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                                            “Dare - Dream - Do”
                                            Patty Whitehouse, NJSFWC President

                                        “The unselfish effort to bring cheer to others
                                    will be the beginning of a happier life for ourselves”   Hellen Keller
                                        June Adair, President, Marlton Women’s Club
October 2011                        GFWC MARLTON WOMAN’S CLUB                                      Garden District

                                      From the President’s Pen......                                          June Adair
                                                        It  is  only  the  second  month  of  our  2011‐2012  club  year 
       Next Meeting:                                    and we have already done so much!! Your board has been 
                                                        very busy with all of the plans for a terrific club year. If you 
          October 24th  
                                                        have something you want to do, please just let one of us 
            7:00 pm 
           Program:                                  Our NJSFWC Day of Service / Make a Difference Day donation 
                                                     for  the  troops  totaled  over  $300.00.  Julie  took  charge  of 
                                      delivering it all, thanks!  
                                      We showed PINK POWER on Main Street with the Marlton Fall Festival.  We 
     Ida Petkus from the              met so many lovely people who we hope to see at our meetings. Everyone 
      Domestic Violence               did a wonderful job of promoting our club. We also raised $270 for Gilda’s 
     Advocacy Center will             Clubs  with  the  basket  raffle  and  bracelets.  Thanks  to  all  who  were  able  to 
     be our guest speaker             come out and help. Special thanks to Mindi for all the flyers and Genni for 
                                      the terrific baskets.  
                                      Bingo  was  such  fun.  Everyone  just  jumped  in  and  helped  wherever  it  was 
                                      needed. We had a small group of very supportive people.  Val will fill us in on 
          Hostesses:                  the amount we raised for our Cherokee scholarships. Did you notice the full 
                                      basket  of  items  to  be  donated  to  the  domestic  violence  shelter?  Everyone 
          Irene Hartman               was so generous. The Domestic Violence Committee will have lots to report!  
           Sharon Nigro
                                      Hope you are as excited as I am for our Zumba fundraiser! 
                                      I  am  so  proud  of  all  the  work  you  do  unselfishly  for  others  who  are  less 
                                                    Keep up the wonderful new ideas to have fun and help others. 
         OPEN HOUSE flyer 
         ZUMBA flyer 
         Gilda’s Club SNJ “Rock On”                856‐264‐1808 
          fundraiser flyer                                                               

                    GFWC Marlton Woman’s Club is a proud member of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs
                                     and New Jersey State Federation of Women’s Clubs
                                                          Page - 1 -
                                                                         Trees have long acting benefits for this generation
             Community Service                                           and generations to come. They provide shade,
             Projects / Programs                                         cleanse the air, replenish the soil, provide shelter
                                                                         for birds and wildlife and enhance our enjoyment of
                 Committees                                              nature with their continually changing foliage. The
                                                                         challenge this year will be to have each club plant
                                                                         at least one sapling or tree. September and early
GFWC programs and projects focus on the major issues of our              October are the perfect months for tree planting -
time—supporting  women’s  health,  preserving  natural                   so plan now!
resources,  promoting  literacy  and  equality,  and  encouraging 
volunteer service—and fall into the following areas of focus:                                   EDUCATION
                                                                                       Mary Allbee, Julie Fannon 
       ARTS CREATIVE/PERFORMING                                          The  GFWC  Education  Department  encourages  clubwomen  to 
                                                                         create  learning  opportunities  for  themselves  and  their 
  Mary Ann Crilley, Irene Hartman, Amy Glass                             communities through volunteerism.   
These programs provide a framework for clubwomen to pursue                
a  variety  of  artistic  interests  while  simultaneously  educating    Example of Projects and programs – Cherokee High
their communities on the important role art plays in our lives.          School Scholarships, Marlton Middle School
                                                                         Scholarships, Project Graduation, Literacy Volunteers
Example of Projects and programs – GFWC’s American Mural                 of Burlington County 
Project, Achievement Day, Youth Art Contest                               
We will do a craft after the New Year.                                    Mary Ann Crilley, Kathy Ferre and Mel Jones 
June and Mary Ann have some Ideas.                                                                        

