Mutual Aid Assistance Tracking Sheet

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                                                                    Primary                     Alternate
County                  Local Entity           Type Entity                                                             Contact #          Last Updated
                                                                 Representative              Representative
                                                             Greg Thomas                 Gale Cowan                270-378-4524 270-
Adair          Adair County                County                                                                  384-2095
                                                             EMA Director                Deputy EMA Dir.
Allen          Allen County                County            Bobby Young Judge           Gary Petty        EM      270-237-3631 270-          22-May-07
                                                             Exe.                        Director                  622-7490
Allen          City of Scottsville         City              Rob Cline                   Mark Huntsman             270-237-3238               24-May-04
                                                             Mayor                       Mayor Pro-Tem
Allen          Allen County Health Dept.   Health Dept.      Donnie Fitzpatrick          Jennifer Fugate           270-237-4423               13-Jun-07
                                                             Administrator               County Planner
Anderson       Anderson County             County           Anthony D. Stratton          James Richey Public       502-680-5035 502-            3-Jul-03
                                                            Judge Exe.                   Safety Dir.               839-7462
Anderson       City of Lawrenceburg        City             Bobby W. Sparrow             Edwinna Baker             502-839-5372               19-Feb-03
                                                            Mayor                        City Clerk
American Red   ARC Northern Ky Area        Volunteer Agency Gary G. Miller     Dir.      Nancy Amello              513-579-3030 513-          10-Jul-03
Cross                                                       Disaster Svcs.               Operations Supv           579-3082
Barren         Barren County               County           Davie D. Greer Judge         Nancy Houchens Depty      270-651-3338                 3-Jul-03
                                                            Exe.                         Judge Exe.
Barren         Park City                   City             David Lyons                  Roy Howard       City     270-749-5700   270-        25-Sep-03
                                                            Mayor                        Administrator             646-5210
Barren         City of Glasgow             City             Darrell G. Pickett           Sheila W. Oliver   City   270-651-1777   270-        13-Oct-03
                                                            Mayor                        Clerk                     651-5131                                `
Barren         Cave City                   City             Bob Hunt                     Kenneth Moulder Fire      270-773-2188   270-        15-Sep-03
                                                            Mayor                        Chief                     773-2040
Barren         City of Hiseville           City             Bill Phillips                Sherry Smith              270-453-2605   270-        11-Sep-03
                                                            Mayor                        City Clerk                453-2426
Bath           Bath County                 County           Vernon Barber                Walter B. Shrout          606-674-6056    606-        7-May-03
                                                            EMA Director                 Judge Exe.                674-6346
Bath           City of Owingsville         City             Karen Hatfield               John Maxey                606-674-6314                26-Mar-03
                                                            Interim Supt.                Purchasing Agent
Boone          Boone County                County           Gary W. Moore Judge          James Parsons Dep         859-334-2242                3-Nov-03
                                                            Executive                    Judge Executive
Bourbon        Bourbon County              County           Donnie R Foley               Marion Dawson         606-987-2135 606-              26-Nov-03
                                                            County Judge Exe.            Magistrate            383-4244
Boyd           Boyd County                 County            Bill Scott                  Eddie Lambert     EMA 606-739-4131  606-
                                                             Judge Exe.                  Director              329-9639
Boyle          Boyle County                County            Tony Wilder     Judge       Lennie Shepperson EM 859-238-1100                      3-Jul-03
                                                             Exe.                        Director
Boyle          Boyle County Fire Dept.     Fire Dept.        Donal Sexton         Fire   Mike Belcher              859-236-6988                6-May-03
                                                             Chief                       Asst. Chief               859-236-7902

                                                                           Page 1
Boyle       City of Perryville     City           Bruce Richardson Mayor Anne Sleet             Mayor   859-332-8361   859-    5-Aug-02
                                                                         Pro Tem.                       332-8941
Boyle       Board of Health        Health Dept.   Roger Trent     Health    David Liebschultz Bd.       859-236-2053 859-      9-Dec-04
                                                  Director                  Chairperson                 236-7000
Boyle       Junction City          City           Glenn Harmann     Mayor   Jimmy Gipson                859-854-3900           8-Oct-03
                                                                            Police/Fire Chief
Bracken     Bracken County         County         Leslie Newman Judge Clark Hennessey Dep. 606-756-2300 606-
                                                                                           756-2270                            31-Jul-03
                                                  Exe.                Judge Exe.
Breathitt   Breathitt County       County         Lewis Warrix Judge Exe.   Paul Turner         EMA     606-666-3800   606-   18-Sep-03
                                                                            Director                    666-3803
Bullitt     Board of Health        Health Board   Ruby Morris Public        Edmund Fitzgibbons          502-955-7837 502-      9-Sep-04
                                                  Health Planner            Public Health Director      955-6630

Bullitt     Bullitt County         County         Larry Stewart   EM Kenneth J. Rigdon                  502-543-7074 502-
                                                  Director            Judge Exe.                        543-2262
Butler      Butler County          County         Terry Hunt EMA Dir. NONE                              270-526-0786 270-
                                                                                                        999-0809              14-Aug-07

bUTLER      City of Rochester      City           Terry Hunt EMA Dir.       NONE                        270-526-0786

Butler      City of Woodbury       City           Terry Hunt EMA Dir.       NONE                        270-526-0786

Butler      City of Morgantown     City           Terry Hunt EMA Dir.       NONE                        270-526-0786

