How to Host a Safe Pool Party

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					Kids love to play anywhere, including playing at the pool. If your kid wants to have something
fun to remember forever, host a pool party for him and his best buddies. Not only will he enjoys
frolicking around and having fun, you can also cherish the smile painted on your child's face.

If you have a pool but do not have any idea on how to host a pool party, tips will be shared for
you to get started. Here's the syllabus on Hosting A Safe Pool Party 101.

           ○ Make some invites, but make it clear that this is a pool party. Kids are bound to
              get wild and excited when they see the pool, and if left unsupervised, they will
              get injured and may drown. Make sure that you encourage parents to
              accompany their kids.
            ○ Just like in public pools, set some rules in your pool party. Post it in a
              conspicuous area. Rules such as no diving and no running should greatly be
              emphasized. Set some rules into not allowing food and drinks at the pool area,
              hence, put some tables and chairs nearby where you can serve your
           ○ Floaters are great accessories to be had at kiddie swimming parties. Not only do
              they look cute, they are also great safety measures for kids. Stock some swim
              diapers for kids who are not fully potty trained.
           ○ People still get dehydrated even if they are wading at the pool. Make sure to have
                       lots of stock of water during the party. Don't forget to prepare some
              sunscreen to prevent the painful sunburn.
           ○ Kids are prone to drown when they are tired. Make sure they get to have breaks
              too. And never keep moments dull. Luring them out of the pool with exciting cold
              treats is the trick.
           ○ Adult supervision is necessary at all times. See to it that an adult will supervise
              at this hour, and he should not supervise while drunk. You can also opt to hire a
              certified lifeguard from a local recreation center.
           ○ Nobody ever wants to be a victim of any type of accident, but these unfortunate
              incidents still occur. You better be prepared for it by being trained in CPR. This is
              especially a must for pool owners.
           ○ Make sure that an updated and complete list of emergency numbers and the
              phone are handy to contact the emergency department. Contact your insurance
              provider and be sure that special events are covered too. If they are not,
              purchase an additional one.
           ○ Check the water chemistry of the pool, and be sure that the pool is clean, safe,
              and crystal clear, without all the debris and green algae that can hinder the fun.

If you come prepared, even for emergency situations, you can rest assured that your child's
pool party will all be fun, fun, fun!


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