Stoping a Swimming Pool Leak by creatologie


									You had winterized your pool and covered it to keep the water from freezing. And come
spring, it is time to open up the pool. The problem is, you noticed that the water seemed to be
diminishing. And you later found out that the water level had been decreasing every week. What
seems to be the problem? Could there be leaks somewhere? There are a lot of factors for the
reduction of the water level, but the three most common are due to the leaks in the plumbing,
the pool shell, or too much evaporation or splashing out. The different leak problems will be
discussed further in this article. Before you conduct your tests, do not let anyone use the pool
because it could be dangerous to the swimmer.

If you think that water level decreases due to evaporation and splash out. If it is due to the high
temperature during summer, and especially when kids frolic like forever, it would be sensible
that the two would happen. However, the two would not cause water level to decrease if the
swimming pool was not being used often. To really determine that evaporation or splash out of
water is not the cause for the water reduction, you need to do a simple test:
     ● On a bench seat, put           in place a container which could hold 5 gallons of water, and
        fill in with water to level the pool water level.
    ● If both levels decrease, it is due to evaporation.
     ● Make sure that no one, not even pets, gets astray on the pool before the test to prevent
        the level of the bucket water from decreasing. However, if        you have secured the
        area, and the pool water decreased faster           compared to the bucket water, other
        culprits could have been the cause. You need to consult a pool professional to check on
        the matter.

Now that you have eliminated water splash out and evaporation as the cause, you need to
check if it is due to the leak in the plumbing or pool shell. Here are more steps to determine the
actual cause of the leak.
    ● Check filter pads for leaks. Check for presence of drips. Your pool will lose water if water
        has been dripping continuously.
    ● You need to check if leaking happens whether or not the filtration system is running.

However, if water continues to reduce whether the filter has been running or not, put in plugs
in water returns, pool main drains, skimmers and all other holes. Do it one at a time to narrow
down the problem, and check if the intervention decreases the instance of water loss.

If none of the interventions work, you need to contact a pool professional to check your pool.
You should make sure that you hire a qualified one because hiring an incompetent one could
cost you your money and your pool. Don't wait for the end of spring to check the condition of
your pool after winter.


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