Caldwell    Caldwell County        County         Van Knight       Judge                                270-365-6660
                                                  Exe.                                                                         10-Feb-03

Calloway    Calloway County        County         Larry Elkins     Judge    Jeff Steen            EM    270-753-2920 270-
                                                                                                        762-3481               18-Feb-03
                                                  Exe.                      Director
Campbell    Campbell County        County         Ken Knipper       EMA                                 859-635-1111          20-May-02
Carlisle    Carlisle County        County         John Roberts       Judge Melissa Rowland              270-628-5451          20-Apr-04
                                                  Exe.                   EMA Dir
Carroll     City of Worrthville    City           Melarie Stewart  Mayor Louis Supplee     City         502-732-6724   502-   16-Jul-07
                                                                         Clerk                          732-8803
Carroll     City of Prestonville   City           Chris Moore Mayor      Tommy Couch                    502-732-9575 502-     16-Jul-07
                                                                         Commissioner                   732-4576
Carroll     City of Carrolton      City           Dwight Louden Mayor    Michael Whillhoite             502-732-7051   502-   12-Mar-07
                                                                         Police Chief                   732-6621
Carroll     City of Ghent          City           William Mumphrey       Bnulinda Willis                502-347-9706 505-     13-Mar-07
                                                  Mayor                  City Clerk                     347-5857

                                                                Page 2
Carroll      City of Sanders               City             Jackie Ogden Jr. Mayor    Bobby Abercrombie        502-347-9809   502-   10-Sep-07
                                                                                      Mayor Pro-Tem            347-5491
Carroll      Carroll County                County           Harold Tomlinson Judge Edward Webb           EMA   502-732-7000 502-     24-Apr-07
                                                            Exe.                   Director                    732-7019
Carter       Carter County                 County           Thomas Thompson EMA       Alice Joy Binon   Judge 606-474-9827 270-
                                                            Director                  Exe.                    474-5366               20-Nov-02

Casey        City of Liberty               City             Steve Sweeney   Mayor Donald Wilson         Fire   606-787-9973 606-     23-Jan-03
                                                                                  Chief                        787-5511

Casey        Casey County                  County           Ronald Wright Judge       Ricky Wesley        EM   606-787-8311 606-      17-Oct-02
                                                            Exe.                      Director                 787-7331
Christian    Christian County              County           Steve Tribble             Hickman Snorton          270-887-4100 270-     26-May-03
                                                            Judge Exe.                EMA Director             890-1379
Clark        Clark County                  County           John W. Myers Judge       Gary Epperson      EM    859-745-0200   859-   12-Jan-05
                                                            Exe.                      Director                 745-7415
Clark        City of Winchester            City             Dodd D. Dixon             Edallen Y. Bartner       859-744-4911   859-   16-Apr-02
                                                            Mayor                     City Mgr/                744-2821
Clay         City of Manchester            City             Todd Roberts      EM      Charles Weaver           606-859-8411   606-   17-Feb-03
                                                            Director                  Fire Chief               859-1747
Clinton      Clinton County                County           Scott Gehring   EM        Charles Stockton         606-387-9163          19-Aug-02
                                                            Director                  Deputy EM Director
Crittenden   Crittenden County             County           Victor Hardin                                      270-965-5251           31-Jul-03
                                                            Judge Exe.
Crittenden   Crittenden CO. Hospital Inc   Hospital         Greg Moore                Kent Koster              270-965-1018 270-     26-May-03
                                                            Hospital CEO              Hospital CFO             965-1042
Cumberland   Marrowbone W. Cumberland Fire Dept.            Marshall Edward                                    270-884-3744           6-May-03
             Fire Dept                                      Bounhess
Cumberland   Cumberland County        County                David Huff       EM       Jerry Milam              270-433-5675   270-     4-Oct-02
                                                            Director                  Deputy EM Director       864-3444
Cumberland   City of Burkesville           City             Michael P. Irby           Vickie Pruitt    City    270-864-5391   270-   17-Jan-03
                                                            Mayor                     Clerk                    864-4141
Daviess      Daviess County                County           Richard Payne   EM                                 270-685-8448          31-Mar-03
Daviess      Regional Water Resources      Water Co.        David W. Hawes            Dean Behnke         Dir 270-687-8440    270-   17-Feb-03
             Agency                                         Director                  of Engineering           687-8450

Daviess      Owensboro Public Schools      School System    Larry D. Vick             David Johnson     Dir.   270-686-1000          20-Sep-03
                                                            Supertendent              Pupil Personnel

Daviess      Owensboro Riverport Authority Port Authority   Maurice Owen     Port     Charlie Kirtley          270-926-4238
                                                            Director                  Operations Mgr.                                 6-May-03

Daviess      Owensboro City Utility        Utility          Richard Payne        EMA Robert E. Hunzinger       270-685-8448   270-   31-Mar-03
             Commission                                     Director                 Asst Gen Manager          926-3200

                                                                        Page 3
Daviess    Daviess Co. Board of       Board of         Richard Payne EMA             Tom Shelton               270-685-8448   270-   31-Jan-03
           Education                  Education        Director                      Asst. Supertendent        852-7000

Daviess    Owensboro-Daviees Co       Airport          Richard Payne            EM Brenda Clayton              270-685-8448   270-   31-Mar-03
           Regional Airport                            Director                    Airport Board               685-4179

