mrs. William Sheffield, Stephanie         fill a table. To be a table captain, contact Kathy Feldman at 324-
Shine, Miguel Angel Silva, Don & Goldie Silverman, Cindy Irwin & Bill Singer, Kristi   9505 or
Skanderup, Glen & Afton Smith, Sidney June Snow, Ruth Solnit, Tony Soper, Greta
Spinning, Joannie Kervran Stangeland, Catherine Staunton, Clara Staunton,
Elizabeth Steinbrueck, Ellen Lackermann & Neal Stephenson, Cynthia & Len Stern,        Special Purchase to Benefit WMS As a special offer to WMS,
Michael Storck & Susan Brooks Storck, Helen Stusser, James & Mary Suhr, Ann            Chef Thierry Rautureau has generously offered to donate to the
Summers, Jim & Carol Swiggett, Susie Taketa & Brian McKinney, Jue Zhang &              auction a portion of every sale of his new cookbook that we make
Weiliang Tang, Rick & Linda Tanner, Anita Teodoro, David Thompson & Ingrid
Homlund, Edna Tober, Kelly Clancy & Mark Tonelli, Hiep & Yen Tran, William &           to the WMS community. Purchase an autographed and custom-
MaryAnne Trettenero, Loelita Ramaknshman & Mark Troll, Eric Trupin & Elizabeth         inscribed copy of Rover’s: Recipes from Seattle’s Chef in the Hat
Speck, Evelyn & Frank Tse, James Tully & E. Ann Costello, Joan C. Tupper, Tom &        for the standard price of $40 and Washington Middle School will
Chris Turner, Carol & John Viger, Peggy Stanley Walker, Liz Ablow & Dick Wall, Mark
Wallace, Billy Warren, Kathy Feldman & Dana Warren, Jonathan Weinstein & Tamara
                                                                                       receive $10 of every sale! Look for more information on how to
Bailey, Corinne Fligner & Mark Wener, George T. Williams, Dina Wilson, Gail Gatton     purchase this elegant cookbook in your auction invitation. You
& Mark Wittow, Fuk & Kwei Wong, Wing Kam Wong & Mei Ngor Wong-Lee, Donna               don’t have to attend the auction to participate in this special offer.
Wortman, Yuiko Takeda Yampolsky, William & Charlotte Yates, Yahua Yu, Lindsay
Brown & David Zapolsky, Carol Sparer & David Zieve Matching Companies:
                                                                                       Auction Wish List The auction is a volunteer parent-run event
Amgen, Boeing Company, Davidson Companies, Environmental Federation of
California, Google, Microsoft, Prudential Foundation, Sound Physical Therapy,          where our goal is to spend as little money as possible to make as
Symetra, Washington Mutual                                                             much money as possible for the school! This means we are
                                                                                       looking for donated items and volunteer hours. We’ve listed a few
                                                                                       needed items here, but will keep a running list on the school
                                                                                       website and through requests sent out via the PTSA e-News. If
    Join the WMS Community for Spring                                                  you are not already signed up to receive the e-News, please do so
                        Fling 2006                                                     today by going to
                                                                                       and clicking on the sign up for e-News here.
                    Festival of Fun – A
                                                                                                Kid Art needs interesting and/or funky materials for
                      Light-Hearted                                                             framing folk art pictures. Ideas include: plastic, metal,
                    Celebration of All                                                          wood and fabric. The pictures will be 2' square, so
                                                                                                material for frames should be at least 100" long.
                        Fool’s Day                                                              Plumbing supplies are OK!
                                                                                                Fund-an-Item needs a parent volunteer to help finalize
                                 Spring Fling preparation is in full                            the list of items for our Extreme Makeover: WMS Style.
                                 swing and it promises to be a                                  This includes help developing approximate cost estimates
                                 fantastic event!    What a great                               and creating a written description of the makeover project
                                 opportunity to support Washington                              that will inspire parents to raise their paddles high at the
                                 Middle School – remember, the                                  auction (including a poster or other display for use at the
proceeds benefit all students, teachers, and programs! We know                                  auction itself). Requires working with our marvelous
you all are trying to figure out how to be a part of this wonderful                             principal, Jon Halfaker, and other school staff.
fundraising event, so we’re providing a list of areas where you can                             In the fun and game department, we need a parent to
help or get involved – all levels of involvement are welcomed, from                             take charge of a fun idea involving a game of skill and
a few hours to a few weeks. We’ve got some task to meet every                                   chance! Wine ring toss will include the opportunity to
level of involvement!                                                                           demonstrate your skill at ringing a bottle of fine wine.
                                                                                                Step right up! Everyone' a winner!
Procurement We need every family to donate or procure at
least one item so we have a fabulous selection of items available                      For general information about the auction or to offer your help with
for bidding at the auction. Top sellers include gift certificates,                     any of the above listed needs, please contact Gail Gatton (329-
sports and music events, travel and getaways, and parties. Our                         8074 or or Harriet Bakken (323-6046 or
theme dinner parties are one of our auction’s signature items –               And remember to save the date – Saturday,
you don’t have to put on a party by yourself. If you are able and                             st
                                                                                       April 1 !
5                                                                               PawPrints February 2006
                                                                                               Non-Profit Organization
              PawPrints                                                                          U.S. Postage Paid
                                                                                                    Seattle, WA
Washington Middle School PTSA 6.15.390
                                                                                                  Permit No. 687
2101 South Jackson Street
Seattle, WA 98144