Does anybody have anything that is in                                    Every  event  we  do  for  our  Club  is  to  raise  money  to   
                                                                         give  to  deserving  individuals  and  organizations. 
our Arts Creative / Achievement Day
                                                                         Everyone  in  our  club  is  a  part  of  this  committee,  so 
outline that you can share with the                                      don’t  be  shy  to  step  up  and  help.  You  all  are  a  great 
club? Let us know. Thanks.                                               group  of  gals.      Whatever  you  can  do  is  much 
                    CONSERVATION                                         We  are  hosting  our  Zumba  Event  Fundriaser      on 
                           Mel Jones                                     Saturday,  November  5th  at  Demasi  Gymnasium  on  
The Conservation Community Service Program is designed to 
enable members to gain an understanding of and appreciation              Evesboro‐Medford Road in Marlton.  The cost is   a 
for all aspects of our environment and the world’s resources,            $10 donation and the doors open at 11:30.  Please 
natural and man‐made.                                                    remember  to  sign  up  on  Facebook  under 
                                                                         Zumbathon  Charity  Event and  invite  your  friends!  
Example of Projects and programs – Tree Saplings for 3 graders,
Earth Day, Caps for Aveda, etc.                                          We  have  7  instructors  lined  up;  ranging  from 
                                                                         advanced  to  beginners.    The  Zumba  style  of 
    Presidential Emphasis Area ~ 2011-2012                               exercise / dance is so much fun and everyone looks 
    CONSERVATION REVISIONS - By Mary Lou                                 great regardless of experience. Water and bananas 
           Phifer, Conservation Chairman                                 will  be  provided  and  there  will  be  7  nice  baskets 
This club year, the Conservation Presidential                            auctioned off….ranging from Vera Bradley bags, Lia 
Emphasis Area will be to plant a tree in your local
community or in one of the areas recently destroyed
                                                                         Sophia,  exercise  stuff,  Christmas  and  Fall  baskets. 
by tornadoes or flooding. Trees can be planted in                        We are hoping for a great turnout and nice return 
memory or honor of club members, service men and                         for our club.    The event info has been sent to the 
women, etc. There is a need to replenish what has                        Marlton  Sun.    Don’t  forget  to  invite  your  friends.
been destroyed by weather, grazing, and in many                          The flyer with all the information on the
areas over-cutting in addition to the need to have                       event is attached.
cleaner air.

                     GFWC Marlton Woman’s Club is a proud member of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs
                                      and New Jersey State Federation of Women’s Clubs
                                                           Page - 2 -
                      Fall Bingo                                      NJSFWC……….so jot them down e.g. baking,
The Fundraising Committee wants to thank everyone                     creating baskets, making posters, buying, etc.
who helped make this fundraiser
a huge success. Whatever you                                           
did to help, from baking,                                                                  HOME LIFE
bringing items, setting up and
cleaning up, selling tickets,
                                                                                Mary Ann Crilley, Sharon Nigro, 
making     centerpieces,      food                                                  Amy Glass, Lisa Levin 
ordering,   donations     letters,                                    The  GFWC  Home  Life  Department  includes  programs  that 
                                                                      acquaint  members  with  contemporary  issues  facing  their 
50/50 selling, basket making, tickets making and
                                                                      communities  and  offer  resources  to  enable  clubwomen  to 
selling them, fliers, etc……the list could go on and
                                                                      improve their communities through volunteerism. 
on….but YOU outdid yourselves, everything just                         
went so smoothly. A huge THANK YOU to Joanne at
Ragazzi’s Restaurant for the best food ever!
                                                                      Our next project is the Thanksgiving Dinner gift 
                                                                      certificates that we give to very deserving local 
                                It's amazing how                      families.  The club will be purchasing, collecting 
                                great you girls are!                  and  then  donating  grocery  store  gift 
                                That's why I'm
                                                                      certificates  (any  amount)  for  use  at  Shop  Rite, 
                                proud to be in the
                                MWC! I know you                       Acme and SuperFresh to these local families.  If 
                                all had a good                        you  would  like  to  help,  it  would  be  greatly 
                                time, as I did.                       appreciated.  If you want to help, please bring 
There was a lot of laughter and fun at the tables.                    the GCs to the October meeting.  Thank you. 
The proceeds from the day will be used for
scholarships that we give to deserving local High                     Virtua Hospital’s Angel Garden had a
School and Middle School students. The collection
of undies, socks and bras for Providence House                        Charity Fundraiser night at the Silver
Shelter was a huge success also! Thank you very                       Diner in Cherry Hill, on October 18th.
much!                                                                 June, Mary Ann and her husband
                                                                      Tom attended the event to show the
P.S. Don't forget to keep a log of all the time and
money spent with whatever you did for the Bingo.                      club’s support for this wonderful
We need the hours and money that you spent so                         place.
we can complete the end of year reporting to the