Daviees    E. Daviess Co. Water       Water Co.        Richard Payne            EM Edwin Payne          Co.    270-685-8448   270-   18-Mar-03
           Association                                 Director                    Manager                     281-5187

Daviess    Housing Authority of       Housing Authority David Condon            Dir. Ron Hamlet                270-683-5365          14-Sep-03
           Owensboro                                                                 Maintenance Dir.
Edmonson   Edmonson County            County           Patrick Prunty      EMA       N E Reed                  270-597-2819           9-Apr-07
                                                       Director                      Judge Exe.
Edmonson   City of Brownsville        City             Tim Houchen        Mayor      Johnny Vincent            270-597-3814          7-May-07
                                                                                     Mayor Protem
Elliott    Elliott County             County           Charles Pennington            Charles Pennington        606-738-5821 606-      4-Feb-04
                                                       Judge Exe.                    Deputy Judge Exe.         738-5335
Estill     Estill County              County           Wallace Taylor                Rene Alexander            606-723-7524          29-Sep-03
                                                       Judge Exe.                    Deputy Judge Exe.
Estill     Estill Co. Rescue Sqd.     Rescue Sqd.      Jeremy Stewart                Darren Muncie, Lt.        606-723-2222          26-Mar-03
Estill     City of Ravenna            City             Charles Crowe Mayor           Dwight Rogers     Mayour 606-723-4606 606-      14-Jul-03
                                                                                     Pro-Tem                  723-3721
Estill     City of Irvine             City             W.T. Williams     Mayor       Rhonda Gould       City   606-723-2554          13-Jan-03
Fayette    Lexington-Fayette County   County           Teresa Isaac       Mayor      Milton Dohoney     chief 859-258-3100    859-   21-Jul-03
                                                                                     Admin. Officer           258-3155
Fleming    Fleming County             County           Lay Foxworthy       Judge William Thompson              606-845-8801 606-     15-Mar-05
                                                       Exe.                      Deputy Judge                  876-4331
Floyd      Floyd County               County           Paul Thompson        Judge Brett Davis          Deputy 606-886-9193           18-Apr-03
                                                       Exe.                       Judge Exe.
Fulton     City of Hickman            City             Richard White       Mayor David Gallagher        City   270-236-2535   270-   20-Nov-06
                                                                                 Manager                       236-2535
Gallatin   Gallatin County            County           George Zubaty       Judge     Barry Alexander    EMA    859-567-5691 859-     18-May-03
                                                       Exe.                          Director                  567-2719
Garrard    City of Lancaster          City             Billy C. Moss       Mayor     Dwayne Nave       EMA     859-792-2241 859-     26-Sep-03
                                                                                     Director                  792-4786
Garrard    Garrard County             County           E.J. Hastey       Judge       Dwayne Nave       EMA     859-792-3531   859-   14-Mar-03
                                                       Exe.                          Director                  792-4786

                                                                       Page 4
Grant      Grant County              County   Darrell Link       Judge Rick Willoby           EMS     859-823-7561   859-     2-Jul-03
                                              Exe.                     Director                       823-1881
Graves     City of Mayfield          City     Arthur Byrn     Mayor       Mike Curry         City     270-251-6250          10-May-04
Grayson    City of Clarkston         City     Sammy Hughes                Carroll Klineline           270-242-6997          26-Oct-02
                                              Mayor                       City Supv.
Grayson    City of Caneyville        City     James Embry                 Scott Majors                270-879-8711 270-     18-Sep-02
                                              Mayor                       Mayor Pro-tem               879-9254
Grayson    Grayson County            County   Gary Logston       Judge    Randall Smith       EMA     270-259-3159          15-Sep-02
                                              Exe.                        Director
Grayson    City of Leitchfield       City     William Thompson Mayor Darrell Harrell         Public                          5-Aug-02
                                                                     Works Dir.
Green      Green County              County   James Adkins                Dewayne Garrison            270-932-4258 270-     15-Aug-02
                                              Director EMA                Deputy EMA Dir.             932-5869
Greenup    City of Flatwoods         City     Bobby Crayer                Brent Dean                  N/A                   24-May-04
                                              Mayor                       Public Works Supt.
Greenup    City of Russell Springs   City     Donald Fraley               Herbert B Ward              N/A                   28-May-04
Greenup    Greenup County            County   Dennis Bass         EMA Robert Carpenter                606-473-5644 606-     13-May-03
                                              Director                Judge Exe.                      473-6440
Hancock    Hawesville                City     Jim Inman         EMA       Charles King                270-927-1310 270-       3-Feb-03
                                              Director                                                927-8707
Hancock    Hancock County            County   Jim Inman         EMA       JACK MCCASKIN               270-927-1310 270-     22-Sep-02
                                              Director                    JUDGE EXECUTIVE             927-8137
Hardin     Hardin County             County   Glen Dalton       Judge     Bill Brandenburg            270-765-2350 270-     13-Sep-02
                                              Exe.                                                    765-2350
Hardin     City of Elizabethtown     City     Michael Hulsey          Fire William Owen               270-765-6122 270-      21-Jul-03
                                              Chief                        Public Works Supt.         765-6121
Hardin     City of Sonora            City     Rod Gipson              Fire Larry Copelin              270-369-6013 270-     26-Nov-02
                                              Chief                        Mayor                      369-7016
Hardin     City of West Point        City     Eric Duvall                 Carlos Cintron              502-922-4260 502-     21-Nov-02
                                              Mayor                       Police Chief                922-4135
Harlan     Harlan County             County   Joseph A. Grieshop          Scott Moore                 606-573-2600 606-     11-May-03
                                              Judge Exe.                  Asst. DES Director          837-0367
Harrison   Harrison County           County   David A. McGuffin EMA       Dean Peak       County      859-234-7180 859-     24-Apr-01
                                              Director                    Judge                       234-7136
Harrison   City of Berry             City     Estill Couch                Donald Adams                859-235-0028 859-     11-Sep-03
                                              mayor                       Mayor Pro-Tem               234-1268

