NRHH Meeting April 18, 2006 by 81eN6G


									                  NRHH Meeting Tuesday, September 16, 2008
The meeting was called to order at 9:02 P.M.

Members in attendance: Zoe Ahlstrom, Dave Bartlett, Jessica Boss, Nick Brainard, Renee
Braun, Richelle Chaney, Mindy Conlan, Emma Cott, Juliana Falls, Patrick Flores, Andrew
Gunzelman, Andrew Johnson, Tony Kern, Tony Marshall, Chris Miller, Kelly Olson, Nathan
Pollock, Elizabeth Pracht, Jeff Rosenberg, Ruth Ruggles, Alaina Shelton, Patrick Short, Brian

Advisors in attendance: Danielle DeCuir, Maggie Higgens

Team Builder: None

Committee Reports

Community Service
   Renee is going to contact those who signed up for Meadowlark Hills. We are going to
    participate all three days.

   You should submit OTM’s this month!

    Today the group met and came up with a list of goals.

      People were assigned to head up the bids for Program of the Year, Student Award for
       Leadership Training, and RA of the Year. People will be e-mailed for quotes.

Awards and Banquet Committee
   Group met and created goals and expectations. Contact if you have any
     ideas for the banquet.


      Pat Short gave the bucket to Renee Braun for putting on the Wildcat Leadership

Officer Reports

ARH Liaison
   There is a contest for the college to get the most people to register to vote. .
      Blood Drive going on from October 7th – 9th.
      Hall Of The Year is currently being discussed.
      Lead info sessions are going on.
      ARH is working on a budget.

Information Coordinator
    Nothing to Report.

    Mindy is pretty sure that Dreamweaver got ordered.

    Nothing To Report.

    Nothing To Report.

Vice President
    Timeline for recruitment will soon be available from Tony. Please keep possible
       candidates in mind.

    Nothing To Report.

Advisor Reports

Nothing To Report.

Nothing To Report.

Not Present.

Kevin Cook:
Not Present.

Old Business

      Happy Birthday
             o There were multiple motions to sing Chris happy birthday.
      Grocery Bingo – November 21st.
             o UPC is currently analyzing the prize list.
      Mentor/Mentee Program
             o The idea list was provided for mentor/mentees.
New Business

      T-Shirts
       o There were multiple t-shirt designs presented.
       o Discussion will continue next semester.

Open Period
   Pin Wars
         o Pin Wars begins at the adjournment of next week’s meetings. Please wear your
         o Please submit to if you have any rules or conditions you would
             like to see in the Pin Wars competition this semester.
   Friday, September 26th Coach Prince will have a book discussion in Union 212.
   Richelle Chaney will be sending out an e-mail covering community service trips over
      winter and spring break to help hurricane victims.


Snaps of the Week
    Snaps to Chris Miller’s Birthday.
    Snaps to my one true love Mr. Vice President Tony Kern.
    Snaps to Tony Kern for making my tummy hurt, he looks so handsome!
    Snaps to leaving your contacts in and accidentally thinking your healed.
    Snaps to Mindy, STOP THREATENING DAVE!

Next Meeting

      September 30th, 2008 at the DARC.

Meeting was brought to a close at 9:47 P.M.

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