                                            INTERNATIONAL OUTREACH
                            Julie Fannon, Irene Hartman, Sharon Nigro, Dana Onorato 
GFWC's International Outreach Department allows clubs to reach beyond their own communities through education and global 
       Club members are encouraged to continue collecting cancelled stamps for Holy Cross Sisters USA 
        Province for India. 
       We will continue to collect for Heifer International through the gracious donations of our members. 
       The committee is still looking into the Operation Smile GFWC project.  We are unclear if homemade 
        smile bags are wanted from the club or if the club can make a donation to buy bags to send. 
       Project Linus‐blankets will continue to be created by our members for those in need here and abroad. 
       Also, we will begin to plan the International Dinner (April 23rd) where members prepare a dish from 
        their ancestry and bring their own place settings.  

                  GFWC Marlton Woman’s Club is a proud member of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs
                                   and New Jersey State Federation of Women’s Clubs
                                                        Page - 3 -
                                   LEGISLATION / RESOLUTIONS / PUBLIC ISSUES
                                            Julie Fannon, Jane Stubee and Dana Onorato 
 The  GFWC  Public  Issues  Community  Service  Program  is                    Fantastic Fall Giant Indoor Flea Market was held
designed  to  enable  members  to  continue  its  long‐standing                on Saturday, September 17th. We had two tables
advocacy  and  proven  historic  involvement  towards                          of goods for sale for a very successful day.
investigation  and  development  of  programs  and  projects                   Proceeds benefited Active Service Men and
relating to veterans, citizenship, and safety.                                 Women and “Boatsie’s Boxes’ / Christmas
Legislative Issues and Resolutions: The GFWC clubwomen are                     Stockings.
advocates in the truest sense ‐ they rally around issues of 
national importance and demonstrate the potential impact for                   NJSFWC Day of Service we delivered shoe
communities around the country.  Our network of grassroots                     boxes, bags with handles and personal goods to
volunteers work to identify priority legislative issues, share                 the Veterans Homes of New Jersey on Saturday,
knowledge with members and supporters, advocate on behalf of                   October 22nd.
the Federation’s visions and form coalitions with organizations 
that share GFWC’s mission.                                                     At the NJSFWC May 2011 Convention, the
                                                                               membership approved a Resolution focused on
Example of Projects and programs – Township Proclamations,
Boatsie’s Boxes, Yellow Ribbon Club, Veteran’s Homes (NJSFWS
                                                                               Dog Fighting and those who promote such
Day of Service)                                                                activities.
                                                                               PLEASE SEE PAGE 8 FOR MORE INFORMATION. 