                                                             Page 5
Harrison    City of Cynthiana              City              Virgie F. Wells              Charleen McLivain          859-234-7153 859-       8-Aug-03
                                                             Mayor                        Applivants Agent           234-7150
Hart        Hart County                    County            Terry Shelton                Steven Carver       EMA 270-524-5219      270-    20-Feb-03
                                                             Judge Exe.                   Director                   528-7700
Hart        City of Horse Cave             City              Joanne Smith                 Steven Carver       EMA 270-786-2680      270-     6-Oct-03
                                                             Mayor                        Director                   524-2832
Hart        City of Munfordsville          City              Joanne Smith                 Steven Carver       EMA 270-786-2680 270-          2-Sep-03
                                                             Mayor                        Director                   524-2832
Henderson   Board of Education             Bd of Education   Thomoas L. Richey            John Eblen                 270-831-5000   270-    19-May-03
                                                             Superintendent               Maintenance Dir            831-5132
Henderson   Henderson County               County            Sandy L. Watkins Judge       William Hubiak County      270-826-3971 270-      22-Aug-02
                                                             Exe.                         Engineer                   826-8843
Henderson   City of Corydon                City              Larry G. Thurby    Mayor     Gloria J. Mills   City     270-533-6122   270-     17-Mar-05
                                                                                          Clerk                      533-6122
Henderson   City of Robards                City              Ron Iler           Mayor Michelle Eakins         City   270-521-7621   270-     17-Jul-03
                                                                                      Clerk                          521-6798
Henderson   Henderson Co. Water District   Water District    Allan VanMeter               Clarence Crowley Main.     270-860-0477            23-Jul-03
                                                             Superintendent               Supv.
Henderson   Henderson Water Utility        Utility           Bobby Morris  Safety Bruce Shipley        270-826-2421 270-                     21-Mar-05
                                                             Director             General Mgr          823-2421
Henry       Henry County                   County            Bruce V. Owens DES Gayle Mann      Deputy 502-845-2653 502-                     21-Jan-03
                                                             Coordinator          DES Coord.           845-2601
Henderson   City of Henderson              City              Jeffery Broughton City       Terry Lewis       Fire     270-831-1200 270-      22-Aug-02
                                                             Manager                      Chief                      831-1270
Hopkins     City of Hanson                 City              Charles H. Young    Mayor Paul M. Shaffer               270-322-8521           24-May-07
Jackson     Jackson County                 County            Tommy Slone                  William Gay         EMA 606-287-8562 606-          8-Apr-03
                                                             Judge Exe.                   Director                   287-3838
Jefferson   Jefferson County               County            Richard Bartlett             Kim Allen                  502-574-3900   502-    23-Sep-03
                                                             Exe. Administrator           Cabinet Secretary          574-6265
Jefferson   West Buchel                    City              Norma Robinson        City   Dale Georgel         City 502-459-4400             4-Feb-03
                                                             Clerk                        Administrator             502-459-6940
Jefferson   St. Matthews                   City              James King            City Norman Mayer                 502-899-2516    502-
                                                             Clerk                      Police Chief                 899-2526               20-May-02

Jessamine   Jessamine County               County            Wm. Neal Cassity Judge Kelley R. Woolums                859-885-5838 859-
                                                             Exe.                   Admin. Asst.                     858-3276                24-Mar-03

Johnson     Johnson County                 County            R.T. Daniel                  Gary McClure         EM 606-789-2550      606-    31-Mar-03
                                                             County Judge Exe.            Director                   297-4845

                                                                          Page 6
Johnson      City of Paintsville        City        Robin Cooper       Mayor Bob Dixon              Fire     606-789-2600 606-     11-Jun-02
                                                                             Chief                           789-7376
Kenton       Kenton County              County      Edward Burke      EMA       Bary Lusby          Deputy 859-431-2326            13-Aug-02
                                                    Director                    EM Dir.
Knott        Knott County               County      Reggie Tuttle               Donnie Newsome County (606) 785-9386 (606)          15-Jan-03
                                                    EM Director                 Judge                 785-5592
Knox         Corbin City Utilities Co   Utilities   Ronald W. Herd              Donna L. Hlava        Exe    606-528-4848          28-Jan-03
                                                    General Mgr.                Secretary
Larue        Larue County               County      Tommy Turner      Judge     Clara Druin         EMA      270-358-4400 270-
                                                    Exe.                        Director                     358-9876              13-Aug-02

