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									Please remember that for any site where you will be observing or meeting with a genetic counselor or geneticist, business professional clothing and a professional
appearance is required!
**For shadowing opportunities at Stanford, please email Kelly Ormond, who can connect you with the appropriate genetic counselors, although our observation
opportunities are limited

  Clinic Name           Clinic Location           Primary Contact (PC) / Other                      Opportunity Type                      Miscellaneous
                                                  Interested Genetic Counselors
Reproductive           UCSF                     Allyson Scott, MS, CGC                        Answer student questions /
Center                                                  meet with prospective
                                                415.353.4063                                  students

Pediatrics and         UCSF                     Andrea Zanko, MS, CGC (PC)                    Discussions regarding genetic
Huntington                                                      counseling / possible clinical
Disease Clinic                                                                                observation
Cancer Risk            UCSF – Mt. Zion          Nicola Stewart, MS, CGC                       Formal rotations / lunch
Program                Campus                          discussions re genetic
                                                                                              counseling / possible
                                                                                              shadowing / paid internships /
                                                                                              volunteer opportunities /
                                                                                              monthly education session on
                                                                                              hereditary cancer / possibility
                                                                                              of ongoing “open house” that
                                                                                              would rotate between clinics
                                                                                              that would host, say, 1x year
Genetics               Kaiser San               Margaret Thompson, RN (PC)                    Internships / possible
Department             Francisco                415.833.2449                                  shadowing experiences
Genetics               Kaiser San Jose          Cindy Soliday, MS, CGC (PC)                   Discussion regarding genetic
Department                                      408.972.3332                                  counseling in general

Genetics               Kaiser                   Debra A. Deubler, MS, CGC                     Discussion regarding genetic
Department             Sacramento                             counseling / possible
                                                916.614.4789                                  shadowing opportunities

Genetics               California Pacific       Meghan O’Malley, MS, CGC (PC)                 Available for student
Department             Medical Center –                     inquiries/informational
                       San Francisco            415.600.6371                                  interviews/possible

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