                                         NJSFWC SPECIAL STATE PROJECT
                                   GILDA’S CLUBS AND THE WELLNESS COMMUNITY
                                                Mindi Carleton, Sandy Ellis, Dana Onorato 
         Lauren  Crenshaw,  from  Gilda’s  Clubs  was  our  guest  speaker  at  our  September  26th  meeting  and    
         shared  with  us  all  the  wonderful  things  that  Gilda’s  Clubs  and  The  Wellness  Community  centers  are 
         doing for families who are affected by cancer.  Because of the generosity of our club members, we were 
         able to donate a car load of paper products (from their Clubhouse Wish List).  Lauren had a very difficult 
         time closing the doors and tailgate on her car!  Good job ladies.   
                                                            Thank you to everyone who came out and worked at the Marlton Fall 
                                                            Festival on October 1st.  Through the baskets raffle donations and the 
                                                            selling of the bracelets, we were able to donate $270 to Gilda’s Clubs 
                                                            of SNJ.   We had a fantastic time inviting everyone who walked by our 
                                                            table  to  our  BINGO  and  our  OPEN  House  and  even  had  30  more 
                                                            ladies who signed up to receive our monthly newsletter.  We made a 
                                                            lot of new friends! 
         Projects  and  programs  –  We  are  donating  2  baskets  to  the  NJSFWC  Garden  District  Fashion  Show 
         Fundraiser, which will be held on November 19th.  The event, which begins at 11:30 am, is being held    
         at Masso’s Catering, 210 Delsea Drive, Glassboro, NJ.  The proceeds from the event will be donated to 
         the NJSFWC Special State Project that benefits Gilda’s Clubs and the Wellness Community.    The cost is 
         $40.    We  have  10  tickets  but  so  far  only  Mindi  and  Cathy Payne  are  attending  to  represent  our  club.  
         Who else wants to go?  It should be a fun time!  Please let June or Mindi know if you are interested in 
         going with us. 
                      GFWC Marlton Woman’s Club is a proud member of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs
                                       and New Jersey State Federation of Women’s Clubs
                                                            Page - 4 -
                                    GILDA ROCKS ON – flyer attached
                                        Rock 'N Roll All Night With Gilda's Club!
                                              700 New Road, Linwood, NJ 08221 
                                                      (609) 926‐2699 

                                          GFWC SIGNATURE PROJECT

          Domestic Violence                                        Children’s Activity Gift bags were also
                                                                   prepared with coloring books, crayons and
             Awareness                                             reading or activity book. Donations were
          Kathy Ferre, Dana Onorato,                               delivered to Providence House.
          Valerie Pelerin, Jane Stubee 
                                                                   Providence     House    Public   Relations
                         October is                                Representative (Rachael Johnston), has
            Domestic Violence Awareness Month                      small    tear-off   pads    with   contact
                                                                   information for Providence House. The
                                                                   Domestic Violence Awareness Committee
           Please help us support 
                                                                   will be acquiring these from Providence
     Domestic Violence Awareness Month                             House and posting in public places. The
     by wearing  PURPLE  to the meeting.                           intent is to be able to post in “discrete”
                                                                   public places, e.g., in a Ladies Room,
Awareness kits with information, purple                            where the tear-off can be accessed quickly
ribbon and bracelets were distributed at                           and discreetly.
September General Meeting, October Fall
Festival and Bingo. Wear your bracelet                             When asked how the MWC could help, the
or ribbon during October. Let people                               October Program speaker, Ida Petkus,
know why you are wearing it and help                               from The Domestic Violence Advocacy
educate others!                                                    Center (, suggested $5
                                                                   WaWa, Target and Walmart gift cards are
Three large bags of underwear, socks,                              good items to consider for donations, as
                                                                   they are easier to handle and store, and
sports bras / sports shirts were so                                apply to a variety of immediate needs. If
generously donated at our Fall Bingo                               you can help, please consider bringing a
and packaged to give to                                            card to the meeting for The Domestic
Providence House -- the                                            Violence Advocacy Center. The center
socks were packaged                                                promotes free advocates for the County
                                                                   Domestic Violence Court legal system, as
with the GFWC “Step                                                well as resources, referrals and emotional
Away     From    Abuse”                                            support for victims.

                         As you begin your new life 
                         and Step Away from Abuse, 
                           we hope you will find 
                            comfort and warmth 
                     as you walk into your newly found 

                    GFWC Marlton Woman’s Club is a proud member of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs
                                     and New Jersey State Federation of Women’s Clubs
                                                          Page - 5 -
                                                                 Lisa Levin 

                          Below is the list of Programs and Guest Speakers for 2011-2012.

                    Oct 24, 2011               Ida Petkus from Domestic Violence Advocacy Center
                    Nov 28, 2011               Krista McKay of Alzheimer's Association
                    Dec 2011                   Christmas Party
                    Jan 23, 2012               Erin Gibson of Whole Foods speaking/cooking demonstration
                    Feb 27, 2012               Rosalyn Scriber, RN speaking on Women's Heart Disease
                    March 26, 2012             Cris Meyers from Alice Paul Centennial Foundation
                    April, 2012                International Dinner
                    May, 2012                  Committee and Board Sign up meeting
                    June, 2012                 Installation Dinner

                                                  Mindi Carleton, Jane Stubee 
         Projects and programs – create all club flyers; update website; send press releases to local newspapers; update Facebook page;
         create annual club Yearbook.