Lawrence     Lawrence County            County      David L. Compton Judge Harold G. Johns          EMA      606-638-4102 606-     29-Jul-02
                                                    Exe.                   Director                          630-0334
Lawrence     City of Louisa             City        Teddy Preston      Mayor Eddie Preston           Fire    606-638-4038          11-Nov-03
Lee          Lee County                 County      Eugene Barrett     EMA      Rachel Reese                 606-464-4100 606-     29-Apr-03
                                                    Director                    Deputy EMA Dir.              464-8621
Leslie       Leslie Country             County      Charles Pence     EMA       Kenneth Whitt       Judge    606-672-3407          24-Sep-03
                                                    Director                    Exe.
Letcher      Letcher County             County      Carroll Smith     Judge     Mike Gover        Judge      606-633-2190   606-    2-Oct-03
                                                    Exe.                        Pro-Tem                      434-1848
Lewis        City of Vanceburg          City        Wiliam Cooper Mayor         Joseph Billman Police        606-796-6003 606-     14-Feb-03
                                                                                Chief                        796-2111
Lewis        Lewis County               County      Steve Applegate       Judge Carl Chaney         EMA      606-796-2722   606-   26-Aug-03
                                                    Exe.                        Director                     796-3464
Lincoln      Junction City              City        Glenn GG Dalton             Jimmy Gipson                 859-854-3900          16-May-03
                                                    Mayor                       Police/Fire Chief
Lincoln      City of Stanford           City        Eddie Carter, Mayor         Keith Middleton     Police   606-365-4500 606-
                                                                                Chief                        365-4525               22-Jul-02

Lincoln      Lincoln County             County      R.W. Gilbert      Judge     Teresa Padgett               606-365-2534 606-
                                                                                                             365-4590              10-Dec-02
                                                    Exe.                        County Treasuer
Livingston   Livingston County          County      Joe Ward          Judge                                  270-928-2105           14-Feb-03
Logan        City of Auburn             City        Dewey Roche                 Ron McGee                    207-542-4149   270-    11-Jun-07
                                                    Mayor                       Mayor Pro tem                542-6917
Logan        City of Lewisburg          City        Kenneth Whitson             Jeffrey Laster         City 270-755-2516    270-   14-May-07
                                                    Mayor                       Council                      755-3255
Logan        City of Adairville         City        James Wilkerson             Jim Trimble            Fire 270-539-6731    270-   14-May-07
                                                    Mayor                       Chief                        539-6741

                                                                Page 7
Logan       City of Russellville            City                Wayne Thomas                Darrell Baldwin           270-726-5042   270-      6-Apr-07
                                                                Safety Dir.                 Utilities Dir.            726-5030
Logan       Logan County                    County              John Guion                  Karen Taylor              270-726-3116
                                                                Judge Exe.                  Deputy Judge Exe.
Lyon        Lyon County                     County              Jim Boyd                                              270-388-7311
                                                                Judge Exe.
Madison     Madison County                  County              Kent Clark                  Jessie Cain           EM 859-624-4700    859-
                                                                                                                      626-9084               10-Sep-02
                                                                County Judge Exe.           Director
Madison     City of Berea                   City                Clifford Kerby Mayor        Randy Stone       City    859-986-8418
Madison     Madison County EMS              County              Jimmy Cornelison EMA        Carlos B. Coyle Asst. EM 859-623-5121    859-     15-Oct-02
                                                                Director                    Manager                  200-4777
Magoffin    Magoffin County                 County              Karen Howard        EM      Paul Howard               606-349-3933 606-       16-Mar-04
                                                                Director                    Deputy EM Director        349-3256
Magoffin    City of Salyersville            City                Karen Howard        EM      Paul Howard               606-349-3933   606-     8-Dec-03
                                                                Director                    Deputy EM Director        349-3256
Marshall    Marshall County                 County              Mike Miler         Judge    Duane Hawes          EM   270-527-4750 270-       27-Jan-04
                                                                Exe.                        Director                  527-4739
Martin      Martin County                   County              Kelly Callaham      Judge Dallas Sweeney       EM     606-298-4404   606-    12-Aug-03
                                                                Exe.                      Director                    298-3928
Mason       Buffalo Trace District Health   Health Department   Timothy Stump Director      Melony Hamm       Finance 606-564-9447             7-Jun-04
            Dept                                                                            Adm.
Mason       City of Maysville               City                David Cartmell     Mayor Rodney Griffey               606-564-9411             7-Jan-03

Meade       Meade County                    County              William Hayes               Ronald Dodson        EM   270-422-3967   270-     7-Nov-03
                                                                County Judge Exe.           Director                  496-4654
McCracken   McCracken County                County              Kent B. King         EM     Donald Elrod      Hazmat 270-442-6381             22-Jul-02
                                                                Director                    EM Dir.
Mclean      Island City Fire Dept           Fire Dept           Charles R. Stole    Mayor David Sunn           EMA    270-486-3992   270-     27-Oct-03
                                                                                          Director                    273-3551
McLean      McLean County                   County              Larry Whitaker              David Sunn         EMA    270-273-3213    270-
                                                                Judge Exe.                  Director                  273-3235                23-Apr-02

Mclean      City of Sacramento              City                Bob Rickard        Mayor    David Sunn         EMA    270-736-5114 270-       27-Oct-03
                                                                                            Director                  273-3551
McLean      City of Livermore               City                Jerry Zuehl         Mayor                             270-278-2113

Menifee     City of Maysville               City                David Cartmell     Mayor Dennis Redmond city          606-564-9419           13-May-03