        WMS Main Office: 252-2600
        Attendance Office: 252-2604

        PTSA Co-Presidents:
        Nancy Eiselt, 935-7639

        Stephanie Shine, 767-8005

        PawPrints Staff:
        Ric Johnston, Editor
        Sara Schott, Mailing Coordinator

        Next PawPrints Deadline:
        February 15th, 2006

        Send submissions to:

                                                                    programs including dialogue sessions, dramatization, writing,
    "Parents and Teens Together" conference, Sat., Feb. 11, 8
                                                                    listening and performing arts. There will be a collaborative
    a.m. - 1 p.m. at Nathan Hale HS; see         performance with students from South Africa and Washington
                                                                    Middle School. Students will interact with youth from the Amy
    Pathways Lecture Series kicks off with Laura Kastner, Ph.D.,
                                                                    Biehl Foundation township of Gugaletu, Cape Town, South
    presenting "Teens and Sex: What Parents Should Know," Feb.      Africa. Book It Repertory Theater will be performing and
    28, 7 p.m. and John Gottman, Ph.D., presenting "The Seven       providing artists in residents during the program.
    Principles for Making Marriage Work," Mar. 20, 7 p.m.; see                                               For more information please contact:         Lori    Markowitz
                                                           (206) 910-9665
    Saturday School dates for the rest of the year are January
    28th, February 11th, March 4th and 25th, April 1st and 29th,
    May 6th, 13th and 20th, and June 3rd and 10th.                              The WMS Debate Team
                                                                    The new Washington Middle School Debate Team
    Thanks!                                                         experienced its baptism of fire Saturday, January 21st at its
                                                                    first Seattle Urban Debate Middle School Tournament of the
                                                                    year and emerged as a serious contender in the middle school
    Thanks to Sara Schott, William Brown, Andrew Brown,
                                                                    debate scene. No members of the team, made up of 6th, 7th,
    Alison Brown, and Peg Sheppard for their hard work
                                                                    and 8th graders, had ever debated before but never the less
    preparing PawPrints for mailing.
                                                                    6th graders Amy Han & Sierra Kaplan-Nelson took 4th team
                                                                    and 7th graders King Lau & Tal Levy took 5th team. Sierra also
                                                                    managed to beat out all comers and capture the coveted 1st
                                                                    speaker award at the tournament, which was attended by
                Attention 8th Graders!                              teams from about half dozen Seattle public middle schools.
                                                                    The Washington team was started earlier this year by
    This spring you' be participating in a special program with     upperclassmen from the Garfield High School debate team
    students from South Africa. The program will be held May 30th   with the help of a grant from Youth Service America. The team
    -June 2nd. Worlds Apart HeARTS Together.....Community           meets every Thursday after school from 2:30-4:15 in Ms.
    Building Through Global Understanding.                                   s
                                                                    Becerra' room.
                                                                                                    -- Sasha Riser-Kositsky, Coach
    The project will encompass middle school educational
6                                                       PawPrints February 2006

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