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					my class room large enough to accommodate 32 chairs and 17 tables do not include
the number of tables and chairs in total the teacher if his total 33 seats and 18
tables. pale green walls of my classroom so as to provide a cool atmosphere in my
classroom in front of the board there are two, one white and the other black. on
the right side of the board there are two places to store erasers, Kapu, and
markers, then on his side there is order in the classroom. on the left side of the
board are organigram structure my classes and is equipped with patches work of
one of my friends, my classroom is located close to the mosque so that allows us
to perform the prayers, I'm very comfortable in my class though sometimes a lot
of teachers commenting on our class because the floor-floor has many cracks and
on the walls of his lack of a patch-temelan but that does not make our spirit
broken away and we are proud of our classroom. and this is our classroom