                                                                               Page 8
Menifee      Menifee County               County             James D. Trimble Judge    Richard Franklin EMA       606-768-3482 606-     21-May-03
                                                             Exe..                     Director                   768-3875
Menifee      City of Frenchburg           City               Dwain Benson      Mayor   Micki Nickell              606-748-3457           8-Apr-03
Mercer       Mercer County                County             Charles McGinnis          David Weber          EM    859-734-6300 859-      14-Feb-03
                                                             Judge Exe.                Director                   734-6333
Mercer       Mercer County Fire Bd.       Fire Board         Kenneth A Cavey           David Weber          EM    859-748-5766   859-    14-Feb-03
                                                             Treasurer                 Director                   734-6333
Mercer       Mercer Co. Board of Health   Health Board       Bruce Johnson             John Slone                 859-734-4364           2-Nov-04
                                                             Supertindent              D.P.P.
Mercer       Burgin Bd. Of Health         Health Bd.         Richard Webb              Martha Collier             859-748-4000   859-    13-Oct-04
                                                             Superintendent            Principal                  748-5282
Mercer       Harrodsburg Bd. Of           Bd. Of Education   Dr. HM Snotgrass                                     859-734-8400           19-Oct-04
             Education                                       Superintendent
Mercer       City of Burgin               City               Donald B. Brown           Betty Montgomery           859-748-5342
                                                             Fire Chief                City Clerk
Mercer       City of Harrodsburg          City               Lonnie Campbell           Ed Music                   859-734-7705 859-      14-Feb-03
                                                             Mayor                     Admin Officer              734-2312
Metcalfe     Metcalfe County              County             Emory Kidd            EM Greg Wilson                 270-565-1921   270-    9-Jan-07
                                                             Dir.                     Judge Exe.                  432-3181
Metcalfe     City of Edmonton             City               Howard Garrett            Elizabeth Gibson           270-432-7206 270-      22-Jul-03
                                                             Mayor                     City Clerk                 432-5538
Monroe       Monroe County                County             Wilbur Graves             Sheryl Cokin               270-487-5505           18-Jan-07
                                                             County Judge Exe.         County Treas.
Monroe       City of Fountain Run         City               Eldon Veach               Terry Billingsley          270-434-2915   270-     8-Jan-07
                                                             Mayor                     City Comm.                 434-4208
Monroe       City of Gamaliel             City               Roger Geralds             Carol Wheeler              270-457-4561            9-Apr-07
                                                             Mayor                     Mayor Pro-Tem
Monroe       City of Thompkinsville       City               Wendelll Carter           Ricky Richardson           270-487-6776 270-      14-Jul-03
                                                             Mayor                     EMA Director               427-4559
Monroe       Monroe Co. Health Dept.      Health Bd          Rebecca Tandy             Amy Hale                   270-487-6782 270-     16-Nov-03
                                                             Director                  Disaster Coord.            576-1478
Montgomery   City of Mt. Sterling         City               Gary Williamson           Joyce Stakelin       City 859-498-8725            7-Jan-03
                                                             Mayor                     Clerk
Montgomery   Montgomery County            County             BD wilson Jr.    Judge    Brenda Jackson             859-498-8707          16-Jul-02
                                                             Exe.                      Administrative
Morgan       Morgan County                County             Timothy Conley    Judge   Linda Bradley       Deputy 606-743-3898 606-     17-Sep-03
                                                             Exe.                      Judge Exe.                 743-3897

                                                                          Page 9
Morgan      City of W. Liberty       City        Robert Nickell     Mayor    Mark Walter         Council 606-743-3330           17-Sep-03
Mulenberg   Muhlenberg County        County      Rick Newman       Judge     Bob Lewis                   270-338-2520 270-        2-Jan-07
                                                 Exe.                        Treasurer                   338-1709
Mulenberg   Central City             City        Jerry Mitchell       Mayor David Rhoades         City   270-754-5097            14-Feb-07
Mulenberg   City of Drakesboro       City        Jesse Gibson         Mayor Eddie Brake          City    270-476-5986 270-      26-May-03
                                                                            Administrator                476-8986
Mulenberg   City of S. Carrollton    City        Keith Dukes          Mayor Wilma Jones           City   270-754-2285   270-     16-Jan-07
                                                                            Clerk                        754-5831
Mulenberg   City of Bremen           City        Roy Shaver           Mayor James Stewart                270-525-3493           26-May-03
                                                                            Council Member
Mulenberg   City of Powderly         City        Don Hancock          Mayor Bobby Webb                   270-338-4639 270-      26-May-03
                                                                            Commissioner                 338-6903
Mulenberg   City of Greenville       City        James E DeArmond            Ben Van Hooser City         270-338-3966             8-Feb-07
                                                 Mayor                       Admin.
Nicholas    Nicholas County          County      Larry Tincher     County                                859-289-3725            11-Jun-02
Nicholas    Nicholas Co. Fire Dept   Fire Dept   Mark Hughes          Fire   Michael Phillips    Asst.   859-289-7226 859-        3-Jun-02
                                                 Chief                       Fire Chief                  289-5018
Ohio        Ohio county              County      Dudley Cooper County        Cheryl Morris      EMA      (270) 298-4400 (270)   10-Oct-02
                                                 Judge                       Director                    256-2810
Ohio        City of Hartford         City        Earl Russell        Mayor   Janice Embry         City   270-298-3612           26-Sep-02
Oldham      Oldham County            County      Mary Ellen Kinser           James B. Morse Depty 502-222-9357                   21-Jan-03
                                                 Judge Exe.                  Judge Exe.
Owen        Owen County              County      William O'banion Judge Rick Morgan              EMA     502-484-3405 502-      20-Nov-01
                                                 Exe.                   Director                         564-6667
Owsley      Owsley County            County      Arnold Wilson        EM     Cale Turner                 606-593-6201            24-Feb-02
                                                                             County Judge Exe.
Pendleton   Pendleton County         County      Henry Bertham      Judge    Mike Moore         EMA      859-654-4321 859-      11-Sep-07
                                                 Exe.                        Director                    654-1930
Perry       Perry County             County      Charles Colwell      EMA    Denny Noble         Judge 606-439-3699             18-Sep-03
                                                 Director                    Exe.
Pike        Pike County              County      William M. Deskins          Douglas Tackett EMA         606-432-6247   606-     17-Feb-03
                                                 Judge Exe.                  Director                    437-4126
Pike        City of Coal Run         City        Phyllis Muncy        Mayor Debra Tackett        City    606-437-7741   606-    16-Dec-03
                                                                            Clerk                        437-6032