We had a fantastic time making new friends and inviting everyone to our BINGO and 
our  OPEN  HOUSE  and  even  had  30  more  ladies  sign  up  to  receive  our  monthly 
newsletter.  Thank you, thank you, to everyone who helped that day… was a HUGE 
Keep your eyes open for announcements in the local newspapers about our events and meetings; check the website for regular updates.   
                                        Irene Hartman, Ellen Edwards and Julie Fannon 
    OPEN HOUSE MEETING! Membership is looking forward to the next meeting on
    October 24TH, which is our semi-annual Open House. Hopefully, with the handouts
    that were given out at the Fall Festival and Bingo, we will have many new perspective
    members. See attached flyer for all the information about the meeting. Please
    forward the flyer to every wonderful woman you know.
    Membership will have main focus on getting new members. Membership committee will still sit at meetings with potential and new
    members to make them feel comfortable and to answers any questions. If there are more potential members than committee members
    at the meeting, we will ask other members to help out.

                     GFWC Marlton Woman’s Club is a proud member of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs
                                      and New Jersey State Federation of Women’s Clubs
                                                           Page - 6 -
                         Genni Fardella, Kathy Ferre, Dana Onorato, Mary Ann Crilley 
        "Scrooge" The Musical will be At the Lenape Regional Arts Center (at Cherokee High School),
     Performances are :Fri: Nov.25 @ 7:30, Sat. Nov.26 @7:30, Dec. 2 @7:30, Dec. 3 @ 7:30
     We can discuss this, at the meeting, as a social and maybe a dinner before. Husbands, Friends and
     Families are invited. Let me know as tickets go on sale the first week in November. Mary Ann

        A dinner at Domenico's in Marlton is set for Friday, October 21st at 6PM (as a preview for our
     Christmas dinner). Domenico’s is located in the Whole Foods shopping center. Spouses are
     welcome - call Lisa Levin, at 856-577-6936, if you are attending and have not already told her.

               HAPPY HAPPENINGS! 

  Mindi’s son got married!                                                     Events of Interest 
  Congratulations to                                                                    
  Steve Humbert and                                                             ʺWalk to End Alzheimerʹs 
                                                                 Sunday  Oct.  23rd, Atlantic  City  Boardwalk,   
  Bianca Zurita!                                                 outside  Boardwalk  Hall.   Registration  is  from   
                                                                 9:30am ‐ 10:30am.  Walk begins @ 11am.   Lisa Levin 
     Mary Ann and Tom Crilley                       
                                                                 is a Team Captain of ʺPop Pop Joeʺ, if anyone would 
     have a new Grandson!                                        like to join, please call Lisa @ (856) 577‐6936.  
     Congratulations to Brian and Danielle!                           
                WELCOME                                          "MWC Christmas Dinner" ‐  Monday, Dec. 5th, 
                 Sean Thomas Crilley                             6:30pm  @  Domenico's  Restaurant,  Greentree 
                 weighing in at 7 lbs 6oz.                       Shopping Center, Marlton, NJ 
                 He was Born Sept 25, 2011
     Everything is just great. He's # 5 Grandson!

                                                                               HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 
                                                                                     Mary Allbee                  
                HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!                                                   October 25th  
                                                                                     Sandy Butler              
                 Genni and Sal Fardella                                             November 26th  
                       October 28th  
                                                                                   Mindi Carleton               
                  Cathy and Jim Payne                                               November 26th  
                      November 25   
                                                                                     Kathy Ferre              
                                                                                    November 15th  

                GFWC Marlton Woman’s Club is a proud member of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs
                                 and New Jersey State Federation of Women’s Clubs
                                                      Page - 7 -
                                                                     Whenever  you,  as  a  member  of  the  NJSFWC 
                                                                     communicate  with  an  elected  representative, 
                                                                     remember to mention that you are ONE of 9200! 

