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									September 27, 2012

Ms. Doreen Mathews, City Clerk
Mayor Dan Romero
Vice Mayor John Delgado
Council Member Gerard Boulanger
Council Member Myrna de Vera
Council Member William Wilkins
Steve Duran, City Manager
Patrick Tang, City Attorney
City of Hercules
111 Civic Dr.
Hercules, CA 94547

Re: Measure O Oversight Committee

Dear Ms. Mathews, City Council Members, Mr. Duran, and Mr. Tang:

I was encouraged to apply for the Measure O Oversight Committee. Participation on this
Oversight Committee would be an opportunity for me, as a Hercules resident, to give
back to my community. This is an important committee for the City because these
individuals will review City expenditures and evaluate conformance to the guidelines of
Measure O. I believe that I offer the skills and abilities to serve on this Committee and
could assure the people of Hercules who overwhelmingly supported this tax increase that
the faith they had shown in their City’s leaders was proper and expenditures were
appropriately applied.

However, recent events have altered my ability to serve in the following ways:

   1) If I were appointed to this Committee at this time, there could be a perception by
      some that my appointment was – in some way – a corrective action. This could
      lead some to question my worthiness for the Committee. It could also unfairly call
      into question the appointments of all other members of the Committee. This
      Committee is too important to be saddled with a handicap, and the mere
      perception of any questionable appointments could reduce the effectiveness of the

   2) I now live in daily fear for the loss of my job. My working conditions have
      become less enjoyable and substantially more stressful. Already I have been
      removed from the Pinole-Hercules Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion project
      – a project that I was passionate about because of my mutual appreciation for the
      Cities of Pinole (the town I grew up in) and Hercules (my home for more than 20
      years). I worry constantly that if my employer does not secure the next phase of
      this project, that I will be held accountable. I worry constantly that the potential
      for lost business leads important company managers to think of me differently
Ms. Mathews, et al
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       than they did before. How will that impact my opportunities for promotion? For
       raises and bonuses? For job security? No amount of assurance will stop me from
       worrying that I could report for work any day and be told that my services are no
       longer necessary.

   3) The stress of these events and the impacts on my ability to provide for my family
      has affected all of the members of my family. Each of us is having trouble
      sleeping at night. We are suffering other stress-related health issues. If I were to
      lose my job, the savings we have worked a lifetime to secure could be wiped out.
      It could be necessary for us to sell our house at a significant loss. We would likely
      have to leave the area.

   4) The individuals who perpetrated these events remain in positions to further harm
      my family and me. Council Member de Vera is still a member of the Wastewater
      Subcommittee and a Council Member; in these roles she has the ability to
      influence both the current and future contracts of my employer. Dean Allison
      remains the Project Manager over the Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion
      project. As long as these individuals – and any other individuals who may have
      known about their activities, but are as yet unidentified due to the lack of an
      independent investigation – remain in a position to guide the future business of
      my employer, then they remain in a position to decide my fate.

For these reasons, I must remove my name for consideration for the Measure O Oversight
Committee. This is only one of the many consequences of these recent events: my ability
to participate in a meaningful way in the functions of Hercules has been taken from me.
Thank you for your understanding of my decision.


Kent Von Aspern
Hercules, CA 94547

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