                                                                Page 10
Powell       Powell County             County   Bobby Drake          Judge J.L. Bowen                    606-663-2834 606-        1-Mar-04
                                                Exe.                       EMA Director                  663-9129
Powell       City of Stanton           City     Myers Arnett                  J.L. Bowen                 606-663-4459    606-    8-Apr-03
                                                Mayor                         EMA Director               663-5010
Powell       Clay City                 City     J.L. Bowen                EMA Paula Watson               606-663-9129            4-Feb-03
                                                Director                      Powell Co. EM
Pulaski      Pulaski County            County   Gilbert Robinson Jr.          Marvin Whitaker            606-679-7075 606-      27-Oct-03
                                                EM Director                   Deputy EM Director         872-6937
Robertson    Robertson County          County   Bradley Gifford      Judge Diana Poe                     606-724-5615 606-      23-Dec-02
                                                Exe.                       Magistrate                    724-5524
Robertson    City of Mt. Olivet        City     Phillip Insko        Mayor                               606-724-5212            2-Dec-02

Rockcastle   Rockcastle County         County   Howell Holbrool Jr            Bonnie Roark        911    606-296-8436 606-      25-Mar-03
                                                EMA Director                  Director                   256-1327
Rowan        Rowan County              County   Clyde Thomas        Judge     Timothy Gibbs     Deputy 606-784-5151             13-Sep-02
                                                Exe.                          Judge Exe.
Rowan        City of Morehead          City     Bradley Collins               Diana Lindsey       City   606-784-8505           13-Sep-03
                                                Mayor                         Clerk
Russell      Russell County            County   Ronnie McFall                 H.M. Bottom         EMA 270-343-2112      270-     4-Aug-03
                                                Judge Exe.                                               343-2134
Russell      City of Jamestown         City     June McGaha                   Terry Lawless              270-343-4594           18-Aug-03
                                                Mayor                         Public Works Dir.
Russell      City of Russell Springs   City     Brian Walters                 Terry Russell              270-866-3981 270-      11-Sep-03
                                                Mayor                         Public Works Dir.          585-1287
Shelby       Shelby County             County   Rob Rothenburger              Charlie Frazee Acting      502-633-1220 502-      14-Feb-03
                                                Judge Executive               EM Director                647-9001
Shelby       City of Shelbyville       City     Rob Rothenburger Judge Charlie Frazee Acting EM 502-633-1220 502-                10-Jan-03
                                                Executive              Director                 647-9001
Scott        Georgetown                City     Jack Donavon        EMA       Kathaleen Lee      EMA     502-863-7848 859-       21-Jan-03
                                                Director                      Asst. Coord.               221-2200
Simpson      City of Franklin          City     Jim Brown            Mayor Tom Gordon            City    270-586-4497           14-Nov-03
Simpson      Simpson County            County   Jim Henderson                 Robert Palmer       EM     270-586-7184   270-    31-Jul-07
                                                Judge Exe.                    Dir.                       586-0531
Spencer      Spencer County            County   David Jenkins Judge           Darrell Stevens      EM    502-477-3205 502-       7-Mar-03
                                                Exe.                          Director                   477-3244
Trigg        City of Cadiz             City     Lyn Bailey                    Hollis Alexander           270-522-8244 270-       6-Aug-02
                                                Mayor                         Police Chief               522-8369

