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What’s With the Smaller iPad, Apple?


After the release of the much-anticipated iPhone 5, the hype is now focused on the new Apple product currently rumored to be called the “iPad Mini.”

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									What’s With the Smaller iPad, Apple?
After the release of the much-anticipated iPhone 5, the hype is now focused on the new Apple product
currently rumored to be called the “iPad Mini.” Obviously, the gadget is called such since it is rumored
to be 3-inches smaller than the regular iPad. For some, it is too early for Apple to release a tablet PC
since they just released the new iPad last March. But for most experts, it is very timely for the much-
loved electronics company to introduce the iPad Mini. The thing is, with its iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch
products, is there any space left for an iPad Mini? Would people go on selling iPads just to buy a smaller
version of it? You might as well say, “What’s with the smaller iPad, Apple?”

Besides, what’s the point of introducing a smaller iPad, when Apple will also release a new and
improved iPod Touch this coming October? The iPod Touch will have a 4-inch Retina Display, iOS 6,
improved camera, and also Siri, the voice-command technology present on several iPhones. With all
these improvements, the iPod Touch is just like an average iPhone, only without call and text. Come to
think of it, it will be just like an iPad, only a lot smaller. Apple will start shipping in October with a price
of $299 each for a 32-GB model, and $399 for a 64 GB one.

Meanwhile, the new iPad still retains its $499 price for a Wi-Fi-only 16 GB model. You can also have an
iPad 2 now for $399. Since the difference between the two is big, you might as well sell your old iPad
and buy the new one.
This is where the iPad Mini can come in. It would be good for iPad to introduce a product for less than
$350. Unfortunately, this kind of price will not be enough if Apple wants the iPad Mini to be just like the
new iPad, only physically smaller. If it is only the size that changes, then the cost of manufacturing will
not be that small compared to that of the new iPad. If the iPad Mini will have the same Retina Display of
its brother, then Apple will save some cost, but it will be small. Also, the battery will be smaller and
therefore cheaper. Still, the rest will be the same, thus the cost will be left unchanged.

Moreover, a $350 price for an iPad is still higher than that of Google’s Nexus 7 and Amazon’s Kindle Fire
HD. This would make the iPad Mini a tough one to sell. But then again, we can assume that Apple will be
able to sell this one because of its experience in selling premium products at very high prices. Apple can
still convince a lot of consumers that the iPad Mini will be a lot better than any of the Google or Amazon
products. The question is, will Apple go forward with the iPad Mini, or will they go down the drain
because of it?

Save up now for the iPad Mini. Sell your old iPad and use the money you earn as part of your payment
for the coming Apple product.

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