                                                                     The  above  information  comes  from  the 
                                             NJSFWC.    I am wondering what legislation or 
                                                                     resolution  members  of  the  Marlton  Woman's 
               About NJSFWC                                          Club are interested in campaigning?   
               DARE ~ DREAM ~ DO                                     Let me know where your interests lie.  Julie   

                       Continued from page 4…..                      Mission: The New Jersey State Federation of Women’s
At  the  NJSFWC  May  2011  Convention,  the                         Clubs of GFWC provides opportunities for education,
                                                                     leadership training, and community service through
membership  approved  a  Resolution  focused                         participation in local clubs, enabling members to make a
on Dog Fighting and those who promote such                           difference in the lives of others one project at a time.
activities.  Legislative  representatives  were  urged 
                                                                     Vision: To be recognized as the premiere statewide
to  approve  New  Jersey’s  Bills  A3162  and  S539                  volunteer organization that provides structure and
to  protect  animals  and  prosecute  individuals  who               support in pursuit of community service.
participate  in  related  activities.    There  now  is           
a  related  bill,  H.R.  2492:  Animal  Fighting     
Spectator  Prohibition  Act  of  2011,  intended  to 
prohibit  attendance  at  an  animal  fighting  venue.               GENERAL FEDERATION OF
As  of  July  11,  2011,  this  Bill  has  been  referred  to        WOMEN’S CLUBS
committee.    The  majority  of  bills  and  resolutions 
never  make  it  out  of  committee.    We  can  add       
our  voices  to  those  who  want  to  better  those    
                                                                                          Spread Holiday Cheer and
odds for this bill.   
                                                                                         Support Domestic Violence
Rodney  Frelinghuysen,  Leonard  Lance  and                                                               Survivors
Christopher  Smith  are  New  Jersey  Congressmen                                   Save time, money, and the
who  co‐sponsored  this  bill.  Please  visit  their                                environment     while    helping
                                                                                    domestic violence survivors by
respective  websites.    Look  for  a  ‘Contact’  page.  
                                                                     purchasing GFWC holiday e-cards. Select the
Most  often  you’ll  find  a  form  to  fill  out.                   Joy to the World image or one of two
Congressional  staffers  say  the  following  things  are            other specially-designed holiday e-cards, create
important in making your message influential;                        a unique message to send to up to 250 of your
•        Include  your  name,  address  and  zip  code               closest friends, and GFWC will do the rest. Best
  so the staff can verify that you are a constituent                 of all, proceeds benefit the GFWC Signature
  of the Member of Congress.                                         Project: Domestic Violence Awareness and
• Reference  specific  legislation  (H.R.  2492  in  this            Prevention Fund. All purchases include a
  case)  by  number  and  title  (Animal  Fighting                   special gift and will be acknowledged in the
  Spectator Prohibition Act of 2011).                                January+February 2012 issue of GFWC
• Provide personal statement on the impact on the                    Clubwoman Magazine. All donations are tax-
  bill  on  your  congressional  district  or  State  and            deductible. Deadline is December 1, 2011.
  your own reason for supporting this bill, and                      Contact           for     more
• Keep  the  message  personalized,  short,  targeted 
  and informative. 
                  GFWC Marlton Woman’s Club is a proud member of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs
                                   and New Jersey State Federation of Women’s Clubs
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                Welcome to the 
                                                                         “It’s a Volunteer Thing!” 
          Marlton Woman's Club! 
We are a warm, caring, and sharing group of women 
            who have come together for 
                 community service 
                                                                                   CLUB MEETINGS
          while having fun, making friends, 
                                                                                 Fourth Monday - 7pm
    and experiencing the freedom to be ourselves.
                                                                                   September ~ May

                                                                                    Gibson House
                                                                                  Community Center
                                                                                   Recreation Drive
                   Club President                                                 Marlton, NJ 08053
                      June Adair 
                    Irene Hartman 
                                                                                     Check out our 
                     856‐985‐1833                                                   updated website 
                 Newsletter Editor                                                       and 
                    Mindi Carleton                                                          
             PO Box 84, Marlton, NJ  08053 
                                     October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month 
                      October 21  – Social Dinner at Domenico’s 
                      October 23rd – Walk to End Alzeimers 
                      October 24th – OPEN HOUSE 
                      November 5th – ZUMBA 
                      November 17th – Gilda “Rocks On!” 
                      November 19th – Garden District Fashion Show 
                      November 28th – Christmas Giving 
               GFWC Marlton Woman’s Club is a proud member of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs
                                and New Jersey State Federation of Women’s Clubs
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