                                                                Page 11
Todd      Todd County                     County             Kent Knight               Garth Camp           DES 270-265-2451 270-        26-May-03
                                                             Judge Exe.                Director                   466-3301
Trigg     Trigg County                    County             Berlin Moore      Judge Elsie Tinsley                270-522-8459           26-Sep-03
                                                             Exe.                    Treasurer
Trigg     City of Cadiz                   City               Lyn Bailey              Hollis Alexander             270-522-8244   270-    26-May-03
                                                             Mayor                   Police Chief                 522-8369
Trimble   Trimble County                  County             Randy Stevens Judge Janes Staples                    502-255-7196            21-Jul-03
                                                             Exe.                Deputy Judge Exe.
Union     Union County                    County             Vernon Martin   EMA Vicki O'nan                      270-389-3975 270-      22-Aug-02
                                                             Director            Finance Director                 389-1081
Union     Union Co. Ambulance             EMS                Greg Ellis          Vernon Martin EMA                270-389-5045 270-      27-Nov-02
          Service U.C.M.H.                                   Director            Director                         389-3975
Union     Union County EMS                County             Vernon Martin EMA         Vicki O'nan      Finance 270-389-3975 270-          6-Jan-03
                                                             Director                  Director                 389-1081
Union     Union Co. Board of Edcation     Board of Ed.       Vernon Mattin       EMA   David Holland School       270-389-3975 270-       25-Jun-02
                                                             Dir                       Superintendent             389-1694
Union     City of Waverly                 City               Vernon Martin     EMA     Ricky Bishop Waverly       270-389-3975 270-       6-Aug-02
                                                             Director                  Fire Chief                 389-0394
Union     Union County EMH Ambulance      EMS                Greg Ellis                Vernon Martin    EMA       (270)389-5045 (270)     25-Jun-02
          Service                                            Director                  Director                   389-3975
Union     Morganfield                     City               Earl Woods        Fire    Tom Carmon          Police 270-389-2180 270-       13-Jan-03
                                                             Chief                     Chief                      389-4357
Union     Union Co.              Bd. Of   BD. Of Education   Vernon Martin     EMA     David Holland School       (270) 389-3975 (270)   14-Aug-03
          Education                                          Director                  Superintendent             389-1694
Union     Sturgis                         City               Vernon Martin     EMA     Nick Steward     Public    270-389-3975 270-       4-Feb-03
                                                             Director                  Works Supt.                333-3787
Union     Uniontown                       City               Vernon Martin     EMA     Raymond Turner             270-389-3975 270-        5-Jun-03
                                                             Director                                             823-2188
Union     City of Waverly                 City               Vernon Martin     EMA     Ricky Bishop Waverly       (270) 389-3975 (270)   28-Jan-03
                                                             Director                  Fire Chief                 389-0394
Wayne     Wayne County                    County             Bruce Ramsey              Peggy Edwards              606-348-4241           14-Aug-03
                                                             County Judge Exe.         Deputy Judge Exe.
Warren    Warren County                   County             Ronnie Pearson            Craig Peay                 270-781-8776 270-      16-Jan-07
                                                             EMA Director              Deputy EMA Dir.            202-4911
Warren    Barren River District Health    Health Dept        Dennis Chaney             Amanda Bogard                 270-781-8039         8-Jan-07
          Dept                                               Health Director           Disaster Response
Warren    City of Bowling Green           City               Sandy Jones               Charles Coates        City 270-393-3640 270-      21-Jul-03
                                                             Mayor                     Manager                        393-3643
Warren    City of Plum Springs            City               Steve Roberts             Linda Clayton                 270-796-8589        15-Jan-07
                                                             Mayor                     Clerk

                                                                          Page 12
Warren       City of Smiths Grove         City              Larry Steve Watt            Jessee Varner                   270-563-4014       26-Mar-07
                                                            mayor                       mayor Pro-Tem
Warren       Glasgow Elect. Plant Board   Elect. Plant Board William Ray                Terry Catt                   270-659-3507   270-   30-Apr-03
                                                             Superintendent             Operations Mgr.              659-3504
Warren       Warren Rural Elect. Coop     Electric Coop.    Gerald Smith         Gen.   Mike Eastridge       VP      270-782-5985   270-   30-Jan-07
                                                            Mgr.                        Operations                   842-6541
Warren       Western Ky University        University        Gene Tice                   Robert Deane      WKU        270-745-5429 270-     17-Jan-07
                                                            Student Affs. VP            Police Chief                 745-2548
Warren       City of Woodburn             City              Joe Wheet Sr.       Mayor   Earnestine Jenkins           270-529-2611   270-   29-Jan-07
                                                                                        Mayor Pro-Tem                529-3851
Warren       City of Oakland              City              William Mansfield           Timothy Hunt                 270-563-4033   270-    9-Jan-07
                                                            Mayor                       Commissioner                 563-3589
Washington   Bowling Green Utilities      Utilities         Mark Iverson                Bill Borders                 270-782-4338 270-      9-Jul-07
                                                            General Mgr.                Systems Mgr                  782-4318
Webster      Washington County            County            Jim Fox              OEM    Kathi Huntsberger            859-336-0746 859-      1-Jul-03
                                                            Director                    OEM Asst. Dir                336-7144
Webster      Webster County               County            Stanley V. Nall EMA         Jeff Yates           Fire    270-667-5157 270-     18-Mar-03
                                                            Director                    Chief                        639-9305
Webster      City of Dixon                City              Jeff Yates           Fire   Colin Todd                                         14-Apr-03
                                                            Chief                       Mayor
Webster      City of Slaughters           City              Stan Nall           EMA     Donald Winstead
                                                            Director                    Mayor
Webster      City of Providence           City              Stan Nall EMA Director Sara Stevens City                                       5-May-03
Wolfe        City of Seebree              City              Stan Nall           EMA     Don L. Edwards        Fire                         14-Aug-03
                                                            Director                    Chief
Woodford     Wolfe County                 County            Rebecca Long        EM      Raymond Hurst                                       6-May-03
                                                            Dir.                        Judge Exe.
             Woodford County              County            Joe Gormley         Judge Keith Slugantz      EMA         859-873-4139 859-    17-Sep-03
                                                            Exe.                      Director                